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Has an online love interest asked you for money?

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Looking to start a new relationship? For some, that may mean meeting a new love interest online. Word to the wise: sometimes it’s best to lead with your head and not your heart.

Millions of Americans use dating sites, social networking sites, and chat rooms to meet people. And many forge successful relationships. But scammers also use these sites to meet potential victims. They create fake profiles to build online relationships, and eventually convince people to send money in the name of love.

The Federal Trade Commission receives thousands of reports each year about romance scammers who create fake online relationships only to steal their victims’ money.

Unfortunately, an online love interest who asks for money is almost certainly a scam artist.

The FTC’s new infographic, developed with the American Bankers Association Foundation, lists common signs of online dating scams and what to do if someone you meet online asks you for money.

Below are some tips to identify a real romance versus a scammer cruising for a target.

Online Dating Scams. Has an online love interest asked you for money? That's a scam. Scammers know millions of people use online dating sites. They are there, too, hiding behind fake profiles. Signs of a scam: Professes love quickly. Claims to be from the U.S., but is overseas for business or military service. Asks for money, and lures you off the dating site. Claims to need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Plans to visit, but can’t because of an emergency. $220 million lost in 2016. $56 million lost in 2012. Reports to the FBI tripled over 5 years (4,476 reports in 2012; 14,546 reports in 2016) What to do: Slow down — and talk to someone you trust. Don’t let a scammer rush you. Never wire money, put money on a gift or cash reload card, or send cash to an online love interest. You won’t get it back. Contact your bank right away if you think you’ve sent money to a scammer. Report your experience to: • The online dating site • Federal Trade Commission: • Federal Bureau of Investigation: Learn more at and

Please share this information with others. Victims may be embarrassed to talk about their experiences, but you can help. A simple phone call, email or text, saying “Look what I just found” and sharing this information may make a difference in someone else’s life.

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Sounds exactly like the guy, Harry, I am talking to. Did he send you lots of country songs via youtube? Did he say he spoke french, italian and Portuguese? Very handsome.

Meet a man Harry on POF. We have been chatting on WhatsApp for a month and the love word is in almost every text. He says he’s on an oil rig in theArctic and will be back on 9/10. Only asked for an iTunes card once. I said no and he never asked again. He’s American and no real red flags yet. He 70 and a widowed daughter is married.
His English and grammar are on the mark but I’m cautious. No last names or personal info has been exchanged nor asked. Could this be real? How can I tell. Don’t worry I have no intentions of sending any money not even a penny.

Met a guy on Instagram. Said he was from Australia, on an oil rig in Rhode Island. Was going to wire a large sum of money to me. I didn't want it, but he wore me down. Then before the money hit my account he suddenly needs some of it wired back. Can't provide any proof that money was transferred. Closed my account and re-opened a new one. Blocked him. He has about 20 IG accounts, that I keep blocking. Had me talking & texting on Google Hangouts. Blocked him there also. His name is Richard Miles in case anyone else is being scammed by this SOB.

met a girl online says she is from texas but stuck in Nigeria always broke name they go by is LAURA BENITA always wanting itune cards have sent some now wants me to send her plane fair from Africa here also asking for ssn so beware has got me for several I tune cards

I was chatting with a guy named ARTHUR HEARN. Originally contacted me via FB Messenger, then asked me to move to either Hangouts or Kik to chat. I did have Kik, and on there it says his name was MELAHN COLLINS. He claimed to be in the U.S. Army, stationed in South Carolina. Said his parents were killed in a plane accident, his wife died in childbirth, and he has an 8 year old son. Claims to be in Oman in the Middle East currently. In the beginning he asked me to send money from my PayPal account, when I refused to do that he asked for an iTunes card for his son’s birthday. At that point I cut off contact. Anyone else had contact with this jerk?

Have any of u been scammed by a man named Peter miller!

I was catfished few months ago. $7000 Is there any help out there ??

Met a,man on Zoosk name Steven Mifflin just asked me for a CVS voucher if I could help. I said no. Haven't heard back since also on a guy called to Moore with German accent Fake pictures.

I have a soldier in Afghanistan right now says he on a peace keeping mission name is James Walker or so he says he is wanting me to send him money to come home on but I know its a scam. Also a guy named Eakins Evan needs me to let him put money in my bank account so I can take it out and send it to a third person so he can get home he is on a oil rig. And another is Bryan Lawrence in Africa stayed in hospital 2 months because of a cut hand begging me for money to pay his bill with. And another one is Zack Grayton was going to send me 600,000 dollars that he found out on patrol hes in Syria he is asking for itune cards to update an app on his phone. Please if anyone has had any contact with these men please let me know. They are all trying to run scams.

Beware of.....
Chris Brandon
Johnson Long
Byron Tanner
Steve Smith Lopez

All scammers wanting money or cards. Use WhatsApp & hangout

Has anyone come across an Eric Busque a software engineer from Chicago, wife died in childbirth and has 3 kids? Also a Bernard Austin who lives in Miami with a 4 year old son whose wife died of cancer? Currently stating that he is in Estonia in talks for getting his dead wife's inheritance?

Does anybody chat with a guy named Thomas Frosch or widowed , with a 14 yr old son, working in Pakistan as a ship captain.. wife and only brother died of motorcycle accident,....he chatted with me in messenger and wanted me to move to hangouts...he is a thick faced scammer...

I am from singapore. I went to this website Tantan. I met a few scammers already. I didn’t lose a cent. I chatted with this guy, Korean, said he was brought up in USA. Anyway, he left as he couldn’t get anything from me. Then I again saw his face in Tantan and I purposely chat with him. He totally didn’t recognise it’s me. So I reckon those photos we saw and chatting with from these sites are being brought or syndicate. It’s not them.

Watch out for a guy named Marcel Giovanni. He is using someone else's photos. There are some Facebook profiles with other names using the same face. Marcel Giovanni Morgan and David Brown Morgan. He claimed to be a geologist, widowed with a young daughter. I feel sorry for the guy he stole the photos from.

Someone in Nigeria started instagramming me said he loved me- professed u dying
Love - asked continuously for money had a large sum in An account in USA that he could not use since he was out of the country.. working on Petroleum rigs. Supposedly got hurt needed surgery .... last time he asked for money I ended it saying when u back in the States contact me. Do not ha d the money...Have not heard from him since.. was really hurt...

Any one get asked for their verizon password?

I would go to Verizon and ask if they can tell if your phone has been hacked.
Supposedly there is some code or indicator on cell phones when someone has or has tried to hack into your phone.
Google" how can I detect if my cell phone has been hacked ?"
Good luck!

Met a woman supposed to be 38 years old lived in Killeen Texas Facebook went by the name Sara kiss then changed it to Ruth kiss .
Has some kind of connection to Nigeria can speak pidgin have no doubt she or he is Nigerian...asks for Amazon cards

Taylor Morison6060 started chatting with me on Words with Friends. I finally gave in to his many requests to email or chat on Hangouts. I created a new email account, and we communicated through that for a while. Then I broke down and invited him to Hangouts. We have been communicating since August, and he has asked for money for tools he lost during a storm (claims to be an engineer on an oil rig platform in the Gulf of Mexico), money for his starving son in boarding school in Istanbul, and, most recently, iTunes cards to repair a problem on his computer. He also wanted me to contact a securities source company in England which he said was shutting down, claim to be his wife, and ask them to send two suitcases containing over $4 million to me until he comes home. Of course, I could keep 10% of the cash. HA He is quite the romantic and promises that we will live together "as husband and wife". I'm only out $25 for an iTunes gift card which I shared via a photo. The measly amount angered him, and he is now asking for more. Does anyone else know this guy supposedly from Tennessee?

*Stupid and crushed* does he ask you for pics of you..?? Then tell you how beautiful you are! Who knows which of our pics he is using! Probably not mine cuz I am short, dumpy and 61!!!
My Martin Williams We started chatting with WWF game So.
His picture on WWF was him in a titlist cap on a ship with mountain shoreline.
He said he was on a fishing tour trip with his son. The next pic he just suddenly offered with him lying down ecposingbhis that on his upper left arm in remembrance of his wife now 5 years. I keep putting him off on the itune card. He us expecting it today but I think I will tell him the truth... I do not have the money even for the amount of $10 . look up the iTunes card scam! They get our cards or codes via texted picture and sells then for discount. Never cost them anything.
He is somewhat of a night owl when he wants to talk with me.
Do you have a bad connection when he talks.
I think he is synthesizing the accents to follow his story.
One time he asked me for the third time the some sort of question about Love.
While I am answering him and giving him what for... He erased the question. Trying to make me look crazy as I had asked him how many internet woman dies he correspond with!!

Hello Buckeye, I just read you posting. You mention he is a night owl, keep in mind the TIME Zone difference between the US and Africa. Night time in the US means morning in Africa. In Africa they are Rolling Black out with their electricity system, limiting internet access also.

Has anyone come across a man named Jones Engle ? I believe he is an scammer impersonating an us soldier. He has talked about money gram, Amazon gift cards , iphone 7 ...I have not given him any of those. He mentioned an person named abeboboye kayode who supposedly helps him but I believe he is abeboboye kayode himself.

I meet a guy in the web site chispa, he said he was a militar and was on mission on West Africa and his mission will be done by november. His pictures are very attractive and he sended me videos of him playing guitar in motorcycle.
After 2 or 3 days talking he was asking for iTunes card that he really need it..he was bagging me for help desperate so, I say that I can't but at the end I but it for him..2 days after that he was talking about that he was losing connection there and they will not have more internet access, he was asking for money I said that I didn't have that amount
He just insist that please help him or make a loan for him that he will pay me back...he always said things like he want to marry me and that he loves me so much...which I didn't believed. Also he send me many pictures with things like I love u forever, My heart belongs to you etc.kind of creepy .
He keep texting me all day long for the same thing, at the end send a money order and was in a name of Nigerian person, so I ask him why can be in his name, he just told he doesn't have the ID for that country.
I ask to hear him at least he send me a voice message with a weird and funny foreign voice..that definitely can be him..he still asked me for money last story was that couldn't go to jail for a munition lost I block him....but he still sended me texts from different phone numbers, e-mail me...
This is a real actor!! Only lies

I am African lady 51 living in Africa and working, met a black American man 64yrs now 14 yrs ago. I used to send him gifts years back, he never sent me even a posted mail, nothing. He failed traveling to meet me due to Passport denial, Child Support Arrears (he said so). We have been in and out of relationship, but since last year we have been more serious on our decision to meet and I promised to visit him and things were just fine. But, he asked me for money US$ 20 giving silly reasons (he is on disability allowance - he can't work due to shoulder and neck problem caused by accident). I said no to that. After a month, he asked me again for US$ 40! I said I will send once I have it, currently I don't have it. That has put me off, I am no longer sure what kind of a man this one is. He has family, sisters, brothers, nephews, father and all around including friends. What could he be?

Oh, was I taken. This guy showed up on messenger said he was on an oil rig in the North Sea. His son, whom I spoke to several times was in boarding school in LA. Any way our conversations went on he told me he was an engineer and diver. Then one day he said your my lucky star I found a trunk of gold bars in an old ship
He showed me a picture of the ship and the trunk of gold. Then he said he needed papers to get it to the US. He needed a whopping 100thousand. I started checking on things myself the legal way was to.get a license for $95.00. Then call the coast guard and the receiver would take control of the gold for one year, if no one claimed it it could go to the crown and he would receive a portion of the proceeds. He refused, said his way was the right way. I refused to give him money. These guys on rigs make tons of money..The last I heard from him he was asking for$20k. I quit. It's not true,, don't even think he's a diver. I found one picture he had told me was him under water fixing something, wasn't, it was a guy in the Navy. This guy is a true scammer, the only part I can't figure out is his son, maybe he's in on it. Will never know.

Anyone heard of David Eaves from Murrieta California, Caucasian Army on mission in west Africa. Wife died of cancer two years ago two sons Nelson and Zaiah live with nanny. We met on instagram,switched over to WhatsApp. He send me pictures in military uniform and voicemail sounded like he’s from Liberia. Watch out for him he’ POND SCUM

Does anyone recognize these names? I received msgs from them and trying to figure out if these are false profiles before responding. Johnson Austin or Mark Lison Steve.

Hello Miki, please lookout for RED FLAGS. Please continue to read these posts, you will see plenty of similar RED FLAGS that will give you cluses to a scam.

I've had 3 instances of people trying to scam me. The first was six months ago I received a facebook messenger from a krueger william. He said how are you doing you are very beautiful I'd like to get to know you my name is krueger and I'm from nevada but currently in Afghanistan for us army trainings. I said hi and he asked me if I was on WhatsApp I asked him what that was he replied LOL and blocked me. 3 months ago I got another message request from the same name and picture but it wasnt the same account. He had the exact same story. He said he was from nevada but was stationed in Afghanistan because there are so many terrorist attacks he needed to be there to make peace. Within a week he was telling me he loved me and wanted to have a happy family with me after he got back to the states. But the facebook messenger said he signed in using a nigerian phone number. I asked him why and he said it was because he had been stationed in nigeria prior "so he could join hands with the terrorists and end the bombings" when I asked him what his service commitment was he said "we dont talk about our secret missions stuff here baby" . I wanted to play along with it as far as I could go and asked him if there was anything he needed while he was there. He said no they have everything they need there and there's no store near him. But then he said "do you know what you will be doing for me while I am here pretty?" I asked him what's that and he said he needed me to buy a $200 Amazon giftcard take a picture of the code and send it to him that would be the only way he could get it.he needed it to upgrade his apps such as WhatsApp. Facebook messenger and kikr because they needed to be upgraded within a week so he could continue to talk to me . He then said "you will be doing that every two weeks baby" I took a screenshot of a amazon card and sent it to him. He said "Google chrome amazon giftcard and send it to me why pretty " he then tried calling me on messenger and said this card is used. I then started calling him a scammer for trying to get money off me. He said "I didnt ask money from you . You asked if there was anything I needed and I told you I need the card to upgrade my apps. I never asked money from you it's just a card."I told him it doesn't cost anything to upgrade any of those apps especially that much. Then he said well I need to put apps and music on my iPhone. I told him to leave me alone and he kept saying no please dont do that I couldn't bare it. He even said he graduated from high school in nevada bu had horrible English and grammar. Finally he said block me then. So I blocked him and unblocked him and right away he said oh thank God you unblocked me. I said I still want you to leave me alone.. he said why did you unblock me back amber? Why did you unblock me back? And would send mad faces. I blocked him and now his account says facebook user. I posted his profile on my facebook account and had 3 other woman in my small town say he too contacted them wanting one to open a bank account with him. 1 week after I stopped talking to "Krueger william" I got another facebook message request from a man named Ben from Lagos nigeria. Within 2 weeks he was saying he loved me so much. And "ben love you so much" right away asking for pictures of me and telling me how beautiful I am. Every conversation was how are you doing today my love? I love you so much.. and me asking him why he loved someone he didnt really know. His answer was "i am a black man from Nigeria am 30 years old" "am 30 years old am no longer a boy so my father tell me to get married " and he would keep saying not to ask him that that I needed to believe that his love for me was real. He said he wanted to marry me after talking for 3 weeks. And he wanted to come to the states if I would invite him to come and get his visa for him. I asked him how much his visa would be and he quoted 3 different prices and I asked how much would a plane ticket cost.. he replied my agent said close to $5547 USD. He would tell me he loved me every day and say how are you my lovely wife to be. It would get me mad that I would ask him why he loved me and he would dodge the question.. it was like he just expected me to accept that he loved me for no reason at all. Recently he told me he was scammed recently by a woma. From Dubai who needed money for her daughters hospital bill so he used $250 his parents had given to him for a masters degree project to send to her and he was glad he found me because I make him happy. It really got me mad when he said "I love you because I have never been with a white woman before and I know you will be good to me" I told him I'm not white and if you bothered to get to know me you would know that. How can you tell someone you love them without knowing them. Finally today I told him to leave me alone I disnt want anything to do with him.. he said please stop saying that it hurts too much. I said I know your trying to scam me because I looked up the price of a plane ticket and it was only 1500. He said yes 5000 for a plane ticket is too much. I just confirmed how much the ticket will be with my agent and they said it will be 1500. I said that doesnt make sense how could you have asked your agent twice and gotten that big of a difference of prices. I continued to tell him to leave me alone and he said I know you dont feel the same way I feel about you. But we can atleast be friends. I said no. I'm not your friend. I cant believe this many people have gotten scammed and they're stories are wildly ridiculous.

Does the name David Keller sound familiar to anyone?? Says he’s a widow, wife “Jane” died of breast cancer 4 years ago. Independent contractor had to travel from California to Istanbul,Turkey. Needed money upon arrival as he was being held in an interrogation room at the airport because of the large amount of cash in his suitcase. Said needed the money for “better food.”
Now days needs 5-6 thousand dollars in order to finish his project there in Istanbul .
Obviously I’m not giving him a penny.
After reading so many of these posts, it all sounds like a broken record. No money, can’t use credit card, widow, biblical, etc.
such a scam.

Anybody contacted by Pedro Travis? Claims birthday of 12/20/1957. Claims to own homes in Albany, WI and Cherry Hills, NJ. Widowed or divorced. Wife died of cancer. Has two grown sons. One married with one daughter, lives in Australia. One deployed to Syria with US Army. Pedro has an OurTime profile (which may have been blocked) and a FB page. Currently he is telling me he's a freelance soccer scout who's in Cairo for two months (recently it's become 3 months). He is signing players to play for clubs in Europe. A couple weeks back he accidentally deleted the music off of his iPod and asked if I could purchase a gift card for him to use to redownload the music. I told him flat our that I wouldn't give him a dime. Since then he has stopped telling me that he lov s me, just that he thinks of me constantly and is working extra hard to finish his work. Yadda yadda. I haven't replied to him since Wednesday. He is still texting every day asking if I'm okay. I won't be responding to him. I just wondered who else has been contacted by him.

Check this out...5 different females all live in Ghana. All hairstylists all gorgeous all live with grand mother 2 have sick mums 2 lost the father 5 months ago 1 is taking care of sick grandmother. 2 asking for itunes cards 3 want money for passports and visa to U.S. all are in love and want marriage and start a. family right now. I was on dating site for 3days before I was first contacted by one of them. Its been 2 and1/2 weeks now. They all are wanting money and they all are very pushy. I'm 45 yrs old and I did not just fall off the turnip truck last night. I've since left the dating site and blocked them from my hangouts account

Someone is trying to have me send them money and I know it’s a scam please let me know what I should do so no one falls for it

She found a charmer on Match, he sent her a monogrammed pillow, "CT + MB 4ever", persuaded her to leave Match and talk direct to him...a year and 50K later, the bank closed her account and investigated her. He was sending stolen money for her to repay to others. Is there any recourse or recovery? I know he will never be found, but she can't work until her last breath to repay this money. What can she do?

Could someone please tell me this guy is fake. He's supposedly in the military and been asking me for money. He goes by the name Stanley Florence Epps. His Instagram is Flawrence123

Well, first I met this guy online and he said that he was a in a business travel, and he need 2
Two a 100 iTunes card for his children, so I told him that I dont had the moment at the time, so he send me a check that have 2500 so, I believed in him and I deposited the check in my bank, later that day a bought him just 2 cards of 50 each, and I sent it to him. After that he just disappeared. And my bank accused me of Fraud, I had to talk to the police to explained them what happened and the end they solve that issues, thx God I didn't lose any money.

All of this just makes me sick.

I have a girl I'm talking to with similar situations. Shes talks about being the live of my life and asking for money and such. She goes by the name Samantha Henningan.. Anyone come across her?

This all sounds familiar! Member of the United Nations Yemen, I do research to find information a person by his name with the background, etc. His wife died 3 years ago, his kids need a Mom etc. He just asked for a small amount of money for paying fees at the kids school.

What gets me about this person is I worked in El Salvador for a decade doing human rights work. He could describe exactly how it felt to be in the same situation. Going through a check point and knowing exactly how that felt. Nobody is just making this feeling up. There were other things he said that would be hard to make up.

He knew I was an easy con. Very lonely..

All you do is type in a search engine reverse image search. Upload the pic. There are buttons to upload and one to see the results. The ads are in between but the buttons are there. It works!

Thank you for posting this. I found out Christopher Jackson is in fact someone else!

I was approached by an instagram guy who was supposedly from Australia but working as a miner in Charlston, sc, his name is Honestman, Stone Neal? but wanted a relationship on his terms, his first wife died, has 2 girls, and they are in Ohio with his mom, so trying to turn me into a robot, then wanted me to help him get his girls itunes card,,, then I knew it was too good to be true. so beware of him,, showed me pictures, nice looking, but never talked, but could tell how he typed,, couldnt even spell name right. but deactivated him real fast,, not falling for that crap and no one is going to tell me how to live for that,, so beware!!

Hi, everyone I`m new to these internet love scams. It happened to me for the first time recently. A French girl whose name is Emilie Moralex, contacted me via Facebook first and we started chatting. After 4 days she fell in love with me at least that is waht she said. She suggested we move our conversation to Google Hangouts. She said she was from Bordeaux but currently working in Ivory Coast. She wanted to come to meet me, but she said that she borrowed some money from her boss and that now her boss is holding her passport and she can`t go anywhere. She is asking me to send her money to return to her boss or he will send her to jail. Isthis a scam or not?

Hello Fool for Love, yes, this is a scamm, IT will continue to ask for money, IT will continually fall on hard times. You will never meet IT. Also French is a common language in that area. Use caution.

Has anyone been scammed by a guy called Jackson nickel based in Egypt as a Marine?

Here is my story. I met a man at a coffee shop in Italy. He claimed to be a widower and to have a daughter studying in the UK. He also said he was an architect in California. Anyways we spent the day together and he said that he had to go work on a project in Turkey. So we have kept in touch. Last month he asked me to go to his bank acct online and to send a provider in Hong Kong money for some materials he needed for his project in Turkey. Then all of a sudden his bank acct is frozen because he is in a high risk country and he asked me to send him money. We are still in contact because i have hope that he will repay me. In my heart I know he won’t but i guess he got me. The reason why i sent the money was because I did meet him in person and I saw his bank account but now I think it’s ficticious. Anyone else experience this?

I was scammed three years ago and it has haunted me ever cents. It was done on and I was feeling particularly vulnerable because my mother just died. I come from a great family many brothers and sisters all of you are married and I was divorced. I honestly think I was temporarily insane. Because everything I did absolutely on characteristic of me. I was still grieving and I was ridiculously vulnerable . It went on for process of months and long story short I did end up giving him money based on his ridiculous story. He actually had an accomplice to the posed as his daughter. He was supposedly in an accident in England end it woman did actually called me to tell me what happened. To even recount of this it’s more painful than I can even tell you. I truly have suffered financially because Of this decision but I have to say I feel less alone and slightly ever so slightly less stupid. Knowing that it has happened to other people as giving me some strange sense of comfort.

I currently met someone on Military Cupid. His name is Andy Hoffman, we starting chatting on Kik. He has sent me over 10 pictures but is unable to chat. He states he is from Newark, NJ but is stationed in Qatar. After about a week, he keep bringing up his little girl and how she is upset that she hasn't received a gift from her dad. He then went on to say a guy friend usually helps him out with his daughter Lorrie's gift. He then asked me if I could help him out with GC from Amazon or ITunes. Being in the financial industry I already new this was a scam. I made it seem like I couldn't buy the cards due to a divorce I am going to. Andy got upset, when I told him my attorney told me he was scamming me... he basically turned on me. Also, I reversed look up the pics he sent me. I was able to find the owner of them who actually lives in Texas.

I have been contacted by this same man. He told me his name was Andy Graham Hoffman. I chatted with him for almost a year. Met online, he said he was from New Jersey and his wife died. He sent pics of him and his daughter, Lorrie, but never could talk in person. He eventually did call me and he had an American accent so I didnt think he was a Nigerian scammer. He got a gift card out of me however as we continued to chat, he was relentless that I wouldn't give him my information so he could transfer money to me. He did the exact same thing, when I refused to give him anything, he turned on me and said I didn't trust him and he couldn't be with me. This was a couple years before you and I couldn't find any photos in reverse image search than. Guess he is still at it. Shame the photos are of the same guy being sent out.

I have read all the comments on this page. Has no one been contacted by General Raymond Anthony Thomas III, socom commander in Afghanistan.?
Wants ITunes cards. Etc. When I ask him about family he tells me about two sons which is on his biography. So I asked him about wife and he said he had divorce. I ask him about grandchildren and he states he has 3 and gives me names and ages. I can’t find anything about divorce or grandchildren? Also wants me to send money. Said he cannot get access to his money right now. Says he will retire in December and be in States December 30. Said I will be at the retirement ceremony and ceremony for socom command when he passes command to the next General. Is this the Real General Raymond Anthony Thomas III!


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