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Online love asking for money? It’s a scam.

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While plenty of successful relationships begin online, scammers also use online dating sites, apps, and chat rooms to trick you into sending them money. These imposters create fake profiles to build online relationships, and eventually convince people to send money in the name of love. Some even make wedding plans before disappearing with the money. It’s a big problem: reports to the FBI about online romance scams tripled between 2012 and 2016, and imposter scams were among the top reports to the Federal Trade Commission for both the general population and the military community.

These scams can take a military angle with imposters stealing servicemembers’ photos to create phony profiles. They might claim to be servicemembers who can’t get into their accounts overseas or who need money fast. The first sign of a scam is an online love interest who asks for money. But the Army’s Criminal Investigative Service (CIS) says that the military doesn’t charge servicemembers to go on leave, get married, communicate with their family, go online, or feed and house themselves on deployment. We have also heard of scammers re-using servicemembers’ photos again and again, so it can be helpful to do some online research on the love interest’s name, photos, and details to check the story out.

If an online love interest asks you for money:

  • Slow down and talk to someone you trust. These scammers want to rush you, often professing love right away; or pressuring you to move your conversation off the dating site.
  • Never wire money, put money on a gift card or cash reload card, or send cash to an online love interest. You won’t get it back.
  • If you sent money to a scammer, contact the company you used to send the money (wire transfer service, gift card company, or cash reload card company) and tell them it was a fraudulent transaction. Ask to have the transaction reversed if possible.
  • Report your experience to the dating site and to the FTC.

For Military Consumer Month, share this video to help military consumers steer clear of online romance scams.



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I wished I’ve known about this site. I was in contact with this guy Ray. Talked/chatted for 3 months but when he wanted to send me gold, that was a big red flag. Same story. Sucks!! But I’m glad it’s over and now I’m wiser!

can we trade photos and see if it is the same dude? thanks

I joined a dating site hoping to meet someone to share my life with. But then I met a military guy from the site. And after the first day. He asked me to chat off the site into a chat app. Then he confessed his love so quickly. He says when I get back to the states we are getting married. Then he says can you pls go buy a card for my phone so I can keep this number and then I deleted my dating profile when he said to. But then I went back to the dating site. He magically shows up and then he says delete your profile now in the chat app. I think I’m being scammed?

Then the other time I met another military guy says his name is meyers Ward and he said he’s over seas in Syria and he confesses his love for me quickly and asks me to send him a care package and said the food here is bad for my health. And he talks about marriage. I did the google image search on the picture and that picture popped up and said that picture was being used to scam people. And the real person who owns the picture name pops up so I searched the name on Instagram and found the real owner of the picture so I screenshot the Instagram page and asked the dude about it. He said that I was doubting him. I technically am doubting him. What should I do. Should I cut all ties and not talk to em again.

I meet a Spanish lady online about two weeks ago she seems to be sincere she said she has one more exams to get her r n but shewant me to send seven hundred dollars is this a bad idea ??

Does any of these guys ask for a steam gift card?

Yup. Just had one asking for steam cards. Name is Alex Santiago. Spoke for 3 months. He’s in love with me. All of a sudden had to go to Turkey for a contract on an oil rig. Needed a steam card for more internet and oh so surprising couldn’t get it there. Really liked the guy in the pictures, lol, reverse search came up with nothing. Amazon cards, Steam cards, it’s all a scam. I blocked him Don’t send anything to someone you’ve never met!!

He is on IG, quickly will get you go to on Whats App
All he wants is steam cards
IF anyone is in contact with him I would love to compare notes.

DO NOT send ANYTHING . Steam / I tunes , ect, cards they sell for money

He found me and told me to hold his gold then he mails it and now I got an email that a custom fee of 16k is needed. So dramatic and now he ask me to use my credit card to buy apple and Google cards and he will fund my cc back. It's so nuts. I will compare notes and pics with you.

Yes, I was talking to a guy named Benson Grant. Claims he is a Bitcoin trader. Divorced. 14 year old son in boarding school. Said his son needs a steam card for online gaming. After harrassing me for 3 days for a steam card I blocked him on Hangouts. I am angry that I believed him. Please be careful.

I met this guy on a dating site. He says his name is Henry he says he’s in the military in Nigeria. He confessed his love to me very quickly on the very first day. Then he says as soon as I get back to the states we are going to get married. Then he asks me to delete my dating profile so we can chat on WhatsApp. Then he tells me. He’s about to lose his number and he asks me to go buy a 50 0r a 100 dollar amazon gift card so he can buy a new number. After he told me this I thought it was a bit sketchy. So I told him I don’t have the money to do that. But he kept pushing me and pushing me into getting that for him. I got fed up so I deleted the WhatsApp and then redone load it. And deleted my profile for awhile then I resigned up on the dating site hoping he won’t find me then he finds me again. It feels like he’s stalking me. It terrifies me to be on a dating app now cuz of this. I looked up the pictures he sent me through the google image search and nothing is coming up. So I’m still sketchy. So I’m deleting the WhatsApp again cuz the dude knows my number. I’m sure he will find me again. What should I do?

Don't do it. It is a scam. Military personnel have access to their money.

Does anyone has met a Perer Jones? He was from LA, working at Ankara with a contract at ExxonMobil, he had traveled a lot because of business and this was the reason his wife has cheated him. We were speaking and knowing each other 5 weeks aprox. Was slowly the way he was trying to make me feel in love. First he ask for support and money when one container of chemicals was stopped by customs authorities, as I didn’t send anything, he was on the same romantic mood. Two weeks later he asked for money for his daughter, 400 usd. He rejected me saying that love is two side, I asked him to stop asking me for money. He stop writing. Then he was in bed because an explosion of his work. He was angry when I told him that was surprised he stopped writing me, and broke his promises jajajaja. Blocked at WhatsApp, has photos of his passport. I feel a little angry with this, maybe I needed to face him and tell, you’re a scammer!

I was talking to someone he said he was currently deployed in Turkey in 5 months now.He sends quotes & said he loves me & cant live without me. Lol. And Funny, he said that he needed $5000 dollars to come to me & he only paid half of it & still needs the other $2500. I know that he's a scam, but I want to ask how to trace them. The pictures that he used & sent was too many. He cant even send present ones lol. I just knew it! He cant even do a videocall Lol. So many alibis. I just pity the real owner of the pictures that they are using & maybe also stealing the identity.

Just Dont Send Money!

I have a similar story. I met this guy on POF about 3 weeks ago. Now we are chatting on Hangouts. He is stationed in Ankara, Turkey Ive video chatted with him once. He has light brown hair, blue eyes he’s 40 yrs. old. Hes very handsome. He had a girlfriend for 5 years, but he told me she cheated on him out of the 4 years they were together. He has a daughter with the nanny in Texas. After the 1st week we’ve been chatting he professed his love for me and wants to marry me when he gets back to Texas. He asked if I could send me $100 gift card so he can chip unlock his phone so we could chat more often. I have not sent him no money or gift cards. I have pics so we can trade to see if it’s the same guy ok.

Anyone been scammed by a person the name of fredrick fraces claims be stuck in ghanna due to traveling there befor covid 19 and happens to be italian an american resident.. hes on hangout by the same name. Wants money to help get him out of ghanna also claimes he has a 15 year old daughter who is in usa without him..

MICHAEL MAY US MARINE DEPLOYED TO SOUTH KOREA 5 YEARS OLD DAUGHTER WIFE DIED OF CANCER PARENTS DEAD TOO asked me for money to pay for internet so ee can keep communication. I felt for this guy, I almost broke my marriage for him! Have anyone else heard of him

A James Michael but he said single no kids but also asks money all the time

I just got contacted today from this guy. Same story, but said he was single. Hasnt mentioned a deceased wife though. I'm gonna play along for a while and see what happens lol. They think its so easy to mess with us, why not mess with them??!

Yes. I believe I am being scammed by him now. Kind of like catfish. All the info is the same that you're saying. But he hasn't asked for money yet. I had a very good feeling he was fake from the start, cuz unfortunately it has happened to me before. But im playing along to see how it goes. Sorry this happened to you and hope things are better for you.

Yep-this guy dropped into my dm’s on insta never would give very much information about himself never would fully answer my questions. I had my suspicions. Keep texting, told me he loved me. After a bit said had be moved to a different base and there wasn’t free internet asked for $300 to keep communicating with me. Said he didn’t have access to his money. Did some digging found out all lies. Blocked and deleted him.

Has anyone heard of someone named Michael Cooper or Tony Frank they both claimed to be in the army and they both talk about how much they love me without ever knowing me in person.. Tony Frank says he has custody of his daughter because his wife cheated on him and left him with his daughter and she's in a private school and has a Nanny. He did say he wanted me to accept some money for him... I cut him off quick. And Michael Cooper says he has custody of his daughter because his wife left him for another and his mother cares for his daughter while he's gone. He asked me for an Amazon $100 card today of course I'm not sending it... I asked him how come his mother couldn't get it for him he hasn't answered back .Does anyone know these 2 fools or heard of them???

Talking to someone from Syria name Daniel Hidalgo, very young and handsome, looks Arabic, but say he is from Mexicalli and now in Miami ( sounds familiar) US Marine, sent a package , gave him my address told me it was an award, got held in Mexico I paid $5,000 to release, now in Nevada want 27,000. I said NO. Then he forgot about it, now wants Money to come home Emergency Leave, I read all in google, there is no exchange of money no were. He continues to pursue me, I stopped talking to him. It hurts. Parents both dead, Mother at birth, Father in car crash, has 7yr old Mia. Was sent pictures from him. Has video faced three times, looks exactly like pictures. Say he will come home next month, yet has a deadly mission coming up and needs to get out of Syria fast, so send another $4000.00. What do I do...

I have talk to him his a scammer

I have been talking to a guy named Derick Lius, he said he's a dee sea diver in UN, serving hes 6 months contract, and he's from Italian, his wife passed away and his daughter Lisa Derick is in boarding school in US, because of his work, he's not able to provide for his daughter ,he's not able to pay for her school fees, and the kids at school mocking her for not paying for her school fees.. He also said the head teacher will never allow kids to talk on video chat only allow to chat on email, and heres the email headteacher287@ Lius Derick is a Real Scammer, He will also said don't believe on google as its all lies

I am sure my son is being scammed by a online chat room person who he refuses to believe is a scammer ! He’s sent money and this beautiful picture because that’s all he has seen, has promised To come and pick him up and whisk him off to Texas and live happily ever after! Needless to say NO ONE HAS EVER CAME TO GET HIM!he has sent most of his stimulus check on getting her to our town where she’s to pick him up.,there’s always a excuse as to why she has not come ! Always ! He is on social security and gets a allowance which he sends to this beautiful picture! No one comes! I’m his payee and they have turned him against his family and mostly me because they have him convinced I just want his money ! He has NEVER Skyped this person not talked to her NOTHING but he’s a believer ! What can I do to make him see? Help

Has anyone ever been scammed by someone using the name James Edwards claiming he’s deployed over in West Africa ? He claims both of his parents were killed in a car accident on the way home from a friends birthday party and never wants to speak of it again . Also immediately claiming he wants someone who is honest and would like to settle down and get married . Tired of being single. Immediately tells me he loves me and non stop calls me babe , baby , my future wifey , my superwoman !! Now is asking to send him money because there is no internet connection where he is and saying it is against rules and regulations that he can’t call or FaceTime me . We had met on a popular dating site called Hinge and he immediately had asked me to delete site like he was because he thinks I am the one for him and that he can’t wait to meet me . Please if anyone was a victim of this situation please let me know ASAP!!!! This stuff is not right and it’s not acceptable... it’s harassment and this guy is obsessive!!!!

Anyone heard of Charles Williams? In Afghanistan, widowed, car crash , son 16 years old . Typical military romance scam?!

Morning i have been chatt with some one he said he is cheef engineer on cargo we fell in love i see him vidio call here his name but he ask me for his dauther to send money and after email UN for leave to com is he real his name Harald Gerhard

A barrister in Rochester NY befriended me as he was dealing with a client who died that l had been emailing. In will I was left 99k and Barrister then said the deceased not paid his taxes etc and from then on started asking for monies to get the 99k. Then Barristers mother got I'll and again he asked me for money and promised he would pay me back. The money Barrister owed me should have received last Friday, nothing. Also he has not released money due to me from deceased, said to me he, the barrister only one who could stop it. My fear after believing Barrister and his romantic proposals to me ie coming to UK and spending rest of his life etc with me. Not answering emails or Hangouts. Is he a scammer?

I have him only line know
Name, where his is from
Age 23

Hi there,

My sister, who now isn't speaking to me as I said this sounds like a scam and warned her against sending any money, messaged me with the following, would appreciate it if this indeed sounds like a scam and if anyone has had similar experiences-

Is there any chance that you can try and get a loan through your bank to help me out. You will get the money back next week. This is gonna be a long story and you won’t even believe it But it’s true.

I have met someone a while ago now and he is a pipeline engineer.

Anyway he went for a job worth a lot of money in Malaysia he had to do a lot of presentations and finally got an interview we were both praying for him to get an interview so weeks went and then he told me he had got an interview for the work. It was my birthday that he had his first interview they got him a private jet then he had about two more interviews and got the job on the 8th June he was given two weeks to do it. Supposed to be complete on Monday. So he has been working and he messaged me and said I’m thinking I need to order some equipment so I’ve said order it then so you do t get delayed he’s ordered it and it took a few days to arrive so he’s gone to pick it up from customs and he thought he would have enough.

He said 50,000 dollars they turned round and said he needs to pay for some excise about the virus.

So he was short 20,000 he borrowed 16,000 from his lawyer in America Dollars and he needs 4,000 which is about £3700 in English pounds probably more it’s gone up 600 dollars because he didn’t have the money to pick it up.

I’ve tried to get a loan can’t get one.

Got nobody to ask. He’s got nobody to ask. He’s got no family just him and a daughter whose with a nanny.

He said I can’t believe this and knowing how much I spent for the equipment he sent me the reciept nearly a million dollars for the equipment.

He’s been messaging me saying that his reputation is gonna be ruined and he can’t face his workers and I’ve been literally in bits all week thinking I don’t know what to do.

He got the contract and now he’s even saying things like he feels like dying and there’s no point he took ages to reply to me I thought he was dead I don’t even know if he’s ok now as it’s 7 hours in front of UK time . He said he will get the money for completing on Monday as that’s the deadline. I’ve thought of so many things he can do and he said he can’t he said the people at customs were being really awkward.

Luis Calvino. Supposed lives in Orlando. Had to go Germany because his mother died. Then to UK where works as Senior Fund Manager for Cap Vest. Widowed and daughter attending school to be a pilot in Germany. Then on to Dubai and this great investment deal closed, supposedly part in my name. Wants to start own investment company, travel the world with me and loves me. Not asked for money but exact same story as previous comment. He has a passport under this name and states born in Denver, Colorado even though says he was born in Germany. Am sure he lives in London as made him send me a picture of himself holding todays newspaper. Good looking, tall with grey hair. Has a ton of pictures of himself and short videos. Met him on Mate 1. He is the best Scammer I have ever come across. He is intelligent and writes extremely well. Is posted on Linkrdin (means nothing). He is the person in his photos. He has called a lot. Lives the high life scamming women.

I’m so glad I researched this guy supposedly named Mike Glover, a Special Operations Commander, Gun Fighter in the military. We met on Hinge dating app. Day 1 of chatting, he immediately asked for us to move our conversation to the What’s App due to his type of job’s private security. I thought that was strange but I did what he asked. Day 2 I asked many questions for one why wouldn’t talk on the phone and he quickly said with anger he couldn’t call or video because he was on the base in North Dakota. Long story short, after one more day of him confessing his “true love” for me, of course that’s a red flag for me I started researching... He told me his name was Mike Anthony Glover. So I googled and find out that there is a Mike Glover who is a gunfighter, sniper/ CIA aka Mr. Bad Ass. The photos from dating site matchEd the photos of this Mike Glover guy. So I searched his social media pages and found over 20 fake profiles of this guy plus his official page. I also listenEd to the real Mike Glover videos and everything. I was like either this is the real Mike or someone who is obsessed with this guy’s life. He is half Asian and White. He is a very attractive man. But the guy I’ve been chatting with and this Mike story wasn’t adding up to me. So I confronted him about it and shocking, he said yes that is my official profile but the others pages are fake. Like this dude actually believes he is “Mike Glover”. After giving him all the evidence that he was lying, he stopped responding. I even reached out to the real Mike Glover to confirm that the guy I’ve been chatting with for the past few days was indeed a FAKE. I also reported all of the 20 plus fake profile on Instagram and on What’s up app. So thankful I trusted my guts earlier on. I still can’t believe people really do this to people smh. Please be careful, if it feels too good to be true then most likely it is. Also speak up, because I’m sure they are doing it to so many other people. I wanted to share my experience to help someone who maybe also talking to this guy now or run into the fake Mike Glover.

I've been chatting with someone who goes by Glover Hurley (middle name Mike). His fb profile is under the name Mike Glover. This guy says he was locked out of his fb account in August. I've suspected something was off for a while, but never really sure.

anyone talking to a handsome ssgt in the marines stationed in africa asking for amazon cards named Daniel King???

Unbelievable! I've been talking to him for a couple of days. He now goes by Jordan Josiah Medina. He told me his sons birthday was on the 28th and he wanted me to send him a $50 steamcard. I also met him on hinge the number 210-907-3981.

Hello my friend is talking to a Josiah Medina and it’s been for awhile and I’m nervous for her.. did he send you any pics because I need to get down to the bottom of this.

He is still at it. Saying he is in Savannah, GA now. Totally obvious he is a fake!

Anybody here been chatted by Steven Thomas? Possed as military in Yemen.seems to be true and saying that he is related interested.had a child named Joan that lives without the nanny in Florida .Been asking for an ebay gift card and said not able to do video chat because he can be court marshaloed or get fired..

the name is different but the storie is the same.. clifford thomas, military in afganistan, has a child name Amilia that lives whit a nanny in california. he ask for a steam card or amazon card and he can't video chat because of the talibas..

I have been talking to someone by the names of James. He has done video calls with me and matches his pictures. Handsome muscular man with tattoos on chest and shoulders. He says he is out of food for his meal delivery service and is asking for over 2000 so he can eat. I keep saying no and he professes his love for me and says I need to trust him that he will pay me back. He says he can’t access his bank information because he has already reached his bank limit of withdrawals till September. I also received a picture of his ID which they are not suppose to send but he did it to establish trust.

“Handsome muscular man with tattoos on chest and shoulders.” Sounds like the man whom I am talking with. He has not asked for money or anything (no, not going to send him any if he does). He sent me pictures. One with his name on his military uniform. I wish we could compare pictures.

I felt in love with a soldier woman called Tashia Jenkins. She is in Afghanistan...after a few weeks she asked me for steam card to sent me her pics and upgrade her phone there. I didnt spent much for god sake but its a scammer too. I know now. Its terrible that that kind of people will abuse other people for money. I really thought she was carefull

Any body heard from Richard Lester? Civil Engineering working i. Turkey right now, he needs money to pay for an acvodent

Jerry Mason is his name. Lives in South Carolina, contracting in berlin germany, wife died in gas explosion and 15 year old daughter lives with nanny and so on..... After a week, he been laying on thick how much he loved me, and how attached to me emotionally he is and he can't wait til his contract is up in three months, but his camera needs an Itunes gift card to work. I told him that you do NOT need a gift card to get your camera working. After he asked me all of this, I said is this a scammer, he said I was talking nonsense, but I have not heard from him since. Nice looking photo of whomever it was he took. All the signs that I just read about is exactly what I saw in him. I'm not one to give money away to strangers over chat sessions or online. And the give away was take a picture of it and send it to him. I said you have access to your funds, my brother was in the military. Got the wrong one! Watchman watching youuuuuu. it was amusing for a few days. I figured he was already working on someone else.

Has anyone heard of or talked to a man named, Steven Sims?

Have you met him? He's a scammer and she doesn't believe us.

Yes I got a so called girl contact me on instagram and asked me to go on hangouts I knew straight away it was a scam I played a long with it for a week pictures of her came from a foreign dating site and then came could you send me iTunes card of $100 for upgrades for phone hopefully everyone one doesn’t fall for

Anyone talking with a civilian marine from Chicago in Iran? Weightlifter and good looking. Goes by Richard Thomas King, Richie, Alex King. Asking for steam or amazon cards. Already in love after 2 days! Constant wanting cards for video games!

I have been correspondent for 3 weeks with an American military man in Afghanistan, called clifford thomas, who promises me marriage and that we are going to live together with his daughter. he sends me pictures of him and his daughter, he already called me, I have his daughter's email. two weeks ago he started asking me for a steam card because he had a debt to pay from the net. he insists on that and when i said i wasn't going to buy him he was upset and rude. he hasn't stopped talking to me yet but he is always insisting on the card .. i want to believe him but it is difficult. I already told him to ask his family or friends. I do not know what to do.


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