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Your Social Security number isn’t suspended. Ever.

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A caller says that he’s from the government and your Social Security number (SSN) has been suspended. He sounds very professional. So you should do exactly what he says to fix things…right?


The FTC has gotten reports about scammers trying to trick people out of their personal information by telling them that they need to “reactivate” their supposedly “suspended” SSNs. The scammers say the SSN was suspended because of some connection to fraud or other criminal activity. They say to call a number to clear it up – where they’ll ask you for personal information.

Thing is, Social Security numbers do not get suspended. This is just a variation of a government imposter scam that’s after your SSN, bank account number, or other personal information. In this variation of the scheme, the caller pretends to be protecting you from a scam while he’s trying to lure you into one.

Here are a few tips to protect yourself:

  • Never give out or confirm personal information over the phone, via email or on a website until you’ve checked out whoever is asking you for it.
  • Do not trust a name, phone number, or email address just because it seems to be connected with the government. Con artists use official-sounding names and may fake caller ID or email address information to make you trust them. Besides, the government normally contacts people by postal mail.
  • Contact government agencies directly, using telephone numbers and website addresses you know to be legitimate.

If someone has tried to steal your personal information by pretending to be from the government, report it to the FTC.


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I do not under stand when a government place keeps asking for your complete number for your account and it is on the bank statement already.?

WHAT "government place"? The bank? The Social Security office? Some clown on the phone saying they're from the government? If YOU called the bank and they want your account#, give it to them. But don't give anything out to anyone who calls you first!

even if the so called bank asks you for your account number, don't even give it to them over the phone. Just go into your branch office and ask the manager on why the bank wants your account number. I'm sure he will tell you that you do not give it out to anyone unless you personally know they are the real thing, which means you go to the bank and verify the need to get this information.

I just got a call. I stereotypically said "for someone who works for the US government you do not sound like you are in the US at all..." He then asked where I thought he was located which is totally weird for a govt employee to do. I said "If you work for the Social Security Offices then you should not be playing with me and be willing to tell me where you are located." He said he was in (what sounded like) Sweden! So bizarre. After I asked him multiple times to say the location again because I could not understand him through his accent and eventually asked him to SPEEL IT OUT, he hung up. I googled "who to call to report social security card scam and both phone numbers listed on the SSA site were for benefit thefts and benefit fraud only. No help from the SSA.

18664048955 over social security saying my social security number has been suspended scam who else has got call from this number

I just did

I did too. This sucks!
1 866-404-1811

I got a robo call today stating they were suspending my ssn due to fraudulent activity. The number was 1-866-404-1936. I have blocked it.

Me too!
1(866) 404 1940

I received a call with the bot stating that my SSN was suspended due to suspicious activity. The number was the following (332)8763478. I had to look up the area code. It's NYC apparently. Manhattan to be exact. I've lived in the NYC all of my life and never say or knew anyone with that area code. I just hung up after the bot finished the first sentence. Any sentence that includes nonsense like a SSN being suspended is BS. I'm more worried about how they obtained my number!

I just listened to a voicemail i received an automated msg saying my SSN has been suspended due to suspicious activity. Its to early to call these scammers but yeah hoa the heck do they have my number??? SMH

I have received the same SSN Suspended calls from the below numbers the past 7 days:


Mine was from +1(575)070-3055
Word for word! “Press 1 to continue”. How do we keep these awful people from calling? Total scumbags!

Turn on your answering machine and never turn it off. When the voice say leave a message they hangup.

Same. The call was from 1-800-367-9499.

I got a call today from (781) 328-3741 saying "my SSN has been suspended due to suspicious activity" and to press "1" to learn more about this case. I just remained silent until they hung and then found this page.

I got a call from @347-349-4617. Automated voice, SSN scammer.

I also got a call today (6/8/19) from (917) 338-1359, the recording saying "my SSN has been suspended due to suspicious activity" and to press "1" to learn more about this case.

I got a call today on my iPhone from 920-876-6143 (Elkhart Lake, WI). I live in Florida. They said the same as other have reported: "We will block your Social Security number, unless you call us back at this number... blah blah..." Total scam.

I got a call from ssn 2 times today. The caller saying"my ssn has been suspended due to suspicious activity press 1 and to learn more about this case...

I just recieved the same voice with the same message. I hung up as soon as it said to press 1. It came in as a "Restricted" number. I probably shouldn't have answered it.

Same SSN call here - Got a bot call from New York . . 917-745-1507

Got 3 calls. All left same message about SSN being suspended.


Yep, me too! Same numbers! And they just keep calling! 4 calls today. I am going to block them but it sounds like they will just change their number.

I received 3 calls also today

For me:
1-510-112-7256, -7261, -7281, -7301
One time it came as "Unknown"
They are still coming. Don't know how long this is going to go on...

I got the same call today July 02 2019 from (646)808-3002.

Yes I just got the same thing "press 1" saying my ss# would be suspended due to criminal activity. #1-877-696-1100. Disgusting people trying to scam hardworking tax paying people!

Got 4 calls saying the same but from a 510 area code

SS Scam saying my SS# suspended. Caller I’d # 800 234-6988

I got 4 calls with the same lines about my SSN being suspended from 866-862-6548
and 800-562-2208

I got the same call from a Missouri number today. I’ve never even been there. I knew it was a scam. Your post reassured that. Thanks!

I live in Missouri and also received a phone call yesterday about this.


I got a robo call today stating they were suspending my ssn due to fraudulent activity. The number was 1-800 109-3535

I received three calls this morning from numbers beginning with 646 (three different numbers) leaving three voicemails. All three asked me to 'simply press 1 to follow up on fraudulent activity'.

I got a voicemail message calls today from 646-145-8755 & 918-938-3714 saying they were from "Social Security/DES" and my ss# had suspicious fraud activity & they were going to suspend my ss#.

I got one too let it go to voicemail from New York City, New York 646-542-2652 said press 1 to follow up on fraudulent activity came I looked it up came from some mobile cellphone in New York City, NY.

I received a robocall for this today. I pressed 1 to see what they would ask for.
When the answering party asked for my name, I said that first I needed to know what suspended meant. She told me to Google it, then hung up.

I received a robocall for this today. I pressed 1 to see what they would ask for.
When the answering party asked for my name, I said that first I needed to know what suspended meant. She told me to Google it, then hung up.

Me too only it went straight yp voice mail because i have a scan blocker on my phone.

BEWARE! I just listened to TWO voicemails that I received. It was an automated (Robot) msg saying that my SSN had been suspended due to suspicious activity. Press 1 to call them back!!! GET THE HELL OUT OF MY LIFE!

Yeah, I received the same recorded call.
Verbatim, "This call is from the Dept. of Social Security Administration. The reason you have received this phone call from our dept. is to inform you that we just suspend your Social Security number because we found some suspicious activity. So if want know about this case, just press 1, thank you."
They left no call back number. Boo-hoo me. Phifft!

I just received the same exact call today from 1214107770.

I received the same robocall from 858-816-1511 - automated and indicated fraudulent activity and that my SSN was suspended - said to press a number to be connected. I just hung up.

I just got same call

So far 6 calls over a week's period. They will leave messages - that is their robot doesn't get that they've reached my voicemail. These people have unlimited phone numbers at their disposal (all spoofed), so while I diligently block each one, they keep calling from a new number. I've tried calling them back, and all but one number had been disconnected. The one where a voice message answered stated that they were sorry, but their number had been compromised. These scam attempts aren't just annoying, they appear to be hurting innocent businesses, whose numbers have been spoofed. The FTC should do something, but then the bases are probably overseas. Oh well!

Jusr received the same exact call yesterday I called them back and the dude over the phone told me that someone was using my SSN in Texas and was caught with cocaine and that there was a federal warrant for my arrest in Texas and that a SSA officer and and FBI officer will be at my place of residence to issue me another number and to clear up my name also telling me not to yell any family member or friends bcuz I don't know who's using my SSN he even gave me his name Mark Anderson & his badge number SMH I shoulda known but my credit score hasn't changed in the past months it's so low I can't even get a loan from a creditor

I called a number back because a partial message was left! The person answered the phone Hello and I asked who this was. He said he was from SS administration and wanted the last 4 of my social! I told him I was not giving that info out and why was he calling. He said my ss# was being used for criminal activity, like drug trafficking and other criminal activities! I asked him how does ones ss# get used for drug trafficking ? I then asked him why when I called he didn’t answer the phone Social Security Administration! He said my ss# was going to be frozen and there would be 2 persons stopping by to give me a temporary SS#? I said what? Why wouldn’t you just send me to my local office if you want to change my number? He said ma’am you do what you want to do but we’re suspending your number! He was in Texas and said his name was Frank Walters, but when he answered the phone he initially said it was Adam! The phone number is 409-205-1176! Just stupid!

I got a robo call today stating the same thing. The number was 443-616-9450, I have blocked it as well.


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