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Has an online love interest asked you for money?

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Looking to start a new relationship? For some, that may mean meeting a new love interest online. Word to the wise: sometimes it’s best to lead with your head and not your heart.

Millions of Americans use dating sites, social networking sites, and chat rooms to meet people. And many forge successful relationships. But scammers also use these sites to meet potential victims. They create fake profiles to build online relationships, and eventually convince people to send money in the name of love.

The Federal Trade Commission receives thousands of reports each year about romance scammers who create fake online relationships only to steal their victims’ money.

Unfortunately, an online love interest who asks for money is almost certainly a scam artist.

The FTC’s new infographic, developed with the American Bankers Association Foundation, lists common signs of online dating scams and what to do if someone you meet online asks you for money.

Below are some tips to identify a real romance versus a scammer cruising for a target.

Online Dating Scams. Has an online love interest asked you for money? That's a scam. Scammers know millions of people use online dating sites. They are there, too, hiding behind fake profiles. Signs of a scam: Professes love quickly. Claims to be from the U.S., but is overseas for business or military service. Asks for money, and lures you off the dating site. Claims to need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Plans to visit, but can’t because of an emergency. $220 million lost in 2016. $56 million lost in 2012. Reports to the FBI tripled over 5 years (4,476 reports in 2012; 14,546 reports in 2016) What to do: Slow down — and talk to someone you trust. Don’t let a scammer rush you. Never wire money, put money on a gift or cash reload card, or send cash to an online love interest. You won’t get it back. Contact your bank right away if you think you’ve sent money to a scammer. Report your experience to: • The online dating site • Federal Trade Commission: • Federal Bureau of Investigation: Learn more at and

Please share this information with others. Victims may be embarrassed to talk about their experiences, but you can help. A simple phone call, email or text, saying “Look what I just found” and sharing this information may make a difference in someone else’s life.

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Well i met this woman online on an dating site. We hit off. We got to know each other. Then she started asking me for money. I started doing that, but i wired to another person instead of her saying its her "uncle". Well my money was refund no explanation. Then she travel to Canada for her grandma funeral and still begging for money. I send gift cards by taking picture of it and sending to her. Now she asking me to helping her to send money to come back to United States to someone else paypal account. Not mention an fake check was mailed to me that i tried to disposit via her "uncle". She claims she not an scammer over and over saying she will never commit an crime. This woman will never stop asking for money. It doesn't matter how much i insult her. I want to help her but no video chat but i heard her voice once. She claims that her phone doesn't work. She have no access to no computer. Oh yea her "uncle" died while staying in Canada. So she claims she have no one to turn to but me. I dont really trust her but she playing the cards good with me that sure. Its crazy!! I been scammed too many times. I time to stop this online dating to woman who cant be independent.

I have a question. If you have identified a person as a scammer, should you keep the messaging service open so you have proof if something happens later. I did not give him money when he asked. His name is Richard Rodriquez from Houston supposedly and working in Cambodia on a construction project. He asked me to talk on the Line app. so I have been but now I want to delete the whole app but I don't know if I should because if he has put malware or anything on my phone I won't have proof of the relationship. Or should I delete everything?
Thank you for your advice

I had a man deposit money into my account because (he said) his account was closed. He gave me an address to send some of it to to pay a bill for him. My back caught it an closed my account. I now have to wait 90 and all my bills are on auto-pay through my back with my only income being my SS check with is on direct deposit. Can this man be caught through his phones number(s) ?

Did anyone ever hear about a guy named Coleman Michaelson, saids hes doing engineer work for the USNavy on a ship, he told me that his wife died 4 yrs ago, and his son is in boarding school. He wanted me to send his son 700.00 because he was starving at his school, I wouldn't do it and he got real upset. Now he wants google play cards to keep his internet going and hes really mad because I told him I am broke. Has anybody else met this guy?

Met Jacob Morris on Tinder. Profile said he was a Swedish widower. Architect engineer as a profession. Good looking man, 62 years old, tall very large upper body with massive biceps. Silver grey hair moustache and goatee. Wife died four years ago from breast cancer, has one daughter who lives in Australia and two granddaughters. After chatting on Tinder for a couple of days, he said he removed his profile because I was the one! Didn't want to be on the Tinder anymore because he was madly in love with me. What a joke. He had to fly to Dubai to complete a project which was a large guesthouse. He said he had to book a private jet to fly there because of covid-19. 3 weeks after he was in Dubai, he sent me pictures of the project. He said he was attacked at an ATM buy 3 local men. They stole his wallet and identification. He is asked me for $5,000 Canadian to be sent to him in Bitcoin. Like I may be dumb but I am not stupid. Wouldn't send him $0.05! He said he couldn't get out of there until he paid his workers and he was afraid for his life because he thought they might attack him for non-payment. I told him a man of his profession with that type of project shouldn't need to ask anybody for $5,000. He should contact his bank and make other arrangements. He told me he only has an offshore account. What a joke. And here I thought I hit the jackpot! Just goes to show you can't trust anybody these days. Ladies, if this one rings a bell stay away!!

My Son is an Architect and apparently there is no such thing as an Architect Engineer... my guy was too very smooth met him on Zoosk!

Recently, I started talking to a girl from the Philippines. She asked me to send her money through Western Union/Xoom. She said she doesn't have a bank account and so it had to be cash. We have a long distance romantic relationship. Is this a scam? Or is it genuinely hard to open a bank account in the Philippines. Any help would be great. Thanks.

He says he on oil rig near Asia’s coast that he Engineer and can’t get home because company not paid him. Want me to open Bank Acct to have money from company transfer to it get him home . He asked for in total over $1000 in gift cards for all kinds things from movies to needing update system on computer . He tells me he wants me to leave my husband for him too . Promise me life of money etc.. Show me pics of him , but nothing like on true pic of everyday selfie. He wants me but him phone too . When I tell him no he gets very rude insulting .
Call me Queen / Sweetie . What should I do ? I think he found my address and # / Soc Sec by doing back ground ck . I froze my credit too .

His name is Daniel Dan Kitus, 48 yrs old, (Dan is supposedly his middle name. Supposedly from Dallas, TX. Owns a business but is working a contract job in Saudi Arabia. God fearing and spouts religion at first. Claims to be German born but in states 20+ years. Speaks terrible English but can type it pretty good. Unless flustered, then it's not so good. Loves me. God made us for one another. Calls me his fiancé, I'm married. Is flying directly to me in the northeast when job is complete rather than home to TX. Will move here and can run his oil rig parts business of TX from anywhere i want to live. After a few weeks needs money to collect a box put in a polish security company by his mom as his inheritance. Has a document that looks photoshopped. The security company email is a account.
Supposedly left his wallet in TX when leaving for the job. Can only voice call on Hangout because his phone is old and the screen and camera are broken. Can't get a different one because the board of directors he is working for in Saudi doesn't trust new tech. Used pictures of anther. Copied and pasted word for word about the books he likes. When called out on it, he turned it around that I must not really love him and I have no faith in him or our relationship and to just forget about those things. Now that I won't give him money to collect his inheritance, which I am to receive for him and can keep a % of, he is disappointed in me, he never expected this from me, I question too much. I don't really love him and he realizes it. Since I don't have the money to send I could get iTunes cards. No to that. Said I don't have the money to buy them. Now he wants me to open a bank acct in my name and he will put money in it to then get Bitcoin to then process to pay for his inheritance. And I'm not to question him on anything. Just do as he says. Do they think we are that stupid? Yes, I liked the attention. I will miss it. I wanted it to be real. But I'm not stupid.

Im am out of almost 44000
And he ruined my life
And credit is there anything i can do??
Thank you

I had an online dating experience with a lumberjack named Larry Scott. He is in Mexico and his lumber was stolen so he wanted me to send him money to help out. Anyone have this type of experience?

I’ve been chatting to a ‘doctor ‘ who apparently found me on Instagram ( don’t know how cuz my account is private)
Very handsome a neuro surgeon working for UN
We chat on hangout , he’s sent me videos, pictures , etc
Started to declare his love within a couple weeks
I find it entertaining but I’m not stupid !
I play along asking questions, catching him out here and there
Oh of course he’s a widow , young daughter in boarding school
Want a wife and mother ......
he informs me he has been given a bag of small gold bars from the countries government as a thank you and can I help him get it into Austria ! Oops sorry he meant Uk
I mean really !!! How dumb , I’m far from stupid , but if I hadn’t had a suspicious nature I probably would have fell for him , he is rather delicious:)

WOW! This is out of control from reading everyone’s story’s. I was just scammed also. Well almost , lucky for me my best friend was on top of it. I wouldn’t have sent any money I’m a skeptic by nature, but did purchase airline ticket to apparently go and visit him in milwaukee! My person was supposed to be a civil engineer, lived in Boston but moved to Milwaukee 6 years ago when wife died from a rare cancer to Be with his one daughter who is in the marines. I saw his passport with a similar pic that was on the dating site ( 1st time for me) I’m 60. But anyway told me all the right things over the course of 3 weeks I was done ( put a fork in me) even about a project that he had put a bid on. So 3 days after I booked my ticket he had to leave immediately for Turkey. For 4-6 wks so my trip got canceled (posponed ) so I thought...called me with a turkey exchange every day, also we never were able to FaceTime said he didn’t have i5 on his phone , so this is thru 5 pg emails, phone calls, and text messages. Everyday for 3 weeks, before leaving said he canceled the dating site sub. To totally focus on me. Bunch of whooey ! Day 6 he set me a letter that he was in trouble and owed taxes to the Turkey gov. He was able to get most of the $150k he needed but still need $25k and could I help him out. As soon as I questioned it and told him no money would be exchanged ever, he went from an eloquent 63 yr old man to spoiled teenager. He goes by Frank Mauro on his passport. Silver hair very handsome, Italian, American born in Sicily. He is GOOD! Be aware....

I love singing and joined Starmaker.Guys come through on chat... was previously scammed by a man who took on the identity of a cargo ship captain Mark Williams.. he appeared in Starmaker..using 2 different names on there.. he messaged me cos he hadn't remembered he scammed me before. I warned others if him. Since then 4 others guys have tried to scam me.. they always ask you to go to hangout. You can recognise them straight away.. bad grammar.. sob stories.. profess their love quickly.. always call you 'my dear... theen ask for money usually amazon gift cards.. its sickening.. as others have said they know how to make you feel good... disgusting human beings.. i can tell straight away.. i ask them to download a photo of themselves holding a card with my name on it... of course they can't.. excuses they come up with... BE CAREFUL! Look for the signs.. if your suspicious ask them to send that photo with your name.. if they won't.. they can't.. they won't catch this lady.. ince was enough.. i fell for it the first time..£500 I paid to get him out of jail in Greece!!! I dont feel a fool now cos it can happen to anyone... sont let it happen to you!!!

Looking for potential dates on pof here in tbe UK. Talking to a girl who seems to be interested. We arrange to meet and get to know each other. She lives in Leeds which is like 100 miles away from where I am. She asks if I can give her monry for fuel so she can get here. I'm fine with this. She's booked a hotel room for the night so she didn't need to travel back the same day. The day she's ment to be traveling down her car breaks down and now she's asking me to give her money for the repair. She's asked for money before using PayPal and she keeps using different account. She keeps making me feel bad. How do I report her and get my money back.

Does anyone know a good forum to get opinions of potential scam?

Hi, anyone know a man going by Dr Andrew Ivan Grech? Think I am being scammed.

I too thought I knew better, I was lonely he was handsome. I check him his picture did a reverse image search, nothing. If he sent one he sent 100 pictures of him his child his deceased wife all together. We talked on the phone we emailed texted. He was in Dubai, couldn’t video chat. It’s against the law..... I checked it is! This went on for 7 months never asked for anything . Until one day he needed money to finish his contract. He would be jailed for breach of contract. I researched it. Yes it’s true they do Jail you in Dubai for that. I thought I did everything right my due diligence, We we’re getting a house, talking with a realtor, even had me check out private schools for his daughter . Low and behold I’m out 1600.00 and he has fallen off the face of the earth..... Never ever do it unless you have met them face to face!!

I am talking with this guy, John Williams. He is Italian. He's in Somalia now. He has a daughter who is in boarding school. His daughter wants a puppy, which would cost $400 to $500. He tells me if she doesn't get it, she will get very sick. He says I need to send the money to the teacher, so she can get the puppy. I have not done so, because I have almost been scammed before. I told him I would get a puppy for her, from a shelter and have it delivered to her. He told me that wasn't allowed by the school. He is very romantic. He said his wife and little son was killed in an automobile accident. Please, someone help. I've been hurt before by a scam, which I found out was a scam before losing any money. I need help. These men are so easy to fall for, especially when you are vulnerable!!! HELP

Anyone here been scammed by Harry Blinks of Sydney Australia, 40 year old widower with 7 year old son, working on an oil rig in Germany, needs Steam gift cards and Bitcoin? Asking for a friend who thinks she’s being scammed. She met him through the Hinge dating app

Met on Pof few weeks ago his name is Larry Jones lives in Regina is a building engineer is going to Nova Scotia to work on the rigs. Asked for Google and Steam cards so we could communicate. A few days later he asks for more .
This is the letter he text me!
Dear Mr Larry, 
 We are pleased to inform you that your machine part sent to us on 17th of June 2020 has been thoroughly checked and we found two major faults on the machine part and they are; 1. Oil pump failure and 2. Broken Cam shaft these are the two major reasons that caused the break down of your equipment and from our investigations also we discovered some possible reasons that might have led to these faults, the machine was not operated by professionals and also the oil monitor was neglected and hence the oil might have drained and it was not noticed and that was was what lead to oil oil failure.
The machine part can be fixed sir, we have two options we would like you to choose from firstly we can replace The oil pump and the cam shaft with new ones and that will cost you $84,000 for both parts and delivery included with a full warranty period of 36 months, secondly we can also replace the oil pump and cam shaft from our scrab equipment we have on the workshop and it will cost $47,000 but this option doesn't come with any warranty and lastly you can choose to hire the part form us and use while your contract lasts due to the fact that you stated in your delivery mail you sent to us that you need it urgently and this will cost you $6,700 per month to rent this machine part, so we look forward to your response sir, have a nice day sir and we wish you the best of luck from us.
He sent me this letter that was not a professional letter from any business.
He must have written it himself.
Dear Mr Larry, 
 We are pleased to inform you that your machine part sent to us on 17th of June 2020 has been thoroughly checked and we found two major faults on the machine part and they are; 1. Oil pump failure and 2. Broken Cam shaft these are the two major reasons that caused the break down of your equipment and from our investigations also we discovered some possible reasons that might have led to these faults, the machine was not operated by professionals and also the oil monitor was neglected and hence the oil might have drained and it was not noticed and that was was what lead to oil oil failure.
The machine part can be fixed sir, we have two options we would like you to choose from firstly we can replace The oil pump and the cam shaft with new ones and that will cost you $84,000 for both parts and delivery included with a full warranty period of 36 months, secondly we can also replace the oil pump and cam shaft from our scrab equipment we have on the workshop and it will cost $47,000 but this option doesn't come with any warranty and lastly you can choose to hire the part form us and use while your contract lasts due to the fact that you stated in your delivery mail you sent to us that you need it urgently and this will cost you $6,700 per month to rent this machine part, so we look forward to your response sir, have a nice day sir and we wish you the best of luck from us.
He ask me what I think he should do!
I Suggested the rental!
That’s when he asked me for the rental money so he could continue his job on the rigs.
I said no and he got mad!
Then he asked for more cards!
I said no I don’t have that kind of money he text me in anger.
He called me a few times didn’t answer.
Have not talked to him or text.
Very disappointed!
He told me he had a 14 year old daughter that lives in Georgia with his mom can’t travel to US due to the virus.

does anyone knows John Ed Bastian, he claims to be Orthopedic Doctor, he is offshore taking care of covid 19 oil rig workers he says he works for Doctors Without Borders, he says he has a daughter named Cassie she is 11 and a nanny is taking care of her, he is widow wife die from cancer or heart disease, mom die from cancer too, he says he lives in Riverside California, he said he needs Money to pay nanny because his bank account is blocked and he is offshore.

Has anyone been contacted by a 'Fred' needing money for a contract for medical equipment?

There's an on line scammer at the moment claiming to be till lindermann. The german singer .
This man has scammed a few people he asks for money to be paid into Bitcoin.
I never did this but he is clever
Very worrying for young vulnerable fans .
Wish he was caught

What about a picture of them holding their passport for you to see?

I met a guy on Hinge June 2020. He said he was a doctor with the army and he was stationed at Fort Gordon in Augusta, GA. We arranged a date and then suddenly he was deployed to another military hospital in Germany to help with the COVID crisis. We texted for about two wks. Talked on the phone a few times but the connection was always so staticky and his accent was difficult to understand. He sent me several photos all of him wearing scrubs or doctor jacket. Said he would be retiring from the military Aug 12 and would move into the civilian medical space. Suddenly, he said his bank card had gotten frozen and he was closing on a condo he had for sale in California. The problem was that the debit card number was on all the paperwork. He asked for my debit card number and said he would make me the recipient for the cash sale. I immidiatly got suspicious. I asked for his social. He gave it to me!! I ran a background check and it didn’t match with his name ALAN FISHER MCDONOUGH. He said it must be bc the military classified his information. Anyway, when I told him I wouldn’t give him my bank account number, he asked me if I could loan him $1500 in cash bc his debit card wasn’t working and he was basically stranded there w no funds. I told him no and that I was appalled he would ask me for money. He didn’t get mean. He said he was sorry to have to ask. I told him I didn’t want any part of his financial stuff and if that meant the end of our relationship then so be it. I haven’t heard from him since!!!

"phillipmax48@ " does anyone recognize the email? I am from Mexico, and he asked me for 500 dlls, he says he is undercover cop in Africa. He contacted me on a dating site. I have told him I don't have money, so he did not pressure me, but now he wants 100 dlls,
Is it normal for a man to ask for money when you've only met online?

Look out for a Morgan Max Walker who states that he's a US Marine as Commandant based at Caserme Ederle, Vicenza, Italy. He will declare undying love for you and pay the widower card with you and a 14 year old daughter living back in the US. After a couple of weeks will get round to asking you for an iTune card or help to pay for an order he has placed and cannot pay the shipping as he's lost his bank cards and had to order new ones from the US Bank but once he gets the card he will pay you back......will he ??? of course not. Once you decline he blames you for not trusting him .......keep away!!!

Hi this guy is good looking charming and uses poetic verses all the time . His name is David Peter and works on oil rig, calls me his queen and that I am what he has been looking for, said he is only child and both parents passed. Originally from England and now lives in Houston Texas has one son . He calls us a family , his last attempt to get money I said no again said he couldn’t believe I was denying him to be able to talk to me and our son. I am not going to lie I fell for this guy. He quotes from the Bible a lot. He had me fooled

Met a guy named Jace on Tinder. After striking up a conversation online he tells me he is a telecommunications engineer on an offshore rig in the Irish Sea. His parents are both deceased and he has no siblings or close friends, only his co-workers. After about two weeks he is processing his love for me and where would I like to go on our honeymoon?! Ok.... anyway he wants to then talk on WhatsApp as he says he can't always login to Tinder (sure?!). He then says one of the telecommunications machines has broken down and he can't login to his bank due to there being no signal. He wants money to pay for costs relating to machine parts shipping. He's always calling me my love, sweetie or my Queen. Even at one point my future wife just to ensure that I'm hooked. I don't have this kind of money nor do I have any family or friends to help. He became very angry at this saying I don't care about him and he's going to be in a lot of trouble at work because of this. I mean, come on! If the supposed machine did break and he hadn't met me, how would he have resolved the problem?? Onto the next poor girl I think! Disgusting.

My friend recent met a beautiful (supposedely woman) on an online dating site. He won't say which one.
She weaseled his bank info out of him to "deposit" money into it.
The bank caught it as a fraudulent check. He closed down his account.
He/she goes by Tilly. Short for Matilda? Anyhow, then she asked for a Vanilla Prepaid card just loaded with enough to activate it. Cost was about $25. He sent it. Ugh. Now that he has said leave me alone supposedely the whole family is saying she's so distraught she's in the hospital and even sent pictures.
Shakes my head.

This man by the name Josh Martinez I met him on lovoo and fell in love with him but soon he started asking for money I did send him the money because I feel like he was serious about it

I met on pof Micheal Walter , said he was Irish brother lives uk, he said he worked oil rig gulf Mexico , he said perfect things to get you to fall in love , he claims he was retiring it he needed money to pay helicopter to get off rig.we went back and forward I told him if they got him there they should get him off! Oh he would not stop he was good but not that good. I’m staying away from foreigners soon as you hear that accent run.

I was scam over 10 thousand dollars

I met a guy name George Williams..He told me deployed in Afghanistan..His phone broken due to attack so i bought him Iphone Air max with matching apple watch..I send the phone to he’s colleague as he said because my name is not register as a sender in afghanistan..I also pay for SF..till now,,he never got the iphone i gave..And now asking me $13200 because he told me that he sends our belonging to me worth $500000 and 2 gold bars..Thats why hes belongings confiscated by the custom of canada and as a receiver i will pay $13200 to be able to them to release the parcels!!omg!!i really went to the bank just to pay but thank you they never accept my payment because they said it looks i got scammed!!till now,,they’re waiting for my payment..

There are several names that have contacted me..Thomas Beecroft from San Diego California so called working on oil rig off Germany ...Dr David Justice so called doctors working for the United Nations a called major general stationed in here is a tip off...they all list alot of hobbies...ladies I know of no doctor who has time to do that many hobbies...they are way too busy for that...also all doctors that I know have never struggled with spelling and are not a sluggard in English grammar after 12 grueling years of medical training. They all have a story of wife dying from some terrible form of cancer and have children left behind...many claim to have a child in boarding school in England . Many of them will even give you the email of the child so you can bond...yet...the whole time you are writing to the scammer because there is no child.

Had a friend just fill out a 21 page background check with ALL of her information on it and give to the guy who requested it because he said he is a contractor for the CIA and cannot pursue a relationship without the information . I say he is a scammer trying to steal her identity! But she did it anyway....So be careful of a similar scam. Has anyone heard of this kind of scam before?

I was talking to a person who called himself Frederick Turner, CEO Turner Oil & Gas in New York. Divorced, 56 yrs old. This was on LinkedIn, the company also had a page on LinkedIn. American accent, started talking on WhatsApp, went off to a rig a couple of times then the third time there was a problem with a piece of equipment and he need $8000 US. Said I couldn't do that but eventually said $2000. Was given a bank account of his supplier in LA to transfer the money into. Transferred the money but then contacted by my bank questioning the transfer and decided to stop the transfer and have the money returned to me. He was not happy but I told him the Federal; Police had stopped it and was questioning me. I also had his profile removed from LinkedIn. Has anyone else been in contact with this person?

Mark Aleksi? Oversees doing “oil business” needs me to send him a computer..bec he lost it

I met a man named James Anderson online. Says he works for Bp oil and Alaska on a rig? Asking for money to help him get all of his valuables out of China. I have not sent him anything and have no plans too. He is still hanging in there. Went from 8000.00 to 1000.00. He was able to get his hands on the rest. Anyone talk with him?

So I was scammed this last month by an offshore rig contractor by the name of Lewis Coolman. I work in oil and gas and he had the lingo down perfect. He was smooth, charming and i fell in love. I didn't find out about the reverse lookup until it was too late. He got my money which hurts, my heart broken and left with a hot mess to clean up. These people just truly suck.

Anyone heard of Perry Wilson ? Or Sean Perry?

Does anybody know a Louis Van Hoven? Asked me for a considerable amount of money .. then iTunes gift cards. I have pictures of him.

Be very careful of a guy calling himself Scott Mathew Sorg. Russian guy living in Indiana & here in Tenesee. Claims to be an engineer in road construction. Please do not entertain this guy. He has mastered the art of creating the dream illusion for you. telling you exactly what you want to hear, dream life, love . He will draw you in then play with your heart like a cat with a mouse. Hes portraying himself as a successful businessman going through a divorce , his wife had blocked his bank account with thousands in . He needs money to release his account. And he needs money to go abroad for a work contract. His requests are never ending and always has reasons for urgently needing money.. All he really wants is your trust in him and then your money.. ALL OF IT. Please be careful.

Has anyone talked with a oil rig work Willie Jesse he had been talking toe for several months now he needs money 5.500 for a parcel to be sent I'm confused help

Has anyone else been scammed by someone named Robert Rutter?

Hey there all of these story sounds too familiar mine said he was 51 wife and child died in a car crash wanted me to be his beneficiary so he can cash his check because his account is frozen due to being on contract with an oil rig in the UK asked for $500 in bit coin. Said he was from Germany gave me a really sad back story told me he wanted to take care of me. Found his picture on insta obviously not him. Didn’t give him anything. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is keep your eyes open.

Anyone know the name Josue Sikapa? Claims to be Doctor in Yemen, with doctors without borders you know the usual, Anyway I confronted him about asking me for financial asstistance for help to get his daughter a computer....challenged him at every turn and he kept insisting he isnt one of the scammers, but i never could get a pic of him. Did copy one off his facebook page and did a reverse search on the internet. No I didn’t give him any financial assistance. And to no surprise he deleted his Facebook. Just looking for more info to help warn others. I can see how anyone could fall for a scammer.... i was very comfortable chatting with this person but I live my life with my guard up. Let me know. Thanks!

In January 2020 I met a woman who presented as a wealthy successful businesswoman and real-estate investor but down on her luck with child, offered lavish gifts and marriage , we met a few times, she continually asked for money to pay bills over 5 months I sent $20 000 in total through PayPal and Venmo, multiple text messages of repayment when back on her feet. We both live in the USA. I have her True name and date of birth, we live an hour apart. Local police say its civil, take it to small claims.

I’m writing so others might not fall for this jerks lies!
This is long but, if you get a guy that is like this, you will know!

I was playing “Scrabble Go” on line.
Random people playing the game challenge you to a game.
I had 4 games going with 4 different people.
One was named Mark S.
I didn’t even realize people could message you, until I saw this little bubble blinking at the top of the screen.
Almost immediately, after I said Hello, he dominated the game and conversation, sending me comment after comment.
Seemed like a nice guy. Said all the right things. Im widowed, he was too. He’s 68, I’m 68. He just wanted to talk! Ya, right!
He talked me into joining HangOuts. I did! We talked for hours.
As we were talking I realized I was giving all the answers. He generally answered my questions with another question of his own.
I found out his name was Mark Scott Kufur but, he goes by Scott.
Works on an oil rig ship as a drilling contractor, in the Gulf of Alaska! Had been out at sea for 3 months still had 2 to go. Lived in Houston, Texas and has a 16 year old daughter.
He was VERY into God! Prayed about everything, prayed for me before we hung up. Asked me about praying and did I and all that.
When I woke the next morning, there was a huge letter waiting for me in Hangouts! AND, a Good Morning prayer!
He told me how wonderful I was, how it was so nice to finally meet someone he could talk to, how much we had in common, etc. He asked God in his prayer to protect me and keep me safe, etc. We start talking, morning, noon, and night. We had fun! Laughed a lot! Made plans to meet.
On the THIRD DAY, he LOVED ME! He wants to marry me, we were meant to be together! Well, you know! He also asked me to STOP playing Scrabble Go, because he didn’t want to lose me to anyone else. I told him that was ridiculous, and then he made it like he was protecting me!!! Like an idiot, I did as he asked!
After just a few more days of talking back and forth, he kept trying to make me say, I loved him. This was when we exchanged pictures and email addresses!
He was very handsome and looks much younger than 68! and of course, “I was beautiful!” and “just makes him love me more!” I wouldn’t say, “ I loved him” to him, and it bothered him!
So finally I said, “ oh, I love you too!” Well, THAT did it!
After 2 more days-he was troubled! He couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, couldn’t think straight. His daughter and Nanny in Houston, didn’t have any food!!! If I would give him $500, he would have his LAWYER!, send me 5% of his paycheck. AFTER his contract is finished, as that’s when he gets paid!! ( He didn’t want to ask his coworkers for money). We hadn’t even been talking for a week yet!
Of course I said, No! I questioned him about being in business but yet not having money for his daughter? He claimed he spent ALL his money on this drilling contract, and until he gets paid for it, he was broke! I still didn’t give him the money! I BLOCKED HIM instead!
The next morning, I’m thinking this over! I open my email to a lettter from his DAUGHTER (supposedly!). “Jane Scott”, wrote me, How much her Dad was hurting. He loves me, he’s sorry, please forgive him, unblock him so he can apologize, etc. ( he had told me her name was, Tracey!). I could tell it was him writing, same word usage, misspellings, and such. I answered “her”. After going back and forth, several times, I told “her”, I would unblocked and listen to him. DUMB!
Things were good, for two more days! Then, he was “troubled” again! Same story no sleeping, eating, etc. This time, he was going to lose his internet connection! on the ship! LOL! Could I sent him a STEAM CARD for 3 or 4 hundred dollars? “Just get the Card and he’ll tell me what to do. Oh, and “here’s my phone number, so you can call me as soon as you get it!!!!” THAT was last night! I immediately said Goodbye, and LOCKED HIM PERMANENTLY! I’ve gotten 4 letters in my email today from his, “coworker” Matthew Nannlis, begging me to talk with Scott because he is crying for me! This ends here! I know How vulnerable I am now! This will NOT happen again!
If any of these names sound familiar, or if the scenario sounds familiar, this s the guy! Please be careful!


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