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Online love asking for money? It’s a scam.

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While plenty of successful relationships begin online, scammers also use online dating sites, apps, and chat rooms to trick you into sending them money. These imposters create fake profiles to build online relationships, and eventually convince people to send money in the name of love. Some even make wedding plans before disappearing with the money. It’s a big problem: reports to the FBI about online romance scams tripled between 2012 and 2016, and imposter scams were among the top reports to the Federal Trade Commission for both the general population and the military community.

These scams can take a military angle with imposters stealing servicemembers’ photos to create phony profiles. They might claim to be servicemembers who can’t get into their accounts overseas or who need money fast. The first sign of a scam is an online love interest who asks for money. But the Army’s Criminal Investigative Service (CIS) says that the military doesn’t charge servicemembers to go on leave, get married, communicate with their family, go online, or feed and house themselves on deployment. We have also heard of scammers re-using servicemembers’ photos again and again, so it can be helpful to do some online research on the love interest’s name, photos, and details to check the story out.

If an online love interest asks you for money:

  • Slow down and talk to someone you trust. These scammers want to rush you, often professing love right away; or pressuring you to move your conversation off the dating site.
  • Never wire money, put money on a gift card or cash reload card, or send cash to an online love interest. You won’t get it back.
  • If you sent money to a scammer, contact the company you used to send the money (wire transfer service, gift card company, or cash reload card company) and tell them it was a fraudulent transaction. Ask to have the transaction reversed if possible.
  • Report your experience to the dating site and to the FTC.

For Military Consumer Month, share this video to help military consumers steer clear of online romance scams.




Has anyone been talking with a man who says he is William Duncan Smith, goes mostly by Duncan claims he’s high profile military.

Thanks for posting about Cade Walker the marine engineer that’s working in Norway! Complete fake and I can tell his pictures were photoshopped said he’s half French. So when I started messaging him in French he said he doesn’t speak it lol says he’s American but can’t spell or write proper sentences! Anyhow, he reached out through Instagram and was trying to chat for a little bit. He was even getting angry that I didnt respond quickly! so many red flags and beware he’s fake

ive net this guy online and I fell in love with him over a period of two and half years since then till now he has ask me for money . though he knows I don't work anymore and that I'm completely down and flat he still ask . I'm at the point where I don't know if this is real. I have quiet a bit of information on him but I do love him but not sure about his love for me. yes I want to believe with all off my heart but he made alot of promises and never come through.

My sister has been scammed by someone named Aliodu Stephen he says he's in NY and she sent him money cause his bank account where he gets his pay is Frozen. Please help me she says he is coming to get her and her daughter the 24th and both of them have mental disability. I don't think he will show up but with all this sex trafficking going on I can't help being worried. He also wants her bank information so he can put his pay in her account but really so he can take her money.

I had a guy on Instagram said his name was Miller David and he was in the military deployed to Iran! He said his phone was dying and his MasterCard wasn't working. He said he couldn't get WiFi. My blood ran cold when he magically changed his Instagram picture without WiFi in a foreign country. He also asked me to go to Hangouts, so no one else would be there. Plus, he couldn't answer any of my questions, like his rank. ASK QUESTIONS!!!!! He didn't ask me for money yet because I asked questions, he said I asked too many questions it ended quickly. He tried video calling me, couldn't hear him, but his phone magically kept hanging up! He couldn't spell, but I did get to see who he really was during the video call. I am thankful for military friends and God's amazing protection!!!!

I was wanting to know if anyone has been talking to an oil rig contractor that says he is in The Shetland Islands? The name he uses is David Frank. 49 y/o from San Antonio Texas. Son named Christian. Says his middle name is Browning. I have gone in debt for about $8000. He was trying to get home. No access to his bank account till he got home. We talked over a month 1/2 through Hangouts but met on POF. He has sent plenty of pictures. 2 video messages. But we hadn’t spoke on the phone yet. Now he’s mad because I didn’t send him another $380 for his moms meds. Any body heard of him?

A guy on Instagram pretending to be military sergeant and wanting me to send a thousand dollars so he can have leave .

I met someone on Tinder. He said his name is Paul Heinrich, a doctor working for UN military in Syria. He’s a widower, his wife died from cancer 6 years ago and have a daughter in boarding school in the UK.
He said he’s from Kentucky, but lived in Canada for past 15 years before he was deployed to Syria about a year ago.
We used Skype messaging( as he insists) , no video calls because it’s not allowed for security reasons.
He said he’s very much in love with me that his daughter needs a Mom. I fell for that. He said he does not have any family because he was adopted and his adoptive parents were both killed in a car crash when he was 8.
He would sent me photos of him...really gorgeous guy. Long hair with beard and muscular body.
I started to doubt he’s identity when we first chatted. He has this heavy South African accent. Which does not match his description of American born from Kentucky or Canadian. I questioned that and he got upset. Saying it’s German because of his background. I didn’t buy it of course. so he tried to convince me that he is legit and sent me picture of his US passport , which I know was photoshopped. The names, birthdays and birthplace were all photoshopped.
Because I was lonely and stupid. I let it continue for 5 months until he started to say that his daughter’s birthday is coming up and that she needs a laptop and phone for school.
He tried to transfer money to her in the UK but the bank had frozen his account because of suspicious transactions.
He said he wants to terminate his contract so he can start a new life with me. But couldn’t buy ticket because the trouble he was having with the bank.
I don’t know how to make him stop. I did not send him money, but he’s been trying to call me and I was trying to ignore his calls.
Any suggestions? I don’t want to upset him as I’m afraid he will blackmail me with my photos I sent to him.

A guy named Ben Clark on Instagram has contacted me and sent me lots of military pics and 3 kids. All the same guy. He is asking for google play cards and I said I can’t. I asked a military friend of mine and he says they never would do that. Do I confronted him and he’s very defensive. I’m not going to do it. I reported him to Instagram and blocked him. These people are scum.

Met a guy on a dating app Bumble, he claims to be Jeremy Vince a US Marine from Lehigh Acres, Florida but now lives in San Francisco.

Im trying to figure out if the guy im talking to is a scammer goes bye the name james says he lives in texas has a 2 year old his wife passed during child birth and his parents passed in a car accident has tattoos on the upper arms back and down his side does any one have a story like this says he is american Columbian and greman i have lots of photos

Also texting with this guy via telegram the story sounds familiar also goes with the name James

So this guy name Eric Smith contact me on Facebook and we were talking for a while and he just asked me to send him a stream card but I’m not stupid I’m not getting scammed I’m young asl in he deleted his Facebook after we got on the hangout app in I just knew it was fishy so I kept talking to him just to see when it was gone end but he thought he had one hey say his parents are dead and he have one child and he is in west Africa doing an Mission now

I met a man by the name of Crawford Martinez. Has anyone heard of him being a scammer. He is a reservoir engineer.

Beware chris Thomas from Cleveland Ohio is a scammer. States engineer interacting in Gulf of Mexico. Widow daughter 15 in boarding school and with a nanny.

Yes I used to talk to a guy that went by the name David Jones said he was a orthapidic Dr. In the military in Syria uk and yes I fell in love with him but he did the same thing started asking for money.,but I didn't send him any

I've just been threatened that my child will be taken away if I do not send a steam wallet card to a soldier I been talking to for 3 days .should I be scared

Eric Griffith doing the rounds on all dating sites atm too .,. First it was iTunes card now it a us bank account to pay his bill as his company is in lockdown in uk as he is in Yemen doing boarders without doctors ?? Etc etc etc I would add pic but it won’t let me :(

Hi my name is Katie I've be text thit man on hangout he said is name is jame Williams he said he in the army in Nigeria but since I've be speak to him for the last seven month that he love me that he want a future with me but he be ask me for money all the time bc he hasn't got any thing he said he had to go to the hospital bc he got an interal bleeding he want me to give him money to pay is hospital Bill's he be asked me everday when I tell him I've got no money he says or I'm crying now you spoil my mood you dont love me

Has anyone heard of a scammer named Lucas Amato? He lives in Chicago but on an oil rig in the Mediterranean Sea. He’s only called twice and does not sound American or Italian. He’s working with two other companies and he has to pay or lose the account. Unfortunately his bank account is frozen and needs large sums of money. He was married twice, second wife died in car crash and no children. Anyone recognize this info??

I have been talking to James Robert he followed me on twitter and said I m his soulmate. He suggested I should put my money on bitcoin. First he was a chemical engineer and then he said he is a broker. I just send the archieves to google. And even he added me on hangouts no e mail info was found. He says he lost his wife in a car accident and has a 11 year old son. I just put the pieces together and told him that I know he is a scam first he was silent and then he said he is sorry. And said he never wanted anything from me. I just reported him I dont know if gmail security could find an IP or even bother. When I told him he said he is dumfounded with what I say. He couldnt even deny. I think he deleted his account.

Is alex thompson on a dating scammer list. He works on a oil rig. His home is dallas texas. I have photos.

Beware of the marine engineer that uses Grant Cardones pictures of him and his daughters. Uses the sad sob story of his wife died, never been with anyone else since because it was so heartbreaking, parents died when he was young. Kids are in boarding school in the states, I’m from America but I can’t tell you why I have an accent. Pathetic. Says you are his queen and will retire for you to spend forever with you. Watch out people

I'm speaking to someone know who is a Marine Engineer. I believe he is a scammer, story sounds similar. His daughter is in boarding school in UK. Everything else is the same. Do you have any photos are more details about him?

Hi Mary
Is the name of this engineer at sea Raymond Hood 50 or Powell Martin? At sea in Russian and home in North or South Carolina. As i had this Raymond we chatted a bit then left and when i was writing and send the message, the name had suddenly changed into Powell Martin!!!! Anyways there is NOT any lovers on line. There are ALL SCAMMERS ALIENS they come here to invade our planet, to fool you. If you would like a real lover it's better you know and meet this person see them face to face, the contact is better. As these aliens will promise you wealth, IF you help them such as asking you to get them gift cards and so on. Be aware they are ALL OVER. They will first ask you if you are married and work. Better say yes you are happily maried and don't work , don't have any bank account. Anyways try to find something creative. Be aware that the photos they display are stolen, their names are changed all the time. Also they will tell you they are widowers, single with a kid divorced (the first time i saw this one then after discussion it's changed as widower weird...) Here everything all of you need to know. Apply all of this they will go away. Good luck

Cade Walker (salt and pepper colored hair and beard, black eyebrows,muscular build) Marine Engineer, 6 ft, 42 years old. Richmond, VA went to St. Mary's and has a picture of a little boy who is his son. He's on dating sites, found him on Hinge.

Yes I used to talk to a guy that said he was a orthapidic Dr in Syria and his name was David Jones I never sent him any money but I did send him two iTunes cards

My friend was contacted by Lionel Richie on Facebook and they are gonna get married when he have enough money for a urgent transplant. She sold everything she has and will be moving to the US to marry him. They never met nor had a video chat and she refuse to listen to anyone questioning this husband to be. What can I do to help her?

Jennifer Oramas Trying to use army scam requesting itunes gift card LOL she cant wait. to hold me.

He said his name is Nick Anderson and he is on TAGGED trying to meet women to get them to send him money that he is in trouble and we ill pay back but all along he not going to pay back and tells lies. He need to be stop. His contact phone is (214-997-9173 or (214-628-0985. Please help someone he ripped me off for $2100 .And i want my money back.

ok I will start with most recent Willy Smith from houston has furniture store, son & daughter, needs help to get his furniture he ordered that is being held for tax treasury reasons or now he needs to update phone need applecard (lotsa pics and videoslooks like a latin
Leslie Scot he lost wife also(they all do) He wants to send you some gold and jewelry he found working in whatever country he is in. you get a tracking no. from shipping company, But then it gets stuck in mexico & they request a custom clearance fee. You get a nice formal letter & link to pay...NO way!
Morriss Ben needs money for his daughters school clothes.
Michael John needs apple cards so he can talk to daughter..geeze
Micheal Cristo he needs your address to have stocks sent to you , in norway he cannot get stocks cashed out. eventually this will all lead to you opening a bank account at Birmingham credit union, there is a fake site & everything lol you will get official letters from Perpetual investments London Uk about amount being deposited & yes this man will send pics and have you ready to retire with him & his millions.
Matt Gilbert needs apple cards or money for his accident where he was in a coma for months has 3 kids
My take is if they need money & you have not met them face to face or even if you have , real men dont ask for money!!!!
they all have thick nigerian accents & say their
Of and yes Derrik Kess will need money, I worry for some of our elderly who could lose their savings, This is theft in its lowest form!

Bitcoin scam name of Tony klaus morthorst/klaus morthorst from idaho USA says he’s on rigs in Oslo Norway anybody

Tony klaus morthorst anyone? on ig 1k followers still on there now claims to be a engineer on rigs deals in bitcoin added me on ig then asked on hangouts talking for roughly 3 weeks always dropping bitcoin currency at me declared love within a week sending love songs photos wanted relationship words used were boo baby pretty face from Idaho USA working on rig in Oslo wind turbines asked me to download a bitcoin wallet obviously so he could get my account details! deleted me off both when I called him on scam

Hi I’ve been chatting to this guy from the army and I think he’s useing to get money as been saying all nice things got me to give him my pof password and which I fool done then he delete my pof account and saying he can’t wait to be with me but ask me if I could send him card money but told him I was skint and ask when I could I said monday just to stop him asking as which he kept saying what should I do as he says he’s honest but I get the feeling he’s not

i have been dealing with a Willaim Rodger Park and a Clifton Mendoza. parks told me he’s in the army on a special mission in. Nigeria. met him on messenger. Shortly after he met me he took down his facebook page and started talking on watts app. Always asking for amazon or itunes n now google play cards. he also got his friend to pressure me to send money for something.
now i have a female hacker invading my phone. i had to buy a new phone new number n sim card. i blocked everything n deleted apps and they are back in my phone again. i can’t get rid of them. he wants me to send him a phone so he can video chat with me but now wants me to send $300 dollars to get my phone encrypted to get this female from hacking into my phone. so tired n stressed from all this.
these guys are on hangouts n wattsapp n be careful cuz they will get into your phone n see who you are talking to your messages your pictures n emails. please be careful if these two

I have been talking to a guy online and he says that his name is Micheal Harper, but when I do a google search, the picture shows up as Ruben checks. He said that he is from the uk and works in New York, for work, he has an accent and he said that his account is frozen and if I help him pay his hotel bill. But he is in turkey at the moment.

Scam by Bryan Williams, stationed in Iraq, widow w 6 year old daughter, retiring soon. Use babe, honey.

Has anyone been talking to a military man. That goes by the name Thomas Jones. Same name as the football player.

Hi my names crystal I'm in need of someone's help here I been with this army man for 5 years all he does ask for money I've sent alot all thease years and it's got me in a mess plz someone email me that can help

Be careful of Daniel David, screen name was Danielkozimuik. Supposedly from Hungary, moved to us at the age of 18. Tried to scam me with two weeks of alluring chat, and then off to the oil rig in Alaska, where he was offered a contract for five million dollars but to apply he had to come up with $800. Fortunately at the time I didn’t have it. My friend suggested I try to reverse search his pic. There I found his picture on a number of dating websites, most of them foreign and pretty raunchy. Yuk.

Have been approached on IG by several men in the past couple weeks. There is one in particular Patrick Holland. Sounds very familiar ladies. Widower which he won’t really talk about a 7 year old son David. He is on a oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Many restrictions about communication. Same ploy unable to connect on IG asked to go to the Hangout apps . Says he is in love, hehe. Tried to video chat on Hangouts and it was blurry and the voice sounded Indian. I confronted him. Reported on IG, they didn’t care. He became irate about it. But then came back, so funny !! He sent many pictures but never in real time. He is a good actor for sure. Hasn’t asked for money at all, not yet, but I’m waiting. I tried to search (verify) him, says he is from LA. No records. I did find a match of a picture that traced back to a dating site with a new name John Smith ( so original). That John Smith came up on searches he also has an IG but very similar to the other, I’ve reached out in the dating site and IG and no response. This is such a scam and with stay at home, it is fun to play scam the scammer. Let me know if you’ve been approached too. I have many theories about these scams. Let’s talk ladies!! I will keep you posted.

This cute guy just jumped in my Dms on Instagram. He was cute as hell! He told me that he has a daughter. And then tried to wo me..... Then he asked me to send him a gift card out of the blue. So I checked his page. Only 6 pictures all posted on the same day. So I blocked him.

I long in to POF dating up today., after long time
I got a guy from Army who’s right away giving me his whats app number which starting with American code +1 (314) 885-3688 and following number +44 7781 470659 which is dodgy, after talking like few hours later asking me for Steam gift card £20 £50 to pay for internet because He is in Afghanistan but moved to Scotland,Aberdeen. He was born in Bristol.
I right away checking online those things because sounds weird. Previous He gave me the name which I couldn’t find on any social media, Tommy Darren Acosta so His dating profile is gone too in afternoon.
I have received txt from UK number with of his with Skout code to delete account using my number to give him code

Anyone here received any messages from David Mcnall. His Instagram is david_mcnall . We have been chatting for two weeks and he claims he is a US Marine station in Detroit and today he went out for groceries but apparently forgot to buy a game card Steam. He knew I was out and had ask if I could purchase one for him because he couldn’t go back out because it’s so crazy in Detroit due to covid. That he would have to wait for another week. I didn’t buy one of course just wondering if anyone has talk to this guy. Let me know appreciate it thank you

That sounds sketchy but if I were you I change your number and cut all ties from this scammer and block him. I had went through the same ordeal my scammer used my number to let one of his friends use it to set up a dating profile on pOF . I still have my Pof profile but I’m sure my scammer will be back. My scammer had a number that was +234 814 011 0189.

Instagram scammer goes by name of Graham Malcolm. Said he was a doctor in Syria and his head of department needed money. Because he was overseas, he couldn't access his account. Promised the money would be refunded back to me. I didn't send the money ($5000) because the address/bank info was in Texas. Please don't interact with scammers. Even sending them a penny allows them to scam another victim. Gather information and report every one!

Same guy that was trying to scam me. He went ALLEN Swanson and was so in love with me. His Queen, sent me utube songs everyone. We going to marry me and would neve leave me. Well when I didn’t send him “little money”
2150.00 for his son in boarding school after a week he dumped me. I was so Hesitant in the beginning pulled me in and made me believe he wasn’t a scammer like I Accused him of. Well I took him all of nine or 10 days to ask for money. Definitely a scammer says he’s a orthopedic surgeon ladies beware.

I meet this guy online on Tinder and been chat with him for 2 weeks now, after reading all the stories about this type of scam. I reach to a friend to check on this guy he's saying he's in military and I gave him the name and a friend told me his name is real and he's in military. I did told him that he's not real and I can't trust him so he ask me to call him when he's in patrol to see him directly and spoke with him less than 3 minutes. We done it twice and I did see him in the middle of desert in Kabul Afganistan so kinda believe him. He send me his pictures in military uniform and match with the person I been chat. 2 weeks after that he's starting ask me if I can get him Amazon gift card so he can use it for exchange data so he can keep the conversation with me. I told him I'm not sure I want to do that and he's kinda upset and I told him I'm single income and he's want the gift card he have to wait until I get paid just to see what his reaction is. Please tell me if anybody have same experience with me. Thanks

I am so tired of all these scammers

this man Mateo Samuel is an structural engineer. Was born and raised in Australia. No parents, no kids. Divorced. Claimed his love after seven days he asked for money. Said he was on an oil rig in the ocean in turkey? Needed to get home soon but also needed money to hire other men to take his place so he could come home. With there was a way I could post his pictures. He is very handsome but I don't think the person I was speaking to was the same man. He sounded Asian. After telling him I would not send money he became very upset and I never spoke to him again.


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