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Let's talk about cyberbullying

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Last week, the FTC joined several other agencies and the First Lady for an important conversation about cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying is a tough subject for both parents and educators. That’s why most of our materials are built around having conversations, in small doses, and in your own language.

Here are some easy ways to start these conversations:

  • Watch this video with your kids and then talk about it. Ask if they have ever seen cyberbullying happen – and talk about what to do to prevent cyberbullying.
  • Talk with them about how to intervene when they see someone else getting bullied.
  • Ask your kids what sites or apps they use – and check out the comments on them. Cyberbullying often involves mean-spirited comments. Periodically check back on these sites and apps to look for signs of cyberbullying.

Looking for more resources? Check out, a site from the Department of Health and Human Services that offers detailed information on how to confront cyberbullying.


Cyberbullying is not restricted to children. Adults participate in this type of behavior also.

I find this tactic also being used on the corporate level now with consumers. You used to be able to speak to a service representative for easy return or exchange. Instead you get an offshore help desk that can't speak English and speak from written script to make you totally frustrated. it used to be the consumer was right 99% of the time now you're treated with total disrespect and they don't care about anything except for company profits and paychecks.

I have some ideas on what to tell these kids about their bullying face to face in school. I would like to put in my 2 cents in on this. It might save a kids life someday, and not ruin a bullying kids life for the rest of his life.

Helpful, as usual. Just curious: how many daily users read your articles? Well, that's not enough.

That should be a required action for every parent and guardian in this entire country! I am going to resend the URL and what it's about to several people, one of which I know for sure needs it.

Cyberbullying isn't restricted to just children but to adults too. I've been recently left fearful of my own life due to cyberbullying at it's extreme and I'm a 40 year old man.

My complaints are coming through the FTC in which I trust the FTC will act upon these complaints as the businesses in question both very well known have done nothing to prevent it... But have actually supplied more tools for the cyberbullies to use.


Oh and children have access too and they are in danger as well .... But wanted to get the Adult message out there

Why is it that Facebook allow FAKE accounts that are set up solely to bully and defame despite receiving over one thousand abuse reports from different people. Yet they constantly state that they do not allow fake accounts or bullying.

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