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National Consumer Protection Week is March 4 – 10, 2018

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I know most of us are in the midst of holiday planning, parties and gift wrapping – but don’t forget to mark your calendar for National Consumer Protection Week 2018!

National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW) is a time when we band together to help people understand their consumer rights and make well-informed decisions about money. Want to join in? Visit for a list of helpful tips and resources from federal, state and local agencies and other consumer protection groups. But wait – there’s more:

  • Planning a consumer protection event in your community? has a toolkit to help you get involved.
  • Interested in reaching the military community about consumer protection? Our Military Consumer Toolkit can help get you started.
  • Want to help protect family, friends and your community from scams? Order free materials in English or Spanish. Just be sure to leave four weeks for delivery.

We’ll be back in 2018 to tell you more about NCPW. See you then!


I and all I have referred to this agency are extremely please with your programs. We are writing and calling every politician we can to maintain your programs..Thank You

I would like to be part of the upcoming consumer protection program sponsored by the US government

Please look at the free material we offer, and order things to share with your family, friends and community.

You can choose brochures or fact sheets that will help people understand their consumer rights related to and make well-informed decisions about money.

Hello... Last night I got a call about me being randomly chosen by the government to receive a grant for 9,000.00...GET i'm a good person, hah...never been arrested and i'm a single mom. The choices to receive my money deposit..western gift card,..etc..i told them western union and was told i would have to call them back in the am because the banks were all closed...lmao..the sad part is i could see someone with no knowledge and being down on their luck accepting this..i hope karma is ten fold with these people... Here are the phone numbers they called from... 315-496-8703...202-733-1233, under the name Margue Williams..202-526-2450. Please be careful....God Bless

Hello, I have had the same thing several times here in Flint MI. I lost $220.00 for one the the grant offers from surveyers in May 2016.

I just mailed a check from scammer. Who do I contact so others can be notified about this scam

Great idea - how about adding the SLOW connection speeds from ISPs to the list of consumer rights? I have been plagued with very poor connection speeds and my complaints to the PUC went nowhere. Thanks

consumer fraud back in 2000 for 50.000dollares from american resort lnternational,from at least 6to seven companies.

People need to keep fighting banks in illegal foreclosures. My case went to FTC and of course the whole truth was not disclosed. I took it to HUD...after their investigation I received a letter to sue......there is justice...

I was contacted on 10/29/17 by a former state government supervisor, who I have known for at least 3 decades that she, me, and many other state government employees were randomly selected to receive $200,00. 00 from the World Department Health and Human Services Agency, sponsored by The United States Federal government and Ministry of Economy Property. She reported that she had the list of the lucky winners, along with the websites of the government employee I should contact to collect my winning sum of $200,000.00. The government employee name she gave was Ambassador Morrell John Berry, Text #484-416'6637, email address : empowermentprogram @ usa. com and GOVTgrants2015 @ hotmail. com. My friend strongly encouraged me to contact Ambassador Berry to claim my $200,000.00 and I did and heard from him by text the next day.

Ambassador Berry who preferred to be called Agent Berry but his caller ID lists his name as Ambassador Berry ask for lots of very personal info from my name, age, address, income amount and source,credit card/debt card numbers, Facebook account email address and password and stated I needed to pay a $5,000.00 fee inorder to collect the winning sum of $200,000.00. I had to wire the money from a Walmart store. I texted my friend and she said the program was legitimate and he a SD ked her of the same info and she wired $5,000.00 and she received $200,000.00. Also, the friend gave the name of another employee I know and stated many other state employees paid $5,000.00 and received $200,000.00.

However, after I wired $5,000.00 which I did via 3 installments from 10/30/17 to 11/2217, I didn't receive anything. My friend and Ambassador Berry said to be patient and many delivery sates were given but my delivery, which was suppose to come via USPS never occurred. Ambassador Berry said headquarter was giving a bonus of $20,000.00 more added to the winning sum but I needed to wire $1762 more. My friend stated she and all the others did. All the time my friend stated this was not a scam , con, nor ponzi scheme and all parties denied this, but I never received the initial winning sum of $200,000 00 and refused to wire anymore money to collect the amount of $220,00.00. My friend and Ambassador Berry are still in contact with me as if everything is Okay. I asked Ambassador Berry for a reimbursenent of my $5,000.00 and if he was not going t refund my money with a United States Treasury Check to stopped texting me. He asked for my debit or credit card number to pay $5,000.00 on a card or deposit the $5,000.00, I told him No and stop texting because my friend had referred to a scammer.

It's apparent she is involved with this scam and hard to believe that she betrayed me because I had lots of respect and admiration for her but no more. She and Ambassador Berry wished me a Happy New Year yesterday and on New Year''s Eve. I am hurt because a friend strongly encouraged me to wiread $5,000.00 but it was a scam!

These are useful details to share with law enforcement. Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. The information you put here on the blog does not go into the law enforcement database.

While experiencing cyber intrusion not only were the devices being controlled , the landline calls were being forwarded. Between trying to accomplish an exhausted plea for assistance and remedy , I continuously heard ("If your not a government office ...There is nothing we can do for you! ") So is there help out there?

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