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That’s not your neighbor calling

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When your phone rings and it looks like a local call, you may be more likely to answer. Scammers count on this and can easily fake caller ID numbers. They even can match the first six digits of your own number, which is called “neighbor spoofing.” The urge to answer can be tough to resist, since you might worry it’s a neighbor who needs help, or the school nurse.

If you see a number like this on your caller ID, remember that it could be faked. Letting it go to voicemail is one option. If you do pick up and don’t recognize the caller — hang up.

But what else can you do? Call blocking services that block or flag unwanted calls can help. These services include mobile apps, features built into your mobile phone, cloud-based services, call-blocking devices, or services provided by your phone service carrier. Some are free and others cost money.

You also can register your number with the Do Not Call Registry. The Do Not Call Registry is designed to stop sales calls from legitimate companies, so it won’t stop calls from scammers. But it could make it easier for you to spot scam calls. If a company is ignoring the Registry, there’s a good chance it’s a scam.

You also can help by reporting unwanted calls. We take the phone numbers you report and release them to the public each business day. This helps phone carriers and other partners that are working on call blocking solutions. Your reports also help law enforcement identify the people behind illegal calls.


Can't anything be done about these calls 2, 3 or 4 a day? When I've answered they say something about back or knee brace. Sometime same number is used, but most of the time different number Some of the numbers: 425-365-0389 931-269-4728 865-0940-8009 931-455-2346 931-788-5125 '931-302-6150 731-461-1316 931-258-6532 615-933-2235

Just got a message with 18 other#s for what I feel is porn. Usually I can block from my phone but since this was a mass message, I guess I couldn't. They had a group of #s matching first 6 digits of my plus 10 #s in NC area code 336-470. But at the top of the message it had 424-571-3057, so I blocked it thru my online acct.

My VOIP provides me with an electronic phone book where I store annotated entries of those I know and wish to take call from. It also allows me to create rules about how it should treat incoming calls. I simply set up a rule that says: If the areacode + the exchange (the first 6 digits of the calling number) is equal to mine but the complete 10 digit calling number is not in my phone book then the call is disposed of as the rule outlines. My options I have for disposing of the call are many and varied. For example: I can send them directly to voicemail. I can have them type in a random digit (0-9) that is automatically generated if they wish to complete the call. I can give them a busy signal or I can route the call anywhere in the world I choose. My favorite is routing them to "Lenny the Bot" which is a piece of software that dialogues with them attempting to keep them on the line as long as possible. I had one go on for 38 minutes (which I can find out by looking at my call logs).

My phone does not ring and I would be unaware of any of these calls it if I didn't periodically look any my phone logs.

If an unwanted call does get through I just associate it with an existing rule or write a new one.

Examination of the logs tells me that I usually trap between 100-200 calls per month. Most of them now coming in from my area code exchange combination.

I am sick to my stomach I am so upset. My son was 29 years old when he dies unexpectedly while he was at work. He worked for the Federal Correctional agency. He died at work.
Today I got a call from a scammer and it was my son's name that came across the caller ID> SOmething has to be done to stop these scammers. If I knew where the person was that made the call I would have the police arrest him.

Do not call list is 100% worthless. Don’t even bother. Never answer ANY calls from numbers you do not know, people! Seriously!

The only way I found to block calls reliably on my land line was to use an old modem and laptop and list the numbers I want allowed through (my whitelist) and block everything else, phone rings modem detects the number and looks it up in a database if the number isn't there it hangs up. I tried using the call block on the phone but soon ran out and had to start over again.

I've been getting threatening voicemails from people who are being repeatedly called "from my number" and are going to "track me down personally." So not only do I get these calls, but my number is being used to make them. I reply with a text message telling people to block my number, but that doesn't always help. I've had my number for over 12 years, so I don't want to change it. This has to stop.

I have been getting these calls like three times a day as well, except unlike what I've been reading here in the comments, I actually DO get voice messages after I don't answer. I know these are indeed scams, because 1, I still love at home and don't have anything to do with what they are calling about, and 2, most messages/calls contain the first 6 digits of my own number.

Also, not only am I receiving both calls AND voice messages, I AM ALSO GETTING TEXT MESSAGES FROM THESE PEOPLE!

Yesterday, I got a group text message from TEN PEOPLE, in which 9/10 of them share my first 6 digits. (Also, this has happened twice in the past few days.) What do they send me, you ask? A random link. Did I click on this link? Of course not! Never open a link via text, sometimes even from people you already know. It may be spoofed if it's from someone you know, and most of the time it's going to be a virus.

(Sorry for the rambling), has anyone else gotten text messages and voice messages from scam callers?

I get about 5-10 calls a day and many show up with a long number beginning with a V. I do not answer them now, but when I had, no one replys. What is the reason for the call?

I get these neighbor spoofing calls on my landline and cell, what can be done? Can our carriers stop them!? What about our legislators? They are getting out of hand. I do occasionally report them to the FTC No Call Registry. Does that affect the person whose number is spoofed?

Pardon me while I vent... :)

I'm constantly asking myself why am I paying for a phone, any phone (home/cell), phone service, internet service when I can't even answer my phone, can't open an e-mail etc etcthat because of scams, annoying robo-calls, solicitors & then of course there's good chance of a what ever new & approved virus etc that not only ruins our electronics but makes us vulnerable to identify theft & because of that we have to pay for internet-VPN/wifi privacy, anti-virus oh & my favorite... Identity Protection; so who's scamming who exactly?!
I stopped using Facebook & all the others 6 yrs ago & even tried going back to paying bills by check only now Banks charge if you go to a branch instead of using one of their convenient ATM which scammers have access to & use a chip reader along with every card reader out there.
You do everything possible not to become a victim & what happens, major retail stores, Facebook, yahoo, google, incl state websites were all hacked & let's not forget the Major Credit Companies whose main responsibility is/was keeping our personal information safe and failed. Thanks to Yahoo, Home Depot, Target, Equifax, State of (..), they have all my information; none of which I myself gave them....
I appreciate the hard work FTC provides to keep us informed, I truly do but why aren't these companies being held accountable? After all, it's not as if I have a choice that credit & government agencies keep my information...

How hard it can be to let phone providers to show real phone numbers and caller IDs?

Clark Howard has a list of area codes that appear to be US, but are usually Carabean. They result in a high per minute charge on your phone bill.

If the company is spoofing the number, then how does it do any good to report the number. By definition it is fake. And that is the issue. It is identity theft, which is a crime and should be prosecuted. My number identifies me. I use it with the bank, doctor's offices, my kid's school, etc. When someone else uses it, my name is on the caller ID. The company has stolen my identity for the call. The FTC should be prosecuting as an accomplice any company that makes spoofing possible. There are companies that offer equipment for spoofing, companies that do the spoofing for other entities, and the phone companies may have a means to prevent it, but don't. All of them should be subject to prosecution. As for the phone companies, my landline originates from one provider. The providers could communicate (immediately electronically) to verify that the call came through the registered phone company for that number. If not, it is identified as spoofed and stopped. This may be harder with cell phones because they share cell towers. But to bill me, they have to recognize me. So it's likely simple after all. If it is me, let it go through. If someone not me is using my number, stop it. And if you don't stop it, the FTC should prosecute.

Yesterday I flat ran out of patience. After trying to take a nap and repeatedly getting calls from two separate scam numbers, I tried something new. I answered and set the phone down. Tied up their line for up to 90 minutes with the first caller, and over 30 minutes twice with the second. At least they weren't able to use that line to scam others! This may be the answer, if we all do it!

We received calls showing our own land line number. 6 times within 2 hours or so?

The last few days I’ve received calls with a 206 area code and a 279 prefix. These calls can’t be blocked. Today I have received 8 calls, 9849, 9828 twice, 9805, 9763 twice, 9825, & 9823. With the above area code and prefix!!!

Twice this week I was called from my own number. Last week it was my wife's and daughter's numbers. I got the email address for the state Rep here. I'm going to email him every time I get a call. Them I'm going to call his office. Maybe eventually they will get the point that it is harrasment. May they will eventually pass a law outlawing it.

My Dad got a call from a spam company. The number came up as his phone number using my deceased mom's name. It's kind of creepy, wrong, and should be stopped.

How does reporting the number help?! You’d be reporting a private number, not the telemarketer’s.

i am getting up to 12 calls a day from numbers that match my number but the last 4 numbers vary. they leave no message. if i pick up i get an automated" good bye". whats the deal...? whats the goal? if you leave no message and do not answer when i pick up...why bother? this is annoying and reporting 12 different numbers per day to the do not call registry is a chore. guess i have to endure this abuse.

So far today I have received 13 nuisance calls - some numbers as below:
001411 74149553; 01867 553998; 01272 367679; 01252 505926; 019487 26472; 01543 842666; 0014411 741495 and so it went on.
Eventually recorded message said my internet being disconnected!

How come it is so hard to reach the fraud line on the phone? My report is simple This phone number called me saying "Hi, I'm calling from the office of Social Security" While I know that SS does not call people, I wanted to see what they wanted- of course personal information to verify my identity there phone is
206 923 9395. Would somebody report this to the right person? Thanks


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