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Get rid of unwanted apps

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Using your social media account to log into an app or website can be easier than creating a new user name and password. But, after a while, you can collect more apps and become registered on more websites than you really use. This can leave you open to cyberattacks, phishing, and scams.

When you use social media accounts to sign up for apps or websites, you may give the app or website permission to do things on your behalf, like post to your social media page. You’re also possibly saying it’s OK to access information like your name, birthdate, location, contacts, and even your messages. Over time, you may even forget which apps or sites have these permissions.

Here are three ways to help ensure you’re not granting permissions to sites and apps you no longer want to have this access:

  1. Ask yourself: “Why do they need this info?” When signing up for an app or website, pay attention to what permissions it’s asking for. If you’re not comfortable allowing access, select “deny “or “disagree” when you see the message asking for permissions. This typically stops the registration process.
  2. Purge your permissions list. Go to the settings on your social media site and follow the instructions that lead you to the list of sites and apps to which you’re granting access. Follow the instructions that tell you how to remove those apps or sites, click on one at a time and select the option that allows you to remove it.
  3. Make it a habit. Set a reminder on your calendar for at least every few months to check your permissions.

The FTC has more information for you about online security and privacy.


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The app problem on my phone has nothing to do with what I've downloaded (only 2 apps), but with the many that come pre-installed on the phone. These do nothing but take up valuable space and cannot be deleted. Grrrrrr! :(

Same here! Most I don't even know what they are and don't really care.

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