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Money back from MoneyGram?

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We’ve all known for a long time that scammers ask people to pay by wiring money. Money wiring companies like MoneyGram and Western Union have also known that scammers have people wire money using their services. In fact, the FTC has sued both companies – which have paid a lot of money to settle those charges – over exactly that issue. When the FTC settled with those companies (MoneyGram in 2009, Western Union in 2017), they also agreed to make changes to protect people from fraud. Except MoneyGram didn’t actually take some of those important steps.

That’s why the FTC and the Department of Justice (DOJ) just announced a new settlement with MoneyGram for $125 million. That money will eventually go back to people who wired – and lost – money to a scammer through MoneyGram starting in 2013. (There will be a date range for eligible refund requests. Exact dates will follow.)

Here’s the story: in 2009, MoneyGram had promised to vet the agents they were hiring, train them to spot fraud, monitor them to watch for fraud-related money transfers, take action if they saw an agent who didn’t try to reduce fraud, and also record fraud complaints and share them with the FTC.

But the FTC’s investigation showed that MoneyGram hadn’t adequately done those things – especially in their large chain outlets. And MoneyGram’s system that should have helped spot and stop fraudsters operating in plain sight? It basically didn’t work for a year and a half, letting millions of dollars in fraud-related transfers go through.

Now, MoneyGram has to put in place more protections that address all the ways it did not follow the order last time. And pay that $125 million to DOJ, which will work with the FTC to set up a refund program to get it back to people.

What should you do to get a refund? Right now, nothing. It might take several months for the refund process to even start. When it does, it will be free to request a refund. And we’ll tell you here and at what happens next.

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I lost thousands to these low down scammers. I have not been contacted to get my money back.I hope they do not overlook me!!

I was scammed by sending money to help military victims and I send a lot of money as I felt they need help because they served our country. I was scammed to help build a church in South Africa, Combodia and Ghana. Lots of money

I just got scammed 29 June 2019 for $1180 bucks . Everything looked legit but later found out that a shipping company was trying to get me to send money for shipping an item I purchased with the $1180. I got angry as the agreement I had was that purchase included the shipping. I hope that I can retrieve my money and get these jerks as I am more than happy to charge them big time.

I am lost and not sure what to do... I was trying to get a large sum of money from a loan company and now they are saying I have to pay $450.00 for wiring taxes or they are going to issue a warrant for my arrest... I don't know if they are telling the truth or not and now I am scared, I have done this before....

Hi, When should I expect an update on this case? last update was on November 2018. Thanks.

Somebody has cashed out my money with ion money gram. I sent it to my name and was going to cash it in berlin.I figured somebody already has done it for me. What to do in this case ? I want to sue money gram for this ? How can it be cashed out without my ID ???

Mine began 2012 by military lesoctt Smith other,Donald Billy,Dan Morgan,Simeon Victor iTunes $900 more not iTunes, Richard an attorney. Even Chris Hemsworth.

Innocent people who have sent money to friends and family for years are now flagged up as potential money launderers and both moneygram and western union are refusing to let them send money , this is totally unacceptable , there needs to be more accurate checking instead of a blanket ban effecting too many innocent people .

I was scammed for over 8,000 they acted like they was going to help me . They told me to purchase a google card for a hundred dollars and to give them number so they could put me money back on it, they acted like it didn’t work so had me to do another one. They scammed me for that much I thought I was safe since I was using google to get the information from them. Went to my bank to see if they could help me they tried but they told me I had been scammed with scammers doing it through google. I hope you can stop this and put these scammers in jail for the rest of there life.

I became a victim of Romance scam/Fraud where I was told that US citizen ***** was in custody and his passport got expired and he needed help. After I contacted the US Embassy, then I came to know that I got scammed. I would like to apply for "Western Union refund program" and "MoneyGram refund program". I have all the original receipts with me. I gave my whole life's savings ($157,000) between July 2014 - November 2014 where I do not even own a house. I have been going through severe depression. It would help me if I could get my money back.

You can check to get the latest news from the FTC. We will put news there when we have it.

You can sign up to get email messages about the case on

Moneygram kept giving me “ the run around “ I called their customer three times and emailed them twice already regarding my two refunds in the amount of $200 that I requested more than two weeks ago and nothing happened. On their website they indicated that the time frame to process refunds would be three to ten business days. If they cannot keep their promises than don’t promise at all! This is call lying to their customers!!!

Its almost a year since the announcement and still no refund process. Why is that?

Scam of the day Tom Smith Green Grant Fund Fed Ex Delivery Agency Director Management Ebay Gift Card

On September 16 2016 I got scammed. It was my my fault but #DCU, #Walmart the customer service agent she didn’t want to be I still remember her face, #Moneygram they could do better. It has been three years its still hurt.

I got scammed by someone saying he was real and from the us army got over $4000 from me....I really my money back.

I was scammed out of $750 Canadian (about $500 US) back in 2006 as a result of a so-called Advance Fee Loan Scam for which I had to secure that amount in order to (supposedly) get a $7,500 loan which never arrived. I believe I still have the MoneyGram transaction paperwork stashed away somewhere. Would I still be able to file a claim from somthing before 2009?

You can check to get the latest news from the FTC. We will put news there when we have it.

You can sign up to get email messages about the case on

I'm waiting on this settlement too..... Scammed badly

You can check to get the latest news from the FTC. We will put news there when we have it.

You can sign up to get email messages about the case on

I’m happy to know this as I was scammed by thousands of dollars by those who claimed they were IRS and police department . Really hopeful to get back the hard earned savings. Thanks!

I was scammed $350.00 by sending b it down to Florida. I was devastated by this

Its been a year since the memorandum for money gram refund of scam victims. I am curios about how much longer the claim process will take. Only each scam victim knows how detrimental it is and how struggling to get back on track affects our daily lives due to premeditated deception and the vile intent of taking advantage of good hearted people. Because of these cowardly thieves, now in our society people are not trusting others in a level that impedes decent humans from associating with harmony because we are uncertain of the present human trust. I am in awe about how certain people are cunning with evil to deceive others for their illegal gain. To all you victims who are fighting back by sharing your experience, I am proud to say that by not staying silent you are causing awareness to others as never before . I can relate on how each of you feel as victims, its mesmerizing , use this as an experience to make you a stronger person and at the same time help others avoid being scammed. Thank you for your efforts, and hopefully the good folk at the FTC can start accepting out claims soon.

I lost my many for my car loan and for my baby. I got scammed because I’d all I want is the puppy but I never received it and I send 865$ for it.

Scammed by puppy breeder and shipping co. hoping ti get money back somehow $650.00 to the breeder and $995.00 to the cargo co., waiting for help

I filed complaint months ago regarding MoneyGram. Money order for 127.67 never cashed they never responded or sent papers for refund. I have receipt.

Could I get my money back if I have sent by money gram and been scammed

I am a victim of so called US military and foud out that i was scammed please help me send back my money. Thank you

I was scammed, sending money to release goods. How do I claim the monies back?

I lost a lot of money payed for a scammer I didn't knew, that he was not real. Can I get it back?

I was scammed out of over $8000.00 via MoneyGram transfers - as a result of trying to help a friend save her home from foreclosure. In trying to bail her out and save her home - my entire savings was stolen from some stranger who could care less about anyone! Worst part is - I work very hard everyday to save and pay my bills... I don't hide behind a cyber wall and steal money from unsuspecting - kind - hard working individuals... Shame on MoneyGram and shame on those thieves. Hopefully someday I'll get some sort of return on all of the money I was scammed out of. I wish you all the best - God Bless


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