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No gift cards for tech support scammers

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Hey computer users, it’s time for a pop quiz.

A) You get an urgent call or email from a tech support company, saying your computer has a problem. Should you give the company remote access to your computer to make repairs?

B) A warning announcing “suspicious activity” or “security threat detected” appears on your computer screen. Should you call the number shown on the screen to talk to a technician?

C) One of these tech support companies asks you to pay for its services, maybe by using a gift card (like from iTunes or Amazon) or wire transfer. Should you?

The answer to all of these questions is No.

Here’s why: Your computer is almost certainly fine. Legit tech support companies don’t operate that way. Tech support scammers sometimes make false claims that they are associated with legitimate computer companies to make you believe them. The person who calls, or who gives you a toll-free number to call, is a scammer who wants to steal your money. If you give someone control of your computer, they can install malicious software that can help them steal your personal information. And anyone who asks you to pay for anything – including tech support services with a gift card is scamming you. No legitimate company will ever ask you to pay with a gift card. If someone wants you to pay with a gift card, please tell the FTC at

For more tips on avoiding a tech support scam, watch this video:

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Received an email from someone pretending to be my boss requesting me to purchase Apple Gift cards and send the barcodes to him. Fortunately I didn't send them to him but I did purchase them. Kicking myself for not calling my boss first but I'm a loyal employee and do what I'm asked to do. Meanwhile I am trying to dispute the credit card transaction. Please READ all emails including looking at the email address and DO NOT under any circumstances go buy gift cards for ANYONE you do not know.

What happened with your credit card company?

I'm sure here goes Is it possible for people to or so called friends and family to take advantage of somene of you (me). I Just though like I need to venting this includeds SSI, IRAs PoA, I did not authorize anyone to have financial concerns and adding to your pleasure. Do want kids never had kids just your average gay male whos concern
Just worry for my well being and not retirement that's mine. #stoptheabuse where do I began reporting my "close friends " I'm 40 yrs old and still don't know how to start a pro folio and roll overs .

June 23 Unbelievably stupid comment fits my experience to a T. I paid $399.99 by Visa card about three weeks ago. Got a call yesterday saying their license was ended and they had to refund my money. Had me online for hours finally talked me into accessing my bank account which showed an extra $2K in it. Told me to go to Walmart/Target/RiteAid and get $1600.00 in Google Play Cards, while warning me not to talk to anyone. That's when I smelled a rat and called the police. When I accessed my account after talking to the police, there was only $88.60 left in my account from the original $888.69. The extra $2K was never there. They also left me a voice mail threatening me with the loss of all my money and my computer.


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