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Watch out for these new tax scams

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They’re at it again... tax scammers scheming new ways to steal personal information and money.

In the first scenario, identity thieves file a fake tax return and have the refund deposited into your bank account. The thieves then contact you, often by phone, and — posing as the IRS or debt collectors for the IRS — demand you return the money to the IRS. But following the thieves’ instructions actually sends the money to them.

In another version, after you get that erroneous refund, you get an automated call, allegedly from the IRS, threatening you with criminal fraud charges, an arrest warrant, and “blacklisting” of your Social Security number. The caller gives you a case number and a telephone number to call to return the refund.

Don’t take the bait. If you or someone you know gets an unexpected tax refund, follow the guidance outlined by the IRS for how to return the funds to the agency. The steps for returning paper checks and direct deposits differ.

In a different scam, criminals are using imposter tax preparation sites and phone numbers to steal peoples’ personal information. Here's how this scam works: You go online to find a tax preparation service to prepare and e-file your tax return. But instead of landing on a legitimate site, you mis-click to a look-alike site created by scammers. The site looks real, and it’s set up to collect personal information that can be used to commit fraud, including identity theft.

The FTC has these tips to fight tax identity theft:

  • File your tax return early in the tax season, if you can.
  • Use a secure internet connection if you file electronically, or mail your tax return directly from the post office.
  • When using an online tax preparation service, look for the tax preparer identification number. The IRS requires all paid tax preparers to have one before filing any returns.
  • To determine if a website is encrypted, look for https at the start of the web address (the “s” is for secure). Some websites use encryption only on the sign-in page, but if any part of your session isn’t encrypted, your entire account could be vulnerable. Look for https on every page you visit, not just when you sign in.
  • Ask tax preparers about their data security policies, and how they protect your information.
  • Respond to all mail from the IRS as soon as possible.
  • If tax identity theft happens to you, visit to report it to the FTC, file an Identity Theft Affidavit with the IRS electronically, and get a personal recovery plan.

For more information, check out our imposters webpage.

If you spot a scam, report it at Your reports help the FTC and other law enforcement investigate scams and bring crooks to justice.

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phone scam left on my phone machine that I will be arrested if I don't pay my back taxes which I don't owe. Name of caller Hania Elnakib
phone #909-999-6339 alerting people to these call
PS I do not answer any robot calls but it is still scary

The same number 520-896-4629 constantly keeps calling my phone from San Manuel AZ. Leaving threatening voice mails that I they have an arrest warrant for me and I am being prosecuted they will serve the warrant within 1 hour at my home or property if I do not call the number back same number that is calling. It is absolutely ridiculous!!!


I have been getting calls from the number 1-337-516-0392 saying they are from the IRS.Saying they are sending the police to arrest me and they will cease my property.I always hang up on them because I know it's a scam.I reported it to the Sheriffs's department last year for the same thing.This needs to stop!

My son rec'd. the "IRS" call, and he told them he would commit suicide before they could take all he owned, which isn't much ! He has a cognitive problem, due to a serious accident some years ago, so need I say we were ALL worried about him ? I finally convinced him it was a scam, so now I let him know about all the latest ones. THANK YOU !!

Received 3 calls in last 24 hours from scammers saying they were IRS. Here are the numbers: ‭+1 (325) 267-8012‬, ‭+1 (312) 777-9190 and ‬ ‭+1 (915) 321-4510‬. All the same bad English scam that they are going to send local authorities to arrest me. With FTC could take stronger action to stop this!

For the last 2 years I don't have to file, but do anyway because of scammed like this. Never answer a call if you don't recognize the number. Been on the Do Not Call List since 2004. I sent them a text saying so 90% of calls received do not leave a message.

Got a call from a # they claim to have done an audit ! And I owe them $4890.00 they could help though they 1 st told me not to put my ph on speaker they told me 6 US Marshall’s will come and arrest me and hold me in Washington DC Federal jail for 72 hr or I come up with the $! I fell for it they wanted to do a payment plan I said I could maybe do $50 a month but the would need $500 up front for them to have the Federal warrant taken off my name but he had to call the judge he instructed me to answer the ph next time ‭(256) 279-4105‬ or he wouldn’t be able to help me . They claimed to have sent a letter I asked for them to resend it he said nope once you don’t answer that’s itthere are no other options except to pay!

I've received 2 voicemails saying it was the IRS and that they've been trying to reach me for sometime and that they are going to put a lawsuit against me and that I should call them back at the number they called from immediately. One was from Virginia the other from the Bronx MY.

Phone SCAMMER saying they are the IRS trying to collected money owed. and a suet has been issued.. DON'T FALL FOR IT. THE PH# THEY USED IS 1 205 202-7378. I CLLED THEM BACK AND CALLED THEM a SCAMMER. they called me 5 more times

Was just left following voice mail after call from (502) 294-0321 Bardstown, KY to my skyp number:

Lee a final notice from the I.R.S. This message is to inform you that I.R.S. is filing a legal warrant under your name and your tax id for the tax fraud and the investigating team of our department is investigating you and your family we have tried to notify you regarding this issue in previous 6 months but we have never got a response from you so it is being considered as an intentional fraud and lawsuit has been filed under your name by the United States government you may call our department number 502-294-0321 I repeat 502-294-0321 call for more information before we download your case into the courthouse thank you.


I have received the exact same message twice in the past 2 days (7/11 and 7/13) from phone number 559-545-3497. Ignored the messages and will be blocking the number.

Stop these scammers!!! The call from what sounds like India, pretending to be calling from the IRS and threatening to arrest you if you don't send payment. These fraudsters can be reached at 502-294-0321.

This number keeps calling they say the IRS saying a law suit has been filed this is some bs!!!!!!!! The number is 315-221-8416 they do not call you or even know my number be aware.

I received a call from 508 499 6495 stating there was a law suit against me fraud. Second number called 202 858 7356. They were very aggressive and forceful. Scary stuff!

Have received the same call from three different numbers...607-658-3217/207-558-4557/206-288-5975...all robs all’s with the same message concerning four outstanding charges filed by the IRS against me and advising to call back within 24 hours or action will be taken against me. Rang my local police station to register a complaint. Was told they could do nothing about these calls as no crime had been committed as yet. Not a very satisfactory response for someone trying to be an upstanding citizen and wanting to protect others who may not know the IRS does not make this type of initial contact by phone but by letter.

Another irs scam number: 202-241-7731, Washington DC area
About how they’ve had no success contacting me for past 6 months, considered intentional fraud, lawsuit will be filed, call back some garbled number that was repeated. Did reverse phone lookup, came back as high risk scam.

I received a call from 315-215-3592, Alexandria Bay, NY. I didn’t answer but was left a computer generated message claiming to be the IRS filing a lawsuit against me and that I should call back the same number for information. Of course I did not return the call.

I have had 2 robo calls stating I was committing tax fraud and they were filing a lawsuit against me. The # from Miami, FL 786-342-8224

Sharing Scam Numbers received since April 5, 2018, 716 281 1440, 240 901 3384, 804 258 9125, 206 973 2543, 407 372 8649, 202 869 5414. Block one, they try other numbers.

Sharing scam numbers received today, 4/25/2018.
202 869 5414

Something about tax fraud and an investigative team


I had a message on my voicemail saying about IRS is pressing charges, the number was 512-394-8574 I think it is a scam!

got call today from 302-200-1046 saying I needed to call back or I was going to jail. called number and it sounds like a call center. a man with a heavy indian accent answer saying it was the IRS internal revenue service. hung up.

got call today from 302-200-1046 saying I needed to call back or I was going to jail. called number and it sounds like a call center. a man with a heavy indian accent answer saying it was the IRS internal revenue service. hung up.

How do you report the darn fake IRS Calls? They have gotten very aggressive and persistent. I get up to 4 calls a day, all with different numbers.

Report all robocalls to

Report a call from a person pretending to be from the IRS to

I received a robotic voicemail (already in progress - so I missed their identity) saying that I will be arrested by local police as there are four serious allegations pressed on my name at this moment, and requested that I get back with them to discuss about this case before taking any legal action against me. Asked me to call them at 646.396.1006. This is a New York City number.

Look! To everyone! Until they are arrested, which will never happen. It will keep happening. The best thing to do is be smarter than them. I now harass them back and beat them in their own game. It does calm the calls down. Even my own number has been used in scams. I spoke with a girl and she was scammed with her own number. I did call her because her number was used on me and I explained to her that her number was used by scammers. That is when she told me about her own number being used against her. We had a great conversation. Play with them and beat them at their own game. I do till they start cussing at me and then they hang up. It will never stop until the VOIP software allowing this to happen ends. Be wise to these idiots. DO NOT give out any information or let them into your computers. They will have your home address and phone number because your listed in the white pages. That is what they are using to call you via Voip. All the numbers that you see on caller ID! Most are out of service numbers if dialed back. Sometimes they will keep that number open for the call back. I had an IRS scam call me. I harassed them back via that number until they ended the number. I do not receive as many now because of myself being smarter than them.

Honestly I am not sure what to do anymore, got myself in the Do Not Call registry however I get calls every single day from scammers. Recently I received 4 calls and they left a VM saying the IRS was suing for tax fraud, which of course is not true. I called back from a landline and a guy with Indian accent answers "IRS". I also get numerable spoofed calls, I do not answer and block the #s but they call from new numbers. Very stressing. I wish there was a way to really prevent this abuse.

I got a call from this phone number a robocall telling me to call them back that it was the Social Security Administration that an affidavit was made against me in Texas that they found a car with blood and traces of drugs and they made all kinds of comments about the FBI was investigating and that it was an identity theft issue after keeping me on the phone and asking me a bunch of questions and I continued feeling that this was a scam they gave me the badge number the case ID number and then they wanted they said they would have someone give me a new social security number

but when they wanted me to tell them the name of my bank accounts the type of accounts and the available balance in each account so that my identity with those accounts the money in them could be protected the more they ask for the more I felt that this was a scam.

this is the # 202-996-7182 This is the 2nd # They gave me to verify That they were with the social security administration identity theft dept. 443-478-7450

Tax scam caller left a message saying, "There was fraud and misconduct on your tax file, which you are hiding from the federal government. This needs to be rectified immediately. So do return the call as soon as you receive this message on our toll-free number. The number is 202-380-9594. Again, 202-380-9594. Thank you." The area code is not toll-free. The number in the voice message is the same as shown on Caller ID.

2016143091 is an IRS scammer. Beware

6469328236...Ny Number. says they been trying to reach the person for 6 months and were sending local authorities out to arrest if didn't pay. WHAT a scam bs to make people upset

New scam number 202-697-8698

I get plenty of scam emails and calls too. I block the numbers but new ones keep popping up daily. It’s very frustrating and it makes me think how desperate ppl must be for money to scam other ppl out of their hard earned income..Its sad actually, many many ppl can’t even support themselves let alone their families..It’s very bad out there. Good paying jobs where they at least pay u enough so u can support yourself are very scarce. I know of many ppl who are now homeless and hungry. I think scams are born out of desperation. Not saying it’s right, of course it’s not. I’m just trying to understand the reasoning behind it. It can’t just be greed. Most come from poor third world countries. I count myself very blessed to have all my needs met by the good Lord. I shall pray for the scammers and for the ppl they hurt with their scams. I wonder if they understand the reprocussions of their actions.

I have gotten over 30 calls in the last 2 days all from unknown. I am unable to block as no # comes through. When I answered they stated they were with the federal government and I was randomly selected to receive over $8000 from the government. How do I get them to stop

Received a call on my cell claiming that there were problems with my tax filings and if I didn't call back they would send the policy to arrest me. Call came from 347-384-4018. reported it to the local AG's office as well.

This morning I received two calls on my cell phone from the IRS. Below are both messages as they appeared on my phone when the person left a voice mail message.
#1. Our number that is 202843186058 the number 202-843-1860. Do not disregard this message and do return the call as soon as possible. Again this is Jenny Watson calling you from the IRS.
The final attempt to reach you to know your final case number and to speak to a federal agent. Call back on 202-381-3922. I repeat it is 202-381-3922. Thank you.

I never answer any call on my phone unless the name is on my contact list. Once the call comes in it is put on "Block Call". If the person leaves a message then I can copy their message to turn them in. Not that anything can be done since I am certain the ftc/gov gets bazillions of reports daily. I just want to add my calls to the list.
The other company I get tons of calls from is Centene. If I feel like I am in the mood to mess with someone I will answer them. But once I say a couple of words they hang up on me. There is a Centene company in Tempe, AZ but does not match the number that called me. I went in search of the Centene Company and found the head office in Missouri. The woman who answered the phone for the company apologized for me being bothered and she would report my complaint to the company. I have been on the DO NOT CALL list since November 4, 2003.

This is all too much evil in the world today -- I keep my cell phone turned OFF unless I want to call someone. I never answer it, all calls go to mailbox so I can look at number and then delete it, etc. It is a sad and scary world that I did not grow up in ( I am retired senior ). I know some people think I'm a bit weird about such things but I trust no one these days!

I received an email supposedly from IRS telling me I had 3 days to download my tax return transcript. I haven't requested a transcript?? When attempting to download info. my computer security prevented it. So next day I called the phone numbers reference in the email if I had questions. One phone number was not a functioning number and the other one was a Fax number. I decided this was some sort of scam and was glad my computer security prevented me from downloading their file.

3 calls today from Michael Barone at (347) 298-9081 ... "We have your tax records. If you don't call within 24 hours, local police will be dispatched to arrest you". Disgraceful and illegal! And, if you don't know, NEVER CALL THEM BACK! It just verifies that they have an active, working phone number - if they don't call again, you can bet they will pass/sell your # along to the next crooked scam! Their mothers must be "proud" ....

Call from (855) 374-5657 about fraud and misconduct on your tax filing which you are hiding from the federal government and needs to be rectified immediately.

I received the same call today. Asking me to call the same number 1-855-374-5657.

Has any serious investigation of Robocalls and fraudulent IRS scam calls been done? They only seem to be getting more prevalent. If investigations are done, the rate of prosecution must be quite low. The telephone companies seem unable or unwilling to provide a solution either, at least not without charging the user to block them.

I've been receiving robocalls with an electronic voice from a number in NY. I'm in CA and don't know anyone in NY and have been victim of several scams. I decline the calls, and they leave a message. The caller says I owe the IRS and am in danger of being arrested on 4 counts if I don't get back to them right away. Having been scammed before I have no patience for this so I have not returned the call. I know my taxes have been paid and I know the IRS doesn't work this way. But I'm concerned about people who might not know this. The number they tell me to call back to is: 347-434-4406

I have been called by 5 phn numbers in the past two days saying im defrauding the IRS and there is cases against me 201-523-5641 208-591-6683 203-456-7051 419-496-9836 512-410-4634

I got a call todas at 11:45 saying the fbi has a case that i fail the income tax they called me and i did’t call them back it was a number from verginia started with 540 i I know its a scam since the news

Called from (512) 410-4634. Don't answer! IRS SCAM! It sounded like a recorded message. A woman's voice. I couldn't place the accent, wasn't from India or Spanish accent. But it was clear English with some very subtle accent,each word pronounced like having to make an effort.

(513)218-7603 This number is a scam according to others.

very rude woman denying to give me her name, hung up on me after saying her name was A..B! Her English was had to understand


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