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Refunding $10 million after tech support scam

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The FTC is mailing partial refunds to about 37,000 people who bought unnecessary tech support products and services from Inbound Call Experts, also known as Advanced Tech Support. People are eligible for refunds if they bought the company’s products and services between April 2012 and November 2014, and filed a refund claim with the FTC before October 27, 2017.

According to the FTC, the company’s telemarketers tricked thousands of people into buying unnecessary products and services by pretending there was something wrong with their computers. As part of a settlement with the FTC, the company paid $10 million, which the FTC is using for refunds.

The FTC refund checks will come by postal mail. You never have to pay to get a refund from the FTC. If someone contacts you and asks you to pay, it’s a scam. Please report that at

For more information about FTC’s refund programs, visit

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These people, John and Christine, have been calling me non-stop for months. I told them to send me a check. They said that they could not but would have to fill out a form and do direct deposit. I refused so they hung up on me. I did not know that I could fill out a complaint form. Can I still do that? Can you send a form or direct me to where I can find it?
Thank you.

I was an Advanced Tech Support customer.

How do I get a refund check now?

In March 2018, the FTC mailed partial refunds to about 37,000 people who bought unnecessary tech support products and services from Inbound Call Experts, which was also known as Advanced Tech Support.

People were eligible for refunds if they bought the company’s products and services between April 2012 and November 2014, and filed a refund claim with the FTC before October 27, 2017.

The refund checks were already mailed. The FTC is not accepting any new claims.

Ok what about now though? They just did this to my aunt not even three months ago and they still call threatening to blow the computer up. What about her money?

I am recieving calls about a refund except I never paid anything to recieve a refund. 19176365194 is the number they called from stating your company is being shut down and wants to send a refund to me . I let the voicemail get these calls because there are too many scammers out there.

As a rule of thumb, never call any number that pops up on your screen, and install at least a free antivirus software on your phone, desktop computer, laptop, any any other communications device that allows antivirus installation. Please also never reply to suspicious emails. Let businesses like this one review it for you, and let them decide if it's legitimate. If you are part of a company or business and it makes it into your work email, ask your technical department about it. Never open the emails or attachments in them if you are unsure. If an email or pop up appears asking you to call and the message states it is a legitimate business such as Microsoft, simply google the correct number for Microsoft and call them directly and ask if they've sent you an email. More than likely, they haven't. I hope this helps at least 1 person.

I was a computer tech , so when tech support called I played dumb. I got them to hang up om me! : )

I received a call today from a tec support refund department . They said they seen where i had received support in the past. I did receive their support which in turn locked my computer up. I had to take it to a repair place and have it fixed $188.00 plus the 299.00 tec fee . They had my name and address. I received this call from 888-414-2430. I really would have appreciated the refund . They wanted me to turn on my computer so they could mail my form. I told the man that i wasn't turning my computer on . I request him to send the form in the mail and he hung up on me.

Same thing happened to me that happened to most of you with screen locked with red warning, claiming to be Microsoft. This was in August of 2017. Didn't know all this was going on until I started to get phone calls about messages. Also getting calls from unknown numbers and when I Google the number, turns out it's Geeks America. Didn't get a refund or an email about it.

Get computers money back

For the refund do they have to have access to your computer? I am getting calls to refund me money but they want to access my PC.

In 2018, the FTC sent refund checks to people who bought unnecessary tech support products and services from Inbound Call Experts, also known as Advanced Tech Support. The people who got checks did not give the FTC access to their computers.

If someone calls and wants access to your computer, it could be a scam. He may try to get access to your accounts or passwords. He may want to trick you into buying extra products or computer services.

STILL calling! multiple calls, through out April 2019, call out of Chicago Illinois, # 1-312-667-9490. VM states "micro soft refund dept for computer support services...time is running out to claim your refund."

just got a call from "Microsoft" to give me a refund, $299. wanted me to open www. showmypc. to let them remove the software I purchased almost 2 years ago, and access to files. I don't recall spending 299 on July 29 2017 but I didn't open it up and let them have access. I am sure it is a scam.

They called me, spoke broken English. The man told me I was getting a refund, but couldn't offer me any information on when I paid this money I would be refunded. He said it was for $299. I asked him his telephone number. He gave me this number 1-501-594-0797.
It all seemed shady, and he was being bossy. Watch out!

I just got contacted saying I paid for tech support and getting a refund. Scam right?

I started to get the calls today about a Microsoft refund and telling me to call a 1 888 number.

I got a call about a refund of $399.00 I don’t know if it is a scam they were telling me to log on my computer and go to this page that says download what should I do to get my refund I was worried about if I’d a scam said Microsoft was going out of business and the protection products I purchased is being refunded

Advanced Tech Support scammed me about 14 mo ago... The email address I had, no longer works... they continue to call even
when I say they are scammers. Today, I got a message about getting a refund, but I think it’s a scam... I do not answer but get
repeat messages. I’d like to do something to stop them!

I do not remember word for word,your pc's antivirus defender has been compremised ...,to get a refund... I got shook up ,cause I had got a message the day before,while on ebay, windows 10 ? repair ,I quickly got off,same with phone,but the phone message was still going and for some reason their is no phone app on my phone,now I am trying to figure out how to get it back ,after I charge it!

They must call 5-7 times a day stating they are trying to give back the 699.00 we paid. We did not pay for computer support and I would like to figure out how to stop the calls. The Feds do no good nor does the state consumer group.

I received a call from Geek Source witch I purchase $367 worth of software support from they were a scam I also lost $5,000 to them based on their recommendations. The Geek Source is still calling please look into the Geek Source as a scam.

I just received a private number call yesterday evening after 6 pm est the guy had my name asked me what computer am i using i asked who is this he said some name and computer company name i cant remember i asked why do you want to know i said why are you calling me i dont need or want computer services i never gave him any info and he threatened to shut down my computer and i said no you are not stop calling me i hung up and put a block on any private caller ids on my phone. I had just found some downloads on my computer from April that i never created and i deleted them i think i will go and check for more to delete. I previously about 2+ yrs ago asked for help on my computer for something not working was charged about $59.00 and they wanted a monthly payment after the one time fix i changed my bank acct number so they could not continue to charge me because i didnt need monthly service and they tried to make it hard for me to not have a contract. I kept getting popups which i ignored and calls for payments for nothing i blocked and ignored and i know this had to be a scam from foreigners they had accent in speech like India abusing Americans.


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