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Has an online love interest asked you for money?

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Looking to start a new relationship? For some, that may mean meeting a new love interest online. Word to the wise: sometimes it’s best to lead with your head and not your heart.

Millions of Americans use dating sites, social networking sites, and chat rooms to meet people. And many forge successful relationships. But scammers also use these sites to meet potential victims. They create fake profiles to build online relationships, and eventually convince people to send money in the name of love.

The Federal Trade Commission receives thousands of reports each year about romance scammers who create fake online relationships only to steal their victims’ money.

Unfortunately, an online love interest who asks for money is almost certainly a scam artist.

The FTC’s new infographic, developed with the American Bankers Association Foundation, lists common signs of online dating scams and what to do if someone you meet online asks you for money.

Below are some tips to identify a real romance versus a scammer cruising for a target.

Online Dating Scams. Has an online love interest asked you for money? That's a scam. Scammers know millions of people use online dating sites. They are there, too, hiding behind fake profiles. Signs of a scam: Professes love quickly. Claims to be from the U.S., but is overseas for business or military service. Asks for money, and lures you off the dating site. Claims to need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Plans to visit, but can’t because of an emergency. $220 million lost in 2016. $56 million lost in 2012. Reports to the FBI tripled over 5 years (4,476 reports in 2012; 14,546 reports in 2016) What to do: Slow down — and talk to someone you trust. Don’t let a scammer rush you. Never wire money, put money on a gift or cash reload card, or send cash to an online love interest. You won’t get it back. Contact your bank right away if you think you’ve sent money to a scammer. Report your experience to: • The online dating site • Federal Trade Commission: • Federal Bureau of Investigation: Learn more at and

Please share this information with others. Victims may be embarrassed to talk about their experiences, but you can help. A simple phone call, email or text, saying “Look what I just found” and sharing this information may make a difference in someone else’s life.

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OK - so I just met this guy 3 weeks ago on e-harmony, very smooth talker, and we have been texting everyday and same story he tells me I am his only friend and he is falling in love with me. His wife died 3 years ago and he has a daughter in school in Germany. He says he was born in Germany but now lives in US. We have never met only text everyday and spoke to him one time. So he tells me he has to take a business trip to South Africa to the diamond mines. He claims he is a gemologist and was hired to go and certify diamonds. So he (if he really is) has been in Africa for a week now and he is telling me they will not let him leave until he pays an overstay fee of $10,000, e-mails me an official looking document, he said he has some money and only needs me to send him $4,500. I said to him don't you have a credit card, and he tells me that he did not bring one because the diamond mines and that area do not accept them. I say to him, your a grown man who told me you had to transfer 3 million dollars to the diamond mines before you went there and you don't bring a credit card. I told him to go to the bank there and get money, if you had 3 million dollars last week I am sure you have more money somewhere. Needless to say I am not sending him a dime. This is all happening right now, so I am going to tell him that I can not get the money and I will see what he says. I am just glad that I did not give him my last name. This is just crazy and I am going to notify e-harmony .

I have been chatting with a guy who I met on Zoosk told me he loved me after the first week !
He then said he has to work in Madagascar whilst there he said he couldn’t get internet connection and could I log into his bank account and screenshot the balance .....balance was big !
Following day he asked me to send hom 900 pounds as he couldn’t get access to his online account he said he would pay me back double ,
I think he is a scammer he also phoned me but his voice didn’t match his picture he was using the name Derrick Moore .

I had the same thing happen to me. The guy said hey to me on Instagram. His name was George Anderson. His email address was georgeanderson474@ gmail. com. we started talking then he invited me to hangouts. He deleted his Instagram account and told me he didn't need it anymore because I was the one he had finally been waiting for. He also said he lost his wife during there third child birth. He went on to even send me photos even though they were not of recent photos I believe them to be of him until I finally printed them all off and realized they were of different time periods. I also realized that the last pic was probably the recent pic of himself. he told me he was 49 years old in which after I told him I was 48. Needless to say when he sent the last pic of himself he did not realize he had a shirt on saying 60 is the new sexy. REALLY!! How was this not a dead give away something is not right. It is true right away not long after being off Instagram that he started to tell me how comfortable he felt talking to me and that eventually he was in love with me. Even showed me pics of his little girls which is probably grown now. Needless to say the time came he said he was living in NY but had to go to KENYA for business. Shortly after arriving there, the problem was with money He needed $7,950.90 to obtain a document from his dad's legacy. NEEDLESS to say after a lot of other things that went on he did not get my money and once he did not get the money I saw another side of him that no women wants to meet. He had such a narcissistic behavior. We ended up having bad words between us and ended the conversation by me blocking him on hangouts and deleting the app all together. Ladies beware No man should ask you for money over the internet, these men are disgusting and preying on women hearts minds and souls. They are such losers they ought to be put in prison and throw away the key. He would not like it one bit if a man did this to his daughters. Good luck ladies I will try and post a pic for you to see this scum bucket that I actually fell for cause he was such a charmer I will not lie, but thank God I realize it before it was too late.

this same guy is on a contact with me now but under a different name but i did checked the photos online he is the same guy he s using now the name of william edisson and its nearly the same stories of travelling and issues with the banks and this blabla bla

I kept getting follow requests from good looking guys. We would chat. Nothing sexual or out of the way. All 3 were in the military. All 3 parents died, no other family, has a kid. Then they start calling me baby, sweetie, etc. I noticed they would end their sentences with "ok" all the time. Who talks like that lol. I figured they were scammers so I played along for 3 days. They professed their love for me lol. All wanted 50 dollar iTunes card. I got a pic of a fake card online. And sent it. I hope they all still loved me after I blocked them lol.

Coincidentally at the time we started texting I received 2 calls from Nigeria. I suppose that was to test if my phone number was valid.

Lastly, watch out for social engineering. These scammers are extracting all sorts of information about friends and family. Identity theft comes to mind NOW. 20/20 hindsight.

I have had the most fun stringing this idiot along, "it" (who can say if it is male or female) must be new to the game. The name is spelt differently depending on if it´s an email or skype (Louis or Luis). His ship was just about to be invaded by pirats however he managed to get to dry land. I said to him, dont worry honey I will come and get you, I have enough money to buy you a ticket out of there. However he doesnt want the money and tells me if this packet has his whole world in it, if it is lost, he will die. I tell him, nothing is more important that life, get on the plane, if he still has his passport to send the number and I will get the Home Office to issue him with travel documents. I get another message not even acknowleding that but telling me now it is so urgent to get the papes out (I still do not know where he is by the way, just that he is a Mercant Seaman). I told him that my friend is married to a police office and I will speak to him to get advice. Still he is undeterred. So eventually I had to send him my full name and address (an address in Marrakech with a traditional female Moroccan name!), I thought if you cant beat them, join them!) and told him that I couldnt send my phone number as my phone had been cut off. WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE LIKE, he´s not even clocked that he has been "scammed". Anyhoo, beware of the name LOUIS or LUIS ELVIS. He has several, albeit new, Facebook accounts. BTW his story is that he is at sea, he was born in Canada but one of his parents were Spanish and his wife and children were killed in a car accident so he returned to Spain and went to work at sea because he was so devastated

Has anyone been scammed by a Jerry Jones or a Davis Luke.Beware they are scammers

So weeks ago I got a message request on Facebook from a woman named Cynthia Thomas when I looked at the message request it said it was from out of Nigeria. I get these all the time so I don't stress it. First thing she does is talks about looking for love and all this other garbage. A few days later she tells me that she is in Pocatello Idaho however she can't spell Pocatello so instead of a saying Pocatello she writes post a Tello so I figured okay I'll ask her some questions about Pocatello and see how many she answers sad thing was she couldn't answer any. That was strike 1. The next day she messages me on Facebook again and asks me to send her money or just buy a bunch of iTunes cards and give her the code number on the back. I told her you're a scam artist and you actually think I'm going to buy you anything dream on cuz it's not going to happen. Anyway blocked her and never heard from her again. Scam artists think that us Americans are all stupid well we're not

So has anyone heard of ronnie hatcher in air force havana cuba? Widow with 2 kids. I feel so dumb .. bought him an itunes gift card. Good looking sweet talker.. can't believe I fell for this crap ugg.

Anyone heard of Ron Dave Peter on Hangouts? Architect.. wife died?

Met a man online, goes by Michael Caraway, lives in PA, works offshore in gulf of Mexico, has 16yr old daughter, asked for itunes cards, now asking for money to bail him out of offshore drilling accident, Needs money to pay for shipping of new machines. Sound familiar?

Hi Buddyboy,
I am sure hoping that you are still checking this site. My best friend has been talking to this guy for about 6 months. He has not asked her for any money at all. However, the story is exactly the same , the name the daughter everything. I am very worried about my friend. Do you have any other information about this guy? This is the only posting I have found mentioning him. He wants to send her something from Paris where he lived for a few years. He also just had an accident on an offshore drilling rig.

Your story has caught my eye, just wondering if he is still operating on this story? Have you had contact with him since last blog? Does he have an accent? Where did Buddyboy come from? Your story sounds very familiar to me. He needs to be thrown overboard!

Yes have had contact up until a week ago, did not send money. Yes had an accent, got a strange email from pastor that said he was black man and he was not who he says he is? Tell me if you have more info on him. tks

Has anyone heard from this guy recently?

has anyone heard from this guy? Anyone getting the same stories I am??

Well, I got scammed too. Only after reading what others were scammed for, I feel somewhat better. He only got me for $160 in Amazon and ITunes cards. How do they find us? I am not on any chat rooms, social media other than my own Facebook. Did the same thing with I am Thomas King by name. Let that "by name" thing give you clue. After a week wanted to switch to Whatsapp. Then I blocked him. I did have some fun conversations so I unblocked him and started chatting again and refused anymore cards. Then, what do you know, his birthday is coming. What was I giving him for his birthday he would ask? Clue again, grammar is awful with these scammers. The only thing I wish is that the guy whose picture he used would find him. LOL One in a military uniform and two others in civilian clothes.

I met a military man online & he says he is stationed inSyria. He has an adopted son in Africa, because the child's parents died. His wife died in an accident and he proceeded his massive love to me. He had me married & the mother of his adopted son in 3 days. He was going to leave the military and come back to marry me. I told him to not wut his job over me. He first wanted $145 to pay for his sons medical card. I refuse & told him I did not believe in doing that with an online relationship. He put me in hangout to talk. He sent me beautiful love notes professing his undying love. When I refused to send him money, he asked for itunes card. I knew he was probably a scammer, but was curious abouthim, so I sent him a small one. He said he was running out of data & couldnt get hold of the diplomat to have him bring it to where he is stationed. When I wouldn't send him money, he asked for men's underwear to be sent to where the diplomat was at the moment. I told him the Army supplies uderwear & soap and he says he does not want to wait for the diplomat to finally ring them because he needs it now. I haven't sent it yet, I know he is probably a scammer. He talks with an accent. I can tell by the way he writes his sentence structurer to me. He refuses to do a video call so I can see him, and has not given me his real name. He says on Facebook he goes by Md Anwar Alli (Ron Jones). He says his friends call him Jones. He told me his real name is MCDonald Jones and his friends call him Jones. That is a very different name if you live in the US. When I told him he wasn't real & that he is using someone else's pictures for his profile, he texted me a picture of this Caucasian man, holding up a sign, saying my name. And here's the kicker, he is the same man in the pictures in Syria, with his name Jones on his dress military outfit. So I have been wondering if I really do have a military man who is sincere. I don't know what to think now. However, his email and the so-called diplomat's email does not belong to any person. He tells me it is really hot in Syria & if they are not careful, may dehydrate. I looked up the weather in Syria and it has been in the upper 40's. He says he cant call me because of some real security concerns in a war zone. On his facebook page, he has all kinds of middle eastern language on it & films. It goes with his accent but not the picture.I do t know what to think now. Please help me.

Anyone here in contact with a male journalist on assignment in Syria?

Anyone knows this guy: White American with "Norwegian origins", very tall, glasses, handsome & athletic, 50ish, suits or sportif, East European accent, his English writing lacks grammar and orthography, sends Love Poetry (not his!) for any occasion, calls you "my angel", very patient and has a deep voice. Widower, "ex wife" died at childbirth, baby too, has a daughter at boarding school in London, has been celibate since wife's death (impressive!), deeply christian orthodox (or similar), very well read and knowledgeable about human psychology. From Dallas, Texas, now supposedly in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia. Believes in marriage after one chat... I am "The One". Calls me WIFE. Wants money as he was "mugged" on his 2nd day in Malaysia, lost everything... No bank access, no friends, no business partners who could help him. Starter Sum 5000 U$. (I sent only once, 300 U$) He keeps trying, blackmailing with my christian duties, a "wife must help", for the sake of our love etc etc. Promised to buy a house in my city, and a trip to wherever he is right now... ANYONE???

Same story it’s a scam

Hi everyone, so I got messaged on Twitter last week from a girl named Sally Hopkins. After an hour of talking she asked to switch to Hangouts. We talked about our pasts and how hurt we had gotten in previous relationships. She said she was 30 years old and had a one year old daughter named Ashley. She started sending me pictures of herself and she was really cute. After a few days I was still suspicious, so I asked to exchange numbers so we could talk and FaceTime. She had an excuse of that she couldn’t call because she had just fallen a few days prior and hurt her wrist and broke her phone. I was 99% sure that it was a bogus excuse but being lonely and liking the attention I continued to talk to her. Over the last six days she told me how she has fallen for me and that I am her dream man. How she wanted to get married and spend the rest of her life loving me. We would text all day, every day. During this time she would ask many times how I would treat my woman and she in turn would respond with how much she would love all of that and would always treat me the same way. She also asked twice if she ever needed anything financially if I could help, even if we didn’t live together. I played along mostly because it’s been over two years since my last relationship and it was so great talking to someone again. I knew deep down that she wasn’t really interested and was just trying to get me to fall for her so I would eventually send money. Then finally today she asked if I could buy her an Amazon gift card and asked how much I could afford. I knew the ride was over and told her I knew she was cat fishing me. She spent the next several texts trying to convince me she was real and trying to make me feel guilty for not believing her and I actually felt guilty and started to think that maybe she was telling the truth this entire time. However I came to my senses and told her it was over and blocked her and deleted the app. I’m writing this because no matter how smart you are and how great of judge of character you are, this can happen to you too. They prey on the lonely and broken hearted. They get you to start to have feelings for them and manipulate you into doing things or contemplating doing things that you know you shouldn’t do. Please be careful out there and never, ever send money. The love of your life would never ask you to send money to them especially so early and especially having never met them or at least talked to them on the phone. It hurts to get suckered and hurts to be made a fool of but don’t think for one second that you’re weak or stupid for falling or starting to fall for one of these people. It happens to the best of us! Good luck everyone and please be careful!

Absolutely agree! Your story is similar to mine. I knew she was a scammer and was tempted to want to believe her. I am a legal professional and know better and I wanted it to be true because I was lonely. Still did not do it and blocked “her”.

Hi. I also just had correspondence with a Mark Destany who claimed to be on an oil rig. He professed his love way to quickly which made me suspicious. He also showed me phony looking letters from the oil companies with multiple misspelled words (much like his texts). I confronted him and he wished me a miseable life and immediate death. He also said he had my pictures (as if this was a serious threat).

Out of the blue I had a Message from a Terry Adams on Instagram saying Hi. He claimed to be a doctor and in West Africa but lives in USA but is from Germany and says he's is in West Africa teaching their doctors about cancer and delivery babies. Has sent me screen shots of himself on numerous occasions and want to video call me tomorrow. He sent me photos of him and the children in Africa and then they today said he wanted to give money to help the kids out and asked me if I could give him some money to help as he didn't have enough. Any sum of money would help he said. He is saying he is a Christian and like all the others I've read on this site, saying very sweet things and texting and ringing at the same time each day. Has anyone else had this guy??

My guy, named Enrico Watson lived in NewYork yet went on trio to Canada to do presentation. Parents died in car crash when he was 16, raised by uncle who didnt live hom and his wife cheated on him with best friend.
And within 1 week, claiming great love, in a most beautiful way. First wanted iTunes card to help put his prezentation together, Then, previous job done wanted to pay him yet it kept bouncing back cuz he had frozen his accts. Wanted me to write to a email, he provided, so I cd open an account and recieve his 4million$. First, no one, esp mot men is soncere professing such deep love without meeting.
And then when I said no, troes to guilt me with need to trust in a relationship...had muktiple angles, .......took me more than once yet blocked him. And will forgive and forget, in heart now

Please any one with the real names of the photos this scammers are using?

Within hours of joining Instagram, I received a number of "Follow" requests from women I did not know. Within a few days of what were warm conversations, they all asked for money. One wanted money for her birthday, and then to buy a plane ticket to come see me. Another had an aunt get sick and needed extra money for the fare to go see her. I refused all requests, and then searched up "strangers on Instragram asking for money", and I found this site. People will say flattering things and act and talk like a friend. They are scammers if they ask for money.

A guy calling himself Colin Cox just tried it on with me, saying he worked on an Oil Rig, saying they work on an Oil Rig seems to be a popular story with these scammer's, judging by posts I've been reading. Luckily l soon sussed him out and gave him quite a telling off using some well chosen expletives. Other women beware.

Anyone aware of a woman named Racheal Wilburn? 30-something, supposedly from Peoria, IL? Met her, within a week she professed her "Great love" for me and wants me to "get a new post-paid phone so she can access it when she goes to Nigeria to reclaim her inheritance" When she said that, the alarm bells in my head started to ring like crazy.

Ha - Rachael contacted me recently on Twitter. So I decided to play along, just to see where it would go. I thought briefly she was real because her Twitter account was activated in 2015 and a lot of what she said about her career checked out. Anyway, she asked a ton of questions about my religious beliefs, how I treat my woman, etc. After 1 day, she wanted to open her heart to me and live together forever. Um, okay. I could tell by her grammar and her comments that she probably wasn't from Ohio like she claimed. Actually she had trouble stringing together a viable sentence. And she claimed she graduated 3rd in her class. LOL She would send pictures that were not selfies and didn't look like they were taken with a phone. Huge red flags. After 3 days, she said she couldn't text anymore and wanted to go back communicating through Twitter (from her friend's phone) because she dropped her phone and broke the screen. Then came the request for money. First it was $250 for a new screen and she would pay me back in a couple of days. I said why don't you just use your credit card? Then she only wanted $100 on an Amazon gift card. Sorry babe, the game is over. Blocked.

I just got scammed by a man name Marcus Wong. He claimed he's from Singapore and been to the US since he was 16 but has accent of a dark color guy. He sent me a picture of his Driver license in CA and asked for my full name, dob, and address l. I trusted him and sent him the information. On my way to Walmart, he asked me to buy him an iTunes card with $100 vaule. I delt something not right since we knew each other for 2 days. So I didn’t buy it and he made me felt guilty for it. I looed up the information about con artist on this website and he has all the characters of a con artist, and I was in alert. He called me again at night time and made me felt guity of not fetting the iTunes card for him but I was caustious and on high alert. He hung up and I blocked his number.

There is a pathetic excuse for a man, who goes by the name “Sebastian Davis” posing as a Drill Sargeant in the US Marines. His story is he’s half Spanish half American...born in Texas, moved to England to live with Mum’s family. Then came back to Minnesota. Dad died at age 11. Mom is elderly and living in Minnesota where he supposedly lives. Has lots of pics and videos of this poor unsuspecting marine. Wish I could find the Marine to let him know of his Identity Theft.
Says he’s deployed in Kandahar Afghanistan. Same story of bad food..needs iTunes cards to trade for energy drinks. Wanted $500 for a pair of boots!!! Told me to send it by Western Union to the name of “Olga Novolenova“.

I met jackson richardson over 2 yrs ago said he was in army in syria - orig from atlanta- said his wife died from ca' and he was retiring soon from military. Was trying to get me to hamdle his money at first and then to invest in bitcoin with him and later to send 4-100 dollar amazon cards - to his colleague who was going to gv him 400 in cash to help get him om a flight home from syria. Give me a break. Called me his fiancee and his queen.wanted me to come to new york n meet him at jfk on dec 16.anyone else know ths person? He took down his fb page and is on hangouts.

I met a girl on match .com and we talked about a week and she wants to come to be with me but said she needs $998 to get visa ,insurance, criminal background check, medical check up. Is this a scam? She is from west Africa Ghana.

I met a girl on match .com and we talked about a week and she wants to come to be with me but said she needs $998 to get visa ,insurance, criminal background check, medical check up. Is this a scam? She is from west Africa Ghana.

Hi I’m have been and currently chatting to a guy in Texas/ Houston off shore oil rig in Gulf of Mexico calls himself Harry Joshwells. Lives in Manchester or outskirts of Manchester it changes he’s Italian (Milan) but also partially raised in USA , only child, no family, parent both dead in tragic circumstances, ex wife cheated and died a few yrs ago. Been in the uk for 5 yrs with his teenage daughter Ariana who’s in either boarding school or with her nanny.
Has an unusual accent, always seems to have a cold and is sick. He’s a drilling contractor and works underwater drilling/welding pipes etc.
Very romantic, expressive and extremely confident, declaring his undying love for me after a few weeks. Calling me his wife and wanting me to be the mother of his daughter and him be there as father to my son.
A good looking, elegant 50 year old with a beard dark hair and eyes. Lured me in with his chat about family, similar interests, photos of his dead parents, his love for his daughter, family and talking about our love, buying a home for our family and that he’s retiring to be with us all.

This guy is good! My friends call me an ice queen and he charmed me to a degree.

I could feel the tell tale signs creeping up just as he was about to ask me for money... crisis issues with bank and yep could I pay for his flight home.... £2,000 - I said no. The amount reduced and reduced and he began using his ‘daughter’ and if I loved him as much as he loved me then I would help him. He wasn’t asking for money just for my love and help for our families sake.

He’s turned nasty, then turned on the charm again... I was hurting him and our family by not helping him. He kept trying very persistent. I didn’t give in and even called him a scammer! He said he was shocked .... oh and he shows you a fake bank account ....

Be careful of this guy hes convincing he’s on badoo.... calls himself Harry J photos in Manchester markets, on holiday , at Italian Grand Prix.... Facebook pics of him on a boat, at hotel/pool with a blonde young girl in front of a cruise ship.

Talking to someone on Hangouts from Afghanistan he says and wants me to send money to the UN to go on vacation for two month in the USA,says he can't access his account till he gets home,I think it is a scam

He sounds like a guy that scammed me, luckily I only sent him 25$ gift card... wanted phone and then 15,000$... sad but true it’s a scam. Don’t send money and report and respverse search his photo. My guy posted photo of Canadian politician!

I was scammed by a guy who was Dennis Fritsch a Sergeant 1st class in the military. claimed wife died and had 1 child. I fell in love he was so charming. I got took for 8,000.00 what a fool.

He just contacted me nice talking. J did research now he says he knows everything about me and is going to get me

Same here with dennis Fritsch. No $$$ for him

I'm currently involved with this girl from Owerri IMO and she told me she needed 80.00 to cover a bill of $200.00 to release her mother from a Nigerian hospital. I met her on Facebook and her profile doesn't look like a model or anything but still not 100% sure if it's actually her I'm talking to. I have mixed feelings about this. One I would feel bad if her mother has to stay in the hospital for Xmas but two I don't want to be played a fool either. I never sent the money so I guess I shouldn't worry.

Btw she goes by the name Precious Anyikwa aka Madu Precious.

Hi there... I came across this website and had to share my story. I used a website that a user above called "wronged" suggested. I took a screenshot of a picture of a guy named Justin_Williams_002 from Instagram and searched on one of his pictures and found the real owner of all the pictures on Instagram. Thank you "Wronged"! "Justin" messaged me on Instagram about a month ago and we started chatting. He claimed to be a Turkish 6'9" contract engineer living in Madison, WI working for a company called Manson Construction. Has a 20 yo brother living in LA going to college. His parents died when he was 20. Been living in Madison for 7 years, but has no friends. Loves tattoos and working out. Very strong accent. Drives a Cayenne Porsche. Then a week later, he tells me that his rea name is actually Jackson Micheal. I asked why and he said "You don't think I'd put my real life on the internet". I was ok....There are so many red flags, but let's see how far he takes this. More conversation claiming that he loved me, wanted to marry me, and how much he missed me. He could only talk to me on Hangouts. Doesn't use the phone or regular text messaging like normal people do, but eventually called me on the phone . It's far is this guy going to take this?
Sure enough, last night he asks me for a $300 gift card from Amazon, claiming it was for his work project. He lost his bank card, supposedly. When I told him I didn't feel comfortable sending him money, considering I haven't met him and that it's inappropriate asking for money from someone you just started a relationship with....blah blah blah... He got really upset and quit talking to me yesterday afternoon. Today, he reached out to start a conversation with me and said that I didn't care about him. He was very upset and said he went to bed crying. Continued to say that he'd never ask money from me. He's asking for a gift care, not money. Just crazy! He did ask me... Did I tell you that I'm not a citizen? I pretended he didn't tell me that. I asked how he could work here then and if he had a VISA.
He said he had a VISA, but it had expired and his work will eventually pay for it again. He doesn't know that I've seen this site yet. I might play him for a little while longer to see how far he'll go. I can see how people can fall for this. Anyways... I wanted to share my story. Thanks to all of you that have posted your stories and making us all aware. I'm going to report his Instagram profile before I tell him "I KNOW". LOL!

I'm glad you did

THANK YOU for your post! I tracked down the real guy in the pics of somebody scamming my friend through Unreal that people do this.

For a year I was used by a military scammer. He used me to send money to his mom and daughter and I thought I was helping. Also he got close to my mother where she sent money to his mom to help. after awhile I thought this is not right. Reason being I just had to stop to think about the men and women in my family who were in the military who did not have to borrow money to have it sent to their families. He used me and I felt like the biggest sucker. Beware of those men professing love to you and wanting you to do things outside the norm especially asking for money. Real men don't ask for cash.


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