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New alert for Western Union refunds

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Did you lose money to a scam, wiring the money via Western Union between January 1, 2004 and January 19, 2017? If so, you might know that May 31 is the deadline for filing your claim to get money back from the FTC’s and the Department of Justice’s settlement with Western Union. With the deadline fast approaching, we know two things: (1) there will probably be a rush of last-minute filers; and (2) scammers will try to take advantage of the people filing claims.

We’re sure about those scammers  because we’ve already seen them (and told you about them). And we’re still seeing scams that offer to get you special access, so-called easier ways to file, and promises of big amounts of money. This includes one recent email that said it came from the FBI, promised a refund of more than $500,000 – and said you could claim it just by emailing a Gmail address.

So, as the days click down until the May 31 deadline for filing, remember: if anyone promises you a refund – or says they’re the only way to get one, that’s a scam. If anybody tries to charge you to get your money back, that’s also a scam. If you’re still planning to submit a claim, here are a few quick pointers:

  • Start your claim at You don’t need to email anybody or hire a lawyer. Just start here, put in as much information as you have, upload whatever documents you have, and submit.
  • It’s free to file your claim. Don’t pay anybody to get a refund. Ever.
  • There are no guarantees. Nobody can promise you a refund at all, much less a specific amount of money. There’s a whole process that will happen once all the claims are in – to validate them, and then divide up the money among all the people who qualified.
  • There are no short-cuts. That validation process? It’ll take a while. There’s no short-cut or special access. It might take a year to get your money back, but nobody can help you get it any faster.

If you spot anybody making any of those promises, or charging for a refund, the FTC wants to know about it.

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I filed a claim back in February 2018 but it’s December 2019 and still haven’t received my refund back yet. When are we supposed to get our money back? I paid $4,775 and even though I tried to stop the wire less than two hours after i had sent it, Western Union did not stop the transfer and they even threated me to leave the store if not they would call the authorities on me. They knew it was fraud and they didn’t do anything to protect us. I filed a police report and everything, but Nothing helped. I was harrased by the bank and others....for months i suffered harrasments...i was traumatized by this incident so I really Hope this gets resolved. I lost over 5,000 for this wire

Hello all I am reading on line is to contact the FTC well I just called them at 1-877-382-4357 and was told by them they have no information. I said deadline for filing was May 31, 2018, here it is Dec. 19, 2019, what is going on with the Remission Administrator which is Gilardi & Co. It said it would take a year or more here it is 19 months now and still going on. Think this processing has been going on long enough now and seems that no body has any information or seems to want to get any. Gilardi & Co. is a very large company and processing these type of claims is all they do so they get paid a large sum of money which comes from the victims of this claim Think it is time that people contact them and let them know other than me they want their funds and it should not be taking this length of time. Thank you

I received e-mail dated Nov. 5, 2018, from "#NA KCC info-WesternUnionRem" <> which states this process is estimated to take at least into Feb. 2019, well here it is Dec. 23, 2019. Nothing has been done yet. The deadline for all claims was May 31, 2019, and any claims after that date would be handle at the discretion of the Dept. of Justice so what is going on with this settlement. Seems the administrator is taking their on good time in handling this settlement as they handle alot of settlements which are into millions and even billions of dollars. They get well paid for their services. Think it is time that victims start making contact with the Dept. of Justice asking for their funds. US Justice Dept. v. The Western Union Co., Box 404028, Louisville, KY 40233-4028. Seems this all is going to continue into 2020 now which is too long.

I have called the FTC, just recently sent a letter and called the admissions telephone many times, I sent a copy of e-mail I received back in 2018 that they said the process could go into Feb., 2019, well here it is Dec. 26, 2019, looks like it is going into Feb. 2020. The processing of this is taking way too long and it says on the internet no claims would be received after May 31, 2018. The FTC, Dept. of Justice either one seem to have an answer it is all in the hands of the Administrator which is Gilardi & Co. who is handling alot of other claims worth billions of dollars so why do they no finalize the Western Union Settlement. Please reading this should all be making contact asking what is going on and when are refunds going to be made. This all is unnecessary and the people who filed their claims on time, filed them correctly should not have to keep waiting because the 38,000 people that did not follow instructions. It also says that after May 31, 2019, claims filed after that date would be handled at the discretion of the Justice Dept. so what is going on with this statement.

They never gave me my money

When they finish the verification process will we be notified if we're going to get a refund and if so how will they send it.

Any new progress on this? I have gone through the verification just wonder what is the timeline now?

Why is the information on this lawsuit not updated? Its been two years since I submitted my information. Its said that keep checking the site for updated information. There is no updated information. There are a lot of people that are victims. The site needs to have fresh information, not the cut and paste replies.

Four month without any information. What is going on. Still waiting.

When will Western Union start issuing checks from the scam. It’s been several years and have heard nothing.
It really would be nice to see the check come thru.

I sent an email today asking for a status update and received a very long and thoughtful response from a rep. Wester Union is currently verifying all transactions but there is still no timetable. I was told however that my transactions had not been attached to my claim when sent to WU. They have received my transactions but forgot to attach them for me :( I was told to check back at the end of the week to make sure that upper management had attached my transactions and sent them to WU.

Hello, Here I am again making another comment. I received an e-mail from the Admission Administrator that claims are being reviewed by the DOJ and then letters would be mailed to victims giving the amount approved. What good are letters going to do when the amount is approved by the DOJ except cost us victims more funds which Gilardi & Co will keep getting paid for. I see no need for them to do this and keep prolonging this settlement any longer. This will cost a tremendous amount of money for which they will reap funds for. They have costed us a lot of money already seems they just want more. I hope other victims agree with me and ask them & DOJ just send us check for our money. Thank you

Hello, Here is the response I just received.

At this time Petitions are still being reviewed. A distribution date has not been set. We appreciate your continued patience.

I would like to know When the Refund from Western Union Remission for Texas can be Expected? I have been waiting 2 yrs. for my refund. Is there a Longer Wait Period Expected for this Refund?

Same here, I’m in Illinois and it’s funny that they are the ones who sent me the letter and correct dollar amount so there really should be no question of review. Am I wrong?

So fed up with all the extensions because of all those who can't seem to follow simple instructions and so frustrating that there are no updates since Sept. 30, 2019. This is probably a scam as well. Might just be, that the only ones who will be getting any of the $586 million will be "Gilardi and Co."

Hello, I put a claim on 4/4/18. I gave them one of the receipt number and they answers me they don't have any record of any transaction. but the fanny part is. They block me from using wester union to receive any money from my family members. I keep asking them what is the problem. They keep telling me, They do not know any reason why. but I can not use their service anymore. but they don't want to let me know WHY.. They gave me a phone number. But they keep telling me the same reason don't know WHY...
If they don't have any records of my transactions, WHY I can not use their service anymore.
But before I did these scam transactions I did not had any problems using wester union. I wonder Why!!!

Got this email after asking again for an update:

At this time, we are working with the Department of Justice to finalize preparation for an initial distribution and mailing Notice of Decision letters. We will be sending Notice of Decision letters that give information about the amount approved and/or denied. We appreciate your patience.

So maybe February 2021?

That is a better update than what I received. Some upward movement is great!

I sent a claim in back in 2018, I attached copies of all my WU payments to the Remission Claim online form.
No email, no letter - NOTHING.

Is this itself a scam?

$7,000 australian dollars scammed out of is nothing to sniff at.

So what’s the go here? Very frustrating to say the least. Can anyone please advise what to do now?

This is the latest email that I received from Western Union. Does not provide us with a date.


At this time Petitions are still being reviewed. A distribution date has not been set. We appreciate your continued patience.

Kinda funny that Gilardi & Co does show Western Union as an Active Case, is it under another name?

I filed when I first learned I had been scammed .
I filed immediately over a year ago. I recently email the attorneys and they said they had my remission and there’s nothing more I need to do.
I don’t believe I’ll ever get my money back .
2500 gone. Although I appreciate this process, they really should let you know how much longer this will take.

It's been a ruff couple of years i have sent all my documents and heard from Gillard and Co. I was told it is now with the department of justice to decided if we get our payments or not.

Here is the answer I got today :

"Please note that the claims are still being reviewed and we do not have a distribution date at this time. Your continued patience is greatly appreciated as accurate claims processing and review can take a significant amount of time. You will either receive a check or determination letter once the final phase of review is complete"

It's the first time I receive an answer that mention a check.

There has been an update March 2020

It’s been about 2 years since I originally filed my victim documents. There has been no word from Gilardi on their information page since September of 2019. What do we as victims have to do in order to receive any refunds? Do we have to appeal to President Trump?

On March 11, 2020, refund checks worth about $153 million started going out to over 109,000 people who sent money to scammers through Western Union wire transfers. Learn more at

Sometime this year will b 3years that I’ve been waiting on a refund due to scammers!! At this point I’m Ready to just get a lawyer an see whom Can work faster. It’s just a 1,089 geeshh!!

On March 11, 2020, refund checks worth about $153 million started going out to over 109,000 people who sent money to scammers through Western Union wire transfers. Read more at

Thank you i just got my check today! =)

I received a check today. How do I know it is official and not a scam?

If you have a question about your check, or your claim, please call the administrator at 1-844-319-2124. 

Thank you for your contacting us. We appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you. Checks were mailed in March 2020 to petitioners who agreed to the preprinted loss amounts on the petitions sent by the remission administrator. Petitioners like you not included in this distribution remain under review by the Remission Administrator and DOJ. Additional decisions are anticipated in the next 120 days.
Should you have other questions related to your claim, please call us at 844-319-2124 during regular business hours. Please note that any available representative can assist you. You may write to us at United States v. The Western Union Company
P.O. Box 404027 Louisville, KY 40233-4027 Regards, Deanne
U.S.A. v. The Western Union Company Gilardi & Co. LLC<> 844-319-2124

Hi, I was cheated 3 years ago and I received a form paper to full for refund and I send this back,but till that moment I didnt received any information! Whats happening how can I check? Regards

When is the Admission Administrator ever going to make our refunds. They sent out checks in March, checks overseas in April, 2020, and here we are it is June 2nd and seems Gilardi & Co. has had ample time to refund other victims money too. This settlement has taken a long time and we deserve our refunds just as well as these other people have received theirs. They work on so many cases and takes them way too long to handle all of these cases. All I can say we want our refunds NOW PLEASE

Yes, I agree. Why, oh why is it taking so long for all the rest of us to receive our refunds? I would think that the Government should hire another firm to process these claims if Gilardi can’t cut the mustard. This is getting to be real, real ridiculous as far as I an determine. Either that, or else hire more checkers to check the data.

I heard they were sending another batch out July 13,2020.
Sure do hope this is not fake information. Don't want to lead anybody on. Keep our fingers crossed.

I have been told by different contact people at Gilardi & Co. they are waiting on distribution date here it is July 14, 2020, and it has been 120 days from March 10,2020, we have waited long time for our refunds so think it is time Gilardi & Co. make them now. Would appreciate receiving our funds as well as these other people got theirs months ago. Refund our funds now please

I just got off the phone with customer service and she said the site has been updated and it will be in the coming months. After I was told last week that my check has been approved and the mailing date was Monday July 13. She said what I was told last week was false information...This is obscured

In reply to your comment I was also told by the Gilardi personnel that my cheque has been approved, but I have not received the cheque yet, she then told me keep checking the website for updates I checked and there was no updates on the website this is very misleading information by a Gilardi personnel about my payment and she said her information is very limited from DOJ so not sure where we go from here. is there a complaints line?

I have submitted all paperwork. I was told earlier this year that I was approved by the administrator office. I owed the IRS and monues will be offsetting but I have not heard anything. Who would I contact. Administrator number does not answer. While they hold the funds I am being penalized daily. Where is the money.

I’m beginning to think that I, among others here will never get a refund even though we should be receiving one. Too much time has gone by with very little information regarding the refunds. The last refund response of March 2020 for 153 million is probably all that will be refunded to the people. The rest of the over 500 million won by the Gov’t probably no longer exists.

Please post an update about when the second wave of distributions for those who disagreed with the amount will start! It's not good to keep people in the dark.

120 days has passed. First they said until they are all reviewed there will be no mailings. But some have been reviewed and they have been mailed. What is going on with that. Does not make any sense at all. Senior Citizens, middle age and the young. We should all be going by the same rules...rite???? An update would be nice from the F.T.C. Because there is no honest answer coming from the law firm. You don't get the same answer from everyone you talk to. I understand the Remission but this is out of control.. The more time goes by the more we think our refund is not coming. Why???????

Hi. I want to find out what's going on with the settlement checks. It has been over 2 years since we responded, however, we are not getting any information from the FTC nor the law office. They gave out checks in the United States and across seas. They also stated that more checks will be mailed 4 months after the first batch. Here it is 5 months later and NOTHING. It's not fair or professional to leave people wondering what's going on. Can someone please give us a straight answer? Will there or will there not be a distribution of more checks?

I, like many others here, didn't agree with the original amount and am waiting (first patiently, now impatiently) for what will hopefully be a check to be mailed to me. I called Gilardi several times and never did get a straight answer from them. Now, their website has mysteriously been taken down. What is up with that? Are we going to get our share of the remission or not? Please just give us an honest update.

The Gilardi & Co website has not been taken down. Go to for information from the US Department of Justice and Gilardi & Co. Go to for information from the FTC.


Its funny..last week I was Going through some papers and I found my initial claim papers. This is from 2016 . I see that some checks have been Mailed out and I receive the exact amount that I requested yesterday, now people are telling me to throw it away..I believe its legit


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