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Fake calls about your SSN

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The FTC is getting reports about people pretending to be from the Social Security Administration (SSA) who are trying to get your Social Security number and even your money. In one version of the scam, the caller says your Social Security number has been linked to a crime (often, he says it happened in Texas) involving drugs or sending money out of the country illegally. He then says your Social is blocked – but he might ask you for a fee to reactivate it, or to get a new number. And he will ask you to confirm your Social Security number.

In other variations, he says that somebody used your Social Security number to apply for credit cards, and you could lose your benefits. Or he might warn you that your bank account is about to be seized, that you need to withdraw your money, and that he’ll tell you how to keep it safe.

But all of these are scams. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The SSA will never (ever) call and ask for your Social Security number. It won’t ask you to pay anything. And it won’t call to threaten your benefits.
  • Your caller ID might show the SSA’s real phone number (1-800-772-1213), but that’s not the real SSA calling. Computers make it easy to show any number on caller ID. You can’t trust what you see there.
  • Never give your Social Security number to anyone who contacts you. Don’t confirm the last 4 digits. And don’t give a bank account or credit card number – ever – to anybody who contacts you asking for it.
  • Remember that anyone who tells you to wire money, pay with a gift card, or send cash is a scammer. Always. No matter who they say they are.

If you’re worried about a call from someone who claims to be from the Social Security Administration, get off the phone. Then call the real SSA at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778). If you’ve spotted a scam, then tell the FTC at

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The phone # that was used was 800-703-1190

they said i had people using my social in idaho calforina texas the state wyomhing alambma all over julia anns kinner at 22390 tom perrin road ponchatoula 70454

Received voicemail today from 720-548-3480 (Denver) saying there was illegal activity on my soc sec number and an arrest warrant would be released if I didn't call them back. Reported to FTC. And blocked. They never give up, do they?

I have gotten several of these calls recently. They are the 'this is the Social Security Administration and your account has been frozen due to suspicious fraudulent activity' variety. I think they may have gotten my number from a response to an ad on Facebook. UGH!! Different numbers every time. 479-297-2395; 479-274-4101; 479-256-0198.

Just received my call from Telephone # 217308651

They called me from this number 509 524 9631 and left a message.

Just Got a Phone Calls Saying From The Social Security Office. That My Number being used For Drug smuggling and others Too The Number Is 508-380-2700 had Identity Thief in My House. From a Fake Nurse From Nizhoni Health System. Send Her Girlfriend To My House, and Stole All My Billing information's never Had This Problem in My Life. I Contact The F.B I And License Bureau too I Wants Justice

I just received a call from "Social Security" stating that my SS account is suspended due to suspicious activity. " Please respond by pressing number 1 on your phone.
I know it is a scam, I just want other people to know about the potential call.

Over the last few days I have been getting a lot of calls with a recording saying that my SS Card has been blocked due to criminal activity:
571-455-9178 / 9777 / 9017 / 7616
That is just the numbers I have tracked so far today.

I get at least 5-7 calls a day. this is crazy!!! I just keep blocking the numbers. Wish that they could be traced. is there nothing Social Security can do????????

I received back-to-back calls from someone claiming my social security number was suspended. Here are the numbers they called from.
7049905291 7049131973 7049590406 7049264001

Hoping this will help someone else

Got a call around 3pm with a recording saying my SSI number was linked with a crime. Press 1 for info. It was an international call originating from the Dominican Republic. Number had International prefix with my number mixed in with a few other numbers

I keep getting calls stating my SS card has been compromised. They use a different phone number every time. I block them.

Someone from +1 (713) 362-4256 and +1 (713) 396-1781 just spammed me about my social security number being suspend by the irs.

I have been getting no less than 10 to 12 calls a day. I block the number and a new number pops up with the same phone call. How can I make this stop?

I am being harassed by this people. I got 15 calls from them yesterday and it is getting ridiculous

Rec'd a scam call from 352-530-6092

I just got a call and I got scared so I gave information Him information I gave him the The mount of money I have in the bank in my account Didn't give him account number or my so security number

Just received a call from 1-476-953-1805. It appears to be a Social Security scam artist at work. Automated voice asks me to press “1” to speak to a social security officer as my number has been “suspended “ with criminal action pending. It’s scary to hear but I don’t believe it.

just received a scam call from +1 201 486 4434

they stated that someone is using my social security fraudulently a nd my social will be canceled by the end of the day, the woman on the phone had an indian accent.

I've recieved 2 calls today from 915-268-0373 in Austin Texas. Says my Social Security Benifits are being stopped. Fake scam!! Beware!

I just received a voicemail from 762-224-1920 saying they were the social security administration and my SSN was showing fraud activity.

They just wanted birthday and address. Then gave me this number to call, 202-643-5023. Supposed to be callback number for senior account officer on grants. Gave me I. D. Nw027.When I called it, it said google customer could not take call at this time.. the number that said his name was nicholas woods

They just called from a Delaware number(302)229-4079,I called it back,and it was a man's cell phone.

I got a call today about suspicious activity and suspending my benefits. Last year, I had someone get ahold of my number in January and try to collect my benefits through a change of address before. Called the right social security telephone number. Answered all the questions, listened to the information about privacy, asked to speak to an agent, they asked for my SSN to get to the right office and then I was transferred three times and the phone went silent and after 30 secs it rang twice, etc repeated about four times. Kind of scary as no music or voice, just transfers which made me worried that SS line is now spoofed or scammed or whatever. Never did connect.

He said my Social Security Number got suspended. I provided for him my 4 last digits of my SSN, my first name and last name. He said I had some deal and in Texas I went there. He asked me that I have some deal with Mexico and Colombia with money. They keep calling me every moment with these phone numbers from San Juan Capistrano, CA: 949-940-7603, 949-940-5001, 949-940-4027, 949-940-7885, 949-940-1345, 949-940-6697.

Received a similar scam voicemail from 361-865-6839

12-15-2020. Call from someone claiming to be social security, to suspend my social security number. Call from 1-209)557-7181.

Got a recorded call at work this morning, claiming my SSN was used near the southern border of Texas. Remembered hearing that Social Security doesn't call you and didn't think they had my work number, so I hung up and looked on this site, which is a great resource for any questions like that. Better be safe than sorry. Those scammers can be pretty believable!

I got a call from 620 311 0636 saying there's suspicious activity with my ss number, the guys name is Andrew badge number 23j573 case number ddr701089 regarding cases international and in Texas, case someone help me?

I received several calls from 855-369-5447 - Manuela Haddad about my internet application for retirement. Is this a scam?

Calls from 800-936-3000 were suspicious at first. But I later verified with SSA via 800-772-1213 that the number was a legitimate field office rep handling SSA/Disability applications originating from online/internet applications.

I recieved a message from 425-528-9471 saying my number is getting used fraudulent. Thru left a message on my VM. I wouldn't dare call it back. Social Security will reach your by mail is they have an issue regarding your social security number

I personally know if someone is threatening me for my vet card information by texting this number

Two calls in the last 2 days from Alpine CA. First one was 619-566-7843. Second one was 619-369-2405. In both cases the record voice said they were from the Social Security Administration and that there was fraud reported on my SSN and they would begin legal proceedings if I did not call them back right away.

the number they use is 585 536 0324 name of person Scott Franco

I just got a call from 910 422 1336 which list it Rowland,NC about my SS number being suspended due to a suspicious activity on my ss number in Texas I blocked that number

I just got a call from social security telling me that my social security card has been compromised I just been following day I got another phone call telling me that I'm being sued for my something they don't ask me for my social security number that's what they're telling me

I just got a call from social security saying that there is legal activity on my SS number and to call them back immediately. Is this a scam?

Yeah apparently computers make it easy for these scammers to use ANY phone number to appear in the caller id including the actual number of the SSA. Or any other number of business or personal. If you call the number back you will find the owner of that number completely oblivious to your accusations of a scam call from their number that they in fact did not make and were merely the unwitting victim of having their number used as a phony call back id that the scammer to used to get you on the initial call .

619-502-6405 just called me telling my my social security has suspicious activity, threatening to lose my benefits, threatened to jail me, it was from a call center. Very upsetting.

I gotten 5 calls today stating to get ahold of the same investorgator from these numbers 234-3208
636-234-7384 Roberta Hull
636-2341672and 6362341907 I hope u get them this is terrible to be doing

Received a call from 740-218-3795, voice says is very important that I call SS asap! that my social security number has been flagged.

+1 (832) 643-2079

Got scam call from ^

I received a call today, 1/19/2021 from 719-372-3927 out of Penrose, CO. I do not live in Colorado. It stated that my SSN has been compromised and to press 1 to be connected to a specialist for assistance. The voice was very robotic with a terrible accent. I hung immediately. Called the number back and it is an appointment line for a physician's office located in Penrose, Colorado. I blocked the number and called the SSA to report - but was hung up on while waiting on a representative. Figured I would at least share on here, since this is the second call like this from a CO number this month.

Just received recorded call from 678-787-0020 showing Atlanta Northeast GA that state my SSN was being suspended due to fraud. Hung up and Promptly blocked number. Be aware.

Received a robo call stating they were suspending my SSN due to suspicious activity, then press one for activity. I hung up, 1-207-499-9441, Lyman, ME.

Orange County N 562-260-0797 called my house phone prerecorded msg saying they suspended my social security benefits??? Smh...

got a scam call from 1-609-395-8332, saying there was illegal use of my Social Security number, and if I didn't answer to one of their agents, they will cancel my social security, the voice was foreign. I never answered the message

they called from a private number... back to back and when it answered, it was a recording stating I have my son suspended and this was a decision made by the ss admin security dept. And to press 1 yo talk with a security officer from investigations dept..but if I do not do anything there could be consequences for me. We


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