U.S. Marshals won’t call you about jury duty

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United States Marshals protect the federal courts, track down dangerous fugitives, and transport thousands of prisoners. They don’t make calls and threaten to arrest people or fine them for missing jury duty. But scammers posing as Marshals have been making calls like that and tricking people into sending money. The imposters use spoofed phone numbers that look official, and steal the names and badge numbers of legitimate law enforcement officials. They warn people they might be arrested — unless they buy a prepaid debit, iTunes or gift card and pay the fine immediately. If you buy a card and tell a scammer the card’s code, the scammer takes the card’s value; your money is gone. If a “U.S. Marshal” calls you with a jury duty warning, hang up. It’s a scam.

If a fake Marshal — or any other government imposter — calls and tells you to send money to avoid arrest:

  • Don’t send money by prepaid card and don’t wire money. Wiring money is like sending cash. You usually can't reverse or trace the transaction.
  • Don’t share your financial or personal information. Scammers can use your information to commit identity theft.
  • Don’t trust a name or number that appears on your phone. Scammers can fake caller ID information.

If you received a call like this, please report it to the FTC and to your local Marshals Service District Office. If you sent money to an imposter on a prepaid card, report it to the card company’s fraud department. Read more about the tricks government imposters use and how to beat their scams.

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Scary; Thanks for the warning


Thanks for the heads up.What will they think of next ??

Recently, my husband got a call stating that the caller was from an agency hired by PayPal to collect on a debt of $500+ US dollars. They stated this went back to Dec 2016 and for my husband to provide payment - he did not - We then contacted PayPal and they verified that we, in fact, did NOT owe any money. The moto of this story - don't trust anyone that calls you claiming to be legitimate.

thanks. ok read

Why is it in this day and age that scammers can fake caller id info? Isn't there some technical solution to this abuse of the phone lines, and innocent citizens who pay for this service supposedly regulated by FTC et al?

thanks for the warning


I got completely hooked by this scam. I'm pretty scam savvy and this one was extremely professionally done. I can't believe I fell for it but it was so real

It's easy to dodge this kind of thing for those who know the way things work in government. I paid attention in my mandatory high school Government class. We learned that failure to appear for jury duty is contempt of court and results in a bench warrart. It's judges descretion as to the results of the charge. This pending action can result in an arrest next time one interacts in person with government. Jury duty starts as a local summons. U.S. Marshalls function at the Federal level of Government and are law enforcement officers. Law enforcement officers don't directly collect fines. Courts do.

Thank you for the update.

Thank you.

People like these scammers make me want to get violent!

This happened to me very recently. I Knew it was a scam. I said... " you are right now being recorded AND tracked. You Are Not a U S Marshall. I AM (not really) and We don't make calls like this. I think you should know that if... That's where they hung up. Lol

Got a call from (979)429-2211,Bay City TX. Said the FBI is after me for back taxes. I hung up. These kind of calls need to be stopped.


I been the victim of scam artist growing up. It doest see a brother a mother or children . i learn you can voice your consumer concerns with the real better business bureau. That sometimes the products and services are not good. Quality.

It is only logical that if the U.S. Marshal wants you you will be presented with a warrant for arrest (in person) or another official will retain a person in a similar fashion.

had a scammer call about the gov. giving me a free 7,000 grant. listened and he ask if aa manted a check or cash.I I told him cash. He said okay let me let you talk to my super to make sure the info iss right. super comes on and ask same questions and ask how I wanted my money. again i said cash, they hung up.

I was told I won some money

The "officer" that called told me I "missed jury duty" and that a warrant would be issued for my arrest. I inquired which court state or federal? He said federal.
I asked for his name and badge number he said Lt Alex something from the sheriffs office. I replied "so you are from a local sheriffs office calling me regarding failure to appear for jury duty at the circuit court of appeals?
He said yes that's right. I said that's wrong you fool! Well he replied " I am writing a warrant for your arrest". Great, would that be a bench warrant ? He hung up.
You see only the federal judge can issue a warrant for failure to show for jury duty and that is rarely done...more likely a U.S. Marshal will notify you by phone to find out why you missed jury duty.
By the way this guy was such a putz, my relentless questioning threw him off his game and he forgot to close the deal by asking me to pay the bogus fine!

If you did have to pay a fine for failure to show up to jury duty, you will be notified by regular mail, though it might be certified. Any contact by phone or email about this is clearly a scam. Anything involving a message from the government or even law enforcement is usually never by phone or email anyway, just by either showing up in person at your place or by mail. More importantly, I know that no US Marshal will ever ask you to pay a fine via prepaid money cars, just with check, credit card, or postal money order because they can easily be traced.

My husband received a phone call (on a holiday, no less) purportedly from the county sheriff's office stating that he had failed to show up for jury duty and that there was a bench warrant out for his arrest. He was told he had to pay $4000 in some sort of voucher that could be obtained from Safeway (wouldn't take cash) -this money would be refunded if he showed up for jury duty at the next summons. If he did not comply, they would send officers out immediately to arrest and jail him. The caller was quite intimidating. I called the sheriff's office to check, but they were closed/could only leave a voice mail. I called an attorney (who kindly took my call on his holiday) and he told me it was a scam. I feel so badly for people who end up giving these thieves money!

Yes! I received a call today from some man who said he was from the city Sheriff's office. He actually called me at my workplace!! He told me my address and asked if it was correct. I said yes and then he said he was just making sure he was talking to the correct person (I was thrown off he knew my home address). He noted I had a warrant for my arrest due to failure to appear for jury duty. He noted that I had to stay on the phone with him or else my phone would be tracked and the police would come to arrest me wherever I was at. He said I had to have a money order for about $880 to pay for penalty fees for missing my court appearance that I had failed to pay. He at first gave me some strange address then changed t later to the police station where I would pay my fine. Since my husband was with me (we were together having lunch at a restaurant) he called the police station and asked about it while I was on the phone with the imposter. They said it was a scam and said to hang up. These scammers really did their homework with finding my workplace and home address. Definitely disturbing.

Got two calls today from 972-810-1761. Both were a recording. One I actually answered and one went to vmail. It was saying to actually call back to the number to get my case number and to speak to a federal agent. Did not call but just knew it was a scam! Beware!

I got a voicemail today from # 347-966-5628 telling me this was a second attempt to contact me for jury duty & to call back & request my case # ...had me nervous ...but thank you all for your stories to verify this is a scam ....my goodness , whats next.!!!

Federal agency warning regarding cases+16507528839 against you=total scamming..

My mom recieved a call from us marshals which asked her to verify her information so she hung up. Have gotten a scam calls from fbi, police and irs.

Got worked over by Sargent Pryce for not showing at federal jury.
Told to go to Rite Aid and get a ?money pack?
Caller used 859.813.4800
This con was very slick in his approach.

Received a distorted vmail call from a female stating she was a jury aide - got my name from blah blah Dept of Admin blah blah. Called # back and rang forever, nobody picked up. Was tempted to speak Spanish to this person if s/he picked up :P OF COURSE IT’S A SCAM. I look up every # online and if it’s not listed, I block them all.

Number used to call me was: 1-916-227-6711

The failure to show for federal jury duty criminals got me yesterday. I thought I was fairly savvy to scams but I watch little network television and listen to satellite radio and had not heard any of the warnings from the U.S. Marshall's office about this scam. They had me reporting to the real Federal Court House with a very elaborate, well-rehearsed script keeping me on the phone for 3 hours to maintain an "open line of communication" while I traveled downtown. It took 3 hours because I had trouble finding CVS, Rite-Aid, etc who had the Green Dot Money Pak's I had to purchase - yes, these are real and legit - but once the criminals have the code from the back of the card your money is gone - just like mine is. Again a very elaborate, real-sounding, and threatening con. And by the way, they called and left me a voice mail at my place of employment which few people would know that number unless I had communicated with them in the past by some means.

Happened in ATL using # 404 908 0300.
When it got a bit convoluted I figured it was a scam....but they had me going for a while....a pox on them and their kind.

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