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Untangling a robocaller web

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Sick of getting robocalls and other unwanted calls? You can learn more about how to block them at

You also might know that the FTC continues to go after the people and companies behind these calls. Case in point: today the FTC announced a case against a group of defendants that it alleges are responsible for billions of illegal robocalls.

According to the FTC’s complaint, Jamie Christiano and his companies acted as a one-stop shop for illegal telemarketers, providing autodialing software, VoIP phone service, servers to host autodialing software, and space to house the servers. Known as TelWeb, Christiano’s bundle of services was used to make illegal robocalls in at least eight other FTC lawsuits, and by the other defendants in this case. For years, Christiano and his companies ignored warning signs that TelWeb was being used to make illegal calls without putting a stop to them.

Robocalls that try to sell you something are illegal whether you’re on the Do Not Call Registry or not, unless a company has your written permission to call you that way. If you get an illegal robocall, report it at

The FTC releases the phone numbers you report each day to help companies that are working to block these calls. Your reports also help law enforcement find the people behind illegal calls and stop them.


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Constantly receiving calls DAILY (about 10-12 a day) about insurance & warranties & lowering credit card debt, & IRS bs scams, etc., etc. The DNC list is useless & I also now receive about 15-16 junk texts a day. The latest is about carpet cleaning. I’ve now employed 4 apps on my phone & now I’m reasonably sure that not only having your number on the DNC list AND using call blocking apps may actually spread your number out for sucky telemarketers to use!!!

All the frustration and insanity of a seemingly constant ringing of a home phone NB and 'off the hook" is the only temporary relief. 7 to 1. That's the ratio of numbers not familiar vs numbers from legit callers who have reason to call. A nation stressed out over constantly ringing phones . Forget extremists or terrorists. Forget Democrats and Republicans. Forget inflation or unemployment, our once great nation is being toppled by greed, ignorance and the mighty AUTO-DIALER.

Robocall # 1800 507-1321 be careful they call pretending to be from Social security office .

Our phone company provides NOMOROBO for free. After activating it, our house phone rings once, many times each day. We just wait for the second ring before checking caller-id to see if we want to answer it. Unfortunately, the app for cellphone has a monthly charge.

Yeah, ok... sure. It's 2019 and these unsolicited calls are getting worse regardless of the government lip service telling us otherwise.

Congress needs to simply make number spoofing illegal.
I know it's convenient for some but the current laws that say number spoofing is illegal only if you're doing it for fraudulent purposes is like saying robbing banks is only illegal if you're doing it to get drug money.


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