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Military Consumer Month 2018: Fight Imposter Scams

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July is Military Consumer Month. This year, we’re focusing on fighting imposter scams – where a con artist pretends to be someone you trust, to convince you to send money or personal information. The scam can take many forms: imposters may say they’re calling from the government or from a business with technical support expertise. Other scammers lure unsuspecting victims by posing as legitimate users of online dating sites, or say that there’s an emergency with a friend or family member.

Scams can happen to anyone, including military consumers. According to the FTC’s most recent data, military consumers reported losing more than $25 million to imposter scams last year, with a median loss of $699 – higher than the $500 median loss reported by the general population.

During Military Consumer Month, we’ll post weekly tips for servicemembers, veterans and their families about some of the most common imposter scams. This month, you can help us help the military and veteran communities.

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