Scammers impersonate the Social Security Administration

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Your Social Security number is an important key for an identity thief. Scammers want it, and they think of all sorts of ways to trick you into giving it away.

Here at the Federal Trade Commission, we’re getting reports about calls from scammers claiming to be from the Social Security Administration. They say there’s been a computer problem, and they need to confirm your Social Security number.

Other people have told us that they have come across spoof websites that look like the place where you would apply for a new Social Security card – but these websites are actually a setup to steal your personal information.

If you get a phone call or are directed to a website other than that is claiming to be associated with the Social Security Administration, don’t respond. It’s most likely a scam.

Here’s some tips to deal with these government imposters:

  • Don’t give the caller your information. Never give out or confirm sensitive information – like your bank account, credit card, or Social Security number – unless you know who you’re dealing with. If someone has contacted you, you can’t be sure who they are.
  • Don’t trust a name or number. Con artists use official-sounding names to make you trust them. To make their call seem legitimate, scammers use internet technology to spoof their area code – so although it may seem they are calling from Washington, DC, they could be calling from anywhere in the world.
  • Check with the Social Security Administration. The SSA has a warning about these scams and suggests you contact them directly at 1-800-772-1213 to verify the reason for the contact and the person’s identity prior to providing any information to the caller.

If you come across one of these scams, please report it to the Social Security Administration’s Fraud Hotline at 1-800-269-0271, or 1-866-501-2101(TTY), and then tell the FTC about it.


I was victim of a scam few months ago when they got me through a company website which was scammed as well. they offered me a job and send me the welcome documents online and they got all my information. Even though I did the report to this website is unbelievable that authorities can find and stop those people. I still scare that they can do anything with that information.

The FTC has a list of clues that someone might be using your information for idenitity theft. You can read about the clues, and watch for any signs of identity theft in your life. If you see signs of identity theft, report it at

When you report, you can get create a recovery plan and get letters and forms to send to businesses to help with problems.

I turned in a family in California that has been using my Social Security number since the mid-90s but no one would do anything. I was told to go to the FTC, then told to go to Social Security, then told to go to the police. Since their fraud (opening cell phone accounts) didn't exceed $40,000 they did nothing. Sure would be nice if someone stopped them! I can't imagine just how many others have this happening.

I had this happen a number of years ago. I was working in a field that allowed access for verification purposes. My baby brother whom had been behind bars for a long time, had a large credit history under his social. A lot of different Hispanic names under his number. I notified Social Security and they informed me they couldn't do anything. Oh well. He's passed on now.

Just received a call from 205 303 3662 telling me to call back the number that there was a problem with an error and I would not receive my social security check. They did not use my name. I called back and a person with a heavy accent answered "social security" I said "you just called me" They wanted to know my name. I did not give my name. My husband just passed away and it isn't enough that I have to deal with all that(already updated everything with SSA) grieving the loss of my best friend of 64 years and some scum bag wants to take what money I have!

I received a call from 205-303-3656, 10/17/18, telling me there was may be suspected fruad on my social security number and I was receiving this robo call from the Social Security Administration in an attempt to (the implication was to halt or stop the fraud, I dont remember the exact wording used). However, I needed to contact the Social Security Administration at (a number was repeated twice; however, the call kept fading in and out. I believe it was the same number as was on my caller ID.) If I didn't not respond, my social security number would be frozen. Now that is a silly notion. Freeze my social security number; however, to my mother, that would be scary and she would call. I attempted to call the number back, using *67 first, so my phone number would not show up on caller ID and would show as unknown caller. When I did this, the call did not go through. I contacted the SS Fraud Dept to report this interaction.

I have been getting these calls too. they keep calling too. I thought they sent a letter or something when stuff like that happens. They don't have my phone # and my social is not tied with it either. So, why call me?

I just received the exact same call from 207-263-1035. I have the Robo Killer app on my phone and it triggered their recorded message to continue and a person picked up. He eventually hung up, but I saved the recording.
I came here to find out how to report it and reached a very helpful person who took a full report from me. This is the number I used: Security Administration’s Fraud Hotline at 1-800-269-0271. I also followed up with a report to the FTC. The link is in the information above these comments.

So sick of all the scams...

Just got a call from 724-602-4635 stating the same thing. Said my number was suspected to be linked to illegal activity and they had an order to suspend it and my assets.

I just got exact call but from 800-772-1213 which is legit SSA # but obviously spoofed. I stayed on the line to speak to someone and they hung up.

Just had the same thing happen to me.

same here - the caller gave me his id, case # and said they have an arrest for me. Then he asked for my info and list of assets i have. when i refused to give him he disconnect,

I just received one today from the actual SSA number! The person, Paul Wilson, had a heavy accent and stated that my ss benefits would be suspended if I did not cooperate. I played along until he told me to drive to my bank and withdraw my money as the culprits may access it and that someone from the FBI would meet to talk to me, and other threats. I hung up and they kept blowing up my phone so I called the Fraud Hotline and made an official report. I think they have my ss# though...UnREAL!!

that is tragic the kind of greed that's out there. So glad you didn't give a name. I was also widowed this fall, and at 72, he died too young

You wrote: contact them directly at 1-800-772-121 to verify This is not a complete number.

We corrected the text: The SSA has a warning about these scams and suggests you contact them directly at 1-800-772-1213.

I refuse to call this number, it is the same number that keeps calling!!!!

M, that may be the number that keeps calling, but it is because someone is spoofing that number. What that means is that there is technology, where someone can call from a different number in a different area, and put in any number they want to, to make you think it is actually that number, in this case, the social security office, is calling. However, if you are getting scam calls, despite what your caller i.d. says the number is, it is not actually social security calling you, but a fraudster spoofing their number. However, spoofing does not work both ways. Therefore, you can, confidentally call that number back. That is the official social security number, and has been for decades. I have called it for decades. They will not call you; only in extremely rare cases. What you want to do do, is if you answer when that number calls, and it is a scam/fraudster, just hang up, and call the number (1-800-772-1213) back. You will not get the fraudster. You will get the actual social security office.

In the very VERY RARE situation that Social Security does call you about a problem with your payments, the caller will not ask you for any information, but tell you to report to the nearest Social Security office.
This happened to my mother several years ago. I took her to the local office and the problem was resolved in a few days.

I also received several Robo calls from a scammer but they were using the actual SS phone number we’re supposed to call. 1-800-772-1213. Hiya IDs it as the SS Administration. I’ve never seen that happen. It’s still clearly a scam. When I called the above number per other comments here, the recorded message asked me for my ss#. No way I’m going to give that out to anyone over the phone. Guess I’ll just keep blocking the number and ignoring the messages. And if they want to contact me, they can send me a letter!

I got a call from the same scammer and they also used the 1 800 772 1213 number. I called back and guy with a heavy accent started asking me for personal information. I said that he sounded fraudulent and the phone went dead in a heartbeat! How can they be using the real ss number?

Me too. They somehow cloned the irs number and yelled at me for money. Federal Marshals are on the way! I told them to come and get me!

I called 800-772-1213, mentioned fraud on voice response,
and the recording said to call back later, and disconnected!

I just received the call from the800 number as well. Scary that even the government isn’t same from scams since this is your number calling consumers

I just got calls from a Temple TX scammer
254-274-0414....anyone else?
Tried to report it to SSA fraud line, but, the fraud office is closed and to speak with anyone was a two hour wait…

Got a call from that same number on Nov. 12.
Tried calling S.S. waited 20 minutes on hold and then was told to call back. Have tried calling S.S. back and get the same response.

Same thing happened to me. I called the 1-800-772-1213 back, and when I asked to speak with “fraud,” Was disconnected.

I just had 2 calls today 11-2-18 about froud on my ss, the number was 903 224 6904, when I called the first thing they asked for was my ss#.


I was told no one is available at this time thanks

This is the response when I called in too!


They call me once a month at least threatening to issue a warrant for my arrest — unless of course I call them at this fake overseas number and arrange immediate payment.

Just got this morning stating there was a warrant for my arrest from SSI! Geez how stupid do these scammers think we are!

I just received a call/voicemail from 361-879-9711 that my ss#has been compromised and I need to contact them immediately. I googled numbers associated with the Social Security Admin. and, as I thought, it was a scam. I get so tired of these people thinking that I would actually give them my information.

I have received 2 calls today saying that my SS# was compromised and the last call said they were going to suspend my SS#.....never received these types of calls before

Same thing happened to me this morning. It infuriates me what lengths people will go to in order to attempt to steal other people's identities.


I got a call back as well but the number is 774-226-8317 the same number that is a missed call on my call log. I never heard of a person's SSN being suspended considering its your identity.

I received the exact same 2 messages today from the same phone number as well. I did not call back.

This is sick. The people saying this stuff is actually threatening us. They are pathetic!

My husband got a call from a Massachusetts number saying his SSN has been compromised and that it’s suspended. He wanted me to do some digging as he has never been scammed before. The IRS called me last week threatening to take me to jail for warrants so I know that was fake. I never heard of this scam though. Sad that people go to these lengths to con someone.

I received 2 calls today from a MD #. He asked for my phone #..... that they called and then stated my SS# has been compromised. I could barely hear what he was saying with the other people in the back ground coughing and talking. I told him I could barely hear him because of the loud talking in the background and he hung up.

I also received a call today from MD, they left a recorded message saying the my SS# was used for illegal activities and I needed to call them back ASAP. When I called the first thing they asked for was my SS# and I refused to give it to them I was told they could not help me and they hung up. And yes it was very noisy in the background.

I have received this call twice. I blocked the first number but they just used a different number. At the end she said, "If you do not contact us, then all I can do is wish you good luck as this situation unfolds." What professional would use a comment like that?!!

I got a call from a Michigan# last week, leaving a voicemail saying that the local police had warrants out for me, funny because some friends of mine work for the PD...SCAM...then today I got a call from a MD #, I answered, I was asked to give my SS# which I never give out unless I'm at a doctors office or something along those lines...the gentleman on the other line had a brittish accent and ended up hanging up on me...

was called from "SSI" about suspicious activity and they said they are going to suspend ssi account. hung up immediately, i know its fake. indian accent ... number they called from was 800 702 8765. just trying to help the next person out.

Just got the same SSI scam call from 408-844-4137 - San Jose, CA area.

I just got the same weird call voice message was a recorded computer sounding. Though it wasn't right. Googled as well. Also got IRS fake call to. Yo this girl ain't no dummy. Haha scammer

I just received a recorded call (via checking messages) from 888-759-4240, claiming to be the Department of Social Security Administration, saying I needed to call them so they could take legal enforcement action for criminal activities on my SSN that have occurred.


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