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How to avoid a Bitcoin blackmail scam

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“I know about the secret you are keeping from your wife and everyone else. You can ignore this letter, or pay me a $8600 confidentiality fee in Bitcoin”.

It’s enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine, but these chilling words are part of a new scam targeting men.

Here’s how it works. Scammers have been sending letters to men, demanding payments using bitcoin in exchange for keeping quiet about alleged affairs. The letter also explains how to use bitcoin to make the payment.

This is a criminal extortion attempt to separate people from their money.

If you — or someone you know — gets a letter like this, report it immediately to your local police, and the FBI.

Threats, intimidation and high-pressure tactics are classic signs of a scam. Learn how to stay ahead of clever crooks with these practical tips, and check out the ways you can keep your personal information secure.


I just received an email like the ones listed below. Time to update all of the passwords again.

81 year old female. Woke up this morning to one of these “sextortion” emails demanding 2000 bitcoin or they will make my life miserable by making public porn video. They had part of one of my passwords which was disturbing. I will delete the email. What upsets me most is that I don’t think the authorities will do anything about this. Reporting it will probably go the way of the “do not call list.” Into the trash bin.

I received the same email as others here. They asked for $2000 in bitcoin.

How do I report this to the FBI? Or will it do any good? Thanks!

got the same e-mail photo of me watching porn going to sendit to my parents and friends. Turned it over to Chase scam div and told my friends what a hoot I';m 73 and if the copy is clear please forward to me and I'm on a fixed income lol

Received the same email today threatening to send video to all my friends, old password was what they thought they had. I reported to the police and FBI. Hopefully no one will pay these people.

Received similar email as below, interesting that they are targeting a certain age group. Blocked sender and deleted. Just be careful, a lot of jerks out there.

Husband got one this morning and mine came in last night.. .wanted 2000 bitcoins

Got this email from: Alene Singh rcqmelodeeciv@ they also had an old Password and asked for 2000 bit coin. I have never visited any such sites and my camera on my computer is blocked. Can this Hotmail account be traced?

I'm a 65 year old woman and received 2 threatening emails. I do not go to porn sites. The second one was from a different person and more threatening. It had my email and a old face book password. My info has been compromised at a Canadian Pharmacy and credit card company. I've changed all passwords I have and got a new card with different number. How can I stop getting these. Not cool during these times and my husband has brain cancer. This is senior abuse!

I’m so sorry you’re going through so much stress and worry and are now dealing this scary scam. Sending prayers.
I just started receiving these emails this week too. It’s quite disturbing.

I received a similar email from this fine person: oollemvu@ , demanding $2,000 in bitcoins within 24 hours. Sorry to disappoint him/her, but no money will be forthcoming from me. Do wonder how the sender got ahold of an old password of mine from several years ago. Shouldn't bitcoin have a place to report demands for extortion using bitcoin accounts? My guess is bitcoin doesn't provide any help to people victimized by these scams and it seems the international community should demand its administrators do something to protect people.

I just received an email demanding I purchase $2000 in bit on. They threatened me with an old password and sending a video of my porn sites to contacts. I don't visit those at all. Should I forward to police?

In the past week, I've received 2 extortion emails from the following address along these same lines: vqjesscg@ Today I received one similar, but in this one, the sender was cursing at me and calling me ugly names in the process of extortion, from this address: ihhertaaq@ Don't see why our government can't shut this down or at least force outlook or whichever the source/application these criminals use, to enforce deletions of such accounts once reported and verified from certain regions or IP addresses at least. Predators praying upon everyone, especially the weak and elderly. As a strong American and Veteran, I know what I would do with the whole lot of them.

Got one today, has an old password. Scarey. The name of the sender is Lombard langrille, qmorutgerzft@

I received same. Old password in subject line. Demanding 2000 BTC. Funny thing.. I have watched porn in the past and I have been in some compromising positions. Funnier thing... Go ahead and send out to my friends list.. I don't care. Lol.

I hv also receive same mail but he show me my password it's now I used how is possible n what I do now

Both myself and my wife got this email. Reported both the FBI right away. Not sure what the follow up is for notifying them?

I may be the youngest victim at 55. I just got my third email, all with different names. An email threatening that if I don't make a "donation", a porn video of me will be sent to all my email contacts. It sure got my attention in that they knew my password, although I was sure that laptop was corrupt and haven't used it in some time. But with the claim that they know everything about me, this person doesn't even seem to know my name. Still, it's shocking, and I feel violated. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I put black electrical tape over the webcam on my laptop right out of the box. Thought I was keeping out the NSA. I had no idea that I was blocking a sicko with poor English skills.

I got a similar email asking for 2000 bitcoin. It started with “I know your pass word is ...”. They say that they have my facebook contacts and my personal contacts . If I don’t send them the 2000 bit coins within 24 hours they will send a compromising video of mine to 9 of my contacts randomly. It could be my family , kids , or friends. They claim that I activated a malware when I visited a porn site and that allowed them to activate my camera and was able to record a compromising video of mine.
I am considering reporting this to the local police. I lost sleep over this last night. I am glad i googled and found this site. I feel better now, bit still considering reporting it.

I got the exact same letter. They had my password. Stressful but reading what you wrote made me feel like I'm not the only one dealing with these creeps and it helpded :-)

We just received an email similar to this on April 28. Same MO accept they had hacked our router and accessed all of the users connected to the router, had videos of us watching porn, going to distribute to all on my contact list. Did NOT come from my own email, did not use my name or a password - asked for $700 in Bitcoin and said they knew I had that much in my account. Gave me 72 hours to pay!!

This is third scary email. I am 75. Just keep deleting. They found my old email address. It certainly shook me up. Should I report to FBI?

I received this same kind of email from aosukeyjd@ advising me to send bitcoin to 13u8VJ7So1kqDoQ**BDznppB W2yE4Wbnpd5G
The email was from a Briteny Carosella. Sick people out there!

I got an email saying similar if not the same message yesterday telling me that I should respond with the word “proof”. I didn’t replay just deleted it. It behooves me how many people steal money from others instead of getting up and getting a job.

I've gotten FIVE of these just this week. I don't know how to stop them.

I got the same email with an old password listed and requesting bitcoin. Normally I would just delete these but these trolls can't get away with this garbage! I am having the emails I got investigated

I also received this email today from a, “Mamadou Diarra”. They demanded 2k in bitcoin with in 24 hour’s otherwise they would expose me to friends & work associates, ruining my life. They said they have been monitoring my computer for the past 148 days and have a lot of my personal information. I too do not have a web cam. I rarely even use a computer other than my smart phone. I’m 65 years old so from the looks of thing they are attempting to extort money from the elderly.

I got one today- same threat- they would send an embarrassing video they took thru my webcam, to all my contacts. "Will you ever be able to look them in the eye?" It was from Cindy Ayres and she wanted $2000 in Bitcoin. My favorite part- "if you don't know how to purchase bitcoin, then google it. Don't waste my valuable time." I will probably send a complaint to the FBI. I hope people aren't falling for this.

Received the exact same email

I received the same threat 4/30.........same stuff as many listed here.....claiming to have a video (I have no webcam), wanting 2K in 24 hours.....watching me for 117 days...........what was concerning was that they had my current windows password (no others, though, and I don't duplicate them) a safeguard, (before I saw this) I went in and changed all important passwords to avoid a hacking, and checked my computer for malware/spyware.........these are very evil people.............

Just got one. Now it is $3000 BTC. **1Jc9v6hNJPPvu5zQvJQEMhGoe3nHUGPx**Kt
I don’t have a webcam

Hi I just received a email from a John Casper Casper threatening me about porn and to send him $3000 in 24hrs or he would destroy my life and expose whatever. The porn I'm not worried about. But what I am concerned about is that he has a old password of my family. I need to know who do I report this to. EVERYONE PLEASE BE CAREFUL, THESE COVID-19 CRIMINALS ARE DESPERATE!

today someone emailed me and ask for USD 2000 for 24 hrs i need to send it or else he/she will send something in my facebook friend. Where i can report this?

Over the past few weeks I have received 3 emails from different people threatening to email friends/family on my FB, phone contacts. They threaten by saying I'm watching porn sites, performing sex acts, etc. Asking to transmit 2000BC . Very up setting. They did reference a current P/W. Changed all PWs.

I received a cyber blackmail today, May 2, 2020 saying they know one of my old email passwords and will forward a inappropriate things to my coworkers if I didn't pay $2000 of Bitcoin. I deleted that old email since I don't use it but it was odd to get an email from someone named "Alexander Gonzales" demanding I pay.

I just got my first threat. May 2, 2020

I received the same email today from Mohammad Ishaq demanding money in 24 hours had used a password from like 20 years ago I. I don’t have webcam but my question is have any of you receive an email under this person name?

I received a 4th or 5th such message, this time from "Jeannette Kenter <rylockwo odjqb@ .

Received a similar email today saying that if I didn’t buy $3000 in bit coin and send it to the attached address, they would release a video of me watching porn and doing embarrassing things. Said they used spyware to activate my web cam to get the video. Strange, since I don’t have a webcam. But nevertheless, a little unnerving.

I have now received five of these emails, all very similar, in the last two weeks. None of my contacts have been contacted by these fraudsters. I realize the first time you see one of these emails it can be VERY upsetting. However, please be assured this is all a fake. All they have is an old password from long ago data breaches that they bought off the dark web. If they really wanted to be compelling, they could embed a screen shot from the video they claim to have or the date and time of the video as well as your IP address. But since this is a scam, those are things they do not have.

You are correct. I got a text today!

DUDE! This is so scary! This dude threaten me that he would expose my personal actions and if I dont do anything, he would expose me in 3 days!

I was furloughed the first of April. This same scam was sent to my old work e-mail,. Of course the company is concerned. I told them that the password was from many many years ago and I had been getting e-mails with just the password then threatening e-mails etc. When I was working I traveled all over the USA. I always changed passwords to any of the accounts my work e-mail was linked to. I do not have a camera connected to my work computer nor do I watch porn. I am in my 60's and none of my family, friends or colleagues would care as they know it would be bogus. A good rule to follow if you use free WIFI always change your passwords.

I am a victim of such scamming issue. I have been experiencing panic attacks, because of the emails I was receiving. While dealing with the first issue I was almost hatched again. It’s scary!! This article has eased my mind. I have already filed a report with the Federal Trade Commission and my banks.

Received the same email 2 days ago saying they installed malware on my computer and was able to see me through my webcam.

I have all the latest anti virus and VPN.....

Just like all other reply’s making threats they were asking for $2000, it was an old password from many years ago, god knows how they get it but it scared me to the bone, I feel a lot better now reading all these comments.

Kindest regards

the police don't care about things like this!

This the second time I have gotten this email: claiming they have my PW. “I n eed your 1 0 0% at ten tio n for the up c om in g 2 4 ho u rs , or I wi l l make sur e you th a t y o u l ive o ut of guil t f or th e rest of yo ur l i fe spa n. Hey, you do n ot k now me per sonally. Ye t I kn ow pre t t y mu ch everyth ing r egarding y ou . Yo ur p er sonal fb con ta ct l i st, p hone con tac ts and all t he v ir tu al ac tivit y on y ou r com puter fr om previ ou s 1 21 da ys. C ons i sti ng of, your s e lf pl e asu r e vide o cl i p s , w h i c h b r i n gs me to t h e pri m ary r ea s on why I a m w ri tin g th i s particul a r e mail to y o u. We l l t he last t i me you w e nt to se e t he por no we bsi t e s, my spyware was t riggered in yo ur comp u ter s ystem wh ich e nd ed up shooting a lo v e ly vid eo of y o ur se l f ple as ure p lay s imp ly by trigg erin g y o ur c am. ( y o u go t a i n cr e d i b l y s tra n g e t a st e b t w h ah a ) I o wn the en ti re r ec ord in g . If you f ee l I a m f o ol in g aro und, simply r eply pro o f and I w i l l be f or wa r d i n g the part i c u la r rec o r d ing r andomly t o 7 pe o p l e y o u know. I t mig ht b e y o ur f rie nd, c o w orke r s , b os s, moth er an d fath er (I don' t k no w ! My s yste m w ill ra ndomly choose the co nta ct d e ta i ls). Wou l d yo u be c a p a bl e t o l oo k i n to a nyo n e ' s e y es a g a i n a fte r i t ? I d o ub t i t. . . N o n e t h el e s s , d o e sn ' t n e c e s sa r i l y n e e d t o b e t h at ro u t e . I w a n t to m ak e y o u a 1 t i m e , n o n eg o ti ab l e o f f e r. Bu y U S D 2 000 i n bit co i n a n d s e nd i t o n t h e li s t e d be lo w a d d res s : 16yE7ZK5fXvP 4vVHc5bK Am*NZEpU bBo8vPf [ CA S E - s e ns i t i v e c o py & p a st e it , an d r e mo ve * f ro m it ] ( If y ou d on 't u nd er st a nd h ow, lo ok u p h ow t o p urcha se bi tcoin . D o no t wast e my va l uab le t i me ) I f you send out t hi s 'donatio n ' (le t us call this tha t?). I mme diately af ter th at, I will go a way a n d never mak e cont act wit h you aga i n. I will rem o v e e v erything I h ave got i n rel ati on to you. You ma y kee p on liv i n g yo u r no rmal day to da y life style with no co n ce rn s. You've got 1 d ay in or der to do so . Yo ur time be gins as q ui ckly you re ad thi s e - m a i l. I h ave go t a n u nique p r og r am cod e that wil l tell me as soo n as you see th i s email the refo r e don 't at temp t to p lay smart.“

Just received my first bitcoin extortion scam email. Will not respond of course, have reported to the FTC and will post on all my social media the FTC link should they receive one. These hackers are the repugnant.

I got the exact same email yesterday and although I have not been to any of those sites or have videos it scared me that they would have a old password and an email address of mine.. I went and changed all my passwords put in extra security did everything possible and took steps but I'm really relieved to know that they actually do not have any of this information.. I realized it was a scam but when I went to block the email address it disappeared it's really pathetic that these people are getting away with this stuff because a lot of people don't realize that it's a scam and will send money.

I got the scam mail today from: Churchill


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