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Your Social Security number isn’t suspended. Ever.

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A caller says that he’s from the government and your Social Security number (SSN) has been suspended. He sounds very professional. So you should do exactly what he says to fix things…right?


The FTC has gotten reports about scammers trying to trick people out of their personal information by telling them that they need to “reactivate” their supposedly “suspended” SSNs. The scammers say the SSN was suspended because of some connection to fraud or other criminal activity. They say to call a number to clear it up – where they’ll ask you for personal information.

Thing is, Social Security numbers do not get suspended. This is just a variation of a government imposter scam that’s after your SSN, bank account number, or other personal information. In this variation of the scheme, the caller pretends to be protecting you from a scam while he’s trying to lure you into one.

Here are a few tips to protect yourself:

  • Never give out or confirm personal information over the phone, via email or on a website until you’ve checked out whoever is asking you for it.
  • Do not trust a name, phone number, or email address just because it seems to be connected with the government. Con artists use official-sounding names and may fake caller ID or email address information to make you trust them. Besides, the government normally contacts people by postal mail.
  • Contact government agencies directly, using telephone numbers and website addresses you know to be legitimate.

If someone has tried to steal your personal information by pretending to be from the government, report it to the FTC.


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My husband and I have both received the "suspended" SSN robo call on our cell phones and hung up. I got two calls today , 4/15, on my work phone. I hung up, but how did they get the work number?

I did too recive sacm call and they said they suspended but its weird that they told me its invalid number

just received a call from 844-222-6269, ss# suspended for fraudulent activity and will be arrested if i do not call back to take care of the problem from a voice recording.... if it was so serious you would think they would call in person...

Got a call saying my social security number was suspended do to not normal activity

Just received a call saying my social security number was being suspended for fraudulent activity. 1-855-3523. So I pressed 1 and the guy with a heavy accent said his name was investigator Calvin and asked me how he could help me , I was like excuse me you called me then he asked if I received a phone call when I started to give him a ear full he hung up quick. I hate scammers!

I recieved 3 calls since friday.. all left a message .. all were robot messages stating they were the ssa office and my ssa # was suspended due to being involved in fraudulent activities and I needed to contact them.. left no call back #.. have not recieved a call today guess they finally got the hint. # was18669319931 and 18003799541...

I just got a phone call from (281) 738 9077, i heard this robot voice saying that my SSN was suspended because some suspicious activity, and if I wanted to fix it I had to press the number 1...I never answer phone calls from any number, if it's important they will leave a voice message

Multiple calls from +1 (888) 810-0517
All the same SSN suspension story like all above.

Yep three so far this morning. Lol, I happened to be in the middle of reading an article about scams and how to spot & avoid them when the first call came.

Just got a voicemail/robocall from 281-732-1782.

The message left was ::

This case, just press one, thank you. This call is from the department of social security administration. The reason you have received this phone call from our department is to inform you that we just suspend your social security number because we found some suspicious activity. So if you want to know about this case, just press one thank you.,

I just received a call from 844-768-9910 telling me to call them back as my social has been compromised. I called them back to have them remove my name from their system and was told that my SS# had been used to rent a Toyota vehicle which was seized in a drug bust with 25 pounds of cocaine. The police were on their way to arrest me. I told him this was BS that they wouldn't call me to tell me that I was going to be arrested, etc. He told me he would see me in jail. They never did tell me what they wanted from me to "clear up the case". Big time scam.........

I have one today from 800-002-1213. Say that they gone to stop my benefits because my ssn being compromise

I got this kind of calls twice from these numbers: 888-810-7015, 888-81-7019 saying the same thing “your social security number has been suspended due to some suspicious activities “

Just got 4 calls within this morning from 888-810-0715, 888-810-0719, 888-810-0723, 888-810-0727 saying same about social security number suspended.
It’s very annoying.

I received a call like this today from ‭+1 (800) 125-0185‬

Just received message about SSN “suspended”; asked me to call 706-266-4361. I tried to fill out FTC complaint form, but fields are not appropriate to this situation, so it won’t permit me to fill out the form. (I.e., no dollars were spent, no payment made, etc) So please respond if These comments are being reviewed by someone who can investigate....or report.

I just got a call from 2817394991 which is a Texas number saying they are the social security office and that my number was suspended as anyone else got a call from them

We receive many calls like this, from different phone numbers. Continually block them, but becomes moot when they just use another. Why can't our FCC do something about this. Maybe if the personnel at FCC received calls like this they would make our telephone providers stop the hacking or establishment of scam numbers.

I received a robo call that my ss # was suspended due to fraudulent activity. The number was from Collegeville PA 1-484-971-4866. What a stupid scam!!

Had 2 calls today from the same number 202-858-6403 - my carrier brought it up as "scam likely". They stated that my social security number is now suspended. Yeah right buddy, blocked and reported.

Just received a phone call from 1-443-712-8215 but I usually do not answer any phone number I do not recognize. He left a voice message about my SSN has been superseded... it's really annoyed to receive phone call or voice message like this.

Automated voice message from 888-810-0894

they called me 6 using 888-810-0119.

I've received 4 of these types of messages yesterday- 2 numbers show Washington, DC and 1 shows Bronxville, NY-- they all say the same thing that everyone has posted. Here are the numbers:
Such scammers!

New number making this type a call came in as 1-281-732-5402.
Saying SS call and SS # suspended. Want me to press the number 1. I hung up.

I just received a call from that caller saying that my ssn card was suspended I don't believe that scam

Have been on the phone with a phone # in Nogales, Arizona (520) 394-4744, they told me that my SS# has been compromised for drug trafficking & money laundering & if I don't get a security voucher for the money in my checking account they are going to freeze my accounts & suspend my SS#? He told me that an officer will come to my door with a new SS#. Is this a scam, or is any of it true?

Got the same call from 1-800-772-8080. They are getting better with the voice. Haha

I just got a call from someone sounded from India, he said my Social Security number was suspended. I laughed because I have credit monitoring with my Credit Card company, this guy was a fool. I told him if you are from the SS administration you should know all my information so you tell me, and I will verify so he hung up. 800-772-1041 was the number, I hope and pray no one falls for this scam.

I have been getting calls stating that my SSN has been used in fraudulent activities and I need to call right away and that was on my cell phone. Then last week I received a call on my home number stating my SSN was suspended. They are calling from 214-307-2364 . Then I received a call from 917-504-8662, stating I was going to be arrested for tax and realestate fraud.

I got two voice mail saying my social security number has been has been block and I will have to appear in court in front of a judge and jury for criminal charges unless I call the same phone number.

Just got 2 calls from 8660101213 saying my sec has been frozen!

I received a voice today on my cell phone from 800-772-1516 with an official automated voice leaving a message stating: "this call is from the legal department of Social Security Administration and my social security number has been suspended because we found some suspicious activity 'running' under your social security number." It said to "Press 1 to find out more" but it was on a voice mail.

I received two in the last two days- 866-021-1213 and 800-096-1213. Both robocalls.

Yep I got two calls today one from Maryland and I called it back. Got someone with an accent. He asked me if I needed help and to verify my identity. I said. Um no, u called me and if I am correct, the government won't contact you by phone and he hung up. Lol! Gotcha! I got another one this afternoon as well from California and I didn't even answer. Blocked that one right away! No thanks!

I’ve gotten them in calls leaving voicemails and with the miss use of suspend instead of Suspended I knew fake calls and mine have been through a 202-043-8743 or 202-378-5614 or 202-178-2450 just annoying calls

I received 4 calls with in a couple hours today about my social security card being suspended due to suspicious activity
1-888-810-0939,1-888-810-0932,this # twice 1-888-810-0907

I received 4 calls with in a couple hours today about my social security card being suspended due to suspicious activity
1-888-810-0939,1-888-810-0932,this # twice 1-888-810-0907

I got a call like this from 866-045-1213 on 4/24/19.

+13206260840 received a call from this number claiming that my SSN is suspendend

I received a call from a 320-626-0444 . The robocall states that my Social Security card will be deleted.

Foreign scammers play our tele communication system at will. They cannot disable them from fooling caller id, and they can change the fake number instantly.
Does the money they do get go to fund terrorists?

A new 866 # today. It's 866-091-1213. At least put forth the effort to use a real number, you low life idiots. This time I picked up and their robo caller was apparently malfunctioning as all I heard was beeps. I was all ready to keep them on the phone for as long as possible. Very disappointed. I hate thieves!

Just received a phone call from a robot voice from this number saying my ssn was being suspended due to suspicious activity (603) 331-4888‬

I just got a call from 603.331.4949.
Add that to the list. It was obviously a cell phone.

I just got one let it go to voicemail ... it said This is Dept of SS Admin , they just suspenddd my SS number due to suspicious activity.... I called number back and say my area can’t call this number ..
Number was 603-331-4949...

Just got a call from 833-454-7730...a scam on SSN

That is not true I was trying to log in to my account on line said it’s suspended I needed to contact them in person .

Social Security numbers do not get suspended. If you have an online account with Social Security, and there is a problem with the account, your should contact Social Security. Be sure you go to

If there is a problem with your online account at, your Social Security number does not get suspended.

Received the voice message today:

“Hello this is Officer Jennifer Garcia from the fraud investigation division your Social Security number is going to be suspended due to fraud activities you have to contact the social security administration immediately at 512-200-2305 I repeat it 512-200-2305 thank you you have a good day…”


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