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What’s up with the National Do Not Call Registry?

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Is your number one of the more than 229 million phone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry? Then you might be interested in the FTC’s just-released National Do Not Call Registry Data Book, which gives an overview of the Registry and complaints the FTC received at from November 2016 through October 2017.

Some of the highlights: Last year there were 7.1 million complaints to the FTC at, and the majority of people reported getting robocalls. The most reported topics were calls about debt reduction, vacation and timeshares, and warranty plans. Each state has its own breakdown so you can check out what is going on where you live, too.

The Do Not Call Data Book also shows that many of the calls reported at are robocalls. Just keep in mind that pre-recorded sales calls are illegal whether you’re on the Registry or not unless a company has your written permission to call you that way.

You can learn more about the Do Not Call Registry in our FAQs.

Are you already on the Registry and still getting a lot of unwanted calls? Odds are, many of those calls are from scammers. Check out our article on blocking unwanted calls to learn more about what you can do — including reporting them at When you report illegal calls, we take the phone numbers you complain about and release them each business day. This helps telecommunications carriers and other industry partners that are working on call blocking solutions. Your complaints also help law enforcement identify the people behind illegal calls.


Its crazy this phone calls..the gov have yo rrally do something about it..we cant be paying a phone line for this BS look at all the comments here and imagine those that dont even know about this forum who are also recieving those unneccessary phone calls...your phone # should be private places can not have access online to just get ur number yhis is not fair ..see technology is great in a way but things like this is like the downside of it people get online and some how they get ut num..u people also be carefull where to live ur number it can even be facebook or gmail and places like that who are getting money to let others access ur number u never know what it is out there at the end of the day this is SUCKS!

Wow a lot of conspiracy theories here. Take a look at the LAW and the enforcement of the law. There is no incentive to not make the calls. People are gullible if you make 100 calls and catch one person you can make a living as a scam artist. Legit companies don't want to call you waste of time and money. Problem is it costs more to obtain the list than it does to not. 5 free area codes then $60 each after that. The fine if you get caught is $5000 per call max of $60,000 Now take a look at the enforcement compared to the number of complaints. FTC is only hitting the companies that receive thousands of complaints from a rich company since that gives them the highest revenue for conviction .
Odds are the local scammer will never get caught and if he does wont be able to pay the fine. Big legitimate companies can afford to use the DONOTCALL list. FTC cannot effectively go after entities outside the continental united states so a lot of the calls originate over seas So bottom line when a telemarketer calls hang up, ask to be added to the DONOTCALL list or just plain have fun with it or get mad about it. in the end remember until the violators are put in jail on a regular basis they will keep coming in.

I have contacted the "Do-Not-Call" complaint line many times and to get the call reported to ths list the unhuman recorder always asks for the company name. IT'S AN "OUT OF AREA CALLER"!!! What idiot is running this program? There is no human contact to speak with about these complaints. I have finally, because I'm not an "IDIOT!", given up on reporting. I can't block numbers on my land line unless I pay my provider a ridiculous fee. I don't answer the calls anymore but the constant ringing is like telling outsiders that hear the ringing that nobody's home. I'm happy to tell them that my three friends are in my house. SMITH, WESSON and Mr. SAUER

You can report unwanted calls online at

You have options for dealing with calls to your landline.

  • Many carriers allow you to block between 10-30 numbers, but you are responsible for identifying the numbers to block.
  • Many carriers also allow you to block calls from anonymous callers – those who prevent their phone number from appearing on a CallerID device, or whose number shows up as “ANONYMOUS” or “PRIVATE.” 
  • Some carriers offer services that let you block calls or divert them to voicemail for periods of time. This lets you set up quiet or “do not disturb” hours.

It seems the "do not call list" is completely ignored and the Feds have no intention to do anything about the abusers.

We use to get a few calls by the same people every week and the usual charity and political calls during the season but we changed out phone service to Vonage and man we get so many unwanted calls some keep calling but more are different from all over. I'm just about to cancel the landline. Same phone number just changed service.

If I don't recognize the number or it isn't on my contact list, I don't answer and let voice mail get it. I have a recording that states "If I don't recognizes the number and you don't leave a voice mail, be advised I will not return your call." I stick with it. All of my friends, family, anything business related that I use frequently, are on my contact list. Too much junk out they can text me if I know them. It is hard for my husband who can't see well and has to take calls for business.

I have never signed up for the DNC list (for fear of publishing my number to a public list) and I almost never get calls XD

I'm so fed up with this. We carry $750 technologically advanced computers in our hands every day, and we can't stop this from happening? I've worked every single day for the past 6 weeks and have quite literally been woken up every single day by these phone calls and I'm sick of it. What can we do? I'm exhausted and losing my mind

This FTC article about blocking unwanted calls explains some mobile apps, cloud based services, call-blocking devices and other options.

Try using They stop all known spammers on their lists. There is no charge to filter landline phones, but cell phone can be added for a modest fee.

Every time I report to the FTC call from a scammer, it seems like I get 6 or 7 more calls within the next hour from scammers that have my area code, my local exchange and 4 different following numbers. Why does that happen? I'm convinced; forget the reporting.

I do not want to receive calls from marketing and other unnecessary calls. I want to be on do not call registry

Go to to add your phone to the Do Not Call list.

How about not registering with DNC at all. It sounds like it will work better, not having your number on their list. That way it won't be sold to a bunch of loosers. I'm disconnecting from the madness. :) I can live with snail mail. Junk mail can be thrown out with ease. Wait I can use it for the campfires.

Hey Bridget. A Lot of the problem here is the spoofed calls. Is there anything the FTC can do about that or are we just on our own and you cannot help? I worked on a lobbying team to lobby Congress for the original do not call law and it seems you guys have just not kept up with the technology and have given up on most of the enforcement.

I started getting more sales and robocalls after I signed up for the Do not call registry. Why>??????? And when I tell them to take my name off they curse me out! Seriously ????

I keep getting phone calls from guy who has an Indian voice. This phone number is. 567-343-4759. He talks about different Apple new spyware. I was swindled in the total of about $1000.00. All of these plans are bogus (NOT TRUE).

The do not call registry is a joke. If I reported every robo/unwanted call on my
Mobile and landline, I’d be on website half the day. I either don’t answer or reject the call. Just so very annoying.

This was almost NEVER happening before Trump got in office. I want to know what the head of the FTC has done to create a loophole - I went from getting NO calls to 20 a day on my landline and cell. Something has changed. Some regulation has been rolled back. Thanks! It interrupts those of us that work at home all day long. It's another disgraceful example of thoughtless regulation rollbacks just to say you did something. I am so pissed!

I did register for donotcall for my home phone and it is not work at all ... they still call 20+ times a day ... it is annoying when people did not tell who they are and ask for bunch of information... “ Really, this is how people make a phone call?” ... Call ID should be free for American !!!

By using 000-000-0000 crooks overplayed the State because the system doesn't accept claims. It responds: Use digits only.

The DO NOT CALL web site address, is a link you sign up on their're already on the site, JUST FYI if you blog on too many web sites the social media you're using can gain access, oh also, IfYOUR COMPANY BUSINESS SELLS/Sold electronics that fall under PUC jurisdiction you might get alot of calls like thay. Wish you felt better TRY ASKING THE CALLER/S TO STOP...I do/did

please help

Remember when you had a land line you could pay to have an unlisted number - no unwanted calls. There's no reason cell phones should not be treated the same way. No One should be allowed to sell phone numbers to Any One.

Sign me up

I don't know if this is a new thing, but I have started getting robo calls from my friends and neighbors phone numbers. Phone spoofing of some sort?

The Do Not Call List is a bigger scam than the people calling!! We get calls from the very same numbers, very same people all day, everyday, all week, every week, all month, every month and all year every year!!On Sat/Sun/Holidays..same scam. over 10,000 reports to FTC Complaints and they still call.
Let's dissolve this scam organization and get someone who will enforce the laws.

Now I can't even post a reply here!

call your phone carriers every time they call you...this is the only way to stop this

You've had the ability to stop all of these calls for a long, long time, and that would be accomplished simply by securing down the interchange between the Telcos, which today is totally open, a "wild wild west" of sorts that you refuse to step in and control. And you refuse to secure the Telco interchange for some reason yet to be determined (perhaps a multi billion dollar industry that has some power over you). The same is true for spam email, you have the authority and ability to secure down the Internet mail servers and you refuse to take action, costing us billions of dollars in lost productivity through not only spam phone calls but spam emails as well. A pathetic and shameful situation! The amount of phone calls and email is beyond out of control and basically all you can do is promote a laughable list that actually serves as a source of numbers to call.

the do not call registry seems to be a scam just by its self - it does not work - I am getting up to 10 to 15 calls a day with robocallers- I am thinking this registry sold my number to these companies - ever since I sign up the called have escalated -- the do not call registry should be looked into and see what is going on behind curtain number 3 - they are probably rolling the dice who number they will sell

I get these calls all the time and have an idea. Most have numbers that seem like local calls but are not. Idea! Pass a law that says the phone company has to pay me a dollar for each unasked for call I recieve. I guarantee the calls would stop.

I get solicitors calling me all the time. I've been on the do not call list for years now too. But the telemarketers must spoof their numbers or something, because every time I complained on the DNC website, they tell me that THEIR number isn't registered! So obviously, someone or something is shady and I'm sick of it! What good is the do not call registry if telemarketers scam their way around it!?!? If I did my job as good as the DNC does theirs, I'd be fired in a heartbeat!

I have had my phone registered and re-registered for the past 10 years, at it doesn't work. I get bombarded with multiple telemarketer calls daily, some times 3-4 time per day from the same source using different numbers. Why have a do not call list that doesn't work.

Do not Call Registery, both Federal and State ARE USELESS. Telemarkers call and often laugh when you tell them your number is on the registery. They hang up and call you back in days or sometimes hours on another number. It's BS

I am insulted that the do not call registry even exists, I get like 20 calls a day and I have been on that list since it started.

This is ridiculous , at the end of line there is a company wanting to make money, whether a robocall or person call, you can also penalize them, please take some action, I am at a point where I cant use my phone

It would appear that this problem could be reduced or eliminated if the government will start prosecuting these scammers. It is a national problem and needs a national solution. Both my land line and my cell are bombarded daily with these calls.

I've been on the do not call registry and still get calls that leave no message. How do I stop these calls??


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