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Honoring our veterans

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Veterans DayNovember 11 is Veterans Day. The origins of this annual commemoration reach back nearly 100 years to “Armistice Day,” which marked the end of World War I. Now we call it Veterans Day to honor all who have served. It’s a time to thank veterans for their contributions to our nation.

There are roughly 20 million military veterans in the United States. Whether they’ve been out of the service for decades or they’re currently transitioning to civilian life, they can use helpful tips to manage their money and avoid scams. On Veterans Day – or any day – you can share information from to help veterans be empowered consumers.

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A practice that I have done for years. I am delighted to read this article about our brave men and women who serve selflessly to insure that we remain safe in our lives. Thank you for sending this message to everyone.

bona fide Thanks

I want pay contribute my son whose paralzed Vet and all service men and women. May God Bless you all.

I am trying to get a copy of my military ID (Marine Wxxxxxx), Linda (Mxxxxxxxxx) Rxxx-Marines. Thank you for any help lindam

You can look for information here:

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