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Has an online love interest asked you for money?

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Looking to start a new relationship? For some, that may mean meeting a new love interest online. Word to the wise: sometimes it’s best to lead with your head and not your heart.

Millions of Americans use dating sites, social networking sites, and chat rooms to meet people. And many forge successful relationships. But scammers also use these sites to meet potential victims. They create fake profiles to build online relationships, and eventually convince people to send money in the name of love.

The Federal Trade Commission receives thousands of reports each year about romance scammers who create fake online relationships only to steal their victims’ money.

Unfortunately, an online love interest who asks for money is almost certainly a scam artist.

The FTC’s new infographic, developed with the American Bankers Association Foundation, lists common signs of online dating scams and what to do if someone you meet online asks you for money.

Below are some tips to identify a real romance versus a scammer cruising for a target.

Online Dating Scams. Has an online love interest asked you for money? That's a scam. Scammers know millions of people use online dating sites. They are there, too, hiding behind fake profiles. Signs of a scam: Professes love quickly. Claims to be from the U.S., but is overseas for business or military service. Asks for money, and lures you off the dating site. Claims to need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Plans to visit, but can’t because of an emergency. $220 million lost in 2016. $56 million lost in 2012. Reports to the FBI tripled over 5 years (4,476 reports in 2012; 14,546 reports in 2016) What to do: Slow down — and talk to someone you trust. Don’t let a scammer rush you. Never wire money, put money on a gift or cash reload card, or send cash to an online love interest. You won’t get it back. Contact your bank right away if you think you’ve sent money to a scammer. Report your experience to: • The online dating site • Federal Trade Commission: • Federal Bureau of Investigation: Learn more at and

Please share this information with others. Victims may be embarrassed to talk about their experiences, but you can help. A simple phone call, email or text, saying “Look what I just found” and sharing this information may make a difference in someone else’s life.

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I only wish for those of us that have fallen in the trap of helping out others that were not sincere with their hearts and intentions that we heal and be blessed profoundly with abundance of every good thing and may these people awaken from the dream of the senses!

I had an online dating guy I had not yet met ask me for emergency money for his business. I said "Sure, just send me a copy of your voided check and I will ACH the funds to you"...Of course he was not going to provide me HIS BANKING INFORMATION so that put an end to his pursuit of me when I refused to send funds any other way.

If I block this person on Facebook, posts won't be lost will they? Am going to report person...
Just thought posts are needed for investigation.

Adams Collins...anyone recognize that name. Instagram adams_ col

Scammers are very intimidating pieces of scum they use decent peoples hearts and minds to break us to give them what they want.Im in uk s yorks and ive had scammers from dubai, states they try it yes my 1st was a dubai guy using names kenneth johnson another aka edwin johnson father american mother uk i was on chat oasis were he coaxed me off onto another messaging site dont get me wrong he does seem genuine until he called me via whatsapp they think we are stupid single people who needs love i learnt a few things hangouts if u click on contacts etc it gives u their email address

All i do is get as many pics of the person via screen shot and note their email address down before they realise its on view Go to google or safari Search for reverse image search It doesnt always show if they have zoomed in ect so checked similar images Same with email address search for reverse email check 30mins isnt along time not when u spend hours wondering why me crushed heart rattled head.Im playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with kenneth johnson 8 weeks later ive been given bank info of 3 diff accounts UAE info im sponging every last info poss he cant hurt me hes a prat but while im keeping him chatting i know hes leaving others alone I hope this info helps u guys dont be a victim make them feel victims of mental abuse as thats what they are doing

Does Bruce sound familiar to anyone??? Has young son...wife died. He claims he lives in New York

Does Bruce sound familiar to anyone??? Has young son...wife died of cancer. He claims he lives in New York? He claims he is an engineer....He really had me fooled...

Engineer he lives in Harlem. He is right now on oil rig in Canada

The engineer I was talking to lives in McKinney Texas and has asked for 100 bucks in iTunes cards, big loans because his pump is down on his rig and the latest wanted my drivers license and copy of social security card. Which I did not do any of them. His name is George Kurt Wilson 55. Found him on Oh and he supposedly has a contract with ConocoPhillips . He is supposedly a contractor for them. Be ware!!!!

Hi Melkessler,
There is a man on a dating site in Miami with the name George Kurt Wilson & supposedly works for ConocoPhillips. We've just spoken on the phone & haven't met in person.
The picture on the dating site he used shows him with greyish hair, 6'2", big build thick neck, close-cropped hair. I know you posted your comment in 2018, but hoping that you can confirm if this is the same person. Thank you.

MelKessler - he just recently did the same to me. I found your post after the fact. He tried to get $90,000 from me for oil rig parts. I reported him to the FBI so he’s still out there doing it. Of course he says that you aren’t real and he didn’t do this. It was competitors who wrote your post. Lying piece of .

I was scammed! My scammer used the name Jeremy Linam.I was skeptical at first. Found him and Facebook and his story matched. Started a hangouts account. Said he was USAF. He sent pics, I was still skeptical. You can get anyone's pic from their profile. Then he sent two videos of himself and one with his kids. The videos convinced me. He said he was in Libya and had no family except for his kids. He wanted to send personal items to the states but needed help. I agreed and paid $4500.00. The box supposedly made it to the states. A diplomat from Fedex contacted me and said he had my box but he was held up at customs.. Paperwork was missing. Started with $500.00. I paid. Then another document was needed.. I paid half. Then I was contacted by FBI telling me diplomat would be arrested and box taken. The fee for the last document was $7500.00. At this point I blocked them. The name used for the agent was John Wood. The FBI name was Michael Richard. They showed me ID's. I'm out $7000.00. The soldier was very upset that his box was taken and insisted on me getting a loan. I did not. I'm broke now but it's over. Was a love scam and a box. I'd heard about money in a box but not personal items. Hope this helps someone.

Unfortunately your guy is still out there using the same name . Hopefully I will be able to help stop his reign on cyberspace .

Anyone heard Muyama from Uganda?

I fell for a man whos "friend" on introduced us....I took loans out for him, as he said he was working overseas and was having problems...I was stupid...but I wanted to believe there are good people out there........

Sad as it may seem I have one disguising themselves as a celebrity asking me about my bank account credit cards. He asked me for $7,000 and I did not send it now he's asking me about my credit card and I'm now waiting for his response when I asked him what is the interest he asked me for $7,000 and I did not send it now he's asking me about my credit card and I'm now waiting for his respond when I asked him what is the interest.

Anyone heard off Michael wood in Syria is a mayor son been in accident Ghana needs money as son so sick after accident have feeling scam ?

Like most who joined a dating site,I was hit also.
Received a message from another women about a friend who wants my email to talk, he just saw something in my eyes,he needed to talk. (I had a couple of messages saying the same thing) all from Australia.
He sent pictures, said the right things, texted and talked. Said he moved to New York when questioned his accent. Had a hard time understand him.
Wants you to cancel your account right away and he would help you with it.
Received his last contract before he retired. Had to make quick flight to South Africa to run a oil rig. I kept asking questions hoping for a slip up but he's good. Ask for different photos like a thumbs up on the plane and he sent one.
Wanted to Skype,but he couldn't because of his computer not working right. Needed $600 in ITunesto fix the computer, when I questioned him about cards, the response was i don't know how it works there. After being asked 2-3 times a day I sent $200 in $25.00 each, yelled at because i was to get 2-$100 cards.
During this time I spent more $ to do a search on him, again scames. Name, email, phone not found.
Today he asked me to call a contractor to finalize information to ship machinery. He was in such a bind, would pay back with interest! Called the number and the area code was Atlanta GA yet after he gave me the amount of 19k i asked for a address he said his secretary would give me the route number. He finally gave it to me with a N.Y. address, a home on Zillow no less. With that I called ftc. On one hand I'm glad I'm not the only person, but how can one find someone safe and not being scamed. Is there a web sites to check the information being given? What about the pictures used? How do you know your info is not given to someone else????

I have a friend who is currently being scammed by a guy “Phillip Peters”. Claims he’s on an oil rig in the Gulf of Guinea. Widower, has teenage son. Needs money to ship briefcase that has lots of money and all hs personal papers. Can'tget off the rig without it. This guy is smooth, It is impossible to convince these victims they are being scammed.

Hi there! Same here. Works in an oil rig. Wife died and has two boys. Actually, he sends me pictures of him and his boys. Asking for $5,000 now from me. Saying he has no access from his bank here in the US.

I met a girl in a online app her name is jelina kimberly , i fell inlove with her she said to me that she will claim the money but then she need to open a bank account worth 146 $ and she needs my help and also to sent her an itunes card... shes from michigan .. but im not yet sent her the money because im scared if shes a scam or just using me because of the money, then she said to me that when she claim the money she will visit me here in my country and she will pay me... i dont know what to do but i love her very much

I "met" a scammer on Words With Friends 2! He was/is using the name Frank Baker! He convinced me I needed to get an app called Viber so we could talk and text for free. Frank then proceeded to romance me and I fell in love (or at least I thought so).

At one point, he begged me to get $500 worth of iTunes cards and send him "pix" so that he could buy a laptop for his son (who is supposedly 14). I gave in even though I suspected it was a scam. He changed my mind by telling me how HE had been scammed and had his "Facebook account hacked"! I was stupid enough to get $500 in check-advance loans and bought said cards with CASH! Do you know that NO ONE can do anything about scams if you use cash?

I vowed then that if he ever asked for money again, I wouldn't give in. After he proposed, and I accepted, he wanted my banking info to "send money". I told him to use PayPal because alarms started going off in my head. Two days after that he came up with a sob story that I believed at first (again!). However, this time he needed $5,500!!! I "broke up" with him the next day despite him swearing to God that he wasn't doing a scam. Oh yeah; he is supposedly Catholic like me!

Now, I'm determined to report this to you and Facebook and as many other places as I can! If you know of anyone who can arrest him (on foreign soil OR if he comes "home"), please tell me.

My sister also met a "scammer" on Words With Friends 2. He's using the name Austin Luyu. A real charmer, that have swept her off her feet! Very romantic and convincing with promise of everlasting love and devotion. Classic scam/con artist - engineer on oil rig in Gulf of Mexico, wife deceased, grown daughter, Polish American, parents deceased, only child, has accent. So far he has asked for iTunes card in the amount of $100 or $50. She could only send $50. Since he has asked for a loan to pay some type of fee for a retirement contract which she can't afford to do. About $3000. I told her this was a scam and to beware. I showed her The FTC and she could hardly believe that she was about to become a victim. I don't know what she intend to do but she was very trusting of this man. He stole her heart!

has anyone been scammed after four months of consistent communication?

Some of these go on for yrs. they’ll definitely invest months if they think they can get money from u

It took less than two months for my aunt to send iTunes gift cards! These Nigerian scammers are good!

The first one goes by Lewis Roberts. Says he is from Edinburgh, United Kingdom and lives in Los Angeles. He says he is 59 years old. Widower with a 20 year old daughter. Wanted me to buy his daughter an iPhone 8 Plus. I told him that I wouldn't. He called me wicked and a bad person. Wanted me to send it to a person in Tennessee. The second one is Kirpal Sardar. Called Kendrick by friends. He says he is from Australia but lives in Dumas, Arkansas. He says that he is 55 years old. Very good looking man. He is in good shape. Says his wife was killed in a ghastly car wreck and he has an 11 year old daughter. He wanted me to send money to a person in New York to buy food for his daughter. I wouldn't do it. Beware of them. They contacted me on facebook.

had dealings with this one.

Daniel Hutchins approached me on Instagram. Developed a romantic relationship but never saw him. Said he's from Detroit but really lives in Rochester. Petroleum engineer. Won contract in Turkey. First he couldn't access his account and asked to get into his account to send money. Then asked for money and promised to visit me. Promised marriage. When he was supposed to visit but got a kidnapping text. His phone number is 3136815683.

glad i found this site

Does anybody know that the man that's going by Kelvin Teddy he says he's in the UK on a oil rig got a little girl wife died

If not same guy same scam as guy my cousin met last mo. Except daughter was in college and a girl actually called her and talked to her...

I met Paul Edward on Gay Matches and we could not meet personally because he was off to Syria for the Canadian government. After 10 weeks of emails back and forth , he was due to come home mid March. He was orphaned in Greece and raised by a Priest who brought him to Canada at age 15.He bought crude oil in Syria Through Lotus Corp and needed money sent to a Credit Union Bank in Scotland to open an account so we could live out the rest of our lives together at my Home in the country,off the proceeds of the sale of the crude . Of course I was scammed when i deposited cash into a BMO acct Christina Fraser BEWARE of PAUL EDWARD(s) He is still very active.

Has anyone heard of scams where they actually send u a phone and check?? Then want u to go buy a $200 prepaid visa from your bank so they can give u money?? This guy claims he wants to Marry her.., gonna buy he $2 mil house fly her to nyc, fly me 1st class to visit. Pay to get her better divorce lawyer and rest of divorce... she fell for the oil rig guy last month.. he’s now French and has a daughter instead of a son.. I just don’t trust this whole thing if the guys a millionaire he doesn’t need her to go buy $200 prepaid card so he can give her money!! Her elderly father is @ bank right now getting her the money!! He’s gonna wore it to her! So why wouldn’t rich guy wire her the money? ? It’s pathetic bad enough w/ they scam someone w/ Money! Their going after someone w/ o money!

Has anyone heard of a guy named "Iciis Lukas"? This is happening to me now! My poor husband! I've been putting him through complete hell because I thought it was sincere. All the warning signs are there. How can I find out for sure?

Has anyone been scammed by a Michael Connor Albertus?
I can not find him on any guaranteed site of people finder. He found me on FaceBook. He said he is a Freelance contractor. He is now in the UK, supposedly, with a contract. he claims, that Turkey government, will not let his order go through without a lot of money. We broke up, and he contacted me again, now he wants me to open a checking account, get a debit card so his Lawyer, can add money to it, then I can send it to him via Western Union. He has a Daughter who is 26 yrs old and he can't ask her, as she has some things in life to sort out, and he wants to respect her, privacy. He swears, he loves me so much and does not want to hear about scammers, as he has other things on is mind. My heart tells me, maybe he really can't get his money wired to him. My gut tells me, to run. You see, he has supposedly a company in Dallas Texas, so I don't understand why they can wire him money. I googled him, and his name on FaceBook does not exist anywhere.Just wondering, if anyone else, knows of him?

Some scammers use people to help them transfer stolen money. They meet people online, create a relationship, and ask their new sweetheart to use their bank account or open a new account. Then the scammer asks you to receive and transfer money.

If you do this for a scammer, your name is on the bank account and on the money transfer forms. If you get involved with one of these schemes, you could lose money and personal information, and you could get into legal trouble.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jeffrey Matic on a dating site. Nice looking, plenty of pics and was able to sweep me off my internet feet with his smooth accent. He said he was cuban. He said his job was very dangerous (he trades gold from foreign countries) and it may be best if I didn't mention to anyone about his profession. He talked me into getting the call/msg app called Viber so we could msg while he was at work.
After a week of txting we started calling. Within a week he was professing his love for me while asking about my 401k and actually said he was looking to move close to me.
Fast forward two weeks...he had to fly to France and called, stating his friend, "Fredrick" needed a $50 Amazon gift card to purchase a book for college. I knew he was building up to asking for money, but my heart didn't want to hear it.
Ladies, please be careful if you are on dating sites!

Thomas Mueller, has anyone heard of this scanner.

No telling where they get the names from. Be careful!

My mom is currently being scammed by a guy named larry mueller.

I have a Larry Mueller chasing me now. He was credible at first. German American gold broker, says he lives in Florida. Finally asked me for money after a couple of months of talking and texting. Done and done after a friend found a photoshopped image search from 2017 that he said was taken last week.

well just reading from this site after 2 1/2 years ofbeing scammer by a consumant scammer.
Ghana Gold scam and yes he got all of my savings and now i will lose my home.Also he took down my health by constantly pressing me to keep sending money and I lost over $170K . He found me on OKCupid.l It seems all men on any dating site are nothing but scammers. Even on same thing. This person goes by Bill Robberts . So beware. If you cant voice them or meet them, they are a scammer period

I am older and still getting them have one right now He is using name Beck Collins and using all of the above comments to get money sent as of today I was scammed in 2004 for a lot of money I did not know there was such a thing as scammers...I got no help from FBI we as women and men have to stop them they are all over the country.......Follow all the information shared by people trying to help stop this ...Donot believe documents sent as evidence of proof those things are also scammed ...I know from experience..Keep your head cool at all times

Iciis Lukas is a fraud. He found me on messenger then told me to talk with him on Hangouts. He talked as if he was a real man of God yet he got over $13,000 that I had saved up for retirement. Women do not trust this man!

David campbell is 35 claims to be on an oil rig on the Black Sea. Confessed his love for me and is always asking how I feel about him him sorry but I don’t know you and I don’t know how many times one must say that they are not able to confess ones love just by having a few useless conversations. He claims to be from New Jersey city lost a previous girlfriend in a fire were dating for 5 years. Nationality to be Hawaiian and Spanish descend both parent no longer living and has no siblings. Claims father to be in the navy and was killed by his best friend when he was 7 yrs old Mother died of depression when he was 27. David first approached me on Instagram then whatsup app. He asked for a 100 iTunes card so that he could update his phone and banking app. He asked if I trusted him I said yes he hasn’t given me a reason not to but then he was pushy about needing the card so I suggested him asking someone from his rig to assist him. I then just blocked him from everything bc it’s obviously a scam. Someone to look so handsome and to be available there’s just no way.

I met a man on POF and fell for his lies even after all the doubts I had because he said he wanted to come take care of me and love me and wife me up. After a few weeks of talking he informed me that he had to go to Africa for a project his bosses wanted him to work on and while he was there could I use my credit card to make some purchases for his side job bc since he was overseas his cards weren’t working. He told me he would pay the cards back always but he needed my online info to be able to sign in and attach his accounts to be able to pay when needed. I waffled back and forth over this and argued that it was a huge trust issue and his response was basically, baby I love you please trust me in this this will take our relationship to the next I did. Well, he paid th card off and that cemented my trust in him and he always did everything he said he would and my belief in him that he was who he said he was completely over shadowed any doubt...well about a month went by of making purchases and shipping them to his address of phones and PlayStations, his payments started getting returned and it was then that I truly realized I had been scammed. I’m now $18,500 in credit card debt, the banks shut down my accounts and I could lose my job. I’ve been scared to death that I’ve done something, but I truly trusted in him. I filed a report already online through the fbi website and have put an initial security alert on my credit. Lost all contact with him, too. I’m so upset by this and scared And feel incredibly stupid. Looking back all the signs were there but I so believed that he was who he said he was...

A guy named Harrison Harmony friend request me on FB. Startedchatting on Messenger. I did reverse image check. No picture or name found anywhere! Yes did try to go google. Yes asked for itune card, but did not pursue it. Calls using. Messenger. Speaks english very well. Pulled the old working out ofcountry. This has been going on for 2 months. He is so in love. Posts pics. I live in SC he in CA. Suppose to be in Turkey as contractor. Has not given me a telephone # or address. So told him if he was in Cali he can call me for free with cell phone. He lamely says with him overseas so much he really doesn’t keep a local phone only work phone.

Does Anthony James sound familiar? I want with all my heart to think he is not a scammer but I am afraid he might be.

If your gut tells you he’s a scammer, trust your gut.


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