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Has an online love interest asked you for money?

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Looking to start a new relationship? For some, that may mean meeting a new love interest online. Word to the wise: sometimes it’s best to lead with your head and not your heart.

Millions of Americans use dating sites, social networking sites, and chat rooms to meet people. And many forge successful relationships. But scammers also use these sites to meet potential victims. They create fake profiles to build online relationships, and eventually convince people to send money in the name of love.

The Federal Trade Commission receives thousands of reports each year about romance scammers who create fake online relationships only to steal their victims’ money.

Unfortunately, an online love interest who asks for money is almost certainly a scam artist.

The FTC’s new infographic, developed with the American Bankers Association Foundation, lists common signs of online dating scams and what to do if someone you meet online asks you for money.

Below are some tips to identify a real romance versus a scammer cruising for a target.

Online Dating Scams. Has an online love interest asked you for money? That's a scam. Scammers know millions of people use online dating sites. They are there, too, hiding behind fake profiles. Signs of a scam: Professes love quickly. Claims to be from the U.S., but is overseas for business or military service. Asks for money, and lures you off the dating site. Claims to need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Plans to visit, but can’t because of an emergency. $220 million lost in 2016. $56 million lost in 2012. Reports to the FBI tripled over 5 years (4,476 reports in 2012; 14,546 reports in 2016) What to do: Slow down — and talk to someone you trust. Don’t let a scammer rush you. Never wire money, put money on a gift or cash reload card, or send cash to an online love interest. You won’t get it back. Contact your bank right away if you think you’ve sent money to a scammer. Report your experience to: • The online dating site • Federal Trade Commission: • Federal Bureau of Investigation: Learn more at and

Please share this information with others. Victims may be embarrassed to talk about their experiences, but you can help. A simple phone call, email or text, saying “Look what I just found” and sharing this information may make a difference in someone else’s life.

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Jon Bach Fitzpatrick - may use different last name. French 1/19/66 -birthday. Tells wild tales of mob ties, dead girl friend owing almost $2,000,000 and he was left paying her debt. Asks for money, ITunes Cards. Very romantic guy but a liar, an artist from Austin, TX. Gets very angry when you won't help him. He is on several dating sites, Instragram and Facebook. Uses Text Now to change his phone number often. Be careful.

I have talked to Jon for a long time - and yes he is a scammer- very charming and romantic- but will get angry if you don't send money.

Hi, I have read alot of the comments on here, thank you for sharing all your experiences, this has made it easier for me to come on here, I feel that everyone on here are in a similar boat. I have met my guy online, and when we met through the dating site, asks me if I have every dated a US military guy before, I should of heard the alarm bells ringing just by that comment but I didnt, its been almost a week and I feel as though I am in the most intense relationship I have ever been in my life, hes charming and as most have mentioned that these guys always knows the right words to say, but I think my guy seems to become controlling and demanding that it is getting to a point I cant even turn my wifi on my phone for fear that hes already messaged me 10 times on Whatsapp, he tells me what I have done before I have actually done it and now he is asking for money to be sent to him because he doesnt have access to his bank account as he is not in the States right now but on deployment. I havent sent him anything but I dont know how many times I can say no, I cant ect and if I block him on the app, he will just get another of his friends to speak on his behalf so the only option I have is to change my number, which I dont really want to do, does anyone on here have any suggestions how I can get this guy off my back?

Has anyone been contacted by a Glen Lampkin from Arkansas? Thank goodness I saw this site before I did something stupid. Met on Twitter; charming; attentive; professed his love and then after a week, claimed his phone was broken and that he had no money left till he got paid in two weeks. Could I loan him 500 dollars to replace it, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to contact me. He Insisted I use Western Union to pay the cash to him or buy I-Tunes cards. Refused to give me his email add or account number. After reading this site, I blocked him. Thank you so much.

I was friended on LinkedIn by a blue eyed guy named Dr. Wesley Carlson Nicholas who was a doctor, orthopedic surgeon - contract staff working for UN's for several years in Kabul, Afghanistan. He lost his wife some 5 years ago from kidney disease, she left him with 2 small children, Wilson and Anna. Willson is 14 and Anna 12, they were both in a boarding school named Oakland Hills in Troy, VA. he was born 9.01.1960, so 58 years old man, 5'8' tall. He was from VA, Manassas, than he wrote his address from Richmond as 5042 Bathgate Terr which seems not to exist after checking it on Google. He suppose to graduate from Duke University, but no confirmation from the school about him being ever attending in there. The story goes on and on...crying for help to get his certificate of vacation, as the UN, as the UN's made him sign a contract for additional 2 + years. The story is that UN's block their acct's here in The States, so they cannot use it nor have any access to it. The school authorities receive percentage from his salary from over there for taking care of his kids. He lost his parents while he was a young man, but than his story changed, he lost his father when he was a boy and he was raised by his mom, who he also lost several years ago. He seemed to be from VA, provided photos from himself, his 2 beautiful children. never wanted to be friends on FB, but had checked all of my photos in there, and had a great profile of me. He is a strong believer in Christ, must love Jesus, and all he does is in the name of Jesus. Sent me prayers, love letters, I am his one and only, checked on my health...swore on his life that he does not need money for himself but help is needed for the certificate of vacation. I sent emails to UN's requesting answer on this situation, as I received emails from United Nations Vacation Unit, with email acct. ending from gmail, not .org. I never received a response from the real UN's web site. They seems not to be worry of this type of a scam running and using their name and reputation and all kinds of structured work they may do in bases as the one in Kabul, or anywhere in the world. As there are no photos of these so-called hospitals within the bases. Therefore, someone who worked there and know exactly how all this is organized is running a big scam and it is happening right here in The States. We are all vulnerable on these stories, I for example do not have children, and this person whomever he is was asking me if I had kids, why I did not have kids, as it was medical issue, he felt sorry for me. Asking me if I would accept him with 2 beautiful children, sending me an email from the nanny/guardian from the boarding school, her name and email acct was Maria/gmail....the story is much longer, I will provide photos if I can, just wanted to inform about him.

I met Robert Danilo on a dating website for over55.
He was so convincing over these last 14 mos...I thought I was being a good person and helping someone in need. I know different now...all I have left is a broken heart..
I have since blocked him on everything.
Has anyone else heard if a Robert Danilo?

I have a question. I met someone online. I’d just gotten out of a 12 year relationship that was very unhealthy and I was broken. The man I met seemed so sweet and caring. Of course, I’d spoken of my past. We actually met multiple times. We did go to the movies twice. He helped me move from one state to a neighboring state. He lives two hours away from either place I live/lived. I paid him to help me move. He does work. He told me his car broke down. His brother got into a wreck and needed his vehicle repaired so they could work (his 2nd job), he was going to pay this off or that off and work less so he’d have more time to spend with me. But it didn’t happen. Except to go to the movies twice or when I was actually giving him money. His mom was in the hospital-he was working-he was with his son. Anyway, two years later-$8000- and I find out he’s lived with someone else all along. I searched and searched the internet until i finally found him and everything else. None of his social media comes up under his name. Or phone number. It took a lot of digging. Can I take him to small Claims court? I wrote him checks. More than $6800-all checks written to him. When I gave him most of my savings-he started being hateful. Didn’t stop talking to me completely until recently when I actually confronted him with names and addresses and things he’d lied about.

This guy contacted me on face book! He is gorgeous! He knows every romantic line ever made! Gave very little info about himself! Has a 6 yr old girl! Divorced.Looking for love of his life. Says I am it. Wants to marry me! I have talked to him for 2 weeks! Went from fb to hangouts! Suppose to be easier?? Opened a gmail acct!!?? Easier?? He is suppose to be from Arizona. He is suppose to be in Benin now stuck and needs money to get back into states with a load!!??!! I really don’t feel good about this! I wasn’t lookin for anything to begin with! But he did charm the pants off me! I haven’t meet him from Adam. Don’t know nothing about him. I’m 61 years old. Having a choice of getting for companionship a man or a dog!? I guess a dog would be wiser! They only eat money!! Any advise on this charming guy African/Az guy???

I have been talking to a man say’s in army. Says his name is Tyler Barkley. Asking for me to send him a phone . I’m very confused . Help

James Morrison was this guys name ... he wanted iTunes money ,very persistent !
Met him in words with friends so be careful everyone ! Scam for sure ...

Dr. John Campbell working for Unit Nations as oncologist. Claims to be widow with a daughter sandra. Apparently working in Iraq. Fell in love with me in s couple of days!!?

All dating sites should have a video chat feature on there website platform.
To make sure you are communicating with the person in the profile photo on the dating suites. If you meet someone online
That doesn't have some kind of income coming in when you go broke she/he will be leaving just as fast as the money you spent on them. D lion

I’ve got a bold scammer, who Skyped me twice, and what’s rare is he matches all the pictures he’s posted. A 50 yr old white male, blond hair, Thomas Jason Parsley, says he’s American, born in Denver, posted Texas driver license and Army ID, I googled address on license and it was a city hall in Texas. He said stationed in Turkey with Army, ranked high up a CSM Sniper /teacher, when he Skyped he had more like thick South African accent, said spent teen yrs in Germany, and that’s reason for accent but it was so thick I couldn’t understand him, no American should have accent if moved as teen to Germany, said retiring soon with 25yrs service, has 13yo daughter, Clara is living with nanny in Canada while deployed. Parents deceased, an only child, his wife died of breast cancer. Met on POF, wanted me to switch to Hangouts immediately, sent long romance emails daily with at the end a YouTube attachment of romantic music video, after few days he wanted me to get a computer part, I played along, asking how’d I know which part, he said it’s very expensive and I didn’t need to get part from the store Pretoria South,second clue Pretoria is in South Africa, just get a Money order and give him receipt. Told him I’d think about it, asked him why’d we never speak on telephone, said if I’d get him an Amazon card that he could add me to his plan, I refused he got belligerent, stating I didn’t support him or care, blah blah blah. Also said he had millions in account, so he’d pay me back, he sent fake investment statement, also an African name. I stopped talking immediately, he tried for two days to get me to reply, I didn’t and reported him to every anti -scammers site could find-there are several that are free to add your story- you can upload their pictures, their alias, phone numbers and email addresses , even upload their email messages or text to report them. Good luck to all, and never ever send money or give them information.

Mine matches all his photos too and none are stolen when I tried to reverse image them. His daughter however is fake (found her image on google - Australian actress) who needs an iPhone urgently for her birthday and can I send money. Yeah watch me!! It is so easy to get sucked in when you are feeling vulnerable

Does anyone know of a scammer named torin hamilton

I fell in love with someone who instant messaged me on Facebook. He appeared quite handsome and age appropriate for me (I'm in my 60's). He told me he was a Marine Engineer and was supervising 40 men on an oil rig in the Indian Ocean. He said he was born and raised in Germany but after his parents were both killed in a car crash when he was 19, his uncle moved him to the UK where he's been for the past 47 years. He said he had been married to a woman for 20 years who had been an Orthopedic Surgeon...Scottish woman...who died 6 years ago of cancer. He said he has one daughter (Jessica, age 17) in a British boarding school. He asked me to chat with him away from Facebook and helped me get set up on Google Hang out. He was at first very classy, romantic and intelligent. He gave me a lot of attention, which I didn't realize I was needing until I received it. He told me he couldn't use his cell phone or use video chat because of pirates nearby that are sea criminals out in the sea waiting to hear pings from cell phones in order to attack and rob nearby vessels and boats. He said he had two friends killed by pirates. I actually believed him since I had read about pirates out in the sea, especially surrounding the Indian Ocean. He sent me a lot of pictures of himself in various settings. He told me he knew the president of Ghana and was working on buying an oil rig and extracting gold, oil and gas in Africa to pipeline to the UK. He had a picture of himself with the president and some of him on an African beach with armed guards around him (that he said the president had furnished to keep him safe). It all sounded so wild but the pictures seemed to substantiate his stories. He eventually asked me for money but it was discreet. He told me he had worked in Australia a few years ago on an oil rig and had put 2 million dollars and documents in a locked brief case that was stored in a security company. He said the security company in Australia just emailed him and told him they were shutting down and that he had to come pick up his parcel within 3 weeks. He told me he didn't know anyone in Australia and said as crazy at is seemed since had only known me a couple of weeks, could I receive the parcel if it could be arranged? I wasn't sure I wanted to do that but I asked him to send me more information. He had someone who claimed to be from the security company in Australia email me and asked me to provide my personal information (a lot) so that I could be made a beneficiary in order to receive the parcel. Of course there was a cost of almost $7,000 that I had to send in order for someone to tag the parcel with my name on it and pay for a roundtrip airline ticket for the courier to hand-deliver the parcel to me in Colorado. I told my friend I would not send any money, which made him upset (first time he was out of character). He tried to convince me I would get my money back and then some. He also professed love and desire to move to Colorado to spend his life with me, including bringing his daughter. The email from the Australia security company seemed bogus to me since there was no letter head or no phone number. The person writing it also had very poor English and was obviously not using English as a first language. I asked my friend for a phone number of the security company, which he later provided. I tried to call the number but it wouldn't go through. I then googled the first 3 numbers, which was a number in Ghana. I confronted him about that saying it seemed like an African scam. He said he was confused, too, why that number was given. I stayed firm and would not budge. He was depressed and said he was going to lose his money. I tried offering him good suggestions about what he could do but he would not hear of them. He had his daughter from the British boarding school email me, which I thought was odd. He said her only language was English but her email was clearly broken English and she kept referring to me as "Ma." I was convinced this was not an English speaking daughter but I didn't know who it was, (maybe it was him). On his Facebook page, there were many people who "liked" his pictures but these people were all from India. There were a lot of red flags but he kept romancing me and touched my heart somehow. I'm an educated woman and am not easily seduced. He was VERY good at it....poems (that I found out he copied and pasted from other sites), romantic video songs, sweet messages many times a day, etc. He did call me a couple of times from Hangout and he sounded like he had a German accent but now I don't know. I couldn't see him since he said he couldn't use the video feature (pirates!) and he said he was taking a risk even calling me, which he kept very short. He then asked me for iTunes ($200) gift card so he could continue to chatting with me, which didn't make sense. I refused and confronted him how much that was out of character of him to ask me for that. He insisted it was only because he was out on the rig and needed to support his internet this way ,but that didn't make sense. He became more and more angry at me for not complying with his wishes. We eventually broke it off because he said I was too stubborn and hard-hearted. I was suprised at myself that I could be so emotionally connected to such a con, but I was. He was very sweet at first and very intelligent. It was almost like another person took over and spoke. I wonder now if there was a team of these Romeos? I don't know but I'm warning all of you out there....anyone can be scammed....never send money. I'm so glad I didn't, even though I considered it. I felt like he had an agenda all along and when I didn't fall for it, he chewed me up and spit me out without any caring that he had previously professed having for me. Anyway, that's my story!

Has anyone come across a Peter Bennett?

Alright anyone spoke to Michael Rosa? This is not for me but for someone that I know. I already know he's a scammer. He pretends to be in the navy but provides air force and navy documents as proof that he's done with his mission and trying to go home. There's always a reason why he didn't make it back whether his mother is sick or he was detained at the airport. And oh get this he got scammed for his airline ticket. He can only text no phone calls. He just got into an accident and now needs 29000.00 ummm yeah. There are so many red flags from beginning to now. I hope one else fell for this. I'm still trying to talk my friend out of think he's real.

Beware of Thomas Zedler - claims his wife died of cancer 2 years ago and needs Amazon gift cards to buy his son presents. He hangs out on Instagram. He will not call you but wants to connect on Google hookups.

Hi ! Please don't mind my English, I am from Belgium .
I met a guy on Instagram, and after a week of 2 he told me he went for camp , he is from the Marine Corps.He is single , no parents , and he fell in love with me and I had been asked to be his confidant, he said , because he needed to add a person as his next of kin , so whenever something might happened to him , there is somebody the authority can contact with . After we met we talked through whatsapp, he also called me once ! Now we only talk through Hangouts !
Then he got sick , so sick . I got an email from his base , I was asked to apply an emergency exit through the Headquarters and to arrange a replacement because his position can't not be vacant! But I have to pay for this replacement if he will be allowed by the headquarters to leave! But I doubt this so much !

several men claiming to be oil riggers have contacted me on Hangouts....after a few chats they all fell in love with me and then begged....pleated.....and told me it was God's will that I give them money and cards. Over several years they needed money for their kids, computers, their doctors, hospital charges....mothers surgery...and they all would say I was their wife....beware of scammers.

what do these scammers really do with the iTune cards they demand? My oil rig scammer said he uses it for internet subscription but that doesn't make sense.

Thomas_ Zedler on Instagram will follow you and then after a few weeks ask you to log into Google Hookups- he claims that his wife died 2 years ago of cancer and them will call asking for money - in the form of a Amazon card to buy his son presents. If you don't he will claim you don't love him or his son and all of the nice talk goes away real quickly.

Also ladies look and see if he is using Paul Hollywood's photos the British baker! he's good at that!

A Dutch girl contacted me via Instagram. She was extremely attractive. "I'm looking for, true love, a church goer, and a student." She soon was professing eternal love, etc. These statements were often accompanied by a aluring bikini photo. 3 days of this and she was asking for 350 euros, so she could pay her college fees. Could I wire the money to her sick uncle's account. I pulled back from the brink, and realised the scam. Don't get caught. She was good. I am now emotionally bruised and have had to block all kinds of social media.

I come across these scams a lot in dating sites. They ask you to meet em on Hangouts. They sound legitimate at first then say they are in some kind of predicament. They ask you for a card so they can get out of the predicament they say they are in. Just now I was told by person I met on the dating site that she (the scammer) was going to be cut off because her internet connection was "expiring". So I needed to hurry. She asked for an Amazon card so she could stay online and keep talking to me. She asked me to send her a copy or image of the card. I guess so she could get the credentials off of the card. I declined. Happens a lot.

Isn’t there some way the FBI or another regulatory agency to set up a sting operation ? I would gladly help out - my scammer thinks all is good and I - oh so love him back - NOT. He’ll do anything to get money from me. I told him I need to hand over my money to a real person. Not cashier check into some strangers account. I think he might fall for my trap. I hope so. He’s going to pay one way or another. Foolish man.

Love it. I played mine along for ages before I called him. By that point I had messaged all his followers on twitter to let them know he was a scammer. When i called him on it he was “devastated” then became abusive. Blocked and reported. I’d join a sting too

Meet and greet in person - virtual reality isn't reality until you have a meet and greet...

From what i read here there are a lot of men supposedly engineers offshore.I have been talking to a German man living in Texas but apparently he is a contractor,drilling engineer working in the gulf.We have been speaking about once every 2 days he has sent a few pics of himself says his mum and dad are dead and he has one daughter who is in the Army.He told me the other night he had spent all of his money for this contract and had run out and could i send him some he would pay back with interest.I have a huge red flag waving at me but I will not be played so the hunted now becomes the HUNTER.I will now play the game as well and we will see how long he lasts then.Why do people always want to hurt others i am lucky i am tough and have been taken for a ride once before and won't again.If his story is true then he better get ready for my tough demands.

Hi. I met a girl online and after chatting for two months she wants to come to the US to meet. She is a Filipino working in China taking care of an elderly lady. She went to a travel agency to get info on getting a visa and airline ticket. The travel agency sent me an email with information about what is needed for a visa and plane ticket. The email included where to wire money to, which is the postal bank of China. I googled the travel agency name and it seems legit so I also googled the bank and it is real. The email from the agency included the name of the agent who will receive the wired money and then start the process of obtaining a visa and ticket. Does this sound like a scam?

My brother-in-law recently went through a divorce. He has epilepsy and thus lives on government disability which isnt a lot. This new "girl" started talking to him right away on Facebook. He was posting how sad and lonely he was which opened the door for an easy target. My BIL is not very smart due to epilepsy and despite the family warning him he is being scammed he continues to tell us we dont love him or care about his happiness. This "girl" is supposedly an illegal in CA who needed $1,500.00 or would face deportation. He didnt care that it doesnt REALLY work that way. Little by little he has sent "her" at least 3,000 dollars by now THAT WE KNOW OF through him telling mutual friends. He has even had to move in with his mom because he wants minimal bills so he can send as much as possible to "her." I just want to scream. What can we do? Like I said, he isnt smart enough to realize he is being taken to the cleaners.... BTW, his "girlfriend" is using the picture of a DEAD PORN STAR named August Ames... verified by a reverse image lookup on Google. Despite showing him proof of this he denies it and continues to say his family just doesnt love him or care about him. My heart is so heavy and so sad for him and I have no idea how to get him help....

Oh my God! Love is SO BLIND. My friend was about to give $3k to some scammer using somebody else's images today and I had to do an image scan to prove he's a fake. She was not in denial after that point but I can't believe he doesn't believe you. This is so easy to scam lonely people. I'm in shock!

A doctor surgeon working in UN Turkey French Monaco with Family in Italy and Monaco, daughter 10 years old in bording school in week goes to aunt mothers sister at weekend as her mother died car crash when daughter was 3 . Cant get hold of his bank account cos UN dont allow it. Asked for money for cinema meal for daughter and aunt l have via voucher sent though not today and getting hassled sauing l promised ect.. Am l been scammed?? Messages me everydau talks to me everyday at the moment telling me off cos havenot sent the money anyone else have this? Sent money for UNIVAC certificate have bank details it went to and beneficiery cos would not send anything that could not be traced. Anyone else have same??

Anyone heard of Samuel Stone doctor surgeon working UN Turkey??

Just started talking to a 34 year old woman by the name of "Linda Almeida". Airforce.
She just so happened to have to go to Africa for a relief trip. That's fine cool.
But then all of a sudden, wait for it....
She wants something. She "forgot her care package"
Then she wants a steam wallet card.
I let her know all of this makes me wary...we've only talked for less than a week...but shes "already in love with me" and calling me "baby"
I dont know what to think. Her typing sounds like bad English which also makes me suspicious. Just little stuff.
I'm not stupid, I havent gotten her anything at all yet.
I'm lonely and being told I'm pretty and desirable. Makes me feel good. Confident.
But I'm not stupid.

Anyone had any experience with a supposed engineer from White Plains, NY-Lucas Olsson?

My mother in law is being scammed by someone claiming to be named Bernardo Gassman. She's on a fixed income and keeps over-drafting her bank account so I believe she's sending him money. He recently asked for $1600 to cover the "clearance fee" so he can mail her 2 boxes of cash. She won't listen to anyone who tells her he is scamming her. Is this name familiar to anyone? Or the names Andrew Olsen or Aliya Martins, they are claiming to be the "custodian managers" of these boxes of money. We're so frustrated and very concerned! Thanks in advance.

I’m talking to a guy who says he is from Germany , working on a vineyard somewhere in Spain . Has a 10 year old daughter named mirabella. His name is David bieler. He asked for a200 iTunes Card. Got upset when I told him No! And called me right away explaining his ridiculous reasons. Then later on asked me for a loan to fix a tool that broke at the vineyard. He stated that he has invested a lot of money and he doesn’t have any more. His ex-wife left him for another man and now he is looking for the love of his life.
FYI, don’t let him scan you he send me a friend request in Instagram and then in hangouts.

I too was scammed. The first of May 2019. This guy messaged me on a dating site. He asked me to go onto What’s App. I did we text back and forth. I’m widowed and he said he was too. Had a 18 year old daughter. Said he loved me wanted to get married. I told him I wasn’t interested in getting married. He said he was a true Christian. Was from Madrid Spain and has lived in United States for 24 years. Said he did want to meet but never set a time. Kept telling me he loved me with all his heart. He said he had too go to the Gulf on a oil rig. Then he started to tell me he needed money to finish the job. He had my address and I sent pictures. He sent me pictures also. He sent me flowers. But kept asking for money and I said no I’m done. His name so he said was Joachim Pierce goes by Dannie. I didn’t give him any more information. Noticed that some of the pictures he sent were fake. Thank God I didn’t send him anything. Told him that I didn’t love him. How can you love someone that you never met. I deleted all my conversations with him and reported him to the dating site. Noticed that his picture is no longer on there. Now I’m very scared to go on these sites.

Anyone ever deal with a young woman named Luisa from Instagram?
She allegedly lives in Delaware, has a Russian grandmother who died leaving her property, but never paid taxes on those properties.
Wanted me to send money on Amazon cards, then asked me to open a bitcoin account for her so her friend could transfer funds to her. She claimed she lost her ID, and that is why she needed my help to open the account.
She claimed also that she doesn't have full access to the property due to the tax not being paid on them, and because of that, has been denied multiple times for a loan simply to pay the taxes to be able to realize the property.

On may 22nd. I was approached on Instagram by an intelligent man named Johnson Miller. I told him how I had been a victim of scammer and he was all about helping me. He was charming and we became only close friends. There was just a friendly connection. He said he was a marine engineer on a ship at Christmas island. He lived in Califirnia but was in Australia in a 6 month contract. Last week he told me he was ready to retire. And I was the only one he trusted to receive a retirement package. I was very uncomfortable about this. There must be someone else. He said he was entrusting his best friend but he left the country. He told meca UN diplomat Osborne Jason would send me details. I asked a half a dozen times about the exact details. He finally came back and said I only needed to send $1000. I didnt want to but Johnson promised he would never hurt me. That when I got the package I could take my part out. So It took all i had to come up with it. Later that night. The "Un diplomat sent me details that was never agreed to. After all coats, I was supposed to come up with $3700 more. And they will not take my word when I say they picked the wrong woman and that I'm unable to help. I keep hearing the same story to trust him and I like never get hurt. They will not take no fir sn answer. Johnson sings beautiful songs to me and treats me amazing. I believe his heart Is good. My problem is trusting the diplomat in sending me the retirement package. I do not have it and in being used and set up. I reported the diplomat but waiting for answers. Has this happened to any if you?

Dr. Francis Martinez says hes on peacekeeping mission in syria sent him 4000 in i tunes and amazon western union 5000 to his.nanny maria.that brazil after he got the cash he.disappeared 5 months ago.. Even had his daughter writing me. Its a scam anyone have similar story

Hodge Edward MD. On a drilling rig in Indian Ocean. Very broken English. Orphan widower one daughter. Photos not been used online (I checked). Then the requests for iTunes cards and sending me 800000 dollars to keep for him. All the while calling me his wife and taking my daughter as his own. He is on Twitter. Do not be fooled ladies. I blocked him on hangouts after calling out his scamming. But oh I’m so cruel. His hearts is broken!!!! Suck it up buttercup. Pretends to be a pediatric orthopedic surgeon specialising in old people!! You have been warned

I am reeling after reading these comments and so angry at myself at being scammed. I was contacted by a supposed doctor on social media. He followed other doctors and posted links to medical journals etc. We chatted for weeks on there and then he asked me to move to Hangouts as it was more secure. I created a new email address (thank god) and added him. His English was poor which worried me but he said he had been born in Mexico and orphaned at s young age. He was a widower with a daughter Fidelia. He phoned a few times and sent photos (all of the same person) and then he started asking for iTunes cards as his network would go off for days on end (he said he was a medical officer on board a ship). I stupidly sent a small amount. Then he asked if I would accept and invest a large amount of money for him. That’s when alarm bells went off. I reversed imaged his photos and nothing came up but when I did the same with “Fidelia” the photos were of an Australian actress!! He’s now blocked and reported however I still feel sad as he was selling me a dream. No fool like a vulnerable fool I suppose. We live and learn

I have an experience with the guy I met on
His name is Adam Benjamin Max. He said he is an engineering and has a contract to work in Darwin, Australia. We were talking for a month with everything fine like normal dating then on the day he plan to come to see me. There was a accident happened with his worker who got bite by snake. That causes him to travel to Indonesia to get a chemical to clean the land safe to continue construction. He has to travel to Malaysia to get chemical and ship to Australia. Turn out it got caught in China. He has to pay under table to custom just to release him out from jail. He has asked me a lot of money to help him out and I did. Does anyone familiar with this name and story. Please be careful don't trust him and share the story. Thank you

Jacob Anderson is another one. Claims he’s an engineer. Lives in WPBeach Fl. Went to Cyprus for 3 months. Supposed to come home for Easter. Then no contact. Translator calls me that he was arrested trying to leave as he owed taxes on equipment that he purchased for the job there. I contacted the embassy in Nicosia and she could not find where he had been arrested. Also said the site he was to be building, the contract he sent me was fake. Then he needed $4,000.00 for attorneys to get him out of jail. They told me I couldn’t send money to Cyprus. He said he had a credit card but wasn’t activated before he left the states. He sent me photos of him here with his dog, at the airport with a private plane. Photos that looked like Muslim country with Gold Dome building. Then money for computers. I didn’t have credit card to buy them here. Fortunately all he’s asked me for was iTunes card and $200.00 in Vanilla Visa gift cards. He’s on Hangouts too. Bugs me. Now he wants my password and username of my bank account so his bank can put money in my account so I can send him Cash cards. This has to be a scammer. I got an email from the Consulate Nicosia and she said he’s a scammer. Do not talk to this man. Same story. Wife died of cancer. No kids. I met another like this on Match and he scammed me out of $27,000.00. David Fernando. Apparently in Singapore. Same story I keep readying on here. I’ve met 4 just like this they prey on widows and if they think you have any money they know all the tricks. One thing. They always call you, email beautiful letters and call you their wife etc. then they go on a business trip and you never meet.
They all want money. I’ve met 6 like this since last August. On Match. Beware.

On Facebook, I was befriended by Mark Larsson who was a soccer coach, He said he was from Abilene Texas and was in China for a coaching job. He had a daughter 12(?) living with her grandmother. He took 2000 dollars from me: iTunes cards, steam cards and I sent money over to help him leave China. He used the phone number 325-400-4312. I deleted all my contacts with him, blocked his number and reported him on Facebook. Said he was 58 and would pay me back. I hadn't heard from him in 8 months and he calls me this week at work, HOW did he get my phone number at work?! I reported it to the police in my town.

On May 3, 2019 on Instagram, a man named Steven Peters Germ contacted me, claimed to be 52, a Marine on a “peacekeeping mission in Syria”, widower, & dad of one 14 year old son, Jack who was in military school in GA. After quickly professing love for me as his “wife”, he stated he could not access his money, his card was taken when he was ambushed, etc. I fell for the dream & I did foolishly send him $ for Google play & Steam cards. He asked me to set up a State Farm bank account so he could deposit his “payroll” check of $2,000 into it for me to send to his son. The bank instantly knew it was fraudulent & froze the account. I was lucky to not have withdrawn $ since I would have owed them. This person took pictures of an actual Marine from Little Elm, TX, to dupe me. Please be careful.

Currently a man has been writing to me. Now he wants to send me money from another country. We have never met or actually spoke. He claims he then wants to be together. I'm not stupid, but I can't figure out how the scam ends.


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