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Online love asking for money? It’s a scam.

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While plenty of successful relationships begin online, scammers also use online dating sites, apps, and chat rooms to trick you into sending them money. These imposters create fake profiles to build online relationships, and eventually convince people to send money in the name of love. Some even make wedding plans before disappearing with the money. It’s a big problem: reports to the FBI about online romance scams tripled between 2012 and 2016, and imposter scams were among the top reports to the Federal Trade Commission for both the general population and the military community.

These scams can take a military angle with imposters stealing servicemembers’ photos to create phony profiles. They might claim to be servicemembers who can’t get into their accounts overseas or who need money fast. The first sign of a scam is an online love interest who asks for money. But the Army’s Criminal Investigative Service (CIS) says that the military doesn’t charge servicemembers to go on leave, get married, communicate with their family, go online, or feed and house themselves on deployment. We have also heard of scammers re-using servicemembers’ photos again and again, so it can be helpful to do some online research on the love interest’s name, photos, and details to check the story out.

If an online love interest asks you for money:

  • Slow down and talk to someone you trust. These scammers want to rush you, often professing love right away; or pressuring you to move your conversation off the dating site.
  • Never wire money, put money on a gift card or cash reload card, or send cash to an online love interest. You won’t get it back.
  • If you sent money to a scammer, contact the company you used to send the money (wire transfer service, gift card company, or cash reload card company) and tell them it was a fraudulent transaction. Ask to have the transaction reversed if possible.
  • Report your experience to the dating site and to the FTC.

For Military Consumer Month, share this video to help military consumers steer clear of online romance scams.



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That guy tried that with means he became abusive when I told him no.

Adding the name Stephen Randy to this list. He doesn’t claim to be in the military, but claims to be a contractor on an oil rig. Everything else lines up: can’t access his online account, running out of data, has a (plot twist) GRANDDAUGHTER he’s raising in Miami Florida because his wife died, his daughter in law died and his son is on a secret mission in Afghanistan. Neeed $8000 for a private chopper to get off the rig and straighten out his account which he will TOTALLY pay back . When I refused, he claimed I caused him to have a heart attack.

The guy who is asking me for iTunes cards uses WhatsApp to message but can’t video chat because he is in a foreign country on a secret military mission. He says his name is Lucas Scott Bentley born on 07Sep1975 in Birmingham UK but resides in Nashville now. His WhatApp is associated with a number with area code 615 but a reverse number search came up empty. He says he has a father named Scott Bentley in San Antonio. He claims to be a Natropathic Specialist who worked with NUNM. His English is broken and his accent is thick. He asked me to email his Superior for a leave request to come back to the states and meet me but the email he gave me for his “Superior” was col. margaret reedy @gmail. com and I certainly did not email this person nor did I buy any iTunes cards that he wanted scratched and then sent as a pic. I can’t believe how easily these guys can post pics and who knows who is truly in the pics.

Can any one if they have been
contacted by a Sargent Wilson Galbraith

has anyone had anything to do with an Espanial James or Derrick Davis???? saying they work for the military in Afghanistan?

Several men have done me the same way...Terry/ Kelly Hestilow..Mike William..menden ? guy claiming to be a veterinarian in Arizona.. Alister ? Supposed to be a doctor..lost count of them..Mike William is still contacting me now

Has anyone been scammed by a guy claiming to be in the marines named Hansen carpenter stating he is single dad with a Daugher named sam

Hello Ladies!
Ive met my "love" on online dating site. He fell in love pretty quick (within 2 weeks), sent me bunch of pictures even his passport. He states he is from NY, has 4yr old daughter, wife is drug addicted, old parents, blabla. He is doing a project in Turkey. And in 2 weeks it appeared that his dad is in the hospital, his equipment in turkey is broken and he needed money for that. Oh and his phone got broken, therefore we have never talked on video call only phone calls via WhatsApp. All this sounded fishy and of cause I didn't give him money. But he keeps saying he will return it, that the passport is vital information and it's a prove of his honesty. Sometimes he put a pressure on me like "if you love me you will help me" or "if you care about my future" or "you can show me you care about me", etc. IF he is a scammer why he would send so many pictures of him and parents and daughter to me, why would he send his passport photo to me, doesn't make sense. Im lost, don't know what to do. Please H-E-L-P!

He is a scammer. The passport can be stolen or a fake. If someone really wants you they come to visit you. If they do not have money for the ticket there is no use to get stuck with a beggar.

Anybody know Morales Gulliver from Santa Barbara, CA. As a civil engineer builds roads as a contractor. He got a contract near Toronto Canada that was to last 2 weeks. First he needed money for a very expensive piece of equipment. Not realizing he was to pay taxes prior to beginning work they took his passport away. Money was needed to pay taxes. He needed to bribe the Canadian authorities to get the money owed him. This went on for six months. He asked me for money I told him no. Never heard from him again.

Anyone been scammed by s Ryan Rodriguez or Jeffery Rios. Says he needs money for phone calls, ATM card and medical services. Something strange in the way he writes. Claims he is from North Carolina

Has anybody ever heard of Spencer George that's suppose to be in Army and hes out of Miami but is station in Kabul Afganistan plz let me no if anybody has heard of him.

I have been talking to a man who says he is in the Army in Afghanistan and had a daughter that is in boarding boarding school in the U.K. He was lonely and just wanted a friend to talk to and soon after a week was telling me he was in love with me and after a bit he said he didn't have data on his phone and we wouldn't be able to talk anymore . So like a fool I sent him a card for his data for 25.00 and now tonight he tells me he was robbed and they stole his wallet and ID and every thing . Didn't get his phone though. How convenient. So now he needs me to send him money to live on till he can come home to me . He just doesn't know how He will survive over there with out my help. His name is Toby. He has never told me his last name said he is from North Carolina and his Daughter is 11 or 12 . He just turned 43 his birthday was the 15th of April. I'm getting away while I can. I thought I had found the love of my life but after reading these stories on here and him making me feel like it's my responsibility to take care of him . I'm done . Lesson learned .

I've got a guy Named Richard Baron Birdsong trying to get money from me. After 10 days he asked me to marry him. I laughed. He hung on for months. I searched his phone number and it came up from Alabama where he said he was from. He is traveling. Went to Brazil had to get a temp phone. That was a Brazil number. Finally came the request for money. He was buying into being a distributor of a new cancer drug he just helped develop. He was having trouble accessing his bank account because of the internet in Brazil. He gave me his log in info. I accessed his account to see he had $6,1000.00. I tried to transfer from that account to a different account in Brazil to fianlize his contract. Got an error message. He called the bank. His account hadn't been used in a long time so it was inactive. The Nigerian sounding bank manager called me and did a hard sell on me sending the money from my account. I told him I would pass the info along but was not sending money. I went off on Richard. He begged and pleaded.It got ugly. He said I was crazy. I blocked him everywhere. I felt bad because I didn't give him a chance to explain. I calmed down and wrote him a letter. I had accused him of being a catfish early on and said he was acting like a catfish again. He claimed he didn't know what that was. I apologized for being so harsh and not giving him a chance to explain. Told him if he was real I'd apologize properly when he got home. I also said if he was a scammer it was a cruel thing to do. He responded how happy he was to hear from me and how much he loved me........... Told me how his son's teacher raised 10,000. He had to ask me to do something hard. He needed the last 10,000 to unfreeze his account. I told him to fly home and take a lone against the 6 million. He was a doctor I was sure he could get a loan. Told him I was sure he was fake and if he wasn't I was no longer interested. I searched his photos and nothing came up. He doesn't show up on his job's website. The bank is fake. It was so real looking though, but most of the links don't work. I m glad I didn't lose any money, but am still really pissed that I engaged in messaging for 3 months. My self worth and self esteem took a hit!! Beware of the bank Capital Finance Bank. check out the website and see how intricate this plan was.
www. cfb konline. com if you search the bank it doesn't come up. If you search the bank number, there is no information. I just saw on John Oliver that it is very easy to make call and make them look like they come from another number. Research people!!! If nothing comes up don't believe the bs story he feeds you!!!

You have the same guy dies he ask you have you had anything to eat. Or ask for Amazon cards . does his picture look like model he said he had good genes has a daughter he is on instragram as michealfroom

Anyone ever corresponded online with a Jim Beckmann? Approached me on LinkenIn. Very handsome. 53. Says he's Italian. Widower of 5 yrs. Wife died in car accident. No children. Lived in California. Says he is a Wine Merchant. 2 wks. after meeting, he had to go to South Africa to complete a HUGE Wine & Spirits contract. Now the wine is caught up in South African Customs cuz he doesn't have enough cash flow to pay the fee they charge for the import of goods to their country. Asked me for $100,000 to help him out. Very romantic, says he is in love with me. Wants to get married when he returns. Says after he completes this "Contract" he will be rich, so we will be able to liver happily ever after. He is very convincing, and makes me feel like I am in love with him too. However, I am a bit skeptical, and would like to see if anyone else out there has had a similar on-line romance, with someone by the same name or circumstances.

I’ve been talking to someone I suspect is a scammer as well, goes by the name Aron Raul, grew up in Albany, NY looks Latino, claims he’s 41 with a bday in May and has a son who’s about 6. Son’s mom cheated on him, and he claims he’s stationed in South Africa and doesn’t wear military uniforms anymore as he’s been in for over 10 years. The pics he sent he has a sleeve tattoo and one on his chest, other arm is tattooed up the forearm and his hand. He asked me for approximately $153 so he can go food shopping on the base, claims he doesn’t have an IG or social media and his parents died in a car accident. Only chatting for entertainment as it’s highly amusing.

Oh yes, he told me he’s in love with me after 2 days LOL. Has anyone else talked to him? He has a pic of him in a car with a Superman shirt on and a pic of him and his son at the beach.

Mereen - My sister has been corresponding with someone with a similar MO. I will check with her to find out his name and let you know if it is the same man.

Mereen. Talked with my sister. Not the same person we don't think. Her guy's name is Jimmy Belsher. And the MO is not as similar as I thought. Good luck to you in your situation. I hope it all works out for you O.K.

Yes pattycakes please do let me know. I’d love to troll him lol

I had 2, lol! Similar stories that I’ve been hearing . Big contractor, never experienced love like this before . One from England, the other Italy. Goes overseas for big job and SUDDENLY runs into financial problems pertaining to the jobs and needs the money STAT. Crying and desperate. Harry Shepherd and Anthony Salerno. The biographies are so incredibly close that it’s almost comical .

Anyone ever corresponded with a Jim Beckmann. Met on LinkedIn. Says he is a Wine Merchant. Lived in California. Wife died in car accident 5 years ago. Previously lived in Colorado. Shortly after meeting him, he went to South Africa to complete a huge Wine and Spirits contract. The wine is now caught up in Customs and he asked me to help him by sending him $100,000 to help him get it out of Customs so he can get his wine contract done. Then, he will come to me in Houston, we will get married and live happily ever after. He is a very smooth talker, very romantic, tells me he loves me constantly. Very handsome pictures he has provided. Early 50's, Italian, Dark hair, salt and pepper, beard, mustache. I am torn between sending him the money and the possibility of spending the rest of my life with the man of my dreams, or if it is a scam, loosing $100,000 and never being able to retire from work. Anything sound similar to anyone else's experience, out there?

Jim Beckman has just contacted me via LinkedIn... seems like a total scam.

Im speaking with this charming beautiful gorgeous lady (10 hours by car from me (Us-Can)).
She does not mind long distance relationship.
Her photos look realy genuine except at couple occasion shes hiding her face,
Anyways long story short, shes falling into love with me, after 5 days of talk she goes into a gym, falls breaks her shoulder, sends me a pic (hiding her face) with wrapped arm/shoulder and then asks me for drug money.
I said. No. I have not met u yet nor i have proves that you are who you are.

Have been scammed have fake name and know who real person is. Reported it all over - no response. What lawyer can handle researching and connecting fake name to real name via subpeona of records? Have the account still active for proof! Why are criminals allowed to continue - this is a very dangerous person. TY

For 3 years I have been talking to a man that says he is General George Casey. I have lost thousands and thousands sending money to diplomat s. And hundreds on I tune cards. I fell in love and he says now that he is trapped in Syria and can’t get out if I don’t pay for a chopper to pick him up. I feel so stupid to have fallen for this. I know I will never get my money back ! Has anyone heard of this man. He was also using the name Klintin Cold.

Adding to my first comment from wis. He also says he’ll kill himself if I leave him. I am too embarrassed to admit I already sent a lot of money.
How do I find out if anyone answers My submissions? Thanks

Online romantic interests that ask for money and try to hurry you are rank amateurs. The good scammers never ask for money they never hurry you. After establishing a love interest and an online only relationship they one day let a financial need slip into the conversation. They don't ask you for money they just explain the problem and let you know how bad things are getting. The pros wait for -you to offer- that's how they hook you. Never send money to anyone you have never met in person.

I too have recently been through such an experience. The man posing to be an architect from new York sending pictures of himself his family sister nephews - expressing profuse love. He even emailed me his travel details from newyork to India. I missed the cue that it did not carry a pnr number.
Finally lands in Delhi India and I get few calls from airport officials saying he is carrying a huge amount of money and needs about 1.8 lakh Indian rupees to get clearance. I’m his only contact. Then it hit upon me that I could be the one getting fooled here. And I told him that I will come and release him but he just refused.
Very hard to come to terms thy what all he spoke over the months was all fabricated and lies - justfor a small sum of rupees.
Very disturbed and down

Don't answer any "friend request" from ALL SERVICE PEOPLE...FRAUD FOR SURE!! Been there "BIG TIME"!

Beware of a Army man going by James Daniel he's not single, I think his identity has been hacked, or phlished, He's asking for money, to save his inheritance. it's a wicked world out there.

Your story sounds similar mine goes by James Daniel from Houston saying he's in love. He hasn't asked for money yet.

Hello, I just want to give a warning to everyone: Right now, my friend is under some sort of hypnotic spell, as she is sending this online figures, whom my friend has never met, currently operating under the names ADA VILLAFUERTE with a Co-conspirator named STEVE COHEN. They are also claiming that my friend who lives in New Jersey, is operating a ghost student (under my friend's name) to acquire a bachelor of science at University of Santo Thomas. I do not know why my friend cannot realize this, to the point that is has now caused her to have marriage problems, and now under the brink of divorce. My friend sends through REMITLY at the Canadian Sife, and claimed at MLULLIHIER in the Philippines. Please kindly provide input how to stop this as my friend is very adamant that this is the real deal for her. Please help!

I stay away from dating sites for a reason but do enjoy words with friends. I was approached by someone named Michael James after we played a word game. Very nice looking man, my age and a simple and convincing life story.
He moved pretty fast asking for a date after returning from his business trip. He claimed to be an artist living in Austin TX dealing ancient artifacts and helping setting up exhibits in museums and doing business with private art dealers. He planned to retire after his business trip to Istanbul Turkey this week and was looking for a special lady to settle down with. He was financially well off and I would not have to worry about finances. Nothing sounded alarming at first except he was very handsome and unusually attentive and smooth for a man , wealthy and so available.
Prior to his departure to Turkey his phone fell into water and he was no longer able to send pictures and stated now we won’t be able to FaceTime until he gets back, which we never did in the first place.
After he arrived in Turkey his phone was no longer able to receive calls and we moved to WhatsApp and he called me from a different number, stating he had a second cell phone as back up for travel. I traced both his cell and the new number at that point since I never heard airport background noises even though he stated he was at the airport.
Both numbers traced to 2 different land line locations in Texas. He sent me photos and videos from Istanbul little did he know I have a keen eye for detail. His shirts didn’t match his story and neither did his tan, but I didn’t ask questions, I was waiting how this would all play out. I enjoyed talking to him, he was extremely charming and funny. Of course his plans were interrupted when he tried to pick up his ancient sculptures from the sea port in Istanbul.
For some reason his bank access was denied and he paid the port $7000 cash in customs but the cost was $11000. Stressed as he was and upset he told me he didn’t know what to do.
I waited for the punchline and there it was. We had multiple conversations and he went as far as crying and asking me to take out a bank loan if I didn’t have the cash at hand, get advanced pay from my job, ask my friends ... and then all of a sudden I started hearing a different accent.
He was definitely an African American male with a very sophisticated vocabulary, all his photos he looked middle eastern.
I also received a photo of his passport and his home address.
The address he gave me in Austin TX matched a
Michael James however the house he claims he lives in was sold by Michael James last year.
Long story short, there was no money exchange and he gave up. He was tired dealing with me lol
I would love to know if the gentlemen who’s photo he used is single and available though ... I let him take me out on a date. With all seriousness, ladies be smart and stay safe.

Hi texas lady,
Your Michael James sounds like mine middle east face with an african american on the phone . He says bei g in Belgium but the phone number is Houston Texas. Will go to a project in Turkey when this one ends. Very loving, and caring. He said when he comes back from Turkey hexwill settle and live with me. He will buy our dream house. Is it possible that you show me which photo you have. Because i have one and when i asked for another one he asked me which one i gave you... he might have many different ones for each ladies.

I met him on hinge, claim that he is from Ukraine, has a Texas phone number, says his wife died, in turkey for work and that he needs help paying his hotel bill, $ 4,000 and when he comes home in a month that he wants to move on with me.

sound a lot like the scammer I was talking to but he was French and used the name Jon. This guy is all over dating sites. He was supposed to live in Austin - same story. Art and artifact dealer but had items coming into the county but the person he used to facilitate the customs stole his money. Lies about everything and story changes. I have 100's of pictures of real man. Very nice. Once I crossed him he became very ugly.

I have a boyfriend we been talking for two years now. He has a 16 year daughter she is very SWEE I've seen pictures of her. Well he says he loves me he asked for iTunes cards AMAZON CARDS and Google play cards. I have sent his daughter 50 dollars ITUNE CARDS so we can talk on Hangouts we have talked but have not met. COULD this be a Scam I LOVE THIS GUY BUT I WANT TO BE SURE HE IS BEING TOTALLY HONEST WITH ME. BECAUSE IVE BEEN HURT TO MANY TIMES IN MY PAST. PLEASE I NEED ADVICE THANKS

Hello iTunes cards big red flag. I had a young beautiful woman approach me on POF she told me she loved me in two messages then she says her phone needs to be reactivated and she needs$250 in iTunes cards. I immediately smelled a bad rat. I sent her nothing she asked about 5 more times and I stop replying. I saw her profile again same young lady different name.

Has anyone got a scam from John Walter who says he was a marine engineer that got stuck in Italy Rome and his two sons are 17 and 9 and they are in a private school in Florida , his wife died 5 years ago and he want to come back to the states but needs money !! well our family member fell for him and already sent him $5000 dollars and now he is wanting $30,000 more and she is trying to refinance her home and she will not listen to any of us that this is a scammer , please if any one is talking to John Walter on instagram or google talk please let me know , the pictures he sent of "himself" is a tall 72 yr old man wears glasses , tan and always on a boat or waters of some sort , never any video chats always calls or text , thank you all in advance

Jon Fitzpatrick claims to be an art collector, photographer, living the high life in New York. Has two children a son and a daughter. Ex- wants money from him all the time. Needs money for antiques he is bringing in from Brazil. Very smooth, has an accent and claims to be French. Asked me for a lot of money!!! But has homes in Paris, France and Austin, Texas.

A few months ago , I met a widower from IG with the name of MichealMarcon1121. He calls himself Trevor, a General in the Military on a Peace Seeking Mission in Afghanistan. He has a son who is 14 yrs.old and lives in Nevada with the Nanny . We became fondly close with one another where he professed his love to me very quickly and wanted to marry me . In order for me to continue to communicate with him I had to send $500 in Itune cards to fix his Iphone . He said I had to send the payment through a Money Gram to a woman named Kathy Hirtler . When I questioned him on this payment, he said she was the one to receive the money and send it to the engineer to fix the phone . But meanwhile he claims he was communicating with me through his friend's computer or phone until he got his phone fixed. So after I made the payment within two days later he got his phone back. But two weeks before this second payment, I sended $500 in Itune cards to fix his computer so he can file his documents for retirement and be home in July so we can be one happy family as husband and wife and I was to be a mother to his son . But being the good girl that I am with a heart I felt sorry for him and believed every word he said to me , like You can trust me , I will pay you back and I am a man of my word . I thought I met the love of my life , where we would constantly text every day where he would send me love messages , voice record of himself crying and begging me to pay for his phone and computer to be fixed along with sending photos of himself . I must say he was a handsome guy with dark hair and brown eyes. I also had asked him to Skype with me and he shut me down completely and said No due to security reasons we are not aloud . I kind of felt that was odd. Our online love relationship gotten serious were he didn't want me to go on IG nomore . He wanted me to stay focus with him . I told him sorry I communicate with my family and friends . But the asking of money didn't stop there . Just recently , he wanted me to send $2700 to a courier company where I was to pay a vat fee so he can send me his life savings which consisted of $235000 by parcel in a brief case . I completely called him out on it and said This is a Scam and No way in hell I'm not sending more money to a fake company that doesn't exist . He kept saying No I am not scamming you , this is 100% safe and the company is valid . Yeah right ... I looked up this company online and had red flags all over it . He was so mad that he called me bad names and kept saying , I love You Honey , I want to be with you etc , pay the vat fee and once you receive it you can take back your money of $1000 and also book my flight home and the rest was for my upkeep to pay off debts that I had told him . What a liar !! Now after a week not talking to him , he sends me a text and says
he is staying on in Afghanistan because he is finding it difficulty to come home now since he has no money . The money I sended you is on hold and I'm rethinking to renew my contract . So there you have it , I did not send money and he is not coming home . What a shame !!
I cannot believe what I got myself into . If I have known about this FTC site I would of NEVER sended money . This so called General had me fooled where he led me to believe that I found the love of my life and that he was coming home to me to marry me . Lesson learned and I am not engaging with a man on these social media sites no more . They are all Fakes !!

I'm seeing the same stories that I'm getting from a George Derrick and a Derek Kess. Fell in love practically overnight, need a gift card to stay in touch, no readily available cash, etc. And I shared so much personal information with them. I feel like a total fool, which I am. They both claim to work on oil rigs in different countries. One is divorced, the other lost his wife in an accident. Gave me an email address for his son, etc. I 'm going to tell both of them that I'm doing a background check on them.

I have talked to the one that calls him self George Derrick before and told me he lost his wife to cancer and has a son that’s 9 years old he was showing me pictures it was very believable and I also was talking to one by the name Johnson Maxwell that had me so fooled with that being said We are both foolish because I was scammed in to sending money as well but I figured it out and blocked Maxwell and Derrick as well.

The name is Stella Oghenekewe who claims to be Derek Kess

What was Derek Kess, sons name? Did you send him any emails?

My mother has been talking to Derek Kess for 3 years, she has sent him money numerous times, we ended up losing a family home because of back tax pay, also my father died last year because it really made him so sick. My mother claims that Derek Kess is a Dutch person from the Netherlands, she believes he is real, they talk a lot on WhatsApp all day and everyday, we tried to talk her out of it and she will not listen, she’s living in the fantasy world, when my grandpa died 2 years ago, she got the inheritance money and sent it all to “Derek Kess” as we were moving, while my mother was working I went through her bedroom and I found transactions for transfer from Chase Bank, the money transfers were sent to the person named Stella Oghenekewe. Because “Derek Kess” says he can not or does not have a bank account in Nigeria, so the money has to be sent to his care taker. “Derek Kess” says he has a son named “Morris” a young teen who’s mother died of an accident or cancer. “Derek Kess” also claims he works off shore in the oil field and claims to be a millionaire. When he said he is having money problems my mom sends him money immediately, she thinks she’s going to meet him one day, she believes that he’s going to sweep her off her feet, he made so many promises and that she’s going to be rich. Someone needs to help this woman and needs to wake up!!! And STOP sending strangers money and stop believing everything people say online. 3 long years and has never met him.

Tell your mother not to send him any money! I've been talking to this same man for almost 2 years.
Everything about this post is the same with me. I'm poor so I can't send him any money but he has had other people send me money to send to him thru bitcoin. Until recently, I asked for a video conversation and he got mad. The communication ended very quickly. Yes this man that was going to sweep me off my feet and marry me. A Netherlands millionaire on an oil rig with a son named Morris. Is a sweet talker but a fake. Have your mother asked him if his son now leaves in the USA-maybe Texas?

I encounter this kind of senario..i meet a guy in online dating site..he has a lot of plan for us we have a good conversation everyday but through chat only he call sometimes but i never saw his face even i exist that i want to see him so we can have a video col but sad thing is he always have some excuses..and it comes to a time that he went to huston for a meeting that was he said and then he has a story he ask my help to send him a money bcoz he got in trouble and all his money and credit card are he ask some money to me to send to him..but i never do it even he has a lot of talks that can convence me..lucky that i talk to my sister about the situation and she advice me not to follow what he the way i did is i ignore him..and never talk to him anymore..thank God

Has anyone heard of Daniel Peter or his attorney Bryan Smith from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? Posing as a retired NCO American originally from Utah.
My 72 yr old mother has wired hundred of thousands and still will not believe the persons are one in the same and fake!!


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