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Equifax’s free credit monitoring - time is ticking …

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Considering Equifax’s offer of free credit monitoring after its breach? You need to sign up by January 31, 2018. Maybe you tried earlier but had trouble getting through. Or maybe you just put off the decision. Whatever the reason, if you want it, the time is now.

What’s Equifax offering? Until January 31st, anyone with a Social Security number can sign up for one year of free credit monitoring at You don’t need to be a victim of the Equifax breach.

Here’s what you get: Equifax’s TrustedID credit monitoring covers all three major nationwide credit reporting agencies – Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. If any suspicious activity appears on your credit report, you’ll get an alert. The free services also include a copy of your Equifax credit report, Social Security number monitoring, and identity theft insurance. Plus, for a year, you can lock and unlock your Equifax credit file for free. Credit locks help limit access to your credit file by identity thieves trying to open new accounts. You need to get locks with all three credit reporting agencies for them to be effective.

What happens after January 31st? According to Equifax’s website, the enrollment period for free credit monitoring ends January 31st. Instead, starting January 31st, it will offer a free lock-for-life product that will allow you to lock and unlock your credit file, at no cost, from a mobile phone or computer. Equifax hasn’t announced the details yet. So, if you want to know more, check Equifax’s website after January 31st.

Still not sure what to do? Check out our article on identity theft protection services and FAQs on fraud alerts, credit freezes, and credit locks. And if you’re having trouble getting through to sign up for Equifax’s free credit monitoring, please report that to us.


Each person should be able to monitor daily these accounts at no cost because is our personal financial information. Locking and unlocking our accounts should also be free!

Read about credit alerts, freezes and locks to understand how locks work at the different credit reporting companies.

Why is Equifax now allowed to charge money for the protections that should have been in place long before they were hacked ? Equifax is laughing at the people who are falling for this scam !

I signed up for this when Equifax notified me of the breach. Should I sign up again??

Go to to read about the free credit monitoring that Equifax is offering. You can compare that to the service you already have to see if they are the same.

I really appreciate your genuine attempts to have us sign up for us - Equifax is back in business and advertising. Only two weeks left for any one of us to sign up. However it keeps on coming back to me with the remark. that it cannot be processed

I tired to register back in October, but kept getting "Invalid ID or password", even after calling and being walked through the whole thing, at which time they told me it can take up to 48 hours for registration to complete. I kept trying after that, but could not log on. Now I tried to register all over again and keep getting the same message over and over again "System Unavailable
We are unable to process your request at this time. Please try again soon."What a huge FARCE this whole thing is. Equifax should be criminally charged for this who nightmare!!!!

I try to sign up and activate TrustId account as instructed but they refused because their credit file has different date of birth. (talk to their agent Willian #4285 on 1/18/2018 3pm PST). They want me email copy of my driver license and ID in order to activate my free TID service.
Isn't the purpose of this product is helping us prevent fraud from data breach but Equifax makes it more difficult for consumer to check the report and prevent fraud? I think they just make it more difficult for consumer to sign up. I don't think equifax try to help consumer protect after data breach. What a stupid policy of Equifax asking consumer post ID on internet, no wonder they have data breach for that kind of security policy. I will check my report in other way like free annual report to see if I need other services since equifax try to make it so difficult to get free TrustID services. There are other options for credit monitoring services if equifax is not willing to provide it.

well I hope i just did not give my whole ss# to a scam..NOT that they would benefit as i am debt free and own no credit card ..but sure do not want anyone to open one in a name w/my ss# NOW WHAT DO I DO IF THIS IS A SCAM LIKE YOU ALL SAY

I and my spouse put a security freeze on our numbers when my medical information was hacked. We have no credit cards and don'T want any. We renew the freeze as required and hope the free freeze for life comes available soon.

I, too, have experienced the same frustrations you all have. There should be a law to prevent any business from treating their customers so poorly.

What's the difference between a credit freeze and a locked credit?

Only 1 year...This breach will effect us for "LIFE" what a joke EQUIFAX !

I couldn't get them to sign us up- and our account was compromised. Keeps telling to try back later- unable to process. Tried a number of times-unable to sign up. same experience as Ninork in previous comment. Kinda a worthless service if one cannot access it.

I tried to fill out the form for over a dozen tries without success. The Capcha feature refuses to display or accept any attempt to continue. Cheap way to avoid the deadline!

I had a problem last year with my credit card and was guilty that it was Internet fraud was obwoll I have given my data my name.

I too ried to sign on an was directed to the fee program
and that fact that they want all your info after being hacked, i don't think so.

The link to Equifax returns the following note (which I have received 6 times now):

System Unavailable

We are unable to process your request at this time. Please try again soon.

Is this whole thing just a scam?

Not a scam.FTC would NOT do that to you. Be sure you type in or log into the CORRECT site: as stated by FTC. Site may be busy; try at a time when people are less likely to be online trying to sign up. Write the correct Equifax site's customer help # down and call for online help!

I get to the end and it says unavailable - at 2:25 p.m. and 2:31 p.m. on Jan 19. You said to report trouble to "us", but the link is too complicated. Is this the place?

Signed onto to TrustedIDPremir with no problem.

Four times not available - Jan 19, 2018 At 2:25 p.m., 2:31 p.m., 7:05 p.m., 11:02 p.m. Think I should stay up all night?

I went online yesterday to,signed up , w/o problem,password didn't load correctly, called # provided in email to activate, spoke to rep,got guided into solution,and now have Trusted ID Premium free for 1 year,supposedly with text alerts to mobile phone,and the 2 other consumer agencies included in monitoring.TrustedID not the best,but Better than nothing and they already have your data, so why not?Maybe they will be more careful after the breach.As a consumer you can pay for other monitoring services-your choice! You must protect your own self and not rely on a Credit Reporting Agency to do for you.Research extensively. FTC is a good source. Thank you FTC reps for telling me about the January 31, 2018 deadline.I didn't know and am glad I signed up for FTC email notices.I get up to date security issues right away from you and resources/info that help with ALL consumer alerts and news that we all need right away. Your info isn't even in the news, if it is it comes too late. Thank you FTC for helping consumers protect themselves. Too bad not enough people are aware of your services.

I signed up early in morning yesterday and had no problem getting to site. The 1 year free monitoring offer may be overloaded with requests now that more people know about the 1/31/18 deadline.Try signing up at a time when ppl are less likely to be trying to sign up!Write down the help # and call the Equifax rep to help you.Make sure you have the correct and valid #s to call. Equifax has alot #s for different departments.Get the real info as nd # from FTC! FTC is here to PROTECT consumers and is working hard to give you the FACTS. FTC will not steer you in the wrong direction!

The company can check client FICO score more than 1 times per year is that true?

Once your credit report is on file, every credit bureau can sell to other financial institutes that's the breach comes from.

I still find where to start the watch and credit report. But a month ago I received a card to mail back because of one of the places sent to sign and return was this addiquit ?

Why AMAZON check my FICO more than 10 times in 2017 when I didn't apply for their PRIME CARD?

I do not see my previous post for 4 times system unavailable for 19 January. Now I am posting 4times system unavailable for 20 January. What is not going on, Atty Schifferie?

Their site says we are affected by the breach so we signed up. BUT the email sent to us (to complete the process) is where things end. The link in the email takes us to their site where it says "system unavailable" after you enter your birthdate. This issue has been going on for weeks.

I had no problem when I signed up for mine on 09/13/17.My wife filled out the form that you provided,and they sent her an activation link several days ago,but every time she tries to activate it it keeps saying system unable to activate your account try back later.WOW!!!!!

do not use this Equifax monitoring system ..its a skam... www. equifaxsecurity2017. com

Office Of U.S.President @ ftc:Never let a breach occur @ equifax's security.

I have been trying for months to sign up for Equifax's free credit monitoring. I finally received an email from them on Jan. 24 to activate TID Premier. I have been trying several times a day ever since by clicking on "Activite TID Premier", and every time after entering my birthdate, a message pops up saying "the system is unavailable." This is extremely frustrating, to say the least!

Why are we all going through this headache of trying to sign up to get a service we should receive because of Equifax's huge data breach? THEY already have our info and know exactly whose info was compromised! Equifax should immediately enroll all who were compromised and send written details of the free service. This whole situation continues to be mishandled by Equifax.


Go to and click on the button that says "Contact Us."  You will see several telephone numbers to call, depending on your question.

What a farce! I went through the steps to enroll due to Equifax's huge blunder, got the email to activate this supposed "solution" and I keep getting the message
"System Unavailable
We are unable to process your request at this time. Please try again soon."

I appreciate this offer.

**WARNING** Do NOT do this. If you do, read the small print on where it states that you can NOT sue them if they screw up your credit file. That's why they came out with this free monitoring, so if they screw up your life, you can't sue them. The free monitoring is only good for a year but your signature is forever. It's not worth the cost. You have been warned.

Picture of Equifax Website with message "System unavailable would not copy. This is the TrustedID website which must be used by 12:00 today.

1/31/18 8:19 CT
Also from approx. 6:30 on, did not print those out.

I just found out last night that my information was part of the Equifax breach. Why did I not receive any messages from anyone about this?! Also, I cannot get the one year of credit monitoring or any other form of assurance regarding my personal data and credit. Someone from Equifax should be in prison. This is a huge crime affecting millions of people. Why is media not covering this either??

You could get a fraud alert, freeze or lock on your credit file. Read a FTC blog that explains how fraud alerts, freezes and locks work.

I tried several times to get the benefit of the free lifetime credit monitoring, but each time the site was messed up did not work, at all. The links were not allowing me to click on it, but they were there. Now, two days after the 31st of January 2018, the expiration date, it still was not working a few days ago. Now, I can no long get these Equifax provided protections. Time to get and attorney and sue them for any violations against my and my wife's credit for the rest of my life, since THEY made our information public.

Ny credit report gives the addresses of my relatives, who had lived at my address. Equifax is using wrong info for me, so when I get verification requests for my address, I don't know if they are using my sisters address in NY, or my uncle' address in Fremont or Los Angeles. Why should I trust Equifax when they can't keep my records correct?

You can contact Equifax and dispute the errors in your credit reports. This FTC article about disputing errors on your credit reports explains how.

I sent in the postcard from Equifax to say I wanted credit monitoring because of their loss of my information (prior to the deadline, of course).

I have never heard anything whatsoever back from them. I have gone (reluctantly, in view of the frequent occurrences of malware thereon) to their website, however it is designed to run you in a circle without ever accomplishing anything.

How do I get credit monitoring?

What can I do if my credit monitoring notified me that someone used my social security number to apply for credit, services, or employment at an address where I did not live, but it was in 2010. I also know the person who lived at those several addresses where my social security number was being used but I don't know what they used it for or if they still have my information.

You can report identity theft at IdentityTheft.Gov. You can create a plan for what reports to file right away, who to contact and how to repair the damage.

When you are repairing the damage, you will review your credit reports. You will look for the accounts and charges that you don't recognize. Then, you will contact the companies where the accounts were opened by the identity thief.


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