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Has an online love interest asked you for money?

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Looking to start a new relationship? For some, that may mean meeting a new love interest online. Word to the wise: sometimes it’s best to lead with your head and not your heart.

Millions of Americans use dating sites, social networking sites, and chat rooms to meet people. And many forge successful relationships. But scammers also use these sites to meet potential victims. They create fake profiles to build online relationships, and eventually convince people to send money in the name of love.

The Federal Trade Commission receives thousands of reports each year about romance scammers who create fake online relationships only to steal their victims’ money.

Unfortunately, an online love interest who asks for money is almost certainly a scam artist.

The FTC’s new infographic, developed with the American Bankers Association Foundation, lists common signs of online dating scams and what to do if someone you meet online asks you for money.

Below are some tips to identify a real romance versus a scammer cruising for a target.

Online Dating Scams. Has an online love interest asked you for money? That's a scam. Scammers know millions of people use online dating sites. They are there, too, hiding behind fake profiles. Signs of a scam: Professes love quickly. Claims to be from the U.S., but is overseas for business or military service. Asks for money, and lures you off the dating site. Claims to need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Plans to visit, but can’t because of an emergency. $220 million lost in 2016. $56 million lost in 2012. Reports to the FBI tripled over 5 years (4,476 reports in 2012; 14,546 reports in 2016) What to do: Slow down — and talk to someone you trust. Don’t let a scammer rush you. Never wire money, put money on a gift or cash reload card, or send cash to an online love interest. You won’t get it back. Contact your bank right away if you think you’ve sent money to a scammer. Report your experience to: • The online dating site • Federal Trade Commission: • Federal Bureau of Investigation: Learn more at and

Please share this information with others. Victims may be embarrassed to talk about their experiences, but you can help. A simple phone call, email or text, saying “Look what I just found” and sharing this information may make a difference in someone else’s life.

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Mine sent actually sent pics of their DL. without you asking. Is that a scam to.

Did anyone meet Christopher Wong? He is a British-born Singaporean, C.E.O and have a own company about Skyway Aviation.

Tive Dallas Buccilli, same scenario of many of you oil rig rich cant access account to get home etc. Sent pictures of him his daughter, son and wife killed in car accident 5 years ago. I fell for it. 5000 down. Found him out through picture reverse. Dozens of fake names, jobs etc. Have reported to bank and police. Cruel and heartless. I am feeling stupid sad and poor.

I’m a victim of a romance scam. I don’t know what to do and now I’m in debt 7,000 dollars. I’m lost for words and I’m only a college student I feel my whole life is now on pause because of this. I am beyond stressed nervous and depressed and I feel I have no hope or help for me to get this resolved.. I don’t have money like that falling out of the sky and I can’t take out a loan at all please someone tell me the right steps to get this cleared

you were scammed unfortunately your never getting this money back - this is the same guy in all these post tells you hes a white guy - hes not hes a Nigerian scammer - black - and will never leave you alone as long as he's getting money from you - all you can do is block him report him and get on with your life
he told you he loved you your his wife and hes coming back to you - well none of that is happening - he scammed all of us and hell keep doing this to other women if we don't put stop to this - got me for 4 years - so believe me its heart break but remember that wonderful real guy is out there for you - take care

Met a woman on Facebook four months ago and she started asking me for money right away. Wasn’t a lot but now she wants $600 to pay for her surgery. I have sent her money for expenses but I know it’s a scam and I’m going to stop sending her money. She processed her love for me and wants to get married. She said she has an inheritance she can’t get until she is married. I’ve been in contact with her attorney and he wants money to get the inheritance. I’ve also heard from her aunt who now lives in Germany. I know it’s a scam.

I was talking to a guy on Instagram under the name Ashley Dalton, claiming he is a Geologist, born in Belgium, but has been living in the states since he was 4 years old. He's says he's 56 years old, with a 15 year old daughter. Has very nice pictures on Instagram. He told me he had to go to El Paso, TX for a contract job. He claims he's out in the ocean on an oil rig. After a week of talking, he was saying how much he loves me. He told me, he needed $750 to get a chemical drum in order to finish the job he's doing. Then, he asked for $600 for a part that broke. A few days later, he gave me his bank account information to transfer money to someone, who was going to help him get an oil refinery machine that fell into the ocean, because of an oil rig explosion. I went into his banks checking account, to find out it's a fake account. But, I didn't know this, until I paid $1151 to get a bogus activation code. I foolishly gave him these amounts of money.

Same with me met Jeremy on Instagram claimed to be a single dad and his wife died of cancer 8 years ago texted me poems told me off his hard life of course was a 50 year old gray fox suddenly had to go to genealogy claims he’s a subsea engineer and will be on an oil rig for 5 weeks had me switch to WhatsApp then claimed he needed money to pay for roaming charges and I needed to get him $200 in iTunes cards for now or we wouldn’t be able to text that sounded fishy and I said no then suddyhe stared calling me 3 times a day saying baby trust me I love you have faith so crazy! I deleted my what’s app but not before I told him off and I’d be reporting him! Sick cons lying about a dead wife pulling on heartstrings it’s the lowest or low. Claimed he was American but lived in Norway a kid where his father committed suicide he had a unusual accent and I always heard a bunch of people in the background thinks it’s a foreign boiler room and they use google phone to rep American phone numbers stay away from Jeremy!

This guy contacted me on Meetups, very soon closed his acct there, were texting but then he said to go to Hangouts bc it would b cheaper for Jim to call me(claimed he was in Norway with his sick mom); engender, send me pic of his Fl drivers license; claimed he was bidding for a job...and won! Only thing he had to go for a
Month to Istanbul that’s where the oil rig was; one day he called me a different name, claimed autocorrect was to blame ; very soon asked for 3500 bc the materials for the job needed to be transported to the rig and it was more expensive than anticipated; I said no then he started getting all mad bc how could I love him but not trust him; finally he said a company he had worked for had decided to fold and since they held all his valuables wanted to send them to him; if course he could not receive them so he wanted to make me his beneficiary so I could receive them for him; I said no again; he asked not to contact him ever again as he was heartbroken. I know the answer but
If they send pic of Fl driver license can they still b fake?

Can a person send pic of Florida drivers
License and still be a crook?

How about Morales Gulliver

I keep trying to post this but don’t see it. Frenchman Jon Bach Fitzpatrick says his French last name is Renneau. 52/53 years old, gorgeous, white hair and beard. Artist, says livedin Austin, TX now Long Island, NY. Brother’s name is Nicholas. Long time girlfriend Michelle died of Leukemia 3/4 years ago. Anyone talking to him???? Please respond. His number is 512-593-1747

My online date, shows up by the name Julianne Mason. Lives in NYC, uses Quebec registered phone No. Asked me for gift card, after her CC had been declined. Conversation had stopped after I said I am working at CBSA and was very surprised that I have looked her up in CBSA/BSP US database and MASON, JULIANNE does not fit her profile.
Her story makes stones cry... Parents died in a car accident, she's the only child, lives with her aunt. English is not broken, pretty much American or Canadian.

who is thomas oisin

Does he also go by Thomas Oisin Hawkins ?About 58, a widower with a 14 yr old daughter. Claims to be working in Denmark?

If anyone has been sent a Facebook friend request from a marine posted either in Syria or Nigeria “alias” Steven Magana or Andres Magana from an USA force?

Beware of Larry Phillips on Instagram. He messaged me complimenting me on my smile and beauty. We talked on Instagram for a day when he said he was leaving for an oil rig job off the coast of Scotland for a month. Asked to chat on Google Hangouts. He professed his love very quickly over the next few weeks and after 5 when he was supposedly awarded a large contract to deliver crude oil over a 6 week period I received a very official looking email from British Airways with booked flights for him to come see me. The flight numbers and times matched up and everything. A friend alerted me to the possible scam last week, which had been in the back of my mind already. I confronted Larry about it and he got defensive saying things like his love of me is worth way more than money. Fast forward to yesterday when he messages me all panicked because all of the sudden the company was demanding he pay $10,000 before leaving the rig to guarantee he would come back to complete the contract. I blocked him right then and there. He also uses a story about being widowed and his 16 year old daughter lives in Boston with her grandmother. Larry claims to be from Long Beach, California. Of course Instagram won't remove his profile. Don't let yourself get scammed by these guys! They are very good at what they do. The pictures he sent me even checked out on reverse Google image searches.

This fake profile - georgeeastman6 - is in instagram. I have been scammed by this person in November 2018. Just reported to the US Gov.
Because I did not have enough information about these scams before this situation occurred, it went on for 2/3 months, and it broke my heart. In March a phone call on hangouts confirmed that the scammer had an African accent, so I assumed he was definitely not the same person in the posts. This is theft of identity and it's very hard to find the person being victimized .
As for me , I am feeling better now and glad this is over.
Be careful out there!

I've been in touch with a bloke I met on facebook. It was all innocent enough until he starting asking for iTunes cards for him and his son, and money. He claims that his wife died of cancer 6 yrs ago, and has a 13 yr old son, and is working with the United Nations and based in Libya. Goes by the name of Richard Collins and uses photos of a well known doctor from USA.

I am right in the middle of this happening to me..he says his name is Antonio Conte..born in Italy but mother is from the US..he contacted me on said he lives in New York and he is an independent contractor who buys and sells lumber to high end furniture stores and he just got a very large contract which will bring him to California where I live and that’s why he reached out to me..within a week he told me he was falling in love with me..that’s when I knew something wasn’t okay..I still kept texting with him finally getting him to call me..then he told me with this new contract he has to travel to Istanbul Turkey to pay a company who owns machines to harvest the timber..he has sent me multiple pictures of himself or could be fake but every picture is taken by someone else..he won’t ever give me a selfie..even sent me pictures of him and his soon as he arrives in Istanbul he messaged me saying customs is holding him because he brought to much cash into the country and now they want him to pay a tax but he can’t use his own money..then comes the ask for me to send him money and he will pay me back the next day after he is released.. I have not given him a dime and I’m continuing to string him along until some law enforcement tells me how they want to handle this..I’m trying to help law enforcement actually catch this person in the act..thanks for all the comments..they have been very helpful on how to proceed.

Do anyone no on Hangouts Charles Morrison Christ Michael and and on Christian mingle James Williams be careful I see them scanned these dating site need to no I feel if anyone asks for money don't no you it's scam. Send nothing. James I sent a50 itune card for his phone ok the thing happened was I received 50 back from y daughter and a friend I got it back he thought lied again and I cut him off without a trace

Why can’t this site allow people to post pics that are being used??

I wish we could post pictures to this site so we could better warn others. Jon Fitzpatrick, Jon Bach Fitzpatrick is a scammer.......needs money to pay off gambling debt of his dead girlfriend- at least one of his stories. 53 years old white hair and beard. Phone 512-591-1727 or 571-406-4881. Please please be careful. I hope he is caught one day!

His phone number is 512-593-1727; 509-942-4842 and uses others

He told me he needed money to pay off bribes for a shipment of antiques from Brazil.

I think this is happening to me. His name is Frank Martin. His wife died and he has daughter, not sure of her age. He has a contract on an oil rig and his drilling machine has broke down and he need's $5500. To fix it finish the contract do he can come be with me. I so wanted to believe.

Have you heard of a Alex Solomon pretending to be a contractor in Alaska, but from LV. He is in need of money constantly to repair broken equipment. He is a very fast talker, claims he caught his wife in bed with his best friend and he divorced her, had a daughter that died doing child birth but his twin granddaughter died. He pretends to be a Christian and he prays really well. He fake cry’s when he is in need of Money. He pretends he is sending emails to his friends and he will ask you to do the same. He uses Telegram. He pretends that he is in the forest of Alaska with broken equipment and he goes so far as to say him and his workers are stuck in the forest with no food and hunting and eating animals. When he see he can get anymore money he will turn and call you evil and bad things to make you feel bad. God is after him., the devil have him. Do not trust Alexander Solomon/Alex Solomon. He is always prompt with his phone calls but he claim he can’t send pictures. He claim he can’t contact anyone else on telegram and he claim to be using a walkie talkie. Please be ware of him . He claims to be Indian..... God is going to handle him.

Have you heard of a Alex Solomon pretending to be a contractor in Alaska, but from LV. He is in need of money constantly to repair broken equipment. He is a very fast talker, claims he caught his wife in bed with his best friend and he divorced her, had a daughter that died doing child birth but his twin granddaughter died. He pretends to be a Christian and he prays really well. He fake cry’s when he is in need of Money. He pretends he is sending emails to his friends and he will ask you to do the same. He uses Telegram. He wants funds sent to him through Bitcoin. He scammed me for thousands of dollars. Don’t be his next victim. He pretends that he is in the forest of Alaska with broken equipment and he goes so far as to say him and his workers are stuck in the forest with no food and hunting and eating animals. When he see he can get anymore money he will turn and call you evil and bad things to make you feel bad. God is after him., the devil have him. Do not trust Alexander Solomon/Alex Solomon. He is always prompt with his phone calls but he claim he can’t send pictures. He claim he can’t contact anyone else on telegram and he claim to be using a walkie talkie. Please be ware of him . He claims to be Indian..... God is going to handle him.

Anyone heard of a Kacie L. Bufanda claiming to be in the US Army stationed in NJ? She hit me up from a dating site and wanted iTunes and Steam gift cards to pay for some stuff. Claimed to not worry she was good for the money, but didn't have a credit card or a way to access her bank account. Sent me a fake link with her login info to an obvious fake copy of a bank account showing millions of dollars in a savings and checking account from a bank that is the Walmart kiosk bank. Her phone number is a VOIP and there isn't anything that shows up on google about her. I know it is a scam but she is real persistent about being real.

I chatted withTerry Peter Wong from CMB. He will daily WhatsApp me good morning and good night. He claimed his parents pass away in the hurricane year ago, his relationship with his grandma was very close. He works in oil and gas firm in Texas and planning to bring his firm to Singapore and settledown. He given excuses that he could not use handphone in oil rig in Indonesian so forced me to download Hangouts. He claimed his palmtop was not pre-installed with internet browser and begged me to login to his fake bank account (uniontrus tbn. com/ asp/) to check for deposit from his business partner. Follow with begging me to make online bank payment transfer to his supplier. I sensed something fishy so I rejected his request. Presently I had blocked all his contact.

Lots of scammer on this dating site and I eventually deleted my profile. James Perez Moor claims his wife died 6 years ago and then his son got sick apparently cyanid poison in London ... no body survives that of course he tells me he needs $2,000 for his sons surgery to save life. He uses WhatsApp .... liar liar liar .... I’m no fool don’t be one too !

I met this guy on I G he liked all of my posts then he sent me a DM we chatted for about 2 weeks that is when he professed his undying love for me and that he thought. it was Gods will for us to be together. I told him it was too soon for that we needed to take things slow he said ok we continued to chat he told me he lived in b=Balitimore but he was from the Bahamas. he had to kids in boarding school. I guess we chatted back and forth for about a three week to a month he kept trying to convince me of his love for me. then he stopped respondindg for maybe three days so I blocked his number, but then I felt bad and unblocked it he started texting me again sending me pictures of him and poetry ,pictures of resorts and exspensive cars . He says the is getting a loan for to start his own buisness selling pipe to oil companies. and he we so happy. we contined to text everyday. The I get a text that he was so upset and he was introuble with the company he worked of the ships was lost and he was responsable and they were treating him really bad and if I could go to walmart and buy a amazon card I told him I didnt have any money he said that was ok he would take care of it i said ok. we continued to talk be not as much The today 04/17/2019 we were chatting I was upset because a friend of mine had almost got scamed and I was telling him about it , he said I should no try to judge their relationship because it was amatter of the heart and she must love him very much. I said what are you talking about. he asked me for my phone no so we could talk so we talk on the phonne that is when he said he didnt want what happened to my friend to interfer in or relationship . then he told me why he asked me for the amazon card because he lost one of the pipes actually he said it fell in the water and he was responseably for ir he was stuck in Mexico. that is why he wanted me to buy the card. Man I was pissed I just told him about my friend but the guy wanted he to buy a I tunes card while we were on the phone I look up is a ask you to buy a amazon card . and it said it was a scam . So I kindly said I had to go and I would talk to him later. we said goodbye afer I wrote down the information he gave me about hisself which is proably a lie I blocked him from my IG and blocked his phone no. 240 203 7740 which is probably a fake no too.

My brother met a girl named Sherrie(?) McCarthy living in Africa as a nursing student and she has proclaimed her love immediately for him. Since then she asked for money for a phone, and a plane ticket, and visa and more money to leave the country. Anyone else know of same girl? I've tried to convince him it's a scam but he's not convinced.

Has anyone heard of Andrew Vincent from Colorado? Widowed, daughter in boarding school, working in Syria?????

I went on a chat line called chatblink met who i thought was a nice lady kellygraha mharod @gmail. com she talked real sweet for two hrs by the end of the conversationshe ask me for a gift card for fifty bucks for her and her 6yr old son. guys take notedon't believe these so called good looking women on chat rooms tjey might take your heart and your money

I got scammed by a women calling herself Monica Pickering.
She said she loved me, she said she a interior decorator and her stock was stuck in customs she needed $3000 she gave me her website shipping website and tracking number.
So I fell for it, people try to scam me before I never fell for it but just being divorced.
Anyway she asked for another $800 for rent I said no.
She still chatting with me.
Why they keep doing it and getting away with it is because the cops won’t do anything.
It’s going to get worse somebody needs to catch these people.
I’m in Australia I reported it cops just don’t care.
Watch out everyone we are the ones who need to make a stand.

Met Michael Tyler. On Facebook
Traded emails. Went on Hangouts .he went to work in Lagos, Nigeria with his 7 year old daughter .fast forward job fell thru lost money passports been talking for 7 months.sent Amazon cards he's homeless with daughter .wants to marry me .says he's not scammer .I just think he is .

my friend met a guy on tagged,he is in the military and is in Afghanistan right now.
He says he will come to Ottawa Ontario and buy her a house for her and him.
He is from the states and says he has never been married or even been with a women(ya right). he is 64 years old and is retiring fro the military. She is believing everything he says,even says he loves her..she is does not listen to me,and she is not a rich person at all. HELP!

Jon Bach Fitzpatrick - may use different last name. French 1/19/66 -birthday. Tells wild tales of mob ties, dead girl friend owing almost $2,000,000 and he was left paying her debt. Asks for money, ITunes Cards. Very romantic guy but a liar, an artist from Austin, TX. Gets very angry when you won't help him. He is on several dating sites, Instragram and Facebook. Uses Text Now to change his phone number often. Be careful.

I have talked to Jon for a long time - and yes he is a scammer- very charming and romantic- but will get angry if you don't send money.

Hi, I have read alot of the comments on here, thank you for sharing all your experiences, this has made it easier for me to come on here, I feel that everyone on here are in a similar boat. I have met my guy online, and when we met through the dating site, asks me if I have every dated a US military guy before, I should of heard the alarm bells ringing just by that comment but I didnt, its been almost a week and I feel as though I am in the most intense relationship I have ever been in my life, hes charming and as most have mentioned that these guys always knows the right words to say, but I think my guy seems to become controlling and demanding that it is getting to a point I cant even turn my wifi on my phone for fear that hes already messaged me 10 times on Whatsapp, he tells me what I have done before I have actually done it and now he is asking for money to be sent to him because he doesnt have access to his bank account as he is not in the States right now but on deployment. I havent sent him anything but I dont know how many times I can say no, I cant ect and if I block him on the app, he will just get another of his friends to speak on his behalf so the only option I have is to change my number, which I dont really want to do, does anyone on here have any suggestions how I can get this guy off my back?

Has anyone been contacted by a Glen Lampkin from Arkansas? Thank goodness I saw this site before I did something stupid. Met on Twitter; charming; attentive; professed his love and then after a week, claimed his phone was broken and that he had no money left till he got paid in two weeks. Could I loan him 500 dollars to replace it, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to contact me. He Insisted I use Western Union to pay the cash to him or buy I-Tunes cards. Refused to give me his email add or account number. After reading this site, I blocked him. Thank you so much.

I was friended on LinkedIn by a blue eyed guy named Dr. Wesley Carlson Nicholas who was a doctor, orthopedic surgeon - contract staff working for UN's for several years in Kabul, Afghanistan. He lost his wife some 5 years ago from kidney disease, she left him with 2 small children, Wilson and Anna. Willson is 14 and Anna 12, they were both in a boarding school named Oakland Hills in Troy, VA. he was born 9.01.1960, so 58 years old man, 5'8' tall. He was from VA, Manassas, than he wrote his address from Richmond as 5042 Bathgate Terr which seems not to exist after checking it on Google. He suppose to graduate from Duke University, but no confirmation from the school about him being ever attending in there. The story goes on and on...crying for help to get his certificate of vacation, as the UN, as the UN's made him sign a contract for additional 2 + years. The story is that UN's block their acct's here in The States, so they cannot use it nor have any access to it. The school authorities receive percentage from his salary from over there for taking care of his kids. He lost his parents while he was a young man, but than his story changed, he lost his father when he was a boy and he was raised by his mom, who he also lost several years ago. He seemed to be from VA, provided photos from himself, his 2 beautiful children. never wanted to be friends on FB, but had checked all of my photos in there, and had a great profile of me. He is a strong believer in Christ, must love Jesus, and all he does is in the name of Jesus. Sent me prayers, love letters, I am his one and only, checked on my health...swore on his life that he does not need money for himself but help is needed for the certificate of vacation. I sent emails to UN's requesting answer on this situation, as I received emails from United Nations Vacation Unit, with email acct. ending from gmail, not .org. I never received a response from the real UN's web site. They seems not to be worry of this type of a scam running and using their name and reputation and all kinds of structured work they may do in bases as the one in Kabul, or anywhere in the world. As there are no photos of these so-called hospitals within the bases. Therefore, someone who worked there and know exactly how all this is organized is running a big scam and it is happening right here in The States. We are all vulnerable on these stories, I for example do not have children, and this person whomever he is was asking me if I had kids, why I did not have kids, as it was medical issue, he felt sorry for me. Asking me if I would accept him with 2 beautiful children, sending me an email from the nanny/guardian from the boarding school, her name and email acct was Maria/gmail....the story is much longer, I will provide photos if I can, just wanted to inform about him.

I met Robert Danilo on a dating website for over55.
He was so convincing over these last 14 mos...I thought I was being a good person and helping someone in need. I know different now...all I have left is a broken heart..
I have since blocked him on everything.
Has anyone else heard if a Robert Danilo?

I have a question. I met someone online. I’d just gotten out of a 12 year relationship that was very unhealthy and I was broken. The man I met seemed so sweet and caring. Of course, I’d spoken of my past. We actually met multiple times. We did go to the movies twice. He helped me move from one state to a neighboring state. He lives two hours away from either place I live/lived. I paid him to help me move. He does work. He told me his car broke down. His brother got into a wreck and needed his vehicle repaired so they could work (his 2nd job), he was going to pay this off or that off and work less so he’d have more time to spend with me. But it didn’t happen. Except to go to the movies twice or when I was actually giving him money. His mom was in the hospital-he was working-he was with his son. Anyway, two years later-$8000- and I find out he’s lived with someone else all along. I searched and searched the internet until i finally found him and everything else. None of his social media comes up under his name. Or phone number. It took a lot of digging. Can I take him to small Claims court? I wrote him checks. More than $6800-all checks written to him. When I gave him most of my savings-he started being hateful. Didn’t stop talking to me completely until recently when I actually confronted him with names and addresses and things he’d lied about.

This guy contacted me on face book! He is gorgeous! He knows every romantic line ever made! Gave very little info about himself! Has a 6 yr old girl! Divorced.Looking for love of his life. Says I am it. Wants to marry me! I have talked to him for 2 weeks! Went from fb to hangouts! Suppose to be easier?? Opened a gmail acct!!?? Easier?? He is suppose to be from Arizona. He is suppose to be in Benin now stuck and needs money to get back into states with a load!!??!! I really don’t feel good about this! I wasn’t lookin for anything to begin with! But he did charm the pants off me! I haven’t meet him from Adam. Don’t know nothing about him. I’m 61 years old. Having a choice of getting for companionship a man or a dog!? I guess a dog would be wiser! They only eat money!! Any advise on this charming guy African/Az guy???

I have been talking to a man say’s in army. Says his name is Tyler Barkley. Asking for me to send him a phone . I’m very confused . Help

James Morrison was this guys name ... he wanted iTunes money ,very persistent !
Met him in words with friends so be careful everyone ! Scam for sure ...

Dr. John Campbell working for Unit Nations as oncologist. Claims to be widow with a daughter sandra. Apparently working in Iraq. Fell in love with me in s couple of days!!?

All dating sites should have a video chat feature on there website platform.
To make sure you are communicating with the person in the profile photo on the dating suites. If you meet someone online
That doesn't have some kind of income coming in when you go broke she/he will be leaving just as fast as the money you spent on them. D lion


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