Has an online love interest asked you for money?

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Looking to start a new relationship? For some, that may mean meeting a new love interest online. Word to the wise: sometimes it’s best to lead with your head and not your heart.

Millions of Americans use dating sites, social networking sites, and chat rooms to meet people. And many forge successful relationships. But scammers also use these sites to meet potential victims. They create fake profiles to build online relationships, and eventually convince people to send money in the name of love.

The Federal Trade Commission receives thousands of reports each year about romance scammers who create fake online relationships only to steal their victims’ money.

Unfortunately, an online love interest who asks for money is almost certainly a scam artist.

The FTC’s new infographic, developed with the American Bankers Association Foundation, lists common signs of online dating scams and what to do if someone you meet online asks you for money.

Below are some tips to identify a real romance versus a scammer cruising for a target.

Online Dating Scams. Has an online love interest asked you for money? That's a scam. Scammers know millions of people use online dating sites. They are there, too, hiding behind fake profiles. Signs of a scam: Professes love quickly. Claims to be from the U.S., but is overseas for business or military service. Asks for money, and lures you off the dating site. Claims to need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Plans to visit, but can’t because of an emergency. $220 million lost in 2016. $56 million lost in 2012. Reports to the FBI tripled over 5 years (4,476 reports in 2012; 14,546 reports in 2016) What to do: Slow down — and talk to someone you trust. Don’t let a scammer rush you. Never wire money, put money on a gift or cash reload card, or send cash to an online love interest. You won’t get it back. Contact your bank right away if you think you’ve sent money to a scammer. Report your experience to: • The online dating site • Federal Trade Commission: ftc.gov/complaint • Federal Bureau of Investigation: ic3.gov. Learn more at ftc.gov/imposters and aba.com/engagement

Please share this information with others. Victims may be embarrassed to talk about their experiences, but you can help. A simple phone call, email or text, saying “Look what I just found” and sharing this information may make a difference in someone else’s life.

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I’ve been scammed by a man who claims to be in the Marines deployed to Afghanistan in April 2018 then redeployed to Syria in September 2018. He saids his name is Jacob Smith Schroeder, that he has a son named Randy, his wife died during child birth and both his parents are deceased and he has no siblings. Also that his Granny who raised him died of cancer. He’s asked for iTunes cards, my bank information, asked for me to receive money from western union. I haven’t because I sensed he’s a scam. He’s on hangouts app and his number is a Georgia number 1-912-235-0838. He was on Instagram but I reported him to the U.S. Marines and his Instagram account was shut down. I have pictures he’s sent me but I don’t know where I can post them.

Hi this sounds similar to one I've got going now! He rang me this morning because he knows I don't trust him. After 6 days he loves me. His son wants to call me mum He needs a £30 iTunes card He's sent me his bank details to prove he's very wealthy so no just after money. I wish I could see a picture of your guy!

Is his name Xavier Morris. Mark percy Morris?

I have a guy named Jerry Smith overseas just asked for a iTunes card. Professing his love. He is young and sent pics. He is in a army shirt. Does anyone have this info in him?

I had some guy same type of thing from Instagram. Asked me to buy iTunes gift card and send the info on the back of it. Supposedly a MP from army some place in Africa. This guys name is Jake

Has this General Stephen, Gen Townsend from Griffin, Gen (Stephen Griffin) ever call from a CA # 209-442-47?? He has a couple of Army pics with Griffin on the tag. White Male 60 & 70 yrs old.

I would like to see your picks. I have been searching for sites with pica of men scammers. It seems to be hard to find them.

I have been getting chatted up by a guy called Wilfred Joe, who claims to work on oil rigs and has a young son called Wilson. He asked if I would send him money for leave from the rigs. I have been looking here to check him out and note he has been using lots of different names like Daniel Markel, Roland Smith etc. Thankfully I did the photo search and found out he is a scammer. I have read what other people have said and note that in his profile under various names that he has used different locations as his home country and also different dates of birth. I'm glad I didn't send him any cash and kept refusing his request to send him money.

I met a doc Wilson on line working in Syria as medical doctor for us army but working for United Nations and is 57 and wants early retirement. Very romantic and good with words and sending music links and within 3 days of being on dating site he wanted to move to email and professed his love quickly and felt I was his soul mate. He
Uses Emails hangouts and Skype! wanted me to send £2800 for flights Dubai to uk business class as he reckons he has diplomatic passport & services would fly him to
Dubai from Syria. after 8 weeks of daily contact I said no and said he was a scammer.
He is still contacting me saying him loved me and I have made it clear I’m sending no money, His name is Kev but he likes to be addressed as Wilson..

Could his name be Kelvin Teddy

Kelvin John. ..... same story..,

I recently had a doctor from the UNITED NATION'S saying that he was looking for someone like me. He said that he had a daughter and was living in Maryland, and his daughter was in boarding school. He said he was in Syria,send there for a year. He told me that he had 3 months to go. He used the name of Adams Harold Anthony jr. He said he was American. He called me and as soon as I heard his voice I knew he was a scammer. I keep hearing a rooster in the background. His said that the military camp was close to Syria homes. He then told me that all he could do was think about me. He had only text me a few times. So I hung up on him? And blocked him. Now I have another one saying the same thing but this one is on a oil rig. Blocking that one too.

Oil rig ...whats his name ...i got a name and pic see if its the same one

Mine said he was on a oil rig he says his name is Michael Gomez he has a son named Kelvin that went to boarding school in CA his pictures are very hot looking. I fell in love just from his pictures and words that he spoke. Just after about 4 days he told me that we were going to live as man and wife. I even started to plain a wedding he was so coopertive with the plans it was so appealing to me. He had me but I only lost $1000.00 dollars that I had extra because my car was hit and that was the money from the insurenc copany i was to give the macanic for the work that was done to my car. He said he would pay me back but I will never see that money again and I ended up paying for the car with a credit card and I can barely pay my bills right now

Craig Welshpool
Son in boarding school/health issues/ needs surgery

we were planning our wedding too - but everytime hes coming home to me another crisis comes and I think hes African and will never leave country - he tells you want you want to hear - block him and send him no money and report him to the authorities - good luck hes not marrying anyone he thinks us American ladies are just his atm machine not happening

I have been texting with fella for 6 months.He says his name is chris adam works on oil rig in saudi arabia.I cant find any info on him.how can I check him out

Can I post some pics of persons pics being used? If so how??

Anyone asking for iTunes.. steampacket cards western union .Chase bank .Fed ex etc...are scammers . The photos you are sent are stolen . Do a reverse photo image google it and take a look . Most say they're Army .. oil rigs.. Captains ..all are either widowers with children .. they all profess love .. it's all lies

Thanks Carol!
I met a guy on eharmony dating site back in August. Every thing was ok, texting and chatting and soon he got comfortable asking me to buy a ITunes for his daughter, I was completely blown away, and questioned it, he soon became very irate with me, and used trust issues against me, started to put me down completely, and then just recently asked me again for 2 separate ITunes cards for $100.00 a piece! And just a couple of days ago , he had a business offer and was awarded a contract, to go to England , and out of the blue, started to ask for my bank information!
Account number, name and routing number so he can wire me money! Wow! Red flags every where on this guy, and I only known him for a couple of months, never met him, sent me pictures of himself, now I’m doubtful of that!

I think I am in a scam “relationship”. Here is a brief summary of my story. I have been talking to this guy who says he is in the Army and stationed in California. He asked me once for an iTunes card so he can download some music and games. I told him it was way to early to be asking me to buy him things( since it had only been about 3-4 days) he apologized for asking and said he just gets bored at the base. He said it’s okay no need to send it. Which I had no intention of doing anyway. It has now been a little over a week and he has already confessed his love for me and how he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. I think this is way to fast. But because I’m a hopeless romantic and he sent me pictures of “him” and the man in the pictures is gorgeous so I have continued to talk with him. But all kinds of red flags are starting to pop up now. His camera broke and can’t take pictures anymore when I asked for a specific picture but then continue to send some when I asked how he said he was using his friends phone. So my real question here is how do I do the search on the pictures he has been sending to me. The revise something you said... I really want to see if this is him or not.

I also have this man asking me for money to get off out rig . I’m curious to see if it’s the same person . Where could we share pictures?

I also am chatting with a man that works for Exxon who is on and oil rig with a contract. He’s asked me to get an $18,000 loan which of course I’m not going to. He says he loves me and wants to be with me the rest of my life. I’m so afraid that this may be a scam. He seems so sincere and I’ve seen pictures of his kids. He has a LinkedIn account and not much on the web regarding his name. He is very handsome… We use Viber to communicate. His name is Daniel… Anyone heard of this guy?

Hi have similar one working in exxon,asking to pay for contract in petrosa.. do you have his pics?

Hi there offshoreChick. Tell me more about Daniel because I may be able to help you. Does any of the following sound familiar? Was he charming and charismatic? Did he write like a highly educated person using some speech that is not normally used in conversation? Did he write poetically? Send you poems that he wrote? Does he write by often putting three dots before and after the start of a sentence, like this . . . YOU ARE TRUE LOVE . . . was in a bit of a rush and couldn't get to say all that was running through my mind to say when I awakened this morning . . . . . You are my beautiful fluttering innocence . . . . And I should not be pinching your wings so much . . . Sorry Butterfly.

If any of this sounds familiar, please get in touch with me. So we can discuss further. As you can guess I am sailing in the same boat.

Yes, that's the same guy I have! It's so funny that they think we will fall for this. Some of the poems are copied from the internet. Also did her give you a pic of the Exxon contract? Do a reverse pic lookup. I found where his other name are and the scams tied to him.

Hi... I have some concerns about someone that I met online back in August. Shortly after meeting he states he had to go to the an oilrig in the gulf of Mexico due to issue with equipment on a big contract he is working on. Writes beautifully, very handsome, we have talked on the phone, foreign accent. Claims his name is Alfred, he is divorced, ex wife moved out of country after divorce.
needs money to finish fixing the equipment until he can request payment contract. I have pictures. How do I do a reverse picture look up.

Do not give this person any money or even consider him a romantic opportunity. If you’ve never seen a real pic or talked to him on the phone, it’s a scam. Never give money to someone you’ve never met or online. This doesn’t sound right and I would break it off or ask him to come to you and then see how he reacts. He may come up with excuses and all kinds of things. You never know. Be safe and careful.

What's his last name? Sounds like we maybe dealing with the same guy.

Please contact I've been talking to Daniel for 3 years..and he is requesting same amount t of money from me...he says ges a widow and has one son William and his story is lengthy...he goes by Daniel rory

Yep, I have the same guy it. It's a scam. No human will tell you they love you within a day without you meeting them. Don't do it. Keep your money. Life is too short to be lied to! I have pics, his kids, one is 15 and she's in college. At 15 you're in high school. They live in Washington but Irvine Texas number. Boy 5 years old, wife died! Don't fall for it. Mine wants iTunes card for upload to board of directors for work status!

This Texan loverboy (originally from Australia) found me playing Words w/ Friends and boy was he good-looking and a smoooooth talker. Yes, he proclaimed his love for me within a week. He lost his wife in a drunk driving accident leaving a 14 year old son to take care of. I was the first person that he could trust to help him get over his loss. He was petroleum engineer stuck on assignment on an oil rig in the gulf until May. He sent me pictures of himself and a picture of a certificate of deposit in Amsterdam for 4.7 million dollars to show me that he was wealthy. Then he asked me to load money on I-Tune cards so that he could keep his phone running. He only got me for $100. Then after more sweet-talking, he asked for $5,600 to help his son take an educational trip to Europe. I let him beg until the deadline came and went. A day later it was 5,500 pounds for oil rig parts that were held in customs. Ha! Nice try Romeo! Beware. Not all that glitters is gold.

Same here. Oil rig. Never met. Good looking. Needs money as equipment broke. Owes money.
Fallen hard for this guy.
Can we share pics?

I think I may be in contact with a scammer who is very good looking and convincing. I have pics of him. I’d love to see if y’all pics to compare

I have LOTS of pictures of a man I've been in contact with. He is a very good looking, very charismatic man claiming he is in Australia buying gems to open up an antique gem store in the states. He's been there since April and needs money for the lawyers claiming his assets have been frozen from not paying taxes on some of his money. He's worth 3 million dollars. Asking for ITunes cards. Claims he is a software architect. He is 53 years old. And yes, I sent him the I-Tunes cards. I finally blocked him 2 weeks ago. Things he was telling me didn't add up. Pictures that he sent me were not from Australia. Claiming his love for me and starting a life when he gets back. I would love to see your pics as well!

Daniel Bradon - he is on Instagram - Said he was from Panama City, Fla. Big elaborate story about having a masters degree in Petroleum Engineering on rigs out on Canadian seas. Needed to claim BIG money from a previous contract in India but couldn't access it while on the rig so wanted me to collect it for him. Got some really illiterate Gmail from someone claiming to be with the United Nations and wanted my personal information so they could "verify" me as a recipient. I of course said no. He was very persistent, got ugly and angry so I blocked him. There are 3 others as well, similar stories, different jobs ( All were widowed in tragic circumstances, all have teenage daughters). And, ALL pretty much illiterate haha.

Tim Anderson is mine he's on a oil rig please share

I have a "friend" from facebook name is Harvey...on a supposed oil rig in the gulf of Mexico...said he loves me from day one... only spoke 2 days...asked for photo's...I sent an old one...he sent photos...then on 2nd day asked me to get him itunes card so he could use his computer on the rig. Also wanted photos of me... I said no...he was angry but still texting his love for me???? Scam for sure

Richard Davidson or Collins Peterson or Richard Benson. The Richard ones he gave me, the Collins I found on reverse look up.

Is his Name Ethan Logan?

Just ended my online supposed “love” scammer Wilson Moore or Moor yesterday! He had me good! Smooth eloquent talker, romantic, handsome, with 8 yr old daughter living in Virginia with nanny as he worked in Iraq as a doctor with MSF org. for US Army. Mom n dad, n ex wife and grandmother all deceased..

He called me his wife pretty quick. He wanted $2700 for lawyer and docs due to him being detained in customs in Istanbul Turkey for supposed transporting money in his luggage??? He was supposedly on his way to see me!! Sooo many red flags in a 2 month period only. But I was blinded, and now feel heartbroken?

But, reading all these testimonials has me feeling like I’m not alone and a lot better. I wish I could compare photos with someone or somewhere? I had that what if he is real mentality! I feel so foolish for falling for this type of scam. Very vulnerable i guess?? What an experience. No money was ever sent, thank goodness. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Yes I am interested in your post I was akwardly induced to like this girl that was not real... "The scam artist" told me she was looking for love but I let her think twice about what she had said to me because nothing made sense she said she was from the US but lives in Nigeria with her grand mother stupid me sent her 3 pictures of me so now I know a poor girl will see that face of mine but worst part is that I have no clue how she ended up in my Gmail address I told her I no longer needed her attention and that she was basic a scammer and blocked her from my contacts so sad that these people think they can get away with posting other people's pictures and acting as if they are them that poor girl on the picture must of been looking for somebody and found the perfect guy.. but the good thing that I feel inlove with their girl in the picture and not the guy or girl who was telling me all those positive things..

I've been talking to female scammers on Twitter. Fast talking how they want to spend the rest of their lives with me and need iTunes because wifi used up. Or need money to fly to be with me. I laugh because I ask for pics and they send profile pic or same ones. I look at what is in back ground of pictures for info. Lot's of time they back east but on my same time zones. When they should be asleep. It's sad what people do a good minded person. Just shows how sick there mind is to think this way. And they call them selves American. To me a terrorist gets more respect. Lest they don't lie. They say they want to hurt us. Lol. Ask questions and don't move fast.
Best of luck.

I just had a very similiar experiance but his name is Anthony James. He is asking me for 23,000 to get out of jail for fines not paid after being in an auto accident. Extremely handsome man proclaimed his love and wanated to spend rest of life with me along with marriage. Just said this yesterday. He always knows just the right thing to say to bring me back to thinking that maybe he isn't a scammer. I sent him a 500 walmart card back in April so he could pay some bills here in the states. Come to find out today...he bought clothes , womens shoes and a playstation with it. UGGGGGG

This is the guy who contacted me!! He had asked for money but the bank told me not to. He is right now asking for iTune cards. Even while I came on this site to see why someone would want me to send them 2 $100 ones just for a gift. He said to take a picture of back of the cards etc. I am so glad I came on here!

Is this guys name Noah Miller Shaklee.. Stationed at Camp Lejeune North Carolina

how did u find out im going thru the same thing .i feel ing scamed for 30000.she is still trying every thing to get more out of me

I too had the same situation with my supposed man. He said he was from NY and ee were talking 2 months when he said he got the contract deal to mine for gold and diamonds in Dubai. A month later, he gave me the good news of recieving his pay for the job and the vehicle that came with the contract. He claims he was sending his pay in a briefcase hidden in the vehicle. Next thing I knew, I was getting emails from Asian Global Services for 1000.00 because I did not tell them there was cash in the car. Briefcase supposedly had 900k in it. Then they send another email stating I was going to jail for money laundering. Supposedly the vehicle and money was being held in Italian customs and another email came stating I had to pay 5k if I wanted the vehicle and money shipped to me. The whole time I am in contact with my man, Christopher Anton Raymond (whose name is not real), and he begs me to pay the money because he now was arrested for money laundering too. I told him to get lost. He is on KIK, keeps contacting me and says when he gets home, I will see he is not fake and I will regret treating him this way. I have pics of him too and gave them and all his info he gave me, to my son (who is a police officer) to research him. There was nothing. Chris gave me all fake info including a fake SS #, birthdate, telephone #, fake parents name and all. Then he has the nerve to call me annoting cause I call him on everything. What a scammer.

I too just ended a "love relationship" recently. Also felt heartbroken because I felt that he really was sincere and being honest. Then things just didn't start adding up right, and when I would question it, I rarely got an answer. If I did get an answer, the question was reverted back to me. This was over roughly 13 months. I lost just about everything I owned, family and friends were trying to tell me, but I didn't listen. Wish now I would have, and I wouldn't be looking for a place to live now, or having to look into bankruptcy because I have no money to my name. So, I know exactly how you feel because I to thought everything he told me was real, guess since mine is still so fresh, I still have a little part of me that believes he had been telling me at least some truth.

I have a friend i feel is being scammed. He has not asked for money as if yet. Question how soon before he asked for money? And what if anything could have convinced you he was a fake? Im trying to save her heartache and more but nothing works


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