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Getting money back into people’s pockets

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FTC staff work hard to protect you from scams and deceptive business practices. We sue scammers and shut down their operations. In many cases, we get refunds for people. In fact, between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017, FTC cases resulted in more than $6.4 billion in refunds.

We just released a report with details on the amount of money businesses paid back after we sued them, as well as the average amounts people received in each case. The report also explains how we got that money to the right people. From July 2016 to June 2017, we mailed more than $391 million in refund checks to more than 6 million people.

Sometimes, courts order the businesses we sue to provide refunds directly. The report explains how we monitored direct refund programs, including the FTC’s settlement with Volkswagen, which resulted in over $6 billion in refunds during the time period covered by the report.

Getting a refund check is nice, but it’s even better to avoid losing money in the first place by learning how to spot scams and fraud. Visit our scam alerts page to learn more. And if you do lose money, tell us what happened at Be sure to include your contact information. If you’re eligible for a refund in the future, we would like to be able to locate you. You also can check recent refund cases on our website.

The FTC will never ask you to pay to get a refund. If someone asks you to deposit a check and send money back to them, that’s also a sure sign of a scam.   


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I have had a problem like that just recently paypal in investigating it.

Fed up with all the robocalls and scammers, recently in the last couple days had people calling claiming to be Fifth Third Bank which is my bank pure scam

Fed up with Synchrony Bank who has been accepting payments from Green Path Debt Solution on accounts it reported to the credit bureau as charged off and written off while this bank has been accepting payments every month since 2014 and will not acknowledge the accounts that already have been paid off. This bank has continously sent me collection notices on the accounts they accepted payments paid on the 8th of each month. This awful bank ruined my credit because I was later two month during 2014 due to the Marian Drexsen and Howard Law Groups who were found guilty of a terrible scam by FTC and lying to the people such as myself an elderly person. What should I do?

You can send a complaint about a bank to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Friend of mine gets in touch with me and says she got a $100000 in cash. It was a grant from the government. She said she gave the lady $1000. I said after an hour of her trying to get me to contact this lady. You don't have to pay for grants. She said well text her. Your name is on list. Anyhow this woman's number is (214)997-2337.

This happen to as well what do I can I get my money back

I recently filed a complaint with the FTC about a skin care company claiming their product was developed by Joanne Gaines of Fixer Upper. It was for a free 15 day trial, which was charged to my account exactly 15 days from the date the order was placed, which did not allow 15 days of use. This company falsely advertises celebrities as the developers of theses products, and then charges the consumer before they have the opportunity to use the product for the full trial period. They are also very smug in knowing they can legally steel from the consumer as I found out when I contacted them to request a full refund.

They were rude and quite houghty as they let me know "they won" and there was nothing I could do to get my money back. The FTC's only response to me was links on "how to avoid being scammed", which I think I figured out on my own. Today I woke up to a new ad, same ad different "company". Same claims, different link., using a restaraunt name Sweet Mango to get consumers attention, and the link is the same ad claiming Joanna Gaines as the developer of the skin care cream. How long is this company and its thieving ways going to be allowed to continue? I was very angry at myself for allowing this to happen to me. I was so careful to "read" everything to make sure this was not one of those scams with a recurring charge, yet it was exactly that, and now to find them doing the exact same thing under a different name, and to know they will get away with it really infuriates me.

Scam scam SCAM Brainyapps App company rips you off. Formerly Zapporoo where CEO is on the run and Braiyapps claims no responsibility. They keep blocking my legal attempt to get money back owed to me in thousands. Terrible and they know it. Will sicky denied any involvement.

I was scammed by Thomas Lee and his company called “Title/America LLI ,230 5th Ave, Suite 400 New York; NY 10001. Phone -646-274-2323: Also Michael Silva, Olympia.Investing who called me first and I said did not have a Timeshare I finally signed the contract and spent $28;000: All of this money was to be reimbursed guaranteed. I had no money to send. What can I do.?

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations. You can also report this to your state Attorney General and the Attorney General in New York, if that is where you sent the money.

If you sent the money by wire transfer, you can call the Western Union Fraud Hotline at 800-448-1492 or the MoneyGram Customer Care Center at 1‑800‑926‑9400.

I fell for the your computer is infected with virus and gave the caller full access to my computer to fix and paid for it. Now I got a call at 7:00 AM telling me to go to my computer to fill out a form he's going to dowmload with him on the line for a refund. Because of the hour, I said email it & I'll get it later. He said it's yoir money, if you can't do it now when can I call you back? I hung up. Legitimate businesses don't call at 7:02 AM.

your post is simultaneously intensive and broad, which not every post can be

I have been recently scammed and called the FTC and did not get any help on the information and unable to get my money back because it seems like they don't think this case is important. I mean What is the point of having the FTC if they can't answer your questions or help you out in a way that is beneficial to the person who got scammed. I mean I went through a check came and wanted this issues fixed and they don't believe that the issue is that bad and will not help me through my case and be letting criminals get away with a crime that should be put to jail. What is the point of putting in information and complaint if it is not being dealt with?

The FTC does not handle individual cases for people. The FTC's article about fake check scams includes tips about what to do if you think you are a victim.

I have been out of town for two or three months and when I came home I checked my mail and found your letter with the refund. Unfortunately my time had elapsed to cash the check. Does that mean I have forfeted my refund? Please let me know,

What case is the refund related to?

I paid for 3 leather boho bags from couple 49 shop on the 21/10/17 and they said it would take 4 to 6 weeks or delivery. I thought with Christmas being in that time limit it might take a bit longer. I still haven't received these bags as yet. I've tried getting in contact with them on their website but it keeps a saying this website is unavailable. To try again. But nothing happens. The total amount was $147.84. This is the first time this has happened to me. The advertisement had been on Facebook for sometime before I decided to order. This company sells a multitude of different products apart from bags. I'm hoping you can help me in someway to get my money back. Kind Regards -

If you used your credit card to pay for the items, you can contact your credit card company and explain that you did not receive the goods. This FTC article explains your right to dispute credit card charges.

When you purchased a $1000.00 in eBay gift cards, to pay eBay Motors for a 2005 Grand Jeep Cherokee, the code on the back of the cards can be of help tracing who cashed the gift cards and stole my money. This is exactly what happened to me. The thief will collect the money somewhere at some time, and when I requested for eBay to try doing this back on March 9th, 2018, I have never heard from eBay Motors nor the Website again. Who is the real crook here? Is it the car seller or eBay Motors? I sure wish I knew! I am missing $1000.00 from my budget and I am not eBay happy!!!!!

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. You can also report to eBay and the website where you found the ad for the car.

I still have my gift cards and it seems as if eBay is acting as if they don't want to help try to track tje scammer who used my gift cards and it's unfair

I was scammed just a few days ago for 1600 dollars for a Nissan pathfinder off eBay motors I paid with ebay gift cards as well and also don't understand why eBay shouldn't be held liable or refund the money

I was recently scammed out of $200.00 by people who claimed they worked with the Federal Grant's Department in New York, stating I had qualified for a federal grant in the amount of $9,200 all I needed to do was pay the $200.00 with a reloadable gift card and I would receive the tracking number for the Western Union...Sadly, I fell into their trap...but never again, is there anything I can do to get my $200.00 back?

I hired this moving company to move us and found out that this company was a bunch of criminals.They stole soo much from my famiy and i. They had me to pay them $1,000 upfront and and only worked half of those hours.They refused to move all our stuff,was so focused on moving our small items and leaving alot of big furniture. The owner Jay refused to give us a receipt and even lefted in the moving truck without us and we had no idea where they went.They picked the locks of our closets and stole alot of our tote bags,hid big black bags of stuff of ours in the bushes,sat all our belongings outside of our place and the truck where anyone else could steal our stuff,opened up our boxes and resealed with their tape. Broke so much glass off our furniture and furniture and stole alot of our electronics.This company is a bunch of criminals

Got a call saying they were from the U.S. Federal Grant Department and I had a grant due to me for $14,000. Was asked for money to get it to me and wanted me to by Google Pay cards and GoBank cards. I stupidly paid this and it was suppose to be delivered to my door by FedEx. No one ever came.

Got a call saying they were from the U.S federal grant department and then asked me how I wanted my money of the amount $9,000 because I was chosen for not having any criminal record within the last 6 months. I was told to purchase a $200 google play gift card and then I was transferred to call a so called federal reserve people which they gave me a username to give to them and then that person claimed to be making the transaction in which i was waiting on my car outside the store I was told to purchase the gift card from and then I was told I had to pay another $400+ in order for the transaction to be legal and for the IRS to receive a 5. something percentage of the money being given to me ($9,000)

‭+1 (516) 430-5162‬
She offer Us$1000 in gift card.

Clear fraud

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