Has an online love interest asked you for money?

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Looking to start a new relationship? For some, that may mean meeting a new love interest online. Word to the wise: sometimes it’s best to lead with your head and not your heart.

Millions of Americans use dating sites, social networking sites, and chat rooms to meet people. And many forge successful relationships. But scammers also use these sites to meet potential victims. They create fake profiles to build online relationships, and eventually convince people to send money in the name of love.

The Federal Trade Commission receives thousands of reports each year about romance scammers who create fake online relationships only to steal their victims’ money.

Unfortunately, an online love interest who asks for money is almost certainly a scam artist.

The FTC’s new infographic, developed with the American Bankers Association Foundation, lists common signs of online dating scams and what to do if someone you meet online asks you for money.

Below are some tips to identify a real romance versus a scammer cruising for a target.

Online Dating Scams. Has an online love interest asked you for money? That's a scam. Scammers know millions of people use online dating sites. They are there, too, hiding behind fake profiles. Signs of a scam: Professes love quickly. Claims to be from the U.S., but is overseas for business or military service. Asks for money, and lures you off the dating site. Claims to need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Plans to visit, but can’t because of an emergency. $220 million lost in 2016. $56 million lost in 2012. Reports to the FBI tripled over 5 years (4,476 reports in 2012; 14,546 reports in 2016) What to do: Slow down — and talk to someone you trust. Don’t let a scammer rush you. Never wire money, put money on a gift or cash reload card, or send cash to an online love interest. You won’t get it back. Contact your bank right away if you think you’ve sent money to a scammer. Report your experience to: • The online dating site • Federal Trade Commission: ftc.gov/complaint • Federal Bureau of Investigation: ic3.gov. Learn more at ftc.gov/imposters and aba.com/engagement

Please share this information with others. Victims may be embarrassed to talk about their experiences, but you can help. A simple phone call, email or text, saying “Look what I just found” and sharing this information may make a difference in someone else’s life.

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Contacted by ALAN GATLIN on Words for Friends 2.
Chatted for only a couple of weeks. But claims to want relationship etc. etc. Dead wife, 22 year old daughter. Working in Houston Texas Geologist but claims to normally reside in London. Claims to be a Christian. Needs iTunes cards . I have not sent.

Has anyone come across any dealings with George Walker he was sent to Malaysia on a work contract.... his wallet was stolen out of his unlocked car , his boss will not help him get home and needs 4000 dollars for a passport which was stolen and air fare?!

Sounds very much like one called Peter Eiswerth on Facebook... Malaysia, stolen Passport & credit cards, no money not even for hotel, no friends, business partners will not step in.

My sister in law met some guy from Kenya on Facebook few month ago. She is being chatting with him and skyping.He Didn't ask for money or so she says. But she wants to go there .We are very worrying about her been scammed.

Did anyone get scammed by a guy named Albert Graham?

Has anyone been scammed by Jerry Jones or Davis Luke


I have met this guy using the app Coffee meets Bagels. His name was Ivan Petrova, he told me that he lives in LA, but suddenly he got transferred for work to Belgium for a couple of months. He seemed to be a gorgeous guy with manners and great conversations. We were talking for a while then he told me he felt in love with me and I was the woman that he was waiting for, he mentioned he was Christian and talked too much about the fact God brought me to his live, called me his "Queen" his "World." Well these scammers say what you want to hear so be careful....Then suddenly he had issues with his connection and he took forever to respond using another app Hangouts. He requested some help, he said that he didn't had his password for using his account on iTunes...He asked if I can send him a card. When I denied it.. he apparently got offended lol he gave me a number that in my research was not from Ca. Instead it was from Atlanta. Once he tried to contact me by the phone, it was a kind of tricky since he had a weird accent. So ladies be careful these scammers try to take advantage of your needs of companion or love... a decent man never will ask you for money. Good luck.

Exactly. Similar experience recently. 40s, divorced, attractive, business owner, Catholic, lived in St Louis supposedly but number he called from was landline in Minneapolis. Only spoke on phone once and connection was lost. Couldn't figure out accent. Said he was born in US but raised in France. Dad was was American and died and all his family were in France. He said he a house in St. Louis and wanted to find someone after being single for four years. Pictures he sent me were good looking white male in casual sweatshirts and sometimes glasses so at first seemed legit. Sitting in a car or semi tired looking on his sofa. Talked thru Hangouts as well. Professed love and loyalty quickly which I was skeptical about and told him, but he said romantic things and had talked about previous heart break in his marriage and that God helped him find me. Finally there were discrepancies in his convos, and some pics looked to be taken in Europe that he said were taken same day. He finally he sent one that he looked like a fitness model and the kitchen appliances in background looked foreign. Recently he had business contracts worth a lot of money and asked for iTunes card which I questioned him on as I couldn't understand why he himself couldn't purchase it himself and for his own business. Then he mentions 15 yr old daughter he had custody of but she was in boarding school most the year. I decided to get him checked out and his photo images came up as someone else. I looked up the real person and confirmed pics were of someone else. The real person had so many photos on Instagram-super fit, attractive, stylish, AND a tv personality and gay activist in Portugal! Imposter picked casual pics to represent himself including ones with family to create a convincing profile. Wasted 2 months but I didn't give him anything but time and he didn't get anything from me so I kind of wasted his efforts as well. Ha, but still...

Just got contacted yesterday on OurTime. Profile name is FunRadioGuy16. Age 62 in Des Plaines, IL. Asked for me cell number and email. I gave an email I only use for dating sites. So far his wife died of cancer 4 years ago after 32 years of marriage. One daughter studying abroad for medical school. This guy claims to be CEO of a construction company. His name is Douglas Hale. His Gmail address is douglashalejewels @gmail. com. I sent him an email asking about 20 questions. I probably won't hear back from him, but thought I'd share because he's active on OurTime. He has a FB page with photo that matches OurTime. Has very little info. Has Karen Hale pending ad his daughter. I'm sure this is all fake. He's a scammer who is active now. Attractive photo of a balding gray haired man with attractive goatee and glasses. The second photo on OurTime is not of the same person. Beware of Douglas Hale. Also, cannot find someone with this name and age on TruthFinder.

I met this man on Match.com (Henry Hoffman) and had so much in common. (lost wife to cancer and son in auto accident. ? ? ) Daughter studying in Ireland. Told him I was from Ireland, he claimed he grew up the next town over. He does have an accent, not sure it is Irish. ) Have communicated for about 6 weeks. Professed his love for me and I checked out that he did live here in US where he said he did. However, Henry Hoffman is a popular name. He sounded like a good person to continue this relationship. His emails are so eloquently written. Have not met him, as soon after we started communicating he got a contract (construction) remolding a hospital in Nicosia, Cyprus. So off he went. He sent me a copy of the contract. But who knows , that might be a scam Calls frequently and says it is cold and rainy. A couple of days ago he asked me for a care package. Protein/power bars Cliff, Luna and Lara bars and men cologne Told me the size (lg) and said I could get at Nordstrom's. Cost of the two bottles would be $500. In addition , he asked me for clothes . From underwear to sweatshirts, pants and a jacket. REALLY ! He makes more money than I , why can't he go into town and shop for himself. Get the feeling this man may be a native of Nicosia with no money. He did send me a picture and it does match the one on a business site. Just wondering if he has stolen the real Henry Hoffman's info. So no care pack from me and hope he gets the hint, but hope he is not the person I would love to have relationship with. Live and Learn Has anyone had any contact with this man??

I have been dating with a woman. She is from South Africa. She wants to marry me not matter what. She wants to meet me but I she wants I transfer money to her back account for the ticket $700. I suspected and asked her for passport copy. She emailed me and it matches here name and photos.
But I am still confused. She also emailed me the bank details.

Please advise. Thanks.

What is her name? Does she claim to be a British nurse working for UNICEF UK and the UN deployed near or in Pretoria, South Africa? I am communicating with a person there in a similar situation.

I have a guy right now saying he is a part of the U.S. Military, in Syria right now. We have been messaging back and forth for about 5 days and all of a sudden he has asked me for an Itunes card so he can have internet to keep talking with me. He has even called me and talked to me on one of these apps. As soon as he asked me for a card, i got suspicious and have been ignoring him. I feel sad because he really seems to like me. How can i tell if it is a scam

Almost a 100% match of a story my sister told me a few weeks ago she’s been talking with him for some time now not sure if she’s been sending him iTunes cards or not but nothing he says to her makes a lot of sense what’s the individuals name

Please help me make sense of this. I've been talking with a guy that went to Cyprus and lost his credit card. Now he has a friend that is wanting to send me a check to cash for him and then send him the money so he can get back home. I know this has to be some sort of scam but how does it work? If somebody sends me a check how does this actually scam me?

Sometimes scammers send fake checks to people. They ask them to cash or deposit the check, and then quickly send money to another person. If you cash or deposit a check, and take money out right away, you could lose money.

That's because it can take days for the bank to find out a check is fake. If you take money out right away, and then the bank finds the check was fake,  you must repay the bank all the money you sent.

Has anyone been scammed by a man named Adam Hayden? He says he's a sergeant with the US Army in Afghanistan. He fell in love with me really quick wanted me to send him $350 for him to get a cell phone so he could communicate with me. He said the cell phone had to be purchased through the military and I should send the money through Western Union to his CO and they would get him the phone. I'm pretty sure he is trying to scam me because I see where there are a lot of scams that fake military personnel are asking people to purchase telephones for them when they don't actually need it. They can use Skype and cell signal is horrible there. I just wanted to let someone know that he is a scam. He was talking to me on OkCupid and after he messaged me I went back to look at his profile and it was already gone.

I have this situation going on now...my online love interest who calls himself John Connor, was supposedly deployed to S. Korea, and is needing iTunes cards as well. When I convinced him I have no $$, he later fabricated a story that his deceased fathers property was about to be confiscated by the African govt for back taxes...he now wants his colleagues to send me their donations, which I will need to pick up at Walmart or Western Union and forward to Africa for the caretaker of the property to pay the back taxes. Hmmmm...I'm so naive, but glad I checked this site before doling out cash.

Does anyone talk to a guy of the name teddrick stuck working on a cargo ship since been sailing had all sorts of problems but claims to have much money at home

I have been contacted by someone, lost his whole family (the whole family no one but him left in the world), cant call because of his job, writes the most fantastic emails makes for good Mills and Boons, and I am already his "wife" after 2 weeks. I have put his photo into google for face or place recognition and he has not mentioned any of the places in his emails, although he seems to travel a lot. Not asked for any money yet though but it´s coming up to that time. I know what he´s up to and I´m playing along because I am trying to find out if there is anyway I can report him or get something on him to go to the authorities for when he does strike

Does anyone know the name Lance ealy adelmar or Lancelot adelmar this man used message in Facebook to meet me tells me he loves me and wants to marry me fast in only 1 week he has 2 girls and lives in Florida doesn't want a cheater cause he has been broken hearted and looking for his special one I've been talking to him for about 1 month and he has asked for a amazon card I told him no then he asked me to transfer money and had a friend wire me 1000 to Walmart for me to send it to Dubai for business I didn't send it make up a lie so I couldn't send but continued to play along now he is asking for me to take out a loan for him cause after he finishes his business we are to be together and be married ...I'll admit I fell for his looks he sent alot of pics even nudr one he is gorgeous but I know he is not real now just curious if anyone else heard of him

Has anybody come across a man name Michael Rodriguez he says hes from Turkey but hes in the US for work. He has a son in the UK at school and hes always asking to transfer money into my account. Has anybody else had this Same man do this to them?

Can someone tell me if they're talking to a guy named Michael Rodriguez from Turkey, he has a son in the UK at a private school. But he claims that hes actually in the US for his work in Utah. He is now can best his love for me after only talking for like 3 weeks and now all use doing is asking me for money over and over again he wants to transfer money from his online banking account to my account here in the States. Please somebody let me know if they've encountered the same person great looking guy always sweet. But coming from Turkey and he has the name Michael Rodriguez Kind of suspicious. Someone please help.

Has anyone come across a British nurse named Ann Sims deployed with UNICEF and working with the UN in or near Pretoria, South Africa?

Hi, I've been texting and emailing with a man from the states for over two months, and states he is widowed with child, lives in states, grew up in UK, educated in Poland ....
First asked me for iTunes or Amazon card, the cell phone and now thousands dollars to help him out of trouble in Dubai where he is working... So he can come home to me. We have yet to meet. I believe he could be a scammer and struggle with letting of the possibility that this could be real.
I don't want to leave anyone in danger and also want to protect myself. Anyone heard of Moises Montoya?

Start talking to LA on words for friends then went to hangout first his name on wars for friends was Austine Bobby Wallace then on Austine Williams. And on aRig on the Ocean working on a machine. I knew it was fake and I would call him out all the time but he kept pursuing it and he reviews and pictures of a guy that I knew was not him say and he was from Italy trust me not an Italian accent ! Then just ask me for Amazon Gift cards. He to told me how much she loved me and was going to marry me even though I never said that in return and Would laugh after ignoring him he was still sending me stuff so I had to block him. I wish we could post the pictures. I feel bad for the pictures that they stored from somebody else and are using .

Here's the latest one. On OurTime, named Martin. Recently move from San Francisco to Miami. Is an independent gold miner. Runs the whole operation. Has bid on a new contract. When he gets it he'll be in Peru for five weeks. Then he is going to come home and retire. Of course he's sure that he and I will be together. One photo. Nice looking gray haired guy with glasses. Says his parents were Norwegian. Wife died of cancer I think. He has a daughter studying medicine abroad. It's classic scammer. I wish I could post his messages here because the grammar is so swful. English is definitely not the first language. Beware of this dude. I am now sniffing out about two or three of these scammers a week and reporting them to OurTime. I can't believe how many of these criminals are trolling the dating sites. Beware people and don't be foolish!

I was talking to this guy named Richard Kelvin on BLK dating app. He told me he was German/American, and a Contractor Engineer who lived in Philadelphia, PA. He suggested that we move from the dating site and converse through WHATSAPP. He also told me the same story about his wife cheating on him, and that he’s a single dad now. He even professed his love for me the first week we started chatting. I did purchase a $25 ITUNES gift card for his daughter (stupid of me). A week later, he tells me that the contract he applied for 3 years ago just got approved—in West Africa. We he gets to West Africa he tells me that he forgot to bring his card with him and asks me for an $100 Amazon gift card. I purchased it. Then he tells me that he’s coming home for a short stay and wants to meet my family for Thanksgiving. Then an emergency happens- he calls me and tells me that his son passed out in school and that he was rushed to the hospital. He needs $500 . I told him that I didn’t have it and he got extremely upset but I didn’t care by that time. I knew he was scamming me. Later he called me back and asked if I could put him on my cellphone plan and I said NO. I blocked him immediately!!!

Recently I was scanned by 3 different men at the same time. 2 worked on an off shore drilling. Same story...widower for 4 yrs., both had a daughter. One continued to ask for iTunes cards for $200.00, wanted me to pay his phone. The other one also had insisted I buy a gift card for his daughter. The 3rd one was priceless. He wanted iTunes card that were hot purchased on line (they resell then). This one said he wa a dermatologist working for doctors with out borders. He also wanted money to pay for his flight back. There is a lot more to this but I am rushing out of space. Ladies just please stay away from these guys.

Dear questionable I think I met you guy using the name Anthony maxwell and he is a dermatologist working for doctors with out borders in Syria. Don't send this one any money.

I just started talking to Christopher Jackson coming up on 2 weeks. Born in the US, moved to London when he was a baby, mom left him and his dad when he was 5 years old. His dad passed away. Joined the Marines 8 years ago, currently in Pakistan on a Peace Keeping Mission. Got drunk last night and his gun was stolen. The thieves are asking for iTunes gift cards. He only gets paid a stipend and does not have the money. We started talking on Instagram and then he wanted to switch to Google Hangouts site. Has been telling me he loves me since the second day of talking.

I met a gut on spiritual singles. He professed love for me. told me he had to go visit his sick mother in Italy. While there he said could I help him get access to his money in the United States? I said NO. I looked up romance scams on FBI and sent him a copy. He stopped writing.

PS, can you upload photos to this site?

PS, can you upload photos to this site?

Hi Group,
My one is on the brink of asking and it´s only taken about 30 emails! He calls himself Louis and/or Luis, he is confused about the spelling of his name, email Louiselvis. 01@ hotmail. com. I know I cant do anything until the sting occurs, however I would like to know if there is anything I can do to report it before anyone does get hurt or caught out. I went in with my eyes open and ready for it but some people are not so luck, by the way he is on Tinder (Spain) I would really like to know how best to catch this so and so before his ship gets invaded by "piratas" within the next couple of days lol His last message to me this morning!

"I just want to inform you that right now on the ship. I am in a state of confusion praying for God to help us here. Our ship has developed a major fault here in the Indian Ocean and now we are moving at a very slow pace and our ship has been propelled by waves due to a rigid propeller. The information we are getting from the signal house is that there are marine pirates from Somalia who are blocking the sea. They are about 412 km away from us and the closest place to anchor this boat is the island of Port Klang somewhere along the Indian Ocean coast in southern Malaysia to dock for safety. From our location, it will take another 8 hours to reach the island. The captain of the ship has announced that all passengers must unload their goods for another means of transport, since the SHIP will bend until it is safe to continue sailing. Actually, I have my own valuables on this ship, like my watches and gold necklace, the DEED contract documents that I have with a Mexican company, my palm oil business capital. I want to buy enough because I want to concentrate only on the palm oil business and I never wanted to sail again. I want to be on earth to enjoy my new home with you. I'm very afraid of losing all this to the dengerous pirates." Maldita sea!!!

OK - so I just met this guy 3 weeks ago on e-harmony, very smooth talker, and we have been texting everyday and same story he tells me I am his only friend and he is falling in love with me. His wife died 3 years ago and he has a daughter in school in Germany. He says he was born in Germany but now lives in US. We have never met only text everyday and spoke to him one time. So he tells me he has to take a business trip to South Africa to the diamond mines. He claims he is a gemologist and was hired to go and certify diamonds. So he (if he really is) has been in Africa for a week now and he is telling me they will not let him leave until he pays an overstay fee of $10,000, e-mails me an official looking document, he said he has some money and only needs me to send him $4,500. I said to him don't you have a credit card, and he tells me that he did not bring one because the diamond mines and that area do not accept them. I say to him, your a grown man who told me you had to transfer 3 million dollars to the diamond mines before you went there and you don't bring a credit card. I told him to go to the bank there and get money, if you had 3 million dollars last week I am sure you have more money somewhere. Needless to say I am not sending him a dime. This is all happening right now, so I am going to tell him that I can not get the money and I will see what he says. I am just glad that I did not give him my last name. This is just crazy and I am going to notify e-harmony .

I have been chatting with a guy who I met on Zoosk told me he loved me after the first week !
He then said he has to work in Madagascar whilst there he said he couldn’t get internet connection and could I log into his bank account and screenshot the balance .....balance was big !
Following day he asked me to send hom 900 pounds as he couldn’t get access to his online account he said he would pay me back double ,
I think he is a scammer he also phoned me but his voice didn’t match his picture he was using the name Derrick Moore .

I had the same thing happen to me. The guy said hey to me on Instagram. His name was George Anderson. His email address was georgeanderson474@ gmail. com. we started talking then he invited me to hangouts. He deleted his Instagram account and told me he didn't need it anymore because I was the one he had finally been waiting for. He also said he lost his wife during there third child birth. He went on to even send me photos even though they were not of recent photos I believe them to be of him until I finally printed them all off and realized they were of different time periods. I also realized that the last pic was probably the recent pic of himself. he told me he was 49 years old in which after I told him I was 48. Needless to say when he sent the last pic of himself he did not realize he had a shirt on saying 60 is the new sexy. REALLY!! How was this not a dead give away something is not right. It is true right away not long after being off Instagram that he started to tell me how comfortable he felt talking to me and that eventually he was in love with me. Even showed me pics of his little girls which is probably grown now. Needless to say the time came he said he was living in NY but had to go to KENYA for business. Shortly after arriving there, the problem was with money He needed $7,950.90 to obtain a document from his dad's legacy. NEEDLESS to say after a lot of other things that went on he did not get my money and once he did not get the money I saw another side of him that no women wants to meet. He had such a narcissistic behavior. We ended up having bad words between us and ended the conversation by me blocking him on hangouts and deleting the app all together. Ladies beware No man should ask you for money over the internet, these men are disgusting and preying on women hearts minds and souls. They are such losers they ought to be put in prison and throw away the key. He would not like it one bit if a man did this to his daughters. Good luck ladies I will try and post a pic for you to see this scum bucket that I actually fell for cause he was such a charmer I will not lie, but thank God I realize it before it was too late.

I kept getting follow requests from good looking guys. We would chat. Nothing sexual or out of the way. All 3 were in the military. All 3 parents died, no other family, has a kid. Then they start calling me baby, sweetie, etc. I noticed they would end their sentences with "ok" all the time. Who talks like that lol. I figured they were scammers so I played along for 3 days. They professed their love for me lol. All wanted 50 dollar iTunes card. I got a pic of a fake card online. And sent it. I hope they all still loved me after I blocked them lol.

Coincidentally at the time we started texting I received 2 calls from Nigeria. I suppose that was to test if my phone number was valid.

Lastly, watch out for social engineering. These scammers are extracting all sorts of information about friends and family. Identity theft comes to mind NOW. 20/20 hindsight.

I have had the most fun stringing this idiot along, "it" (who can say if it is male or female) must be new to the game. The name is spelt differently depending on if it´s an email or skype (Louis or Luis). His ship was just about to be invaded by pirats however he managed to get to dry land. I said to him, dont worry honey I will come and get you, I have enough money to buy you a ticket out of there. However he doesnt want the money and tells me if this packet has his whole world in it, if it is lost, he will die. I tell him, nothing is more important that life, get on the plane, if he still has his passport to send the number and I will get the Home Office to issue him with travel documents. I get another message not even acknowleding that but telling me now it is so urgent to get the papes out (I still do not know where he is by the way, just that he is a Mercant Seaman). I told him that my friend is married to a police office and I will speak to him to get advice. Still he is undeterred. So eventually I had to send him my full name and address (an address in Marrakech with a traditional female Moroccan name!), I thought if you cant beat them, join them!) and told him that I couldnt send my phone number as my phone had been cut off. WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE LIKE, he´s not even clocked that he has been "scammed". Anyhoo, beware of the name LOUIS or LUIS ELVIS. He has several, albeit new, Facebook accounts. BTW his story is that he is at sea, he was born in Canada but one of his parents were Spanish and his wife and children were killed in a car accident so he returned to Spain and went to work at sea because he was so devastated

Has anyone been scammed by a Jerry Jones or a Davis Luke.Beware they are scammers

So weeks ago I got a message request on Facebook from a woman named Cynthia Thomas when I looked at the message request it said it was from out of Nigeria. I get these all the time so I don't stress it. First thing she does is talks about looking for love and all this other garbage. A few days later she tells me that she is in Pocatello Idaho however she can't spell Pocatello so instead of a saying Pocatello she writes post a Tello so I figured okay I'll ask her some questions about Pocatello and see how many she answers sad thing was she couldn't answer any. That was strike 1. The next day she messages me on Facebook again and asks me to send her money or just buy a bunch of iTunes cards and give her the code number on the back. I told her you're a scam artist and you actually think I'm going to buy you anything dream on cuz it's not going to happen. Anyway blocked her and never heard from her again. Scam artists think that us Americans are all stupid well we're not

So has anyone heard of ronnie hatcher in air force havana cuba? Widow with 2 kids. I feel so dumb .. bought him an itunes gift card. Good looking sweet talker.. can't believe I fell for this crap ugg.

Anyone heard of Ron Dave Peter on Hangouts? Architect.. wife died?

Met a man online, goes by Michael Caraway, lives in PA, works offshore in gulf of Mexico, has 16yr old daughter, asked for itunes cards, now asking for money to bail him out of offshore drilling accident, Needs money to pay for shipping of new machines. Sound familiar?

Well, I got scammed too. Only after reading what others were scammed for, I feel somewhat better. He only got me for $160 in Amazon and ITunes cards. How do they find us? I am not on any chat rooms, social media other than my own Facebook. Did the same thing with I am Thomas King by name. Let that "by name" thing give you clue. After a week wanted to switch to Whatsapp. Then I blocked him. I did have some fun conversations so I unblocked him and started chatting again and refused anymore cards. Then, what do you know, his birthday is coming. What was I giving him for his birthday he would ask? Clue again, grammar is awful with these scammers. The only thing I wish is that the guy whose picture he used would find him. LOL One in a military uniform and two others in civilian clothes.

I met a military man online & he says he is stationed inSyria. He has an adopted son in Africa, because the child's parents died. His wife died in an accident and he proceeded his massive love to me. He had me married & the mother of his adopted son in 3 days. He was going to leave the military and come back to marry me. I told him to not wut his job over me. He first wanted $145 to pay for his sons medical card. I refuse & told him I did not believe in doing that with an online relationship. He put me in hangout to talk. He sent me beautiful love notes professing his undying love. When I refused to send him money, he asked for itunes card. I knew he was probably a scammer, but was curious abouthim, so I sent him a small one. He said he was running out of data & couldnt get hold of the diplomat to have him bring it to where he is stationed. When I wouldn't send him money, he asked for men's underwear to be sent to where the diplomat was at the moment. I told him the Army supplies uderwear & soap and he says he does not want to wait for the diplomat to finally ring them because he needs it now. I haven't sent it yet, I know he is probably a scammer. He talks with an accent. I can tell by the way he writes his sentence structurer to me. He refuses to do a video call so I can see him, and has not given me his real name. He says on Facebook he goes by Md Anwar Alli (Ron Jones). He says his friends call him Jones. He told me his real name is MCDonald Jones and his friends call him Jones. That is a very different name if you live in the US. When I told him he wasn't real & that he is using someone else's pictures for his profile, he texted me a picture of this Caucasian man, holding up a sign, saying my name. And here's the kicker, he is the same man in the pictures in Syria, with his name Jones on his dress military outfit. So I have been wondering if I really do have a military man who is sincere. I don't know what to think now. However, his email and the so-called diplomat's email does not belong to any person. He tells me it is really hot in Syria & if they are not careful, may dehydrate. I looked up the weather in Syria and it has been in the upper 40's. He says he cant call me because of some real security concerns in a war zone. On his facebook page, he has all kinds of middle eastern language on it & films. It goes with his accent but not the picture.I do t know what to think now. Please help me.


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