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Has an online love interest asked you for money?

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Looking to start a new relationship? For some, that may mean meeting a new love interest online. Word to the wise: sometimes it’s best to lead with your head and not your heart.

Millions of Americans use dating sites, social networking sites, and chat rooms to meet people. And many forge successful relationships. But scammers also use these sites to meet potential victims. They create fake profiles to build online relationships, and eventually convince people to send money in the name of love.

The Federal Trade Commission receives thousands of reports each year about romance scammers who create fake online relationships only to steal their victims’ money.

Unfortunately, an online love interest who asks for money is almost certainly a scam artist.

The FTC’s new infographic, developed with the American Bankers Association Foundation, lists common signs of online dating scams and what to do if someone you meet online asks you for money.

Below are some tips to identify a real romance versus a scammer cruising for a target.

Online Dating Scams. Has an online love interest asked you for money? That's a scam. Scammers know millions of people use online dating sites. They are there, too, hiding behind fake profiles. Signs of a scam: Professes love quickly. Claims to be from the U.S., but is overseas for business or military service. Asks for money, and lures you off the dating site. Claims to need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Plans to visit, but can’t because of an emergency. $220 million lost in 2016. $56 million lost in 2012. Reports to the FBI tripled over 5 years (4,476 reports in 2012; 14,546 reports in 2016) What to do: Slow down — and talk to someone you trust. Don’t let a scammer rush you. Never wire money, put money on a gift or cash reload card, or send cash to an online love interest. You won’t get it back. Contact your bank right away if you think you’ve sent money to a scammer. Report your experience to: • The online dating site • Federal Trade Commission: • Federal Bureau of Investigation: Learn more at and

Please share this information with others. Victims may be embarrassed to talk about their experiences, but you can help. A simple phone call, email or text, saying “Look what I just found” and sharing this information may make a difference in someone else’s life.

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Hi I met someone on Tinder and I’m not sure if he is trying to scam me or not , his name he says is Donaldson, lives in uk but was born in South Africa and went to live in America but is now working away all over world etc on a mission and will be home to me once finished, he is wanting to put money into my account so I can send him the money to his agent where he is so he can pay for WiFi to continue talking to me, he is lovely and charming etc , I don’t know what to do it is making me ill.

They sound so good, but just a few things give it away.

Has anyone been contacted by an individual claiming to be an US army soldier stationed in Afghanistan on a peace keeping mission? He goes by a name Anthony Andrews from Dallas, Texas. He originally contacted me via IG Instagram and then moved our chats to hangout. I have pictures of him if anyone had the same problem. I experienced the same thing...sweet, charming texts. He asked me for money but told him no so there wasn't any monetary loss from my part, thank goodness but my feelings were invested.

I met a guy on IG and then moved to google hangouts. He is saying same thing. Pictures as well. Jackson Burkett. I believe he is a scammer. Telling me to send money for his mission payout. I will not and you should not.

I think I met the same guy but his name is Wilson from Dallas

I met this guy on a Zoosk dating site. At least he had a friend message me, ask me to e-mail him because he had seen my profile while his friend was browsing through it. Well, I e-mailed the guy. It was very long he was e-mailing me telling me he had waited all his life for me. He started calling me sweetie. Next came the daily phone calls. He could not live without me. He was an international engineer. He had been awarded a project in Cape Town that was to pay 8.1 million dollars. He surposely was living in a small town in Tennessee as I am. However, he had to immediately leave town to start the project, so I did not get a chance to meet him. Oh he constantly told me, he was going to marry me as soon as he returned home. He could not live without me. About two weeks after suposenly sstarting the job, he was headed to his guess house after leaving the site when some men placed a gun to his head and robbed him. He needed me to replace all the items taken from him because he could not pull up his plans for the project without his computer, tablet, I phone 11, and Apple Watch. He said “ I could purchase these items from the Apple store by way of Amazon. I immediately knew it was a scam. I said, NO ! I told him just because you have a map of the territory . It is not the territory.
He still e-mails me every now and then, but I always say, NO! I told him. I do not take IOU’s.

I was contacted by a guy on a dating website named Arthur Muller, though his user name on the site and on hang out are all some version of Castro Arthur. We started talking December 22nd. He said he was a mechanical engineer with Sinopec and was from Germany but moved to Kansas when he was 17 to live with his uncle after his dad died. Says he is on an oil rig off of Kuala Lumpur on a 6 month contract that ends on Feb 28th. And he plans to resign and move to Richmond VA to and start a business. He too professed his love to me early on. Being from Kansas, when he told me he went to school at Wichita State, I believed he was who he said he was. He's been saying he is installing 5 machines to the rig and on Sunday, he told me he was in trouble. the card he was using to buy the machines expired (in the middle of the month??) and he needed $10k to buy the last machine. He told me he can't talk to the boss because his contract says he is responsible for everything. And his card won't be activated for 8 days. He emailed this seemingly fake email asking for help from the manufacturer to get the machine (Pioneer Energy Services Corp) but the name of the company was spelled wrong and it was a gmail address. Whomever responded told him because he was a good and honest man and a good customer, he could pay $3k down and the rest when his card was reinstated. He asked me to pay the $3k which I refused. The destination be wanted it sent to was for a personal account of Somjai Wutthiya at TD Bank in David, FL (it's actually Davies, so that was another red flag). I told Arthur I won't send money to this person until I verify with pioneer Energy services that he or she was an employee. he got upset saying that $3k is nothing and that I didn't trust him. I told him i was looking out for him. he settled down and is now asking for $300 in steam gift cards. The usual...send pictures with the codes. I have been stalling, coming up with excuses why I can't get them, while I have been researching him. His pictures come up as legit, his Instagram account matches. and his voice is definitely a German accent (my family is german). But now that I know his story is so similar to others, i know not to send him anything. he took 2 months to ask me for anything so I foolishly sent him my address. he sent me a valentines gift from Amazon. and he has pictures of me. Does anyone know how I can delete them from our hangout conversation before I totally block him? I googled how to and it hasn't worked thus far. Has anyone also come into contact with him? I am so thankful I didn't sent him a penny.

WOW so many of these stories sound similar to mine. In Oct 2019, this handsome guy, Jurgen Alois from Germany, (lack of the German or NY accent, more of a Hispanic one) lives in Brooklyn NY, contacted me on FB, claimed his parents died in car accident when he was 3. His uncle in NY raised him. He has 12 yr girl, Annie. His wife and infant son died during child birth.
A nanny cares for Annie, while he is out of the county on business. She is in boarding school.
Claims to work for Baker Hughes and is sent to China, Kenya and Texas to work. He was in Kenya when we first started chatting.
He drives a Mercedes SUV and Lamborghini. Has stock in Real Estate and some some Jewelry investment. I sure, all lies.
He immediately said he loved me and wanted to get married. Claimed the women on fb were making him uncomfortable. So he deleted that account and we chatted on hangout.
In Dec, he is home for a vacation. Said his daughter wanted a phone from her Mom (me) for Christmas. I told him absolutely not we just met and I don't "really" know you, therefore not sending. Told me I was greedy and selfish. Do it for "your daughter" etc... He claimed $1000. would not move the decimal point in his account. because he had so much and his daughter wars necklaces that cost more. (A 12 yrs old, really)
We argued over the text. long story short- I didnt send it. He gets over it. We are still chatting.
Oh and I ask to speak with his daughter so she contacts me on Hangout and we chat, then she calls. "Her" voice and laugh are like her dads. I just wrote it off thinking, he isn't ready for a stranger to talk to his little girl. In reality, positive it was actually him.
After his Christmas vacation with Annie and the nanny to Hawaii is over, he flys out to Houston. Conveniently forgets to get Annie a Stream card, and ask me to help him out. Again, told him no and how I now I felt like this whole thing was a scam. Told him it had all the signs of a classic scam operation. So he let it go and and we just continued to chat. Everything seems on the up and up. Im comfortable with him.
Until recently,
He is currently in Beijing China again, yes even with the Corona virus, his company sent him there.
His daughter gets the flu and was in the hospital for 2 wks, and needs shot for the pain in her legs, thus needs to be home under
the nanny's care. Well conveniently the nanny's contact expired, and he needs $1250.00 to keep her on until he returns mid-March. Alleges he just invested all his money into his jewelry investment, so he can't pay.
He ask me for the money, told him no I didn't have it. He is now begging and says he borrowed $500 can I get the rest? Again, No I can't. He has my heart strings but still not convinced it isn't a scam, so I say, I can send you $400. Now he claims he can get another $200, can I get another $100 to make it $500?
Today I am to send this $500, NOT to the nanny but to a good friend, Angel, who he has borrowed $200 from. And this mystery person he borrowed $500 from is also sending the money to Angel in South Carolina, and he'll then send it to the nanny in Ny, so she will stay on until Jurgen returns to the states.
Red flags!!!! Funny how he had this money in Dec and now he is broke, until he gets paid. I had planned to send the money directly to the nanny. The story sounded legit. Totally ready to ignore my "gut instinct." Once he said send it to the friend S.C. I backed off.
How can I share pictures of this handsome scammer?

I talked to a Jurgen on WWF, but I don't remember the last name. It didn't last long.

My mother in law is definitely being scanned but will not accept that. Because people are concerned and try to talk to her about it, she not will not speak to anyone about “him”. She has sold snow mobiles, campers...etc... but now she’s selling her house! Is there a way to check and see if the name being used was used by him in any other cases? Now all of a sudden she’s sending him money through Steam.

Give her this website and have her read it with you. Other dating sites sometimes have warning signs of scammers, posted. I wish somehow we could could post pictures, as I feel these scammers change their names from victim to victim.

Hi, sounds like we’re going thru this now. Any luck with your M-I-L?

His name is James Hermann, 66, very charming, handsome photos, widower, born in Germany, moved to Texas when he was 10 and lived on a farm, now living in Los Angeles, we met on Ourtime. He had an oil drilling contract in San Diego and would be returning home by the end of FEB. We spoke and sent text messages multiple times daily for three weeks. This mornings message noted that a storm had damaged his equipment. Then, this afternoons text message requested help ($4,750 to pay for repairs & helicopter cost). I am glad that my new phone can easily block telephone numbers. Be careful out there girls!

Don't get involved with anyone claiming to be Dmitriy Spivak a. Journalist/ reporter from Ukraine. Love scam. Looking for money . If he doesn't get he black mails you . Usually a United Nations scam

Do they need itunes gift card to top off data or use their phone? As well as, ask for money to get out of a said government contract overseas? I tried contacting the FBI many time no luck who else can we contact? And ftc/govcomplaint is useless they never get back to you or help

I have been thru this as well with iTunes cards. Unfortunately, I never heard anything after filing a complaint.

Has anybody received emails from Krays846@ , Name Kseniya Rays. Supposedly a teacher from Penza Russia.she is 43 years old. Never ask for money except help to buy a ticket and get visa $2,000. Please beware

I was getting red flags after talking to a guy named Patrick Marciano. A good looking 61 year old Italian with a thick accent. Widowed no kids. Lives in CA but owns a house in Italy. He gave me his CA rental address which I Googled and he doesn't live there. Googled name and got nothing. We have talked for about a week. Loves me, wants to marry me blah blah then today asked if I would be willing as his partner to invest in his gold business. Please be aware he was is still on Zoosk even though he asked me to get off and said he would too.

I was contacted by a woman who found me on a dating site. I was suspicious at first but we chatted and talked and emailed for awhile, she using the name of Hillary or Hillarye Bener, phone number 269-430-4787 email: benerhillary@ . She sent a number of photos and videos and seemed may have been legit until started asking for money in the form of Walmart gift cards, which I did do once. When she asked for more and I said no, she then had some scam about me using a PayPal account to help her get money from her family overseas. She also had some story about having to use Hangouts as her phone wasn’t working properly. Of course when I said no, she disappeared.

I met a John Bernstein who said he was from Canada a Civil Engineer who builds oil rigs and large bridges. He photo was professionally done. However when he called his voice and accent did not match his description. He said his father was Swede and his mother was Irish. He spoke with an what I thought to be an African accent. Communication was going well about his day, friends, co workers and such until he told me that there was a rig accident and there was 4 people injured and 1 dead. I could not find any such accident anywhere on line. He talked about using all his funds to help the families of those from the accident and having to pay the African government the taxes for the project before he could access the payment for the project $12,000,000 usd . He asked me to help with $90,0000 usd. My flags went up and my heart went thump! I wrote him back saying that I did not have that kind of money and could not and would not send any money to someone I really do not know that well. I told him that I was cautious and was scared that he was not real. In my letter I told him to prove me wrong. A second email came with the same request for help a favor. Upon this second request I sent an email indicating that I was blocking him. A final email came in saying that I was being unreasonable. This all happend within 2-3 weeks. There was no money sent only a broken heart.

Does anyone know of a Michael Ludvik from supposedly Finland and living in Seattle. Now working in Istanbul Turkey on a work site that he gained the contract for.

Stephen King on an oil rig in California Sea. Sent pics and video and talked once. From Germany, is in the UK. About to loose his business, has a $2M contract hinging on me sending him $3000. He lost everything when his wife died of breast cancer and he took care of her. Talked on Hangouts. So he got approved for a loan and wants my bank info or CC info. Duh so I told him I would get a prepaid Visa for him. He wouldn’t give me his info and wanted me to put it all in my name. Always has an answer for everything. Although I haven’t sent anything, he is pretty upset right now. Part that scares me is he knows where I work (pics on my IG).

I have been talking to this guy who claims to be a soldier who has been deployed to Kabul afghanistan on a peace keeping mission I have been talking to him for a few months and at first he said he wouldn't bother me for money but now that's all I feel I do is give him money leaving myself broke he says he has two children who his mum looks after and his wife passed away a year ago due to lung cancer I want to believe him but my heart says walk away he asked me to take out two contract phones for him and his mum and to buy him 4 fitness watches to send them over to him we talk on the app telegram and I cant get back into his Facebook account as he has deleted it by the looks of things can someone please tell me that he hasn't scammed me cause I don't know what to do xxxx

Hello I had a 3 month correspondence with a man calling himself David Barkley. We met on Ok Cupid . He told me he was a petroleum engineer, widowed with a daughter . My heart got very invested. About 1 month into our on line relationship - he asked if I would help him get a game card . Then he asked if his account manager could get my banking info to transfer money into it . He said he wanted my help puchasing Bitcoin currency. After many back and Forths - as well as my own investigation into on line dating scams- I am 100% sure this person is a scam Artist . I have reported him to OKCupid . They took his profile off permanently . I do have great concerns that he will sign up for Match and try to scam other women. I have several photos of him. Please Let me know if I should send these to you to you so that you have his information on file should he indeed sign up match .com. Thank you, Kathy

Anyone talking to richard richland? 63 yrs old peppered hair 13 yr old boy looks like hes mexican..oil rig contractor no money to get home been a yr and a half..needs 5 k for a chopper ride to get home..very handsome and charming met him on wwf

Wow. Exact same scenario as many of you
David Barkley. Says he is a petroleum engineer with KCDeutag . He is working offshore in the North Sea. 54 years old, wife died, Sophia the daughter is in a boarding school in Canada.
He did not ask me directly for money. And she charmed me a whole lot. Saying how much he wanted to be with me. I could not find his photos in reverse images google .He is a handsome man with a beard and brown hair
He did have a linkedin profile.
And we talked I immediately noticed strange accent that did not go with the English and American. But he gave me a reasonable explanation. I became more invested. He asked me for a game card. He said that this is his way of relieving stress after work. And because he is offshore he cannot receive it so I would send a photo of the scratch off numbers on the back.
After much hesitation and questioning I did buy him $100 Steam card.
I asked him for proof Of his address in California. And he gave me at. I took half a day off from work and drove all the way there to find that there was no such
Then it gets weirder. He said he wanted me to help him exchange bitcoin currency and he would pay me for it. He said his account manager would be emailing me. And Indeed he did - asking for my username, password, account number. I freaked out on him and called him every name in the book.
It was the beginning of the end. I called him a scammer and said told him that I had notified all dating site about him.
I would love to know if anyone else had corresponded with David Barkley
The accent sound like African to me

My Civil Engineer is Mike...yet I can't locate his company or his license. His wife died 8 years ago in a horrific car wreck...yet no search has turned up any such person. Was doing his last job on a oil platform in Canada when there was an explosion so now he needs money to buy equipment to finish the job. I haven't sent any...thank goodness...anyone else have this scenario?

I have been contacted by the man named Victor Wesley he is on FB and Hangout. He profess to have a lot of money. His FB profile says he is a branch Manger for Shell in London. He lives in London, and he is from Netherlands. His English is very poor. As we started talking, about 3 months later he said He is going to Malaysia for an Oil Rig project, one day he called me and said he is short of money because his machine stop working. He is manipulative and kept insisting me to send him money, I was stupid enough to send him money but gladly WesternUnion canceled my transaction because there is a lot of scams in Malaysia. I am worried because he has a ton of women that he is following on FB and someone will be victim like me, except I was fortunate not to loose my hard earned money.

That sounds similar circumstances to my guy - telecommunications engineer whose machine broke down. With all these men having top paying jobs in engineering it's hard to believe that they need our help in getting monies!

Hi got contacted by what seemed to be a genuine young woman looking for love. Within a week of talking she began professing her love for me. Strange, but I ran with it but with one eye open. Said she was half American and half Ghanaian , and living in Accra. The living in Ghana seemed true as she was able to tell me all about the country> However every now and then she would slip, by forgetting what she had told me. I was just waiting for the sting and after 10 days, it came. Asked me whether I truly loved her. 'Yes, of course I did ' was my reply. Then she told the story, could not renew her wifi and could I help her, so I asked how much, she hesitated before saying it would be £441. I just laughed. 'You must really think that I am a fool' and that was that , she was rumbled or was it a he, who knows? Anyway if an Angie Williams contacts you guys beware its a scam. I almost got caught, so be aware. No one gives you something for nothing. Its human nature.

I have 2 questions. Has anyone heard of scam using military personna asking for money to pay the Diplomat for services provided while in Afghanistan?
And an orthopedic surgeon serving in Yemen under contract to UN claims he works for Global Med goes by the bane Peterson Foster

Greetings, I was a victim in 2004. And from that last time I then realized the method in which they come to you. This site has identified the exact symptoms of how they operate. Always has sad stories to let you feel empathy and overwhelmed. Technology gives us the tool, photo of different settings of home, work, church, and watts app or messenger has video calls that should be persistent and personal to the one we find interest in. Let’s all keep this modest in the name of Jesus.

Has anyone had an inheritance scam? The guy finds out he has an inheritance and sends most of the tax fees but needs help with the rest? He's already established how he loves you.

Has anyone had contact with a man named Daniel okan

This man on plenty of fish tried to scam me he goes by Randy4us4ever
He wanted me to wire him a $100 for I tunes so he could stay on the site long enough because he was in Scotland working somewhere such lies he told me and he had a 13 year old daughter
I told them and that I thought he was scanning me and that I was going to report him so that's what I'm doing
now thank you MP

I wrote a very long comment and it is NOT showing up. Beware of David Barkley on Ok Cupid or other dating sites. There is a person using ‎WhatsApp that I corresponded with for two months And he is trying to scam me out of money. This is a common issue . Consumer Reports has an article stating that hundreds of women are being scanned through WhatsApp and hang out. With very similar stories. I’m happy to supply all of this information as well as provide screenshots of our conversations. This person reached out to me on OK Cupid and moved our conversation to WhatsApp. I would like him to be reported immediately and Block from being able to do this again-
David Barkley 573 615 2280. typical story! oil rig engineer, widowed, daughter in boarding school. 2 months of my life WASTED

The guy found me on FB. We talked for little while . Everything was going great . Long love emails and texts . Called me his Queen. Always wanted use Google Hangout. Stated he was on oil rig . Gave me access to his bank account in Canada. Needed a part ordered and when I told him the bank said needed COT Code he said ask how much it is for and you pay it and I pay you back when I get to SC , or set up you account baby , and take how much ever my new wifey wants. The acct had over $50 million in it too. I seen side to him that was starting get unstable . Takes about money all time , played on my emotions , and tore me down if I didn’t try do as he asked. I broke thinks off and deleted hangout and he sent me email to another email acct and was begging me take him back. The was most verbally abuse person I met . He showed me tons pics of him with nice car collection and beautiful home in SC . He was divorced of 2 years and had a daughter 29 that married lives in Kansas with her hubby and child . Then , he started wanting a new phone and wanted my login info / eBay cards / we went from $27999 to $500. He actually had the nerve say was a Catfish! LoL He currently still on oil rig and they had explosion . Yeah ok nothing on internet or news of this . Showed me pic of him in wheelchair was leg hurt. The guy in pics I was showed was classy and wrote beautiful emails the man talking after I said no was crazy person. He went by name Deco Belemu on FB . Please beware he may not even be the person in the photos on Google Hangout he sure doesn’t sound like he Portuguese. He hates when women stabs up for themselves too. He met his match with me though . He running big COT Scam beware .

I’m chatting to this guy on hangouts now for a month. Says he loves me. His name is James Miller Seacrest. Or maybe Robin Gatti. From Birmingham with another house in San Diego. 12 year old daughter at boarding school. Divorced wife 5 years ago. She used drugs and cheated with his best friend. He’s on a off shore oil rig in Yemen. Won’t get back for another 2 months. Hasn’t asked for money so far. Tells me to trust him. I really want to but my head tells me no.

Has anyone encountered Dennis Fred. His story is similar to what you have experienced. He’s a surgeon in Afghanistan, wife died in car accident, kid in boarding school. Asked for Steam cards, then asked for $800.00 for kids tuition. Oh and then wanted to use my AT&T account to get a new phone. He gets an attitude when told no, then goes back to being charming. Now, he’s trying to get me to do bitcoins. I only sent steam cards. The only reason I still talk to him is because I tell him to do the right thing and send back my money I spent on cards. I’m surprised he hasn’t blocked me yet but I do tell him if he just gives me money back I will stop bugging him. Be careful ladies. Whoever pictures he’s sending, that guy is very handsome I will continue to ask him to return my money until he eventually blocks me.

Same here. Two actually through Internations website. Same story

Anyone been approached by attractive guy with filtered pics on Taste Buds?

I have talked to several men on Words With Friends then they want you to go to Hangout. They profess their love for you almost immediately. The first one I started talking to said his name is Jamie Dean. We chat on Messenger. His pump broke on his oil rig in Louisiana and he needs money to fix it. Over $5000 he wants. We had talked for a long time before this. The first thing he wanted was a gift card sent to his daughter who was in boarding school for her birthday. I sent an Amazon gift card. He gave me her email address so she and I could communicate. We did a few times. Her name was Renay, 14 years old. He sent me pictures of himself and pictures of the both of them. He is very handsome. Then when I couldn't send him the money he stopped chatting. then after New Year's he text me on Messenger, but I didn't answer him for a few weeks. Then when I did he sent me pictures of himself in a hospital. He had been in an explosion on the rig with his pump. Now he needs money to pay his hospital bills and for meds. I have sent him nothing. His facebook page says he is from Hungary. I told him I don't have it and he basically said goodbye. If I couldn't send him the money it meant that I didn't love him. I knew he was a scammer and I have just enjoyed the ride. LOL Others have asked for money too and I tell them I don't have it and they beg but I don't have it. It's either a card for their child or a card to keep their phone data so we can continue to chat. They want iTunes gift cards for data to text. They think you are stupid. iTunes gift cards are only for music and games. I am just having so much fun. They beg, I laugh. then, there is Dr. Jeinoverz Scott, who grew up and went to medical school in Guadalajara, Mexico and finished his medical schooling at Harvard. He now works as an orthopedic surgeon at UCLA, who has a son named Dennis who he wants to be my son and me his mother. Sent him a $25 gift card for his birthday. Then he was called to Germany to work for the UN for two weeks. Well...when he got there he called and said he had been robbed and beaten up and they had taken everything. His bank card, his ID, his passport, and his suitcase with his clothes. He wanted me to send him App store cards so he could sell them for money to get clothes. I told him I didn't have the money, but after I got paid I sent a $100 gift card. He was happy about that, but of course he wanted more. I kept telling him I didn't have it, so he started talking to some other woman on WWF and got her to send him the money so he could come back home after the two weeks were up. She supposedly sent him the money, but he had to go to her in New York City. He sent me pics of him and a woman he said was her and she was rich like him. She demanded he have sex with her and he wouldn't (so he said) and she kicked him out and he is still stuck in new York because his bank account is frozen because the robbers got his bank card. He wants me to send him bitcoin so he can access his account his bank account. It's so crazy!! I told him to go to a branch of his bank there and get everything straightened out. He said they want documents that he doesn't have with him. I have told him he could have hitchhiked home by now if he wanted to see his son so badly and get back home. I have been texting with him today and he is waiting for me to put some kind of app on my phone and to create a new email address and give it to him along with the password I set up with it. Then I found this website and read many of the stories on here and he is still waiting for me to text him with the info. While he was still in Germany he wanted my bank account information so the UN could send his check to my bank account because his was frozen. I did not give it to him. I am not going to create a new email. He calls me wicked, heartless, and stingy. I just laugh. I talked to him on the phone on hangout for the first time today. For someone who is Mexican, he has the most British accent I have ever heard. LOL There have been a few more but htey didn't last long.

I was scan by a dating site guy asking money after been stuck in Morocco and when I heard his voice for the first time I realized he was African . After many research online and Ivory coast scanner I found this guy’s pic was
Used a lot for different profile on dating site . Those guys are amazing the way they make you fall for them unbelievable when you know that the girl is coming out of a divorce and is vulnerable and blind to believe . Ivory Coast is famous with cyber cafe to trap people and scam them be aware

Hi everyone. I have been talking to a Jerry Hans (sometimes Jerry Hanns) for some time. Engineer, divorced with 1 son, really good looking 60 ish guy. He needed some money so eventually I send him ITunes, he was so great full. Every was good for a while then he said he was stuck in Turkey and needs to get home so I said to him I haven’t any money so he cooled off a bit. Still in contact with him but not so much now but he still asking for money (which I aren’t gonna a send) I am nit a total fool and realised he was scammer but I just couldn’t seem to break off contact. In the meantime I did a photo search and what a surprise I got! Not only Jerry Hans but loads of different names for example Peter Schiff - look at all the Peter Schiff accounts on Instagram, all with same photos. Check out peterschiff582 on Instagram!!
I am braking off all contact and never again will I get involved. I think that Jerry Hans has had his account removed from IG probably someone reported him.
Take care out there folks

Sounds like an underwater welder I am speaking to. Needed a iTunes card. There has been a couple more red flags. I am playing it smart!
Gosh darn, why can't folks just be real???

I meet one guy in dating site.. we start changing messages each other.. after 3weeks he's asking for $200 usd dollar for he's up coming exit permit. He was a soldier.. i dont believe hes statement because i know he was trying to get some from me. What im gonna do.thank you

I meet him robert gabe.hes a soldier and have 1 daughter hes wife hes said dies 3 years ago.hes parent botho they manage and easy to say this words..they are not scared are they human..hes very good story teller.. and now hes start asking not that stupid..

I have been communicating with this guy he send me a fb friend request. He is Taiwanese, mum American name Gary Zhang Nill but based in us. Both parents died in army when he was just 3. Claims he is a surgeon and also FBI agent, but his grammar is terrible, he doesn’t have American accent considering having lived there from the age of 2. He fell in love with me so fast, me too as he seemed the nicest guy, texting me every morning, I’m so confused if he is really a scammer as he agreed video calling a few times. He has since come off fb, he said he can’t be on social media due to his job. His wife died while giving birth to their now 14 year old son who’s in boarding school in France. This guy has now been send on a mission in Yemen, he has asked me to write an email to army general asking for him to be released, as he’s worried he might not make it as soldiers are dying there. The general then asks for about $2000 From me for application of his release. Gary’s is bank account has been blocked since his is in war. I told Gary l don’t have the money, but he’s been putting pressure on me saying do l want him to die there? Please help me, does anyone recognise this name. I have confronted him about his genuineness, since he asked me for money twice, another time was to transfer to his son in boarding school, since he was busy with work. he claims he is genuine and has send me his photos, wants us to get married but already calls me his wife.

It isn't the name that's important or the story, it's how they press from all sides with whatever they think will work to get money. Also, even if they don't successfully get money, they are practicing so that they get better at taking the next person.

I have this guy named Williams Ford, specializes as an architect....wife died at child birth...daughter is in Greece with his parents....dated a woman who stole his money...found me on IG....Lovebombing....then suddenly has to go to Africa specifically Benin to work on a hospital...constantly brings up he can't eat...gets upset when I do not offer to send money ...can't ask family for help...doesn't talk about friends non existent....despite me saying no, he continues to talk with me....none of his pictures come up as a red flag...very confused if he is a scammer or just poor and looking for help...uses his looks to his advantage...


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