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What’s up with the National Do Not Call Registry?

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Is your number one of the more than 229 million phone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry? Then you might be interested in the FTC’s just-released National Do Not Call Registry Data Book, which gives an overview of the Registry and complaints the FTC received at from November 2016 through October 2017.

Some of the highlights: Last year there were 7.1 million complaints to the FTC at, and the majority of people reported getting robocalls. The most reported topics were calls about debt reduction, vacation and timeshares, and warranty plans. Each state has its own breakdown so you can check out what is going on where you live, too.

The Do Not Call Data Book also shows that many of the calls reported at are robocalls. Just keep in mind that pre-recorded sales calls are illegal whether you’re on the Registry or not unless a company has your written permission to call you that way.

You can learn more about the Do Not Call Registry in our FAQs.

Are you already on the Registry and still getting a lot of unwanted calls? Odds are, many of those calls are from scammers. Check out our article on blocking unwanted calls to learn more about what you can do — including reporting them at When you report illegal calls, we take the phone numbers you complain about and release them each business day. This helps telecommunications carriers and other industry partners that are working on call blocking solutions. Your complaints also help law enforcement identify the people behind illegal calls.


I registers don't call me for years now I still get a lot of call

Why is that never challenged or answered by the FTC??? It us true that that people can obtain lists if people signed up to DNC and they abuse the lists to call anyway. They figure that they can con, persuade or fast talk certain vulnerable people into trusting them and they figure they have nothing to lose Ian’s will never get caught it reported! The recent scam in our area and ongoing all over is faje and threatening ROBOCALLS scaring people into thinking that they use money to the IRS, when in fact they do not and we’re NOT aware ithus robocall scheme! We had reported this three times and each time we noticed that within a day or two the number was changed but the area code remisibed the same! As fast as they get reported they switch numbers! We honestly rarely had a problem until we listed our number with the DNC register and that was only because we had believed it wouid or prevent more calls and in fact it has been crazy every since! WHAT US THE DNC AND FTC DOING ABOUT THIS REAL ABD VALID ISSUE I AM POINTING OUT??? Thank you fior advising my all of us who have not had a good experience after signing up to DNC (lists are being abused).

Here are some ways to learn about the FTC's fight against robocalls.

You can read about what FTC's enforcement of the Do Not Call registry and the 134 enforcement actions against companies and telemarketers for Do Not Call, abandoned call, robocall and Registry violations. To date, 121 of these FTC enforcement actions have been resolved, and in those cases the agency has recovered over $50 million in civil penalties and $71 million in redress or disgorgement.

Take a look at this infographic,  which shows the technology behind robocalls, and how internet-powered systems make it make it cheap and easy for scammers to make illegal calls from anywhere in the world and hide from law enforcement by displaying fake caller ID information.

When people file complaints with the FTC about unwanted calls, the FTC prepares lists of those numbers and releases them each business day to telecommunciations carriers and industry partners that are working on call blocking solutions. Many call blocking tools rely on blacklists. Those are databases of phone numbers that have been reported as the source of illegal calls. Companies will be able to use this information to help identify which calls should be blocked or flagged.

Attn Bridget Small - FTC:
I believe that you are an automated response generated every time there are certain trigger words. Your reply never mentions the user name and always says the same thing. If this is the reason for the “government shutdown for DNC”, GOOD!! You are NOT HELPING ANYONE anyway!! Many of us need real help and the DNC isn’t doing a darn thing for us. Hope you’re having fun during your shutdown. Maybe you’ll even be eligible for a position at one of the scammers! You certainly don’t deserve OUR money on unemployment! DNC had to have made our list public because none of these problems occurred prior to October-November 2017.

d n c

I would also like to have an idea of which cellular phone providers seem to have the most scam callers coming through via their service connections. You can attempt to block a number and just get another nuisance one in short order from a similar number.......Additionally what is with all the calls being made which appear to be coming from a valid phone number...But in reality the caller has somehow hijacked the number making it appear that you have dialed from your number..... It is happening so frequently now, that folks have come to accept that their number was hijacked also.....I have spoken with the local telephone company about the matter and they are aware of the hijacking of telephone numbers and are at a loss for a solution....So I would advocate an additional data base of carriers and frequency of hijacked numbers be put together in a macro or what ever system is applicable for tabulating such. At some point someone is going to be very gracious and help us solve this mystery....Some very intelligent folks create problems and some very intelligent folks solve problems. And some times the intelligence is brought about by determination to bring about a solutions.

Yes, I am in the Registry with my 2 landlines and 4 mobile phones in the family. You are mistaken thinking that most of the unwanted calls are from scammers. I get 5-6 unwanted calls a day on all my phones. They come from people peddling products and services. And only a few are robocalls. Most calls are from live people. You could hear multiple conversations in the background when the person comes online to talk to you. And what's more, nowadays all calls coming in use caller ID spoofing. Every call I get (robocalls or not) appears in each instance to be coming from a different tel number, making it very hard to block. Your suggestions are not practical in getting rid of this menace. You should be soliciting Congress for stiff penalties and mandatory long jail sentences to those who are caught violating the Registry.

Call manager used to let us block calls with no number showing in caller id. With calls being sent over VOIP it allows spoofing of phone numbers so the caller can put any phone number to display in caller id. Got to be a way for the domestic carriers to block these spoofed numbers.

I used to work in telecom. The domestic carriers can screen and block any calls. They won't do it unless the FCC orders them to do it. Don't let anyone tell you it can't be done.

Of course it can be done. But there is a lot of money to be made putting these calls through and charging for them, so the carriers are not going to do anything about it until they're forced to.

I am leaving out any store or manufacturer info cause I don't want anyone to think this is some kind of Ad..
Do a google search for smart call blocker phone. I picked up a 3 phone cordless system for $59.00 have had it for 6 months now Love Love Love it... Works like a charm takes some time to get it set up but it's not difficult to do and worth every min. of the effort it took. No more Robo calls and have gone from 10 or 20 calls a day to maybe 2 or 3 a week.

Even though I am on the do not call list, I get 4 to 6 calls each evening between 6 and 9 P.M. Many of the callers are able to shield their telephone numbers from my caller ID.

I get calls every day that I have to block. They are from my area code. I've told them to stop. They are automated calls and then a human comes on the line.


I have been getting calls from numbers I have blocked, so the call three or four times in a row then leave a 4 minute voice mail.

I'm disappointed by the FTC's approach to fixing this is on the back-end. All of your advice is reactive. One person defrauds 500 people; you want those 500 people to initiate blocking. Let’s block at the source.

How about we do this: the FTC should be working with the major carriers who "deliver" these robo-calls, they should never be delivered, which gives you time to eventually fix at source. How, you say?

Phone numbers or exchanges are "assigned.” In a digital world, the digital signature includes the "source and the destination." While you can "mask" or fake the caller-id, you have the technology to "see" if the call is originating from a block of assigned phone numbers. If a phone number (source) is transmitting a caller-id that is NOT within the assigned block of phone numbers/exchange authorized, block the call. Maybe the carriers have a different rationale for doing nothing, maybe because the carriers collect a fee for delivery?

John F

The relentless unwanted calls have become so intolerable, I'm forced to route all incoming landline calls thru my answering machine. The Dirtbag Callers are so bold, that they now use a signal, that overrides my machine, and their bogus pitches begin simultaneously over my outgoing message. This is criminal. Telcom Companies know exactly who's making such calls because they profit from selling time to the bogus scammers. Maybe fining the Telcom companies would begin to make a dent is this invasion of privacy atrocity.

Don't ignore the spammer. Answer the call and act interested as long as you can. The only way to stop them is to have each call take 5 minutes of their time with no sale. Speak slowly

For the ones that continually call, I find that if I talk to them and seem interested and ask for a mailing address to send the money to, etc., that I can get the company name and address. Once I get that info, I inform them that I'm not interested and that they are to remove me from further calls or I will file suit against them for harassment. I also file a complaint with the better business bureau in the area where their business resides. This has worked a few times for me already especially from these car warranty idiots who are calling me to get car warranty on a car I haven't owned in 5 years. My mom has alzheimers. She answered the phone one day and a car warranty company sold her warranty on a car she no longer owned. They were charging her Discover car every month. When I found out about this, I called the warranty company and told them to stop charging her for the warranty as I had power of attorney. They told me to send them a letter. I told them I was going to have Discover stop the charges that I wasn't sending them a letter to stop something they should have never sold her in the first place because we had asked them to stop calling. I would file suit against them if necessary. They stopped sending charges through to Discover. No one cares about what is right or wrong anymore and our government is not doing anything to stop it - fining the telecom companies is worthless - they have plenty of money. What they need to do is put laws in place to allow people to stop these companies from making these harassing calls and start putting their executives in jail for not providing the protection to consumers.

All these stats are great but disclose stats on cases prosecuted, criminally or civilly

See these recent enforcement actions related to the Do Not Call Registry. The Federal Trade Commission is a civil law enforcement agency.

If you don't know the caller from the ID don't answer. If It's important they will leave a message. Maybe we can get them to stop this way

I registered my numbers on the do not call lists. And like many here, all of a sudden I got more and more calls. Then I read the "do not call" website thoroughly and found that this site "to prevent calls", actually SELLS our numbers to people who make telemarketing calls...under the guise of letting them who NOT to call. Really!?

Businesses that are allowed to use the Do Not Call Registry must set up a profile and provide identifying information about themselves and their organization. Any entity that accesses the national registry will be required to certify, under penalty of law, that it is accessing the registry solely to comply with the Telemarketing Sales Rule or to prevent calls to numbers on the registry. It is illegal for anyone to use the Registry for any purpose other than preventing telemarketing calls to the telephone numbers on the registry.

Cell phone makers and answering machine makers could solve the unwanted call problem in a flash by making a machine that will only let "registered" phone number directly ring your phone. All other calls go to the answering machine. If you find a number in the answering machine that you wanted to call you directly, you add it to your registry. Problem solved.

The article about blocking unwanted calls explains how some mobile apps let you create whitelists, or numbers that you allow to ring through, that are broader than just your personal contacts.

Bridget, you respond to call blocking posts, etc. but you don't respond to the posts asking why the FTC doesn't force phone carriers to block these calls. This really stands out when I read these posts. Why don't you just admit that the FTC is not willing to ever do that because of lost $$$$ for the telecommunications companies. I wonder if other countries have this problem with unwanted calls? You are wasting a lot of people's time on here soliciting us for comments and solutions when your agency has the power to stop this. It's insulting. Please either go after the telecommunications companies or stop bothering us with these ridiculous, ineffective suggestions.

This August 2017 press release explains the FTC's work to support industry efforts to stop robocalls before they reach consumers.

The FTC sends the robocaller phone numbers that consumers report to telecommunications carriers that are implementing call-blocking solutions. Many call-blocking solutions rely on “blacklists” -- or databases of telephone numbers that have received significant consumer complaints -- as one way to determine which calls should be blocked or flagged before they reach consumers’ phones.

I want a system that only allows known callers to get through. If a caller is not on the known caller list, they would be given an aption to request to be added. I would get a message that let’s me choose to add them or report them. Simple. Meanwhile, the do not call list is absolutely obsolete and ignored. Time to move on with new solutions, FTC. The bad guys won this battle.

I took out my landline phone manual and found out how to block calls. It now rings once and goes to block. I hesitate to tell you how to do this as all phones are different. Works for me.

There is also a "call-blocking list" which prevents a number from calling you again once it has called. If someone does call, you simply dial *61 after the call. It will block that number from calling again.

I am on the do not call list, but receive many, many calls anyway - I don't answer a number I do not know - which leads to a problem, my health insurance company calls to check on me and their number comes in without any identification, so i do not answer, then they ask why I don't take their calls. Why don't they identify themselves in the caller ID instead of calling on a 888, 800 or sometimes my area code? I have told them, I don't answer calls that do not identify themselves. But to no avail. If you really want to call me, then identify yourself as such.

What is the use of the Do Not Call Registry ?!?! My wife and I have been on the Registry list for years, BUT, we both receive multiple calls each and every day for Auto Warranties, Timeshares, Trips, etc. Is there really anyway to stop unwanted calls ?!?! We are so tired of getting all of these unwanted calls !!!!

Too often I think it is a cheap way to advertise. The concept that phones are not toys seems to be a major issue too.

People just put this message on your phone. "I am monitoring my calls please state your business, leave your name and number." I guarantee they will hang up without leaving their name or number or say anything!

In your browser type "nomorobocalls; follow the great

I live in North Carolina. I get calls at least once or twice a day from robocallers regarding expired warranties, etc. in spite of registering with do-not-call registry. What is interesting to me is that many of the calls have the same area code and first three digits of my own cell phone number. In instances when I have redialed the number, I reach a "real" person; then I say, "I'm just returning your call," and they always say that they did not call me. They seem to be innocent people whose numbers have been temporarily used/taken over to make a robo-call. How does that work, and why can't it be stopped?

This dataset is incredibly light/vague...where can one access all of the data that is collected for the registry?
Specifically, I'd like all of the data from each report/comment, a summary list of all companies/people that have been reported, a list of actions/enforcements the FTC has taken from the database, just to name a few.
I also can't make an account/link this comment/your answer to any tool of mine, so I don't see why you even have comments here...clearly I'm using them, but that is also because there is no clear path regarding whom to contact about this data, so I just came back to the source.

To learn more, you could follow the links in this blog post to review the press release. The press release has additional useful links, including a link to the full report on

Law enforcement agencies that are members of the Consumer Sentinel Network review the complaints that consumers file with the FTC, as well as consumer registration and telemarketer access information, through the Consumer Sentinel Network, a secure online database maintained by the FTC. For more information about Sentinel, visit Law enforcement personnel may join Sentinel at

Thank you!!!

Are you aware of any possible linkage between identity theft of personal information (that being phone number and name) and phone calls with someone checking if the number is answered and valid? So many are getting unwanted calls with no one there when we answer, along with robocalls even when we are on the Do-Not-Call list.

Shocker there every comment I made "submitted for review" why is that?! I didn't swear! I can tell you

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I've been getting repeated calls from people trying to sell health insurance. When I try to tell them, I've already got insurance, they just talk over me and don't listen. I can't block the calls because they use different numbers. I've heard similar complaints from friends.

The "No Call List" maintained by the Federal Government is no longer of any use.

1. Callers fake the number they are supposedly calling from. If you try and call them back you get a message saying the number is not in service.
2. The people in the office that manages the list can't seem to do anything to block or prevent the calls being made by thousands of fake, fraudulent, scammers and other callers.
3. I have almost 100 numbers blocked on my telephone and they still keep coming, mostly using a fake number.
Should think it is time to eliminate the "No call list" program and office, saving the money it cost to operate.
An FCC directive to allow cell phone, internet phone and home phone customers to block numbers at no cost to the customers would hopefully stop the many phone calls received every day all over the country.

why can’t the states regulate the phone systems. charge these companys for maki g these calls. make these calls blocked unless the companies pay for the robot calls. if people are on the do not call list these people should automatically be blocked. the companies who do this robot calling need CHARGED and/or Fined for doing this.

I do not understand why I cannot enter calls I received. I registered over a year ago and it says I am not registered. So I registered again (fourth time), and now I have to wait 31 days.

How can you block unwanted calls with all the different numbers they use

This FTC article about blocking unwanted calls has ideas about some options.

Seriously, is there NO WAY to track down these companies and put them out of business? All the technology we have and still this is a problem.


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