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Protecting you through international cooperation

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It’s a reality of the times we live in — scammers can target people a mile, an ocean, or even several continents away. These kinds of cross-border scams are all too common, and working with other countries to help protect you is more important than ever. One way we do that is by being a part of the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN), a global network of consumer protection authorities.

ICPEN members from more than 35 countries partner together on to help people around the world. The site has helpful tips, and an online form in eight languages to report international scams and fraud. Watch our new video in English and Spanish to learn more.


Updated on December 1, 2017

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Excellent, FTC beyond borders protecting the consumers. Thank You for giving more tools to avoid being a fraud victim. Allan

From Ali
Iplayed online system I have givin my name my address ,date of birth phone number e-mail address Signed in thats mean a agreement International lottery mega millions and powerball I m a customer I have customer right
I sent my documents for to claim in dateline before 180 days Lottery mega miilions and powerball dosn't say we dont want to pay my prize but dosn't send confirmations lottery if customer won big amount they want to try keppt Money if customer won Money this Money belong to customer lottery must keept safly must open a current account. must be send confitmations if found must be sent Money to customer by registered mail on this time if didn't found winner must be start 180 days unfortunelly I sent on time my documents lottery must be search research winner real or not if customer real winner after that conditions and term mean real winner tihs customer after that WHO try any things is fals scam or another thing crime than FBI going to catch and customer must to pay Government Tax and other expences and should be ask payment will be cash or not and shold safe Money at the bank bank pay interest why wait and don't sent confirmations than I will use credit I want to use my Money for example Indiana Ca July9th 2016 Iwon 540 millions than after secur ticket I won I have check I won They seen THEY write opps some things wrongs they Asked your favorite number I said 32 my house number And 34 Istanbul Turkey number and I joined 2 nd powerball CA Chino Hills SAcremanto SEVEN ELEVEN single ticket I won Jan 13th 2016 since long time I have Writen many message They didn't Send Official registered mail confirmations .I must to find a lawyer but why lottery must pay for lawyer
or I must to tell My lottery stories to media but I dont want to use this way its not good for lotteries very easy lottery has all my informations they hold hand my Money Lottery seach realy winner and trust than will be pay my prize
thank you very much to

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I just got a phone call from "Washington DC" and some guy with a foreign accent, said I was getting $9,000.00 from a Government Grant because I was such a good citizen. I said, "Whoa! Is this the same government that lied to me when I joined the Navy, just out of high school, and told me that I'd be working in the field of electronics, but wound up in a bilge, tweeting valves for six years, at 110 degrees Fahrenheit, in the engine room of a nuclear submarine? Yeah, I don't think so!" And then he tells me that before I can get the $9,000, I first have to buy a Western Union card for $200.00. I said, "Hey, I don't have $200.00 to spend on a Western Union Card," and he hung up.

dude! thanks for your service! i just talked too a submariner, with 10 years in,gota wife and new baby. he is up in Washington,state. hay! Happy New Year! and Merry Christmas! U.S.A.F.,66-70,medic.

Update please

Sense y’all are globally connected and are the FTC seems y’all should be able recover the money I invested in stocks. The company CLOUDWEB, Inc. ‘CLOW’ The company was supposedly in Florida then reportedly moved to the Uk then said moved on over to Australia. Then there is another in Dubai agrieuri ‘EURI’ they of coarse screwed my out my money because I purchased stock, there is ‘XLIT’. How is a so called company able to get their name on the stock board. I figure sense y’all could figure all this out.

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations. The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

Is Wickipedia truly asking for donations. The request popped up while looking up a doctor.

This guy calls and ask for my deceased fiance , and I tell him he is no longer with us. He proceeded to tell me that he won a sweepstakes and he was going to be delivered the winnings, all the needed was all pertenant information for door delivery and 250.00 for processing fee. I explained that I do not have it and he offered to help me get it if I would pay it back. I told him thank you but no thank you ....Yes he was foriegn to me and he was very persistent ...This individual called a few times more and I just hung it up.

Avoid any Countries NOT in euopean Union Not all countryies are 100% France UK Canada Germany

Netherlands United States I track Randsomware beyond the USA 99% its in USA I am tracking 1 in the Union multi Country and ISP No contact number other than Netherlands! ISP is located in California! dns and ip of attacker is california. These People are Placing their Kits right at Logins! That is the place where it is NOT secure even in Federal MIT Akami DDOS Ptotection! The attack is Placed in USA in Forida! BTW I am tracking FTC Fraud Calling Numbers thru International Means Any Country in the World! WE are MAD! The people Soliciting are in my own Town! Yes PD has access to Number and Data on Mobile Phones they can Call them Back! Should I be Talking to a US Attorney since they do my Housing Act Social Security`, Civil Rights Protection Laws that Applie to other Countries Mexico, Canada, Germany, Every Nationalized Country under Congress or Presidential Order2-- Jordan. It dont apply to those Living in the US Borders only Sociaal Security in othert Countries! Dial 211 to start blocking calls via State Attorney Generals and FTC. This isnt Maryjane these are Federal Felonies. Who should 320million americans talk to Including Police There is no FBI in KANSAS! What are the LAWS I can find them not Public law Doo you use the Federal Register ?? How can we help to get these LAWS enforced as a Community!! :-)

Dear Emma, Is there a way for consumers to find out details about these filed reports on domestic or international scams? They usually occur via phone, so if you can make that information available to the public, that will help reduce the amount of people that get scammed every year.

The FTC has a list of companies and people banned from debt relief business, and a list of banned debt collectors. 

It also has extensive Do Not Call data sets that list information people report, including the telephone number that made the unwanted call, when the call was made, the subject of the call, and whether the call was a robocall. No information about the reported calls is verified.

I was hack at the gas pump few days before Christmas, My bank still have not got my money back. The fund went to the UK and Africa. Don't know how they did it so quick. All my disabilities check was gone and than some. I have no money to pay my bills. These people don't care who they hurt along the way. I got all these international fee's as well. I am sure other people got hack at the gas pump as well. The bank put a freeze on my account close out my debit card. But purchased was still coming in day after. at this moment I have no idea what to do. Bank still investigation, said 7 to 10 days. What about my bills. Oh well.

Good day I am very disturbed by these call that I have been receiving from Quebec, which have started in March, 2019 and still continue. Up to this morning I received a call which I have block but some how they would call on different numbers from that country. I have never traveled. It's a lot of numbers that the individual have been using to call my phone.

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