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New Year’s resolution to drop a few pounds?

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Looking to lose weight in 2018? If so, you have a challenge ahead of you. That’s right: it’s going to take proper dieting and regular exercise to safely lose weight. You might ask, “What about the ads that promise weight loss with no effort?” The truth is, those ads are promoting products that won’t deliver on their promises.

Avoid any garment, gizmo, pill, or potion that promises weight loss with no effort. It may sound appealing, but in the end, the only thing you’re guaranteed to lose is your hard-earned money.

Figuring out whether an ad’s claims are true or false can be tricky. Check out this short video for a few tips on spotting false ads:


Share this info with your family and friends. It may help them avoid a scam in the new year. For more on weight loss, visit

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I am ashamed to say I have fallen for so many scams , throwed away thousands of dollars in 60 years, These scum bag scammers take advantage of emotions, hopes and desires, Better off to put all your faith in God not lying People, Thank You FTC


Well, I'm not sure God has anything to do with this. People hear what they want to, and anything that promises weight loss with no effort? People want that free pass! FACT: To lose weight, you must burn more calories than you take in. Period. FACT: To look hot, you need to be exercising while you burn those calories so your shape will change from flabby to sexy.

"Eat Better, Eat Less, Move More"- -that's all there is to it

Many times, the before and after photos are stolen from people who did put in the hard work to lose weight and were used without permission to sell a gimmick product. Weight loss mlm distributors/consultants are notorious for doing this.

or they are photoshopped, or they are different people

The ONLY tried and true way to lose weight is proper diet and exercise!!! Any Dr will tell you that! Also, contact a registered dietitian!

I've never fallen for these scams involving weight loss. In part because I didn't have the money to do so, and because they were just another form of the get rich quick scams in my view. A few years ago I was wearing a size 52 waist pair of pants. Now I'm in a size 42 waist and al.most ready for a size 40 waist. It was achieved and being achieved by excercising and proper diet. Those other scam products also seemed scary somehow so I again wanted nothing to do with them.

I've always been dumbfounded why more companies are not fine/prosecuted by these grossly misleading claims when it comes to weight loss/health & fitness. Keep up the good work FTC, you cannot do it alone, so an informed consumer also helps in this regard.

How do I share this on my Instagram ?

Thank's so much to The Federal Trade Commission. I am older and depend on it so much. I have ask so many people to sign up with you to get the latest scams. I tell every one I know. Keep up the great work. I love you Alerts!

Well I weighed 118 at graduation then at 25 got pregnant weighed 140 then I weighed 110 for 8years got pregnated again weighed 165 didn't lose that started working full time at my daughter's school as duty aide xx crossing gaurd,lunchaide,ect lots of exercising but I put on more weight went to 205 lbs then my husband left me and hold up he didn't leave me because I was a whale it was a different cause, but anyway I didn't diet exercise or do nothing physical and weighed 100 lbs after about 9 months and now to this day I weigh 107 and eat and drink whatever I like. So no worries for me bout them fraudulent gimicks thank God .good luck ya all

Thank you.

Thanks for the emails about this kind of crap.

I too have thrown away tons of money on everything from Lap Band Surgery, which did not work, the port was defective and had to be replaced, then it continually leaked and by the third operation i had them remove it. 5 years of hell and stomach pain and lost nothing. Before opting for surgery i tried all sorts of diet pills, Hydroxycut, Garcinia Cambogia, Lipozene, weight loss shakes, powders and Detox Teas, all with zero results. The only way i have truly lost weight was with reduced eating, walking and exercise. I wish that i could personally sue each and everyone of these degenerates for taking advantage and ripping us off with the false promises and claims about there products. I will always remember my Nana (RIP) when she would tell me to use your heard if its sounds to good to be true it usually is lies.

I am reading your blog, It is a very helpful guide for fitness. I want to lose my stubborn fat and looking for some best workout plan to lose weight and burn fat.

Wish I would have seen this before I ever encountered Montclaire Garcinia. NEVER HAVE I EVER!

It's not always a matter of falling for a scam, you have to be very aware of websites that you just visit. Although I went farther than I should for the sake of an experiment, SlimDera is the biggest scam out there. They offer a $4.99 trial for Garcinia Cambogia, what is not clear is that they will charge you $89 in 2 weeks. There is no way to contact them, if it weren't for my credit card company I would be out a lot of money. They know no one will pay them $89 for their product when you can get it in Walmart for less then $10. Scum. I don't understand why the celebrities who's fake endorsements they use don't speak up

yes well do not count on the FTC to compensate you for buying this product after they received millions for this companies deceptive trade practices ftc. gov/ news-events/ press-releases/ 2004/11/ ftc-charges-marketers-making-deceptive-efficacy-safety-claims

Is PrebioThrive a scam? Also how can so called doctors get away with selling people false hope. Why is this not against the law.?

Please do something about the misleading schemes of Plexus. There sales people are giving medical advice and they have no medical degrees.

There's a rental scam where people will collect your first and last month rent on an empty home with online ad and then disappear with your money. They are located through the US. DONT SEND ANY MONEY to people that say they are out of state, have out of state numbers, can't physically meet you ect.... stay safe people.

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