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Has an online love interest asked you for money?

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Looking to start a new relationship? For some, that may mean meeting a new love interest online. Word to the wise: sometimes it’s best to lead with your head and not your heart.

Millions of Americans use dating sites, social networking sites, and chat rooms to meet people. And many forge successful relationships. But scammers also use these sites to meet potential victims. They create fake profiles to build online relationships, and eventually convince people to send money in the name of love.

The Federal Trade Commission receives thousands of reports each year about romance scammers who create fake online relationships only to steal their victims’ money.

Unfortunately, an online love interest who asks for money is almost certainly a scam artist.

The FTC’s new infographic, developed with the American Bankers Association Foundation, lists common signs of online dating scams and what to do if someone you meet online asks you for money.

Below are some tips to identify a real romance versus a scammer cruising for a target.

Online Dating Scams. Has an online love interest asked you for money? That's a scam. Scammers know millions of people use online dating sites. They are there, too, hiding behind fake profiles. Signs of a scam: Professes love quickly. Claims to be from the U.S., but is overseas for business or military service. Asks for money, and lures you off the dating site. Claims to need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Plans to visit, but can’t because of an emergency. $220 million lost in 2016. $56 million lost in 2012. Reports to the FBI tripled over 5 years (4,476 reports in 2012; 14,546 reports in 2016) What to do: Slow down — and talk to someone you trust. Don’t let a scammer rush you. Never wire money, put money on a gift or cash reload card, or send cash to an online love interest. You won’t get it back. Contact your bank right away if you think you’ve sent money to a scammer. Report your experience to: • The online dating site • Federal Trade Commission: • Federal Bureau of Investigation: Learn more at and

Please share this information with others. Victims may be embarrassed to talk about their experiences, but you can help. A simple phone call, email or text, saying “Look what I just found” and sharing this information may make a difference in someone else’s life.

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I had two recent requests. One from a "Temi Topson" in W Africa posing as a Kelvin Bennett from Seattle. His request? 8000k. I was more aware of this scam following a similar ploy used by someone who continues to text asking for itunes gift cards urgently. Both issues have been reported to the FTC.

Its ridiculous how these scammers are every where. I was on Military Cupid site recently. Almost every request I got was a scammer profile. Something needs to be done so they can stop trying to scam innocent people. Of course we play the most important part by recognizing and blocking them. Stay safe everyone, we can be lonely but not stupid!!

Talking with a man who goes by Kirk/Deries Meyers. Was from the UK, moved to California and works as a Software Architect. Now is is in Australia buying gemstones from Lucapa Diamond Limited, to start a gem/antique store in MN as part of his retirement plan. Wife died in 2016, no kids. Has a sister living in Germany.
Very good looking, says he's 53. I have many pics. Asking for ITunes. Send me poetry, said he loves me and wants to start a life together. I even went so far as to look for houses so that we could move in together and start a life. He is a very smooth talker, accent and very sweet and convincing. Says all the right things, and sent me some poetry. I blocked him 2 weeks ago. Looking back at all of our texts, it still seems like he is real. I wanted to believe he was but certain things he was telling me were not adding up. I talked to 2 well known psychics telling me he was a fraud/scammer. I am too embarrassed to tell my family and friends that I gave him a lot of money. Money that I was saving for my retirement.
I haven't found anything on the guy either. I have searched on Social Catfish, google images, reverse phone lookup and have found nothing on this guy??

JEFF ADRIAN BEWARE! This crook has many Facebook accounts, all with just one blonde lady as his friend. He is claiming to be in the military based in Nigeria. He has taken thousands from my sis, who believes if she stops giving money,"then she will loose what she sent, and he'll get mad and not pay her back". This has made her almost homeless, and on the verge of loosing everything. He is from different places on each profile, sad pathetic needs to go to jail, tax evasion.

I can’t believe how much these stories are the same!! I’ll admit that I’m crying as I’m writing this. Does the name Dave Robert sound familiar? Works on oil rig, lost wife and child in auto accident, got injured on oil rig job , asking for 5000.00 to replace laptop, will reimburse when he gets home blah, blah same lies

David Cley. Facebook Messenger scammer. Proclaiming a doctor from Pensacola Florida widowed with son staying with sister while he is working with colleagues on UN contract in Damascus, Syria. Many Red flags: pretending to be an American but unfamiliar with the culture, called patients clients (what doctor does that?), asking me if I drove?, told me he like playing a game called Bingo, as if most American girls don’t drive or know what bingo is! Hit me up for an ITunes card. Asked for it as if desperate. Began to profess his love for me, wanted me to go to Hangout blah blah blah. I almost bought the stupid card!!! I found this blog & it may have saved me $25 or $50 bucks! Anyway I called his bluff. Asked him if he knew what a charade was? Of course not! Sent him the definition, told him I was a fool. He desperately tried to video message me. Was curious what he looked like since he sent photos but didn’t answer. Enough was enough! I immediately blocked. Fortunately only a few wasted hours of my life. Wanted to share so others may benefit as I did. Be cautious of accepting friend requests. I usually only
accept friends of mutual friends which was 1 in this case. Which I checked. Oddly when I was doing my scam research we no longer had a mutual friend. Beware!

has anyone had contact with a woman claiming to have 8 million dollars but has to get married to get it

My man is Martin Williams.
Offshoreman Drilling Engineer in Mexico Gulf Ocean.
Is asking for I Tune cards. After 4 months of communication. Started at Words With Friends.
His voice is European. Says he is from Dublin Ireland.
Has a son in Boarding School who is 8th grade, 12 years old. Wife died 5 years ago. Has a ratio on his left arm with quote of her living memory as she is a ghost in his mind.
He got mad when I told him how broke I was. He said do u think a man wants to hear all this in the beginning if a relationship.
He has money and I should not have to worry about money.
He is an independent contrActor.
He is greater/ words about relationships.
Had wanted me to send a picture of me since he has sent me one of him.
He is okay looking. Overweight like me.. So I think there us a pack of them.
The tekeohone numbers he has shared trAck to Arizona. But are from computer App.
One phone has a NY area code for which when he took his photo he was wearing a NY Albany Hard Rick T-shirt.
Has mustache and Gotee beard .
Both pics he is wearing a cap.
The second pic there were 2 other nicer looking men in the background but It did look like he could have been on a rig or platform.
When we do actually talk, his voice sounds synthecized and fades out a lot.
He usually ends the call abruptly without saying good bye.
He actually had a hearty laugh on one of the calls. Usually he is pretty serious and direct, succinct with his words. Totally opposite me.

Following up on my post about the Facebook imposter person David Cley: I did a reverse photo search with my Iphone on the Google Chrome app and sure enough the real Person was revealed! He is a well respected doctor whose photos are being high jacketed for this swindle scam! Apparently other imposters or perhaps the same person(s) have used this same doctors photos to scam on Facebook. This whole experience has been very revealing! I’m grateful I resisted any temptation to further exploit my kindness. I reset all my Facebook posts past & future to friends and not public! Of course I blocked, reported as spam and deleted.
Be alert & Sober! There are those evil people prowling about & waiting to devour.
Again the scammer imposter is David Cley on Facebook. Do a reverse search on his current Facebook page & you will see the person he is not! I would post the name I found here but I feel it would not be fair to the person being impersonating. Test it yourself with this information please and share with others!

I would be willing to bet it is the same photo that was used to scam my aunt. The man claims to be named Howard from Florida but the photos he sent her turned out to actually be a well known surgeon from Brazil.

Beware of Samual Santos. Owns his own company. Very smooth, claims to have very high morals, divorced, owns own company, has recently gone to South Africa and of course robbed of everything, but the robber gave him back his phone chip. Old FB profile from 2015 shows he is a widow. Met on POF. All the classic stuff written above and now asks for a $50 iTunes card, even sent a fake boarding pass for American Airlines. You can reprint these online, but the emblems do not match with real AA emblems. Just a couple of things to watch out for. The iTunes cards are not transferable to other countries either. I knew this from before as I had tried to send a gift to a friend staying in Mexico.

I was friend requested by a young gal on facebook by the name of Ashley Kelly. She told me she was a nurse from the US doing HIV/AIDS awareness in Istanbul. She asked me questions about myself and immediately fell in love with me. She told me that her parents and younger brothers were killed in a car accident. She said she lost her credit card and the bank told her that she had to come back to the US to fix her account. This is when she asked me for money in the form of ITunes cards to get her back to the US. Texas to be more specific. I was dumb at first and fell for it. Then she was about to come back when all of a sudden her late fathers attorney contacted her saying that her father had a house in Turkey and that she had the option to keep it or sell it. She decided to sell it but of course there were documents that had to be paid for. The first document cost 1500 the second document cost 5500 and the final document cost 12,200. I forgot to mention her Cousin Stormy Lopez from Texas whom she was living with prior to going to Turkey. This Ashley Kelly told me her cousins cell number and that her cousin would help with half of the cost of the documents. I again fell for it and it cost me dearly. She said the house would sell for 1.9 million in US currency. Who wouldn't want to have 1.9 million in his/her account. So the whole time this was going on she (Ashley) would always ask for iTunes cards. So finally getting all the documents paid for she was now able to come home. I forgot to mention the so called attorneys name. Jeffery Donald whom is supposedly from Montana but couldn't find any attorney by that name practicing in Montana. So she has got the plane ticket and is about to board the plane when she collapses and is sent to the hospital. After several days in the hospital she needs money for the bill. She asks me to send her Amazon cards to pay the doctor. That's when I really started to ask questions. She got furious with me and said if you really loved me you would just pay the doctor bill. I refused since I have never been directly billed by a doctor and secondly paid a doctor with a Amazon card. Her cousin supposedly paid the doctor bill. Now that Ashley is back in the US so she says. She sent me a bank statement showing the 1.9 million in her account. Now the bank needs her to verify her identity. She needs to pay 1200 to get her identification. I told her it cost 25 for a drivers license and your social security card cost nothing to replace. She again got furious and demanded that if I really loved her I would get the 1200 in Amazon cards. Apparently her cousin paid for that to. But now that is done she has to have a signature from either me or her cousin on the account since it is such a huge amount of money. I told her she is wrong and that the money is in her account and she can add people to her account if she wanted to. She is now asking for a plane ticket to come to be with me and to get me to sign the signature card but she needs 350 in Amazon cards to book her flight. I am just wondering if anyone has got a friend request from this Ashley Kelly on facebook.

Anyone talk to a Richard K Wilson , oil rigger, from UK, he and son live in CA. Needs money for Attorney to secure letter of competency for contractors. Quotes scriptures, poems, and sends YouTube live songs.

I recently met a guy online claiming to be from Houston, Texas. He even gave me his cell phone number to call him. He said he works as a Underwater Diver and Driller. We talked for about a week before he told me that he got accepted for a 12 million dollar contract in Turkey. The contract was to be for 6 weeks. He messaged me the day he supposedly left and called me from his phone at the airport in Houston before catching a flight to Belgium to get the equipment from there to go to Turkey. He messaged me in "Belgium" saying he arrived safely and that he was spending the weekend there before heading to Istanbul. When in Belgium at the hotel, he actually called me from a phone that had a Belgian number on it. Then he talked to me throughout that weekend. He messaged me before going to Turkey. And then I didn't hear from him for 24 hours after that. When he did message me, he said that there had been a terrible explosion and that 2 of his men on that crew, had died. They found one body but not the other. He said that since he was in charge, that it was his responsibility to replace and get everything fixed at his own expense. He said he got some money from family and friends, but that he had no more due to having to pay for expenses prior to going to Turkey. He apparently had to mortgage his house, etc... Now, he is asking me for $5400 Euros, which is about $8100 in my currency. He started asking more recently about my finances. He says he loves me, wants to be with me and take care of me and my kids. Apparently, if he doesn't get all the money, that he loses out on the 12 million dollars and the contract. He is making me feel guilty because I can't afford $8100 to send him. But he says he still loves and will be with me if I get him the money or not. I have not sent him the money, and I'm hearing from him less and less now. Lesson here is be careful!! Some of these scammers will go to great lengths to pretend to be people that they aren't. This guy even sent me pictures of himself and his family, it's probably not even him in those pictures. If anyone asks for money or gifts from you online, block them right away, it's a scam!!

My mom has fallen for the same exact story. Her guy is John Townsend with an OH DL he sent her. He’s in Italy doing a big job that will also pay out millions of dollars. She’s sent him a few thousand so far. Filed a report at the Millington TN police Dept a Week or so ago. They were talking on Viber and he was calling her almost daily. Detective told me they would get back in touch with each other but I thought she had honestly let it go until last night. Today she is meeting Johns agent at her bank and supposedly he is bringing her a large sum of money in a lockbox that he wants her to deposit in her account. I’ve talked her into opening a separate account if ‘alex’ the agent actually shows up. I’m so afraid they are getting her involved with money laundering or something else illegal. She won’t listen to me so I’m playing along with her acting like I’m skeptical but that all this is perfectly ok so she doesn’t shut me out too.
She’s just trying to get the money back that she already sent him and he’s convinced her that she’s getting that back today at the bank and enough to pay all her bills off. Other than falling for this romance scheme she’s of sound mind so I couldn’t take guardianship of her. I have no idea what to do but go to the bank with her if he actually shows up. I hope he has another emergency and needs more money. I believe that will be the straw that breaks the camels back. After all she already filed a report with the police on fraud.

Has any woman out there been scammed by a guy named 'Mike Baros' who is supposedly on an oil rig in Brazil but from the United States- European accent. Sends pictures of himself with his" 13 year old daughter named Jenny- I know he is a big time scammer and I think his real name is Peter Denisson but I am not sure. I am curious how far his tactics take him....

Hi summer18, on what site did Mike contact you? i met someone by that name on coffeemeets bagel app. Been chatting with him for a few months now and he just recently asked for me to send $$. He claims to be on a rig in Brazil and has a daughter Jenny. Hope you didnt send him money.

I have a friend who she met on Instagram named peter devlin. Same story, in Afghanistan , wife died at child birth, has a 8 year old girl in boarding school. He asked her to marry him and wants to move to her state. How do I help her? Anyone heard of this man? I have a picture

I believe his name is Prince K Kessey on facebook.. Sent me a friend request. Told him I live in TX, his next message asked me to move to Sherman with him so we could get married. He "loved" me within 24 hours of talking to him. ( I don't believe ppl fall for this) He told me had a 5 bedroom house with an indoor and outdoor pool and he was on assignment for a muli million dollar contract. I told him i needed an address before I could make a decision to move, he told me he would get the address. He sent me an address and when I googled it there was little more than a shack in Sherman. He then said he was far from Sherman and couldn't find what he needed.. An itunes gift card to complete his assignment faster so he could hold me in his arms faster.. Lol. He asked me about 10 times if I was going to get his itunes card. I had a good laugh and blocked this idiot.
This is probably the 10th nigerian scammer that has tried to scam me..

I have recently met a guy on Facebook and he wants my hangouts ID because he doesn't have much time to talk online ..messenger. When I didn't do that he ask me for my phone number i said i wasn't ready to give my number out. Now he seems upset and I realized something wasn't right. He continued to beg for my number or hangouts ID . So my reply was ..btw that's not my real name on my Facebook profile, it's my nick name and man did he get mad he blocked me!!

This man goes by the name Stefan Moritz, very charming german,widow, looking to scam women, by asking for checking account, credit cards, $500. for Itune card. Will charm you and tell you how much he loves and wants to marry you. If you do not do what he says he will stop talking to you immediately. Don't fall for his scam.

I signed up on this dating app hinge.
There is this guy that says his name is Patrick James black he has a daughter named Angela and his wife died of cancer. He is deployed in Syria should return in January. He is saying how much he loves me way to soon doesn’t even know me. I added him on hang out and have been talking alittle.He sends pictures in there. Today he has said he needed some advice about his nanny and he was concerned about his daughters care because he sent the nanny money and now the nanny is asking for more and he is oversea with no access to getting the funds sent to her. He asked me to do it. I said no. Has anybody experienced this? I tried to do the reverse image thing and it comes up with nothing. Just his stories don’t make since and I talked to him on the phone once and he has a very strong accent.

Disregard my last post I could be just overthinking things

Sounds suspicious.. I always wonder why these people do not have relatives who can help them.
If they are serious. Then again. I would be doubtful. They are always over seas when problems pop up and they need money. Stories how they were robbed or need additional money.

You are not over thinking! You are correct, this guy is trying to scam you. All the classic signs. Cut it off immediately! Your instincts are right.

I met this “special forces tactical officer” on Hinge who was on a base in DC for a week prior to deploying to Jordan for a mission. We talked all week via what’s app and everything was fine. He then sent me a video from the plane prior to leaving. Once he got to Jordan he said he needed to work on his retirement package so that his retirement from the army was good to go when he gets back at the end of November. He asked me for an ITunes gift card for $200. I said no b/c I live in DC and who has an extra $200 to throw around. I said this probably wasn’t going to happen since I have never met him in person or anything like that. He is still messaging me but I can tell something has changed. I reported it to Hinge and deleted my account. And now this AM I am receiving an email that someone tried opening a credit card with my name. His name on the site is Northy Whitney.

I met this guy from joumo dating site. His name is Leslie ex-BBC Journalist but was dismissed in 2004 after his wife dead. Now he is a writer and editor working on his own. He lives in Aberdeen Scotland. He has a son 26yo pursuing Phd in univ of toronto.
We have been chatting for more than a month. He was finishing up his script writing job in Colorado Spring USA. He sent me more than 300 of his photos.. alone and with his friends.. when he was on vacation and during dinner with co workers. I received his photo almost everyday. To cut short... we fell in love.
Last 2 weeks he finished his job in Colorado and decided to visit me in Malaysia. He has to take his payment in Athens, Greece. He flew from Colorado to Milan (transit) to Greece. Get his money, bought few things for me and my kids. He emailed me his hotel reservation for 10 days via . Flight from Athen to Malaysia has a transit in Istanbul, Turkey.
This is where everything gone wrong. He lost his phone. He only has my contact number which he wrote on boarding pass. He was detained by customs because in his hand luggage he didnt declare the amount of money he has. Then the cargo luggage was retrived by the customs officer.. expensive handbeg shoes branded items was found. The customs officer (Farouk) informed me he is charged of money laundering because of the amount of money and branded items. I need to pay euro940. He borrowed one of the customs (Zeinaf ) phone to talk to me earlier explaining the situation. Then we lost contact... since i dont know what to do and i dont have the money.
Being curious after 3 days i whatsapp Zeinaf's phone asking what happened to him. Zeinaf told me that he is really sick and warded in hospital. 3 days after that i contacted Zeinaf again asking how is he. Zeinaf told me that i can talk to him in the evening because she is in night shift. So we did talk.. knowing his condition with HBP i decided to help. When i asked Zeinaf how much i need to pay.. it already increased to euro970. It takes time for me yo TT the money.. so i ended up paying euro1100.
When the TT cleared it was already after office hour in Turkey. It was Friday. So he cant get his luggage until monday to enable him to continue his journey yo Malaysia. On Monday, where he supposedly to claim his luggage.. there is another charge.. some sort of luggage handling charge with gst at euro1200.
I dont have anymore money to help him. So he stucked there till now.
By the way, coincidently Zeinaf can speak my language because she studied in Indonesia. Leslie sound like normal british guy.. not like nigerian or african and he writes good english too. I did suggest to contact the british embassy but he is too afraid to do that because he might go to jail.
So am i being scammed.. or this is genuine case?

was looking online for a itunes card to send to a girl so she could get more data lets see cud midden i think is her name but after reading what i stumbled onto maybe i wont thanx for all you nice people for opening my eyes before i sent money man she was a looker to booohoooo

You should say her name to warn everybody else

Contacted by ALAN GATLIN on Words for Friends 2.
Chatted for only a couple of weeks. But claims to want relationship etc. etc. Dead wife, 22 year old daughter. Working in Houston Texas Geologist but claims to normally reside in London. Claims to be a Christian. Needs iTunes cards . I have not sent.

Has anyone come across any dealings with George Walker he was sent to Malaysia on a work contract.... his wallet was stolen out of his unlocked car , his boss will not help him get home and needs 4000 dollars for a passport which was stolen and air fare?!

Sounds very much like one called Peter Eiswerth on Facebook... Malaysia, stolen Passport & credit cards, no money not even for hotel, no friends, business partners will not step in.

My sister in law met some guy from Kenya on Facebook few month ago. She is being chatting with him and skyping.He Didn't ask for money or so she says. But she wants to go there .We are very worrying about her been scammed.

Did anyone get scammed by a guy named Albert Graham?

Has anyone been scammed by Jerry Jones or Davis Luke

Was just contacted by a guy named Davis. No last name yet. Says he is a financial advisor and is 45. Says he came from England but actually was born in South Africa. Something seems off. Couldn’t find a Davis Luke online so not sure it’s the same guy.


I have met this guy using the app Coffee meets Bagels. His name was Ivan Petrova, he told me that he lives in LA, but suddenly he got transferred for work to Belgium for a couple of months. He seemed to be a gorgeous guy with manners and great conversations. We were talking for a while then he told me he felt in love with me and I was the woman that he was waiting for, he mentioned he was Christian and talked too much about the fact God brought me to his live, called me his "Queen" his "World." Well these scammers say what you want to hear so be careful....Then suddenly he had issues with his connection and he took forever to respond using another app Hangouts. He requested some help, he said that he didn't had his password for using his account on iTunes...He asked if I can send him a card. When I denied it.. he apparently got offended lol he gave me a number that in my research was not from Ca. Instead it was from Atlanta. Once he tried to contact me by the phone, it was a kind of tricky since he had a weird accent. So ladies be careful these scammers try to take advantage of your needs of companion or love... a decent man never will ask you for money. Good luck.

Exactly. Similar experience recently. 40s, divorced, attractive, business owner, Catholic, lived in St Louis supposedly but number he called from was landline in Minneapolis. Only spoke on phone once and connection was lost. Couldn't figure out accent. Said he was born in US but raised in France. Dad was was American and died and all his family were in France. He said he a house in St. Louis and wanted to find someone after being single for four years. Pictures he sent me were good looking white male in casual sweatshirts and sometimes glasses so at first seemed legit. Sitting in a car or semi tired looking on his sofa. Talked thru Hangouts as well. Professed love and loyalty quickly which I was skeptical about and told him, but he said romantic things and had talked about previous heart break in his marriage and that God helped him find me. Finally there were discrepancies in his convos, and some pics looked to be taken in Europe that he said were taken same day. He finally he sent one that he looked like a fitness model and the kitchen appliances in background looked foreign. Recently he had business contracts worth a lot of money and asked for iTunes card which I questioned him on as I couldn't understand why he himself couldn't purchase it himself and for his own business. Then he mentions 15 yr old daughter he had custody of but she was in boarding school most the year. I decided to get him checked out and his photo images came up as someone else. I looked up the real person and confirmed pics were of someone else. The real person had so many photos on Instagram-super fit, attractive, stylish, AND a tv personality and gay activist in Portugal! Imposter picked casual pics to represent himself including ones with family to create a convincing profile. Wasted 2 months but I didn't give him anything but time and he didn't get anything from me so I kind of wasted his efforts as well. Ha, but still...

Just got contacted yesterday on OurTime. Profile name is FunRadioGuy16. Age 62 in Des Plaines, IL. Asked for me cell number and email. I gave an email I only use for dating sites. So far his wife died of cancer 4 years ago after 32 years of marriage. One daughter studying abroad for medical school. This guy claims to be CEO of a construction company. His name is Douglas Hale. His Gmail address is douglashalejewels @gmail. com. I sent him an email asking about 20 questions. I probably won't hear back from him, but thought I'd share because he's active on OurTime. He has a FB page with photo that matches OurTime. Has very little info. Has Karen Hale pending ad his daughter. I'm sure this is all fake. He's a scammer who is active now. Attractive photo of a balding gray haired man with attractive goatee and glasses. The second photo on OurTime is not of the same person. Beware of Douglas Hale. Also, cannot find someone with this name and age on TruthFinder.

I met this man on (Henry Hoffman) and had so much in common. (lost wife to cancer and son in auto accident. ? ? ) Daughter studying in Ireland. Told him I was from Ireland, he claimed he grew up the next town over. He does have an accent, not sure it is Irish. ) Have communicated for about 6 weeks. Professed his love for me and I checked out that he did live here in US where he said he did. However, Henry Hoffman is a popular name. He sounded like a good person to continue this relationship. His emails are so eloquently written. Have not met him, as soon after we started communicating he got a contract (construction) remolding a hospital in Nicosia, Cyprus. So off he went. He sent me a copy of the contract. But who knows , that might be a scam Calls frequently and says it is cold and rainy. A couple of days ago he asked me for a care package. Protein/power bars Cliff, Luna and Lara bars and men cologne Told me the size (lg) and said I could get at Nordstrom's. Cost of the two bottles would be $500. In addition , he asked me for clothes . From underwear to sweatshirts, pants and a jacket. REALLY ! He makes more money than I , why can't he go into town and shop for himself. Get the feeling this man may be a native of Nicosia with no money. He did send me a picture and it does match the one on a business site. Just wondering if he has stolen the real Henry Hoffman's info. So no care pack from me and hope he gets the hint, but hope he is not the person I would love to have relationship with. Live and Learn Has anyone had any contact with this man??

I have been dating with a woman. She is from South Africa. She wants to marry me not matter what. She wants to meet me but I she wants I transfer money to her back account for the ticket $700. I suspected and asked her for passport copy. She emailed me and it matches here name and photos.
But I am still confused. She also emailed me the bank details.

Please advise. Thanks.

What is her name? Does she claim to be a British nurse working for UNICEF UK and the UN deployed near or in Pretoria, South Africa? I am communicating with a person there in a similar situation.

I have a guy right now saying he is a part of the U.S. Military, in Syria right now. We have been messaging back and forth for about 5 days and all of a sudden he has asked me for an Itunes card so he can have internet to keep talking with me. He has even called me and talked to me on one of these apps. As soon as he asked me for a card, i got suspicious and have been ignoring him. I feel sad because he really seems to like me. How can i tell if it is a scam

Almost a 100% match of a story my sister told me a few weeks ago she’s been talking with him for some time now not sure if she’s been sending him iTunes cards or not but nothing he says to her makes a lot of sense what’s the individuals name

Please help me make sense of this. I've been talking with a guy that went to Cyprus and lost his credit card. Now he has a friend that is wanting to send me a check to cash for him and then send him the money so he can get back home. I know this has to be some sort of scam but how does it work? If somebody sends me a check how does this actually scam me?

Sometimes scammers send fake checks to people. They ask them to cash or deposit the check, and then quickly send money to another person. If you cash or deposit a check, and take money out right away, you could lose money.

That's because it can take days for the bank to find out a check is fake. If you take money out right away, and then the bank finds the check was fake,  you must repay the bank all the money you sent.

Has anyone been scammed by a man named Adam Hayden? He says he's a sergeant with the US Army in Afghanistan. He fell in love with me really quick wanted me to send him $350 for him to get a cell phone so he could communicate with me. He said the cell phone had to be purchased through the military and I should send the money through Western Union to his CO and they would get him the phone. I'm pretty sure he is trying to scam me because I see where there are a lot of scams that fake military personnel are asking people to purchase telephones for them when they don't actually need it. They can use Skype and cell signal is horrible there. I just wanted to let someone know that he is a scam. He was talking to me on OkCupid and after he messaged me I went back to look at his profile and it was already gone.

I have this situation going on online love interest who calls himself John Connor, was supposedly deployed to S. Korea, and is needing iTunes cards as well. When I convinced him I have no $$, he later fabricated a story that his deceased fathers property was about to be confiscated by the African govt for back taxes...he now wants his colleagues to send me their donations, which I will need to pick up at Walmart or Western Union and forward to Africa for the caretaker of the property to pay the back taxes. Hmmmm...I'm so naive, but glad I checked this site before doling out cash.

Does anyone talk to a guy of the name teddrick stuck working on a cargo ship since been sailing had all sorts of problems but claims to have much money at home


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