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How to avoid a Bitcoin blackmail scam

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“I know about the secret you are keeping from your wife and everyone else. You can ignore this letter, or pay me a $8600 confidentiality fee in Bitcoin”.

It’s enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine, but these chilling words are part of a new scam targeting men.

Here’s how it works. Scammers have been sending letters to men, demanding payments using bitcoin in exchange for keeping quiet about alleged affairs. The letter also explains how to use bitcoin to make the payment.

This is a criminal extortion attempt to separate people from their money.

If you — or someone you know — gets a letter like this, report it immediately to your local police, and the FBI.

Threats, intimidation and high-pressure tactics are classic signs of a scam. Learn how to stay ahead of clever crooks with these practical tips, and check out the ways you can keep your personal information secure.


Funny, I got the same email. I just wonder how the info is obtained.. Total waste of time. I'll be reporting to the FBI.

Hi! I got the exact email word to word. I know it is a scam... so I have ignored it. Hope did the right thing.
I do not feel I should bother the local police as we are all in a critical period of adjusting to new normal. Then this... so frustrating.

Hi! I got the exact email word to word. I know it is a scam... so I have ignored it. Hope did the right thing.
I do not feel I should bother the local police as we are all in a critical period of adjusting to new normal. Then this... so frustrating.

I received a similar email today. The wording is a little different. Also, I have covered my webcam for years:
Pay $1000 in bitcoin to the beneath address (remove***from it):
bc1***q6vnrde2h a6qy090yzdw4whd txfytd2g4x0kgwg
You could be wondering why the heck would you do that? Well, prepare yourself because I am going to tremble your entire world right now. I had a serious adware and spyware infect your personal computer as well as record video of YOU (using your webcam) when you looked at 'adult' sites.
Here is one of your own pass word ******** Still don't believe me? Reply 7 and I'll be randomly share your video clip with 7 people you know (Yes, We've access to your address book also).
At this point, what do I want to make this entire thing vanish? Very well, I have already described the particular offer in starting of the e-mail. If you dont fulfill it within Twenty-four hours, I most certainly will create your life horrible by sending that video to Everyone you know. Your time frame begins right now.

My mom got this email today using real her real password - idk if I should report to comcast her email or their email hotmail account? Did you just ignore this?

I have received the exact same email word to word the same on the April 15, 2020. I just ignored it.

I received the same email in my spam folder as well with the request for bitcoins and 24 hours deadline as well as a threat to send some fictitious webcam video. I immediately deleted it as well. now I know if I receive another I will report it to local authorities. Sheesh,

I just received the exact same message. Very upsetting.

I received the exact same one!! I did visit a site or two but the password mentioned was from years ago. Should I just ignore it?
I don’t have a webcam

I just received one today! Mine started with a voice message that was left on my cell phone. The message sounded legit as if the caller was leaving an important message to someone named I thought I would be nice and call back to let them know they have the wrong phone number. Well today they tried calling again and it went to my voice mail again...well I clicked the link and it must of triggered the "Security Breach" email about visiting the porn site.

I just received this identical email today May22, 2019:

I know xxxxxxx is one of your passwords. Lets get straight to the point. No-one has compensated me to investigate about you. You don't know me and you're most likely wondering why you're getting this mail?

actually, i setup a malware on the 18+ video clips (adult porn) website and you know what, you visited this website to experience fun (you know what i mean). While you were watching video clips, your browser started functioning as a Remote Desktop having a key logger which provided me with accessibility to your display screen as well as web camera. immediately after that, my software program obtained every one of your contacts from your Messenger, social networks, and emailaccount. after that i made a double-screen video. First part displays the video you were watching (you have a nice taste hahah), and second part shows the recording of your cam, & its u.

You actually have not one but two choices. Shall we understand each of these solutions in aspects:

First choice is to skip this email message. in that case, i most certainly will send out your very own videotape to every single one of your personal contacts and think about regarding the humiliation you will get. Keep in mind if you are in an important relationship, exactly how it will certainly affect?

Second alternative will be to compensate me USD 987. Let us describe it as a donation. in such a case, i will promptly discard your video recording. You will keep going your life like this never happened and you will not ever hear back again from me.

You'll make the payment via Bi‌tco‌in (if you don't know this, search for 'how to buy b‌itcoi‌n' in Google search engine).

B‌T‌C‌ ad‌dre‌ss: 1HC9jWvagVRVMXw2bB7WcAybtoe3xcH1qi

[case SeNSiTiVe so copy and paste it]

in case you are looking at going to the law, okay, this email message can not be traced back to me. I have taken care of my moves. i am also not trying to ask you for much, i prefer to be rewarded. mail if i do not get the ‌bi‌tco‌in‌, i will definately send your video to all of your contacts including friends and family, colleagues, etc. Nonetheless, if i do get paid, i will destroy the video immediately. If you want to have evidence, reply Yea! and i will certainly send out your video recording to your 6 contacts. This is a non-negotiable offer thus do not waste mine time and yours by responding to this mail.

I’m only 16 and I am getting the same thing as everyone else and my school confronted me about it because it’s on their computers and every time I read it it makes my stomach turn. How could I get rid of these

You can report it immediately to your local police, and the FBI. The threats in the emails are signs of a scam.

I have also received multiple emails like the one above. Very upsetting even though I have never been to a porn site and do not have a visible webcam. They do get your attention by using an old password. Some of them have used a password that I have never used but could have. I tried to report this to my local police and they were not interested.

Had you given the ransom for this. And the blackmailer did anything as he wrote

This is almost word for word the same email I just received... except the person emailed me twice..

I got this email today on my company email. From “Jaleh Orsher” <tjebatshevawh@ Asking for $1727 BTC address was sent using a QR code that you have to scan with your mobile.

Today I have received a second one. First time had me worried, the password they listed was old but I still changed all my passwords and put that specific email ok a better lock down. Just had to laugh at this second one though cause guess what happened with the first? Not one damn thing. Though I remember the first one I got said something along the lines that I couldn't respond because it originated from my actual email. I looked at this one more and found the email address it was sent from. Gydoraan@ Wants $1900 I haven't owned a computer in my adult life so the threats make so sense at all.

Thanks for posting this. I received more or less the same with a slightly different wording. Came from an account, so reported it as fishing , got a bit nervous changed passwords etc.

After reading in this forum I remain calm, so thank you all for sharing your experiences!

I have just received one of these too, also from an outlook account. Horrible to receive even though you know it’s not true! I’ve changed all my passwords to be on the safe side as well.

I just received one today from dtsanderdpb@ . It really scared me that they may have access to my computer passwords and camera. Besides changing my google password and using 2 step authentication, anything else I should do? Did anyone's Contacts get notified by the hacker? It's so unnerving, especially now as we all are so anxious with this pandemic.

Just got the very strangely worded extortion email. Bad grammar, spelling, demanded bitcoin, threatened to send the porn site I allegedly visited to my email contacts, activated my cam, etc. It is worrisome, have just made sure to change passwords and obviously didn’t respond. Will see if I get another. I’m pretty sure the police can’t really do anything, but wonder about sending it to the State Attorney General.

Your not the only one i also received an email too.

I just got one of those: extortion email to pay 'Nil Mulloy' $2000.00 or they will expose my webcam collection to the world. I seriously doubt there's enough there to amuse anyone. Thanks

how do you check the bit coin wallet to see if its been listed?

I received the same type of email, twice in less than a week. I agree, their English is very poor.

This same thing happened to me. I'm a grandmother and don't visit porn sites but it was still frightening as it did have a password that I use periodically. I did report to the DOJ and the FBI. These people are the most vile human beings. Get a job like the rest of us.

I got the same email from BTC Wallet: 1FiDnMp797TixHy7c* 4CDf D6y1V2opsCoFg E-mail: Alden Rawlins <prrjuliedt@ Tried to trace it with no luck. Need to report it as extortion scam, have no idea where to do this.

Here's a new one. Got a text saying there was a 'discreet package' waiting for me at a local airport but would be turned over to airport police if I didn't pay refundable insurance of $850 (in bitcoin). Of course, this particular airport doesn't have police, customs, nor does it receive deliveries. I got another text with my name and address, which is disconcerting, but the overall language had bad grammar and the companyhad a seemingly legit website, but their main line was the one texting me and their address came back as a pizza joint. Scam...but still, scary how our info is out there.

The answer to this latest criminality is just simply to NOT use bitcoins. Simple as that.

Uh...don't think you understand the scam. It's not the using of bitcoin that leads to the scam. 99% of the victims probably never used bitcoin, that is just what they are told to pay in. bitcoin in internet money, and that is how the blackmailer wants to be paid or he will expose the victims porn viewing, or whatever it is they are threatening to expose, even if the victim did nothing.

I just found an email in my junk folder from a scammer wanting “ compensation” for not revealing porn I supposedly watched, to my contacts, for $1000 in bitcoins.
Claiming a video was made of me watching porn, through a web cam. It’s false.. but if it was true that I watched what?! Thing that worried me was that the message also contained a previous password that I did use. Any input?

This scam is going around to a lot of people. An e-mail came in about this from my jobs IT department. I believe that some sites have malicious malware and spyware attached. Be careful where you surf online. If you are surfing on one of these sites, hackers may be able to access your browser information. Don't save passwords or usernames in your browser. Don't use the same username and password on different sites. Change your password every few months. Lastly, some sites have been hacked and if you gave any personal information for purchases, the information may have been compromised. This maybe how they got personal information. It is disturbing reading about this and pretty scary.

I just got the same email!! Jokes on them because I have NO money to give!
It is kind of crazy that they were able to get my iPhone passcode, though...what info do they have access to with that now? Are they able to see everything I type? I suppose paranoia has set in!

I am guessing that they are using email/password combos from very old lists garnished from hacks. When they contacted me, they used a pw from the massive Yahoo hack of many years ago, after which I of course changed all of my pw's.

I’ve received a couple of these emails. In the subject line was an old password that I used on MySpace over 15 years ago. The hacker claimed to have hacked MySpace and gotten passwords from the site. I deleted my account years ago.

Frannygranny, my wife got I suppose an identical email within the past day. The password provided was an old one. We're figuring that someone hacked a weakly-protected website and got passwords and emails, and sent out that letter to thousands of email addresses, figuring that they only need a small percentage of recipients to send bitcoins to make it a very lucrative scam. _IF_ you could get a big group of people who received that email to list all the websites they used that particular password on, you should be able to get a really good idea of which website was hacked. It could even have been an innocuous-looking site that was set up specifically to steal passwords, knowing that many people use the same password on many sites.

My email scammer had an old password I did use and forgot about. I think it was to a gaming registration, I can't remember but it was probably sold from someone who worked at a company I registered on. That's my thought.

I've also just started seeing these extortion attempts for $950 or so in bitcoin, with one of my old passwords in the subject header and the chestnut about me watching porn. I knew it was fake because I don't have any interest in porn (and so what if I did) and my camera on my 'puter is covered up, but the password was real - it was just a really old one. A few months back, I got a notification someone had logged in as me from Mexico and then Venezuela on some EA gaming site, I believe. I didn't even remember having that account (it was probably a one-time login I created for some fleeting reason), but when I tried to log in and check it out, that was the same password the account took. So, that might be the hack these are derived from. Or maybe it's the Yahoo hack someone else mentioned. I think I used to use that password for Yahoo a long time ago, too.

I got the same email and reported to the FTC. Not sure what will happen next. Did anything happened to your account or personal email or information? The person used my own email to write me an email. This is what they wrote: (this was today! I xxxxx out my password. So sick!!



As you may have noticed, I sent you an email from your account.
This means that I have full access to your account: On moment of hack your account has password: xxxxxxx

You say: this is the old password!
Or: I will change my password at any time!

Yes! You're right!
But the fact is that when you change the password, my trojan always saves a new one!

I've been watching you for a few months now.
The fact is that you were infected with malware through an adult site that you visited.

If you are not familiar with this, I will explain.
Trojan Virus gives me full access and control over a computer or other device.
This means that I can see everything on your screen, turn on the camera and microphone, but you do not know about it.

I also have access to all your contacts and all your correspondence.

Why your antivirus did not detect malware?
Answer: My malware uses the driver, I update its signatures every 4 hours so that your antivirus is silent.

I made a video showing how you satisfy yourself in the left half of the screen, and in the right half you see the video that you watched.
With one click of the mouse, I can send this video to all your emails and contacts on social networks. I can also post access to all your e-mail correspondence and messengers that you use.

If you want to prevent this, transfer the amount of $773 to my bitcoin address (if you do not know how to do this, write to Google: &#8220;Buy Bitcoin&#8221;).

My bitcoin address (BTC Wallet) is: 19Q3HZtnznuB5cuWng8cacwqZV13gNpZaN

After receiving the payment, I will delete the video and you will never hear me again.
I give you 48 hours to pay.
I have a notice reading this letter, and the timer will work when you see this letter.

Filing a complaint somewhere does not make sense because this email cannot be tracked like my bitcoin address.
I do not make any mistakes.

If I find that you have shared this message with someone else, the video will be immediately distributed.

Best wishes!

thats the exact same email I got and it freaked me out cuz I was so stunned as to thinking somebody stole my old password and hacked my phone? it took me a few minutes to settle down and do a search online and found this site and I finally calmed down. I was worried they were going to make up some fake video and send it out! I cant believe a scam like this can happen.

I received virtually the exact same email (with a different bitcoin wallet address).

I received the same email, but the BTC address was 1DrThpxYV7JtvrVkneuJMYtn8Fik8efSwn. Same 48 hour threat to pay.

I received almost the exact same email letter and I immediately sent a complaint to the FB with a copy of the threatening email letter!!! I wonder if the FBI will contact me back?

I got the exact e-mail. In fact I've gotten several since 10/31/2018. A couple were even sent from my address to my address so I've changed the password. I didn't see the first one immediately because I never checked my spam folder then, but was expecting an e-mail somebody told me might go in there. I just got this one, which I'm sure isn't from the first person I know from him getting into my iPad for the third time and even taking a picture of me with my camera, another invasion of privacy. I loved my iPad since I'm visually impaired and everything on it is much larger, but I'm giving up on using a device I paid over $300 for so he'll hopefully eave me alone.

This is the first one who's ever given an e-mail address that probably isn't theirs, but somebody's they've hacked into so I won't give it. I'm x-ing out the pw even though it wasn't mine, but the one the first person claimed they'd changed it to before they changed it back. I figure he sold my e-mail address to other scum like him.

Mar 16 at 4:20 PM
I do know xxxxxxxxxx is your passwords. Lets get directly to the purpose. Nobody has compensated me to investigate you. You do not know me and you are probably wondering why you are getting this mail?
in fact, i actually installed a malware on the X video clips (sex sites) site and there's more, you visited this site to have fun (you know what i mean). When you were viewing videos, your internet browser initiated working as a Remote Desktop that has a keylogger which gave me accessibility to your display screen and cam. after that, my software program gathered all your contacts from your Messenger, social networks, and e-mailaccount. after that i created a double video. First part displays the video you were viewing (you've got a good taste : )), and next part displays the recording of your web cam, & it is u.
You have only 2 possibilities. Lets read each one of these options in details:
First choice is to disregard this email. Then, i most certainly will send your very own tape to almost all of your personal contacts and thus think regarding the disgrace that you receive. Furthermore if you are in a romance, precisely how it will affect?
Number 2 solution should be to pay me USD 988. We will think of it as a donation. Consequently, i most certainly will asap discard your video recording. You will continue your life like this never happened and you would never hear back again from me.
You will make the payment through Bitcoin (if you do not know this, search for 'how to buy bitcoin' in Google search engine).
BTC address to send to:


[CaSe-SeNSiTiVe copy and paste it]

in case you are thinking about going to the authorities, surely, this mail can not be traced back to me. I have dealt with my moves. i am also not looking to ask you for a whole lot, i prefer to be paid for messages and if i don't receive the bitcoin, i definitely will send your video to all of your contacts including relatives, colleagues, and so forth. Nonetheless, if i do get paid, i will destroy the recording immediately. If you want to have proof, reply with Yeah! then i will send your video recording to your 14 friends. This is the non:negotiable offer, therefore do not waste mine time & yours by replying to this email.

This was the EXACT same format of the email I JUST found in my junk folder from the fifth of this month! I never use that email anymore really, so I never checked it. But this is the exact same format, with just a few numbers and words exchanged here and there. So do I go to the police or the FBI or something? How would I even go to the FBI about this?

I got the same email. How did you figure out they got your photo?

I got the same exact email yesterday.

I received virtually the same email that you did, though the Bitcoin address was different, and the password was "password" (which I've never used). It is disconcerting. I'm a senior woman who has never gone to a porn site. Plus, I use a desktop, and my camera/mike is plugged in only when it is in use...very rarely. I have no intention of sending the scammer any Bitcoin.

I found that exact email in my junk mail today. Also had threats of read receipt so would know when it was read. Also not to copy or notify anyone. I just deleted but will send to FBI if receive anything else.


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