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FTC takes on easy money scam

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Would you pay $49 for a “secret code” to make huge sums of money automatically? That’s what the FTC says the fraudsters behind the Mobile Money Code scam promised. In fact, the FTC alleges that the defendants and their affiliate marketers were out to rip people off.

In a case announced today, the FTC says the defendants took more than $7 million and provided nothing more than software products that showed people how to create a mobile-friendly website.

The FTC says that the defendants paid a network of affiliate marketers to drive people to its websites. These affiliates used spam emails to push false claims and deceptive marketing. According to the FTC, they included:

  • Fake testimonials — “real life” rags to riches stories... that were really from paid actors
  • Outrageous claims — “You can make $1,000 to $5,000 a day just by having this app running in the background”
  • High-pressure upselling — for more money you could have a “ready to go” business worth over $250,000
  • Subject lines like “In transit: Payment into your account”
  • “Hassle-free” money-back guarantees they did not honor

If someone promises you fast and easy money, it’s a scam. Do you feel yourself wanting to believe it? Watch out! That’s a normal reaction scammers count on. Do not take the bait. Slow down. Search the company’s name online with words like “scam” or “complaint.” Talk to a friend, and help others by reporting what you’ve spotted to

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I receive up to thirty or more of some of the most disgusting emails from all types of unknown and unwanted emails. I have placed them in my archive to request whether or not my server could help identify the ips address, as I am certain that many of these are coming from one source that I already had to ask for help with stopping access from the sender(s). I was told that it could not be done? Sure....

It is usually recommended that when problems continue to exist especially if from one source or just a few sources, we should change our email address, maybe change the browser and always change our passwords for gaining access to our browsers. Maybe that can help eradicate the unwanted emails. Wishing you success.

Thank you for your suggestions. I have done this before. I am almost positive who is sending these emails to me. I wish that I could find someone who charges me a lot of money for this email account and/or the manufacturer of my devices for the help that I know both the service providers could do, as well as the manufacturer of my devices. No one is willing to help. I am so fed up with this situation that I no longer enjoy the devices and wish that I could have my old flip phone and then not have this problem anymore. That day is coming soon, if I don’t have any help with this issue.

I agree with you

Have people forgotten that old chestnut, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."? It amazes that people can be scammed so easily. There have always been "Get rich quick" schemes, but they seem to have multiplied exponentially with the advent of the internet.

It is so sad that these scammers keep doing this. How can they live with themselve?

They are at a minimum of a psychopath, with no conscience, and no care whatsoever for the devastation they might release on an unsuspecting victim.

My husband has mental problems. These evil scammers told him to leave me. He did. They told him what to tell me. Seems like Every time he opens his mouth another lie. He says things that don't sound like him. He now has been promised a job. But he has to send them money. They are suppose to pick him up . for the third time.

Is it possible for Bank employee to compromise your identity without your knowledge? Then what if the Bank finds out and simply fire that employee then afterwards apply the resulting losses to your account by increasing your mortgage interest and having refused to account for many years, decide to go into bankruptcy shortly after using the Power of Charge on your properties. Moreover, what if the Bank existed in Antigua and the Government officials are involved? Can there be a way out of such a mess?

If your personal information and accounts in the U.S. were affected by identity theft, you can report that at and create a personal recovery plan. You'll get detailed checklists for recovery steps and sample letters to use to guide you through the recovery process. You may want to talk with the agency that regulates banks or a lawyer or financial advisor.

Iam being scam like that right now

Yes this group took my money and all I have is a web site that does nothing towards generating revenue. I am on a fixed income and this really hurt me financially. Thanks for stopping these people.

What group was it?

Thank you for the info!

If you can get your money back from me again today I’ll pick you up later today and I’ll get you some cash money from your car dealership and then go pick up your car and get your car back home from the dealership it’s supposed to be there in about five minutes or so I’ll come get you

Thank you for doing a great job and alerting the naive public of the SCAMS that confront us every minute,hour and day. Very much appreciated.

I answered an ad for extras for Hollywood ;actors and extras needed in my minute later the phone rings and a foreign accent says I have a job waiting for people like me but I must pay a membership feeof 1.00 with my credit card.Wow they think I was going to fall for that?

The person does not answer when I answer. Their number is 762-499-8347 operator said the area code is from state of Georgia,

Got a tel call today, Quote: make 10 grand by dialing 1 and receiving a secret code. I just terminated the call!

I think it's time to stop doing business with China! So much fraud so many complaints about numerous business out there. This company named Daibo Guang Zhoushi, Guangdong 510410 you order shoes from them and they will mail you back a pair of shoes you didn't order and charge additional $20 from your card! They never respond back to you! Fraud, Fraud, Fraud and no action against this company!

Thank you for getting this message out!

It just totally blows my mind that anyone in this day and age would fall for a scam such as this.

I filed a complaint with you on Dec 21st. I have every word on my Messenger. Why haven't I heard back from the FTC? I'd like to prosecute! I know the real name.

After you report a problem to the FTC, you should get an email reply that says we received your message (if you gave us your email address). The FTC adds the information you sent to a secure database that law enforcement uses for investigations. 

Try to sell “them” some Amway products.

These kinds of scams are particularly successful with people who have a chronic illness and may be on a maintenance dose of pain medication. Unable to fully understand what they are doing, they sign up. Caretakers beware! Monitor activities.

Just don't answer calls you do not know and just delete any emails without opening. You know what things you sign up for. I have very few issues by doing these 2 things!

BEAWARE OF support @ premier marketing solutions llc. com

I was scammed for $2,450.00 a couple of months ago from a company that's called Customer 1st. They sent me a check for the $2,450.00 & told me to deposit it, which I did (stupidly) & then asked me to check when it cleared my bank saying that they had just released the funds. Well, I called my bank & sure enough, they said the funds were available. Then they told me to do a Walmart-to-Walmart transfer to a Rolland something at a Texas Walmart. I was supposed to see how the Walmart staff treated me, & not to tell them that I was supposed to be critiquing them, So, I did a Walmart-to-Walmart transfer for $2,263.00 & then a week later, my bank sent me a notice saying the check was no good. Now my bank (US Bank) says it was my fault for depositing the check & that there is nothing they can do.

I was scammed just like this!

Just....WOW!! That's terrible.

That could of happened to me, but I took the money order to main post office to cash. They showed me how to spot forgeries. Another time I received a CC check for a sale. I deposited it and had them put a hold until it cleared, before releasing items. Came back fraud. Didn't lose anything on those times. Big BEWARES

I advertised a treadmill for sale on Craigslist, shortly thereafter I received several responses, all same message, from several different phone #s. All stated they were willing to pay by sending certified check to my PO Box and would send a shipping truck to pick up treadmill once I had received money from bank.

Somethings not right, right?

Right! I'm not sure how it works, but there is a scam with Craigslist like this.



I was scammed! I’m so hurt behind it! I just recently moved and I was looking for a job to take care my kids filling out apps on indeed and a got a email back from one of the places! It was hiringnowllc. com! He told me I would be his personal assistant. And I was very excited because I needed a job so badly! He wanted me to deposit a check in my account stupidly I did so and the bank cleared it! And I sent it to the people he told me to send it to. Two days later the bank calls and tells me the check was fraud! I don’t have a job and I have to pay them back! There are some very vicious people in the world that will take advantage of good people. I cried all day today! I was told to come leave a comment here to warn other people! Hopes this helps someone else. Not only am I out of a job but money as well that I clearly don’t have.

Thank you for leaving this comment to warn people.

You can also help law enforcement by reporting this at at The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations. The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

I never address anything over the internet that ask me a ? & I hardly engage in person about myself. Go with that inner spirit or use reverse intimidation on them. There all all types of "live & deadly sin" people among us. Sometimes you may get a premonition from the past wondering how did come about, don't re-visit stay in the know. There are a lot of positive avenues that you can render for answers. "Be Wise and Be Alert" for its not just over the internet that can still you identity or worth. And to answer RHenry-D ? "is it possible for bank employee to compromise your identity without your knowledge? YES! Why do you think so many banks & other financial institutions are closing or being investigated.

Reporting a iTunes scam

Ziladerm scamming charging before trial period if not canceled but you can't cancel no-one answers the phone the support@ zilaskinoffer. com is bogus and it is alot of money they withdraw before you ever receive the product they popup on all websites you won spin a wheel save yourself the frustration don't give them the satisfaction once your card information is entered they will not answer the phone or call you back beware ziladerm anti aging has a scam going on right now

Is there any way you can check if a internet marketing website selling a software product to make money online is legitimate?

I was offered a job as a secret shopper. I got counterfeit USPS Money Orders and was instructed to cash them and buy iTunes gift cards.

I reported the matter to my bank, the local police, the USPS and the FBI. None of the law enforcement entities were interested. My bank only wanted their money back.

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