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Money back from MoneyGram?

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We’ve all known for a long time that scammers ask people to pay by wiring money. Money wiring companies like MoneyGram and Western Union have also known that scammers have people wire money using their services. In fact, the FTC has sued both companies – which have paid a lot of money to settle those charges – over exactly that issue. When the FTC settled with those companies (MoneyGram in 2009, Western Union in 2017), they also agreed to make changes to protect people from fraud. Except MoneyGram didn’t actually take some of those important steps.

That’s why the FTC and the Department of Justice (DOJ) just announced a new settlement with MoneyGram for $125 million. That money will eventually go back to people who wired – and lost – money to a scammer through MoneyGram starting in 2013. (There will be a date range for eligible refund requests. Exact dates will follow.)

Here’s the story: in 2009, MoneyGram had promised to vet the agents they were hiring, train them to spot fraud, monitor them to watch for fraud-related money transfers, take action if they saw an agent who didn’t try to reduce fraud, and also record fraud complaints and share them with the FTC.

But the FTC’s investigation showed that MoneyGram hadn’t adequately done those things – especially in their large chain outlets. And MoneyGram’s system that should have helped spot and stop fraudsters operating in plain sight? It basically didn’t work for a year and a half, letting millions of dollars in fraud-related transfers go through.

Now, MoneyGram has to put in place more protections that address all the ways it did not follow the order last time. And pay that $125 million to DOJ, which will work with the FTC to set up a refund program to get it back to people.

What should you do to get a refund? Right now, nothing. It might take several months for the refund process to even start. When it does, it will be free to request a refund. And we’ll tell you here and at what happens next.

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Thru several years I have lost a large sum of money and just read about this on the internet. It would be really nice to recover it so I can payoff some large debts because of it. What is the time frame for filing claims and where do you get the forms to do so?

The FTC and US Department of Justice made the announcement on November 8, 2018.

They plan to use money that came from a settlement with MoneyGram to give money back to people who used the wire transfer service to pay scammers. The refund program is not set up now, but it will be set up soon. There aren't forms yet, or a time frame. 

You can check to get the latest news from the FTC. We will put news there when we have it.

You can sign up to get email messages about the case on

Dear Ms. Dodge, Thank you for pursuing this case. My 80-year-old mother was a victim of one of these scams on March 8, 2013. She was persuaded by the caller that her grandson was in trouble and used Moneygram at Walmart to wire $4900. I wrote to Moneygram at the time to seek redress, and they gave me the back of their hand. I sincerely hope that your claim process goes back that far, as she really needs this money. Many thanks for your efforts to protect the victims of these awful scams.

I was scammed by a Donald Brooks
He said he worked at the oil rig and have a daughter in England. Everything look real on Skype he said he lost his wallet and it take a few months before he asked me help until he asked his daughter to email for money and I told him I will send her the money. There was a woman that claimed to be her teacher by the name Rhona Mary Halbrook that collect the funds, the second time his daughter asked for money I told him I do not have any money and he asked for me bank account to send to his daughter and a lot more happened that I went to the police he treated to kill me and my family and I file a report to the FBI and I hope they caught him. I later found out that he did it to a few women that contacted me. I have learned a lesson. At one point someone called me from Moneygram verifying that I sent the correct amount of money and I swear I feel it was an inside job, when I asked their name they hang up. I am waiting to see what can be done. This will bring some closure that ftcgov are doing the best in this.

i lost money to a military scammer in nigeria from 2016 to half of 2018 i did not keep the recepts but i have the name and address to whom i sent the money now what do i do?

You don't have to do anything now. The FTC and US Department of Justice just announced their plan on November 8, 2018.

They plan to use money from a settlement with MoneyGram to give money back to people who used the wire transfer service to pay scammers. The refund program is not set up now, but it will be set up soon. There aren't forms yet, or a time frame. 

You can check to get the latest news from the FTC. We will put news there when we have it.

You can sign up to get email messages about the case on

Thank you very much Ms. Small.

Has anyone been contacted by a oil engineer from Dayton Ohio? Said his name is Marc Charles. He said he's a widower, wife Barbara lost her son in childbirth then she turned around and gave up and she passed away. Has a daughter named Sarah in boarding school. A dog named Ruby. Please let me know. Says be is from Austria originally. Very strong accent. Hope he's not a scammer because I gave him my retirement money and I'm heavy in debt. These guys make me sick. It is so cruel. I am a widow and he played on that. Besides being broke I am heartbroken.

I think I’m being scam his name Todd Bradson , he says he’s started work in instsnbul oil rig he showed me photo of work , now I know anyone r can print these say inv got contract , he’s say he lost his wallet , and I sent £200 western union yesterday he ask me for £1000 I said sorry , so he got angry so had my doubts , he apologise but I’m for doubtful, can you tell me what to do please

You can call the Western Union Fraud Hotline at 800-448-1492 and tell them what happened. You can report a scam to the FTC at The information you give the FTC goes into a database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

It's hard when they threatened you feel like theres no other choice and even if you let the company's know of whats going on tbey due nothing anout it .

It's disheartening to know that there are people willing to do anything to scam people out of money, even if it means playing with your feelings. It's not easy to admit that one got scammed as I thought I would have seen them coming from a mile away. I would be very happy if I was recoup the thousands I was scammed.

I have been scammed by other money transfer and investing companies with more than 1.2 MILLION USD DOLLARS, I am supposed to have profit of more than4 MILLION USD DOLLARS, but it is fraud. I reported the case to FTC but not clear when to hearing from them. I appreciate any assistance and help on my case.

Shirley I lost thousands of dollars to these scammers!! I can no longer use their services!! Which is good!!!I hope I get my money back.

Lost thousands to wire transfers through money gram. How do I apply to have money returned? Is this for real and will I really get money returned?

How long will this take?

Thank you for your efforts. I also pray for money that I lost during an extremely vulnerable time in my life.

I fell for a man that was not in this country and he begged for money to come back to the states i send a lot of money thru money gram and bank transfer, now im broke and heart broken

My MoneyGram dates happen to be 2011, 2012 and like a couple from 2013 and 2014. One went to the fraud unit but nothing or no-one got back to me.

Anyone know if the money was sent from bank by wire to the scammer, how to get money back from bank ?

Wow! I was scammed by an imposter/con-artist from Nigeria. More than once, I thought I was sending money to a guy in the military. I learned via Romance Scams which I looked up & discovered alot of information about it. I've got bad credit because of my ignorance but now I know better to fall for those types of scams. I'm wondering if it's too late to report this to the FTC since it occurred around 2015/2017?

I also have receipts totalling 10,000 happened in 2016 being scammed I kept all the proof, police report, receipts, everything

I also notified the ftc... I was not even aware people did that type of thing and it happened the same time I was losing my mom.... Devastated to noend

my son and i were scammed $530 we sent money gram to andrew thomas of phoniex arz we wer homless and gonna rent a house by him

I got scammed out of nearly $500,000 from 2015-2018. I believed he was general Michael T Flynn and I gave my heart to him. Only to find out he was fake I am heart broken and I lost everything I hope to get some of the money back but I truly blame myself

I was promised a chihuahua of which I purchased through Marvellouchihuahus. A Money Gram was sent and cashed by Mathew Byner located in Little Rock Arkansas with an address of 10 Toler Place Little Rock Arkansas. The MO #282257941 was cashed immediately in the amount of $550.00. I have tried every way to contact them but to no avail. He needs to be found and stopped so others don't get scammed. Thank you so much, Pastor Gwen

I lost roughly $2,500 due to a scam back in 2013 by someone who claimed to be military personnel. I don’t have any of the information. What do I do?

I lost money through moneygram to a military scammer in Nigeria, how can I recover this money?

Hi. I was scammed in 2016 and have proof via receipts (not sure if all are there; I have been trying to open a case with money gram since 7/2016. They finally opened a case in 2018. I have also been requesting my transfer information from MoneyGram since7/2016 and they have not yet given me my transfer information. a few times I was told the only way to get that information is by the police, attorney or court order. It does not make since since it is my information. They are still being very hesitant and have not been responding to my recent emails regarding my proof. I believe they are still allowing criminals to accept money. I like to know if the FTC is going to

I lost a lot of money sending money to Nigeria to a scammer I have both there names , I never knew what a scammer was and kept sending money to two of them till I stopped sending I know I lost over 8 thousand dollars but now I can’t use them anymore .

I was scammed by two people sent them money by money gram at cvs it was over 8 thousand dollars , I found out they were scammers claiming to be military told nothing but lies and had me sending to Nigeria and I’ll .. I was mentally drained until I said no more..

I got scammed by a man pretending to love me from the us army Timothy davis ,tim davis over $4000 I still have the receipts for all the payments I sent from money...I'd love my my back asap

You can check to get the latest news from the FTC. We will put news there when we have it.

You can sign up to get email messages about the case on

I'm a victim with a huge cost

I am glad to hear that we will get our money back that we were scammed out of!! I even called MoneyGram when I found out that I had been scammed and they said there was nothing they could do for me. I asked them if they had security cameras in the Wal-Mart stores, and if so they could see the person that picked up the money. They just kept saying that they were sorry they couldn't help me. Well, now I will get the help.


I have been getting calls and texts from someone saying im owed 4.8 million dollars just need to pay 100 dollars for the fee to release it and i would be getting 5000 dollars a day till it's paid is this a scam really would like to know what to do if it is

Someone said they sent me money via western union and in order to receive it I need to buy an iTunes or google play card. Is this a scam?

I have been approached again, this time by a Pastor, saying that I have been selected to receive a large donation by a winner of a lottery held in Michigan. To receive the funds I have to send a tax amount and insurance to a pay agent in India. Having lost $648 USD in November using Money Gram, I contacted my lawyer to see if the problems with Money Gram are still as bad or worse as ever. He again referenced me to the FTC website where I read every one of the hundred+ customers who still have problems with sending money to India. His advice; “Just don’t do it!”


We were scammed by moneygram. We sent money to Chile via moneygram, but moneygram won't release the money to our uncle in Chile, and they don't want to give the money back to us. Moneygram has become the scam.

Now money gram is so concerned about scammers they stop everyone’s transactions. I tried wiring 2,000 dollars to a friend overseas and provided all my information they needed and they canceled my order and blocked me from using the service saying they were protecting me.. now I have to wait weeks to get my 2,000 back. What a joke..

So glad I didn't fall for this!!! I smelled a rat from the get go when I received my first computer-generated text that did not respond to "STOP" and "END"!

I too was scammed for approx $300,000 plus believing someone was in desperate trouble in another country and needed help to get back to US and his home. Supposedly he was in a bad situation with the tax system in the country he had done some work for. Well at 79 yrs you learn too late what kind of problem you have gotten into. I lost everything, even my house and am still in serious debt.

I send money all the time through money Gram I did until they deemed me a terrestrial and told me I wasn't aloud to send money under my company name so I started sending it Wal Mart to Wal Mart and they stopped that the same way so I started sending it under my real name and on April 29,be2019 they deemed me a money scammer I own a company and my crews need money for gas, food and motel, I never send money out of the United States and I never send it to someone I don't know this makes me really upset since we started our business in 1986 I have wired money for ever even through Western Union and even got deemed a terrost through them I feel like I have really been done wrong the Government told us to use our company name when sending money so we did thirty two years later and I can no longer do that and now I can't even send money no where to anyone if I could Sue them for defamation of character I would

Hi my name is Paul I sent the 500 to money Gram and she did receive the money from money Gram can you investigation what happened to the 500 it belong to her that I sent

CVS Caremark and Moneygram stole my money. NOT a foreign entity. CVS Caremark and Moneygram refused to send or return my money. Even after a verbal promise from a Moneygram representative no money was transferred. Both companies are corrupt. Beware

I’m hoping I can get at least $7000 dollars back from the scam from 2016 and may 24, 2019 . Please help me FTC.

When can you file for a refund and where is the form for filing. I need to file

My account is way overdrawn, I lost my rent money, got thrown out on the street lost my car, my direct deposit paychecks. I am out $26,000.00 due to romance scam.


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