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This is what a Social Security scam sounds like

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Earlier this month, we told you about a growing scam: people pretend to be from the Social Security Administration (SSA) and try to get your Social Security number or your money. That scam is now growing exponentially. To compare: in 2017, we heard from 3,200 people about SSA imposter scams, and those people reported losing nearly $210,000. So far THIS year: more than 35,000 people have reported the scam, and they tell us they’ve lost $10 million.

Here’s what one of those scam calls sound like:

Scammers are saying your Social Security number (SSN) has been suspended because of suspicious activity, or because it’s been involved in a crime. Sometimes, the scammer wants you to confirm your SSN to reactivate it. Sometimes, he’ll say your bank account is about to be seized – but he’ll tell you what to do to keep it safe. (Often, that involves putting your money on gift cards and giving him the codes – which, of course, means that your money is gone.)

Oh, and your caller ID often shows the real SSA phone number (1-800-772-1213) when these scammers call – but they’re faking that number. It’s not the real SSA calling.

Here's what to know:

  • Your Social Security number is not about to be suspended. You don’t have to verify your number to anyone who calls out of the blue. And your bank accounts are not about to be seized.
  • SSA will never call to threaten your benefits or tell you to wire money, send cash, or put money on gift cards. Anyone who tells you to do those things is a scammer. Every time.
  • The real SSA number is 1-800-772-1213, but scammers are putting that number in the caller ID. If you’re worried about what the caller says, hang up and call 1-800-772-1213 to speak to the real SSA. Even if the wait time is long, confirm with the real SSA before responding to one of these calls.
  • Never give any part of your Social Security number to anyone who contacts you. Or your bank account or credit card number.

If you get one of these calls, tell the FTC at

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Called from 1-800-119-3128 - left voicemail

The call had a recorded message telling me my SS# was on the dark web (aren't they all after the CapOne debacle) and that my SS# was using to launder money. If it wasn't me, I was to "Hit 1."

I forgot to say their number of 800-745-5235

I got a call from2205235974 and as well from 2204752781 saying the samething that is on the recording they have called me over 20 times since last wedensday, this is getting out of had and needs to be taken care of its getting to be harrassment

I have received two of these calls now. The first had a FL area code; the last (just now) came from 201-247-4736.

Received call from 660004?said I'm involved in human trafficking and social security fraud, local authorities will be 1 to discuss this

They said exactly what was said above and they are from the Social Security Administration. Called me and my husband multiple times and left voice messages. Called from 18008677383 on Sept 30th.

Just receive a to go call from a woman said she was from s s office and the enter me if I don't call. Back she still out out a warrentt for r may arrest there phone number i s 530 341 5034.

Just got this scam call from +1800 704 5460 they had me press 1 to talk to a person who had a middle eastern accent who claimed to be an officer and asked for my full name... I didnt give him my name, I asked where he was calling from and they hung up. So not only social security scam but impersonating an officer

Just got a similar call from 800-842-3418 . Knew it was shady.

Recieved a call 2 hrs ago from this scam number 559-945-0431, do not give them any info, SSA will send you a letter not call asking to verify last four didgits, beware folks there out to rip your founds away.

Scammer called from 800.279.9451

I just picked up 2 voicemails from Michigan (248) 378-2869. It only recorded part of the message but they wanted me to call back and give them the last 4 of my social security number or they would have to call the authorities and have me arrested. BTW It was a computer generated voice. I researched the number and didn't get an exact answer but since this site says don't give any part of your SS number, I assume it is a scam, especially since many things ask for the last 4 of your social to confirm your identity. (I hope I am right!)

1800 534 0442 this is a new scam number for the SSA scam call

The number that called is 407 287 0770, based from Georgia and computerized electronic voice saying the lines for the scam saying to call back to speak to someone, rather than address the person that answered the phone, which the government will not do. I say try again to some other person who don't know the law.

I just received this call from 1 800 120 3688

I got call today 2 times from this number 813-437-9284. I realized that the guy has indian accent since i am indian. I asked him are you from India and he was like "so what". I hanged up the call right away.

I received a call from 1-800-319-1570 around 2:00 pst. The call left an automated message from a woman stating that my ssn would be suspended and that I must push #1 to be connected to an official agent of their department in order to speak to them regarding this reason for the suspension just push number one and I'd be connected to them...riiight. Posting the number as it is different then others I've seen.

I received 2 calls today from 1-800-750-3149 and later Warner Law Firm 1-800-717-1019 in which i let go to voicemail . Message was almost identical to the example posted. I copied and pasted the message below.. Scammers are saying your Social Security number (SSN) has been suspended because of suspicious activity

‭(906) 760-9115‬. Scam number. The government can and should do more for the citizens.

I have been getting this call for about two weeks now. I knew it’s a scam, decided to look up the phone number online and brought me here to this site. Here’s the message they’ve been leaving in my voicemail.. “210-549-9783 the reason you have received this phone call from our department is to inform you that there's a legal enforcement action filed on your Social Security number for fraudulent activity so before this matter goes to the state courthouse and before you get arrested if you need any information or have any question kindly call us back at 210-549-9783 thank you…”
I blocked the number several times, they come up with new ones!

Received same call October 1 at noon. They even had my local police department call (supposedly) with the correct number for our police department saying I better cooperate or the police were coming to arrest me ASAP. 2 agents and the police lady all spoke very broken English. They said my name and SS number were part of drug trafficking and crimes at the Texas border and my SS number and all accounts would be frozen and confiscated and I would be arrested if I didn’t do what they said to protect myself and transfer my money to a government site until resolved. I have filed a complaint with FTC. Sick people preying on others.

Just got a spam call from El Paso, TX, (915) 613-4597.

Got similar call from

Same call from

Got this scam today. Called from 870-455-2217.

I got a call from 800 426 0367. I don’t know if this is a legit number. I’m thinking now that it isn’t but I gave them the last 4 digits of my social and now my stomach feels sick. This sucks

got a call from 1-634-748-9632 saying a warrant has been placed for me due to suspicious activity on my SS number

I just got this phone call. I pressed 1 to talk to a person but as soon as they heard that I was a younger male not sounding too concerned, they hung up

Got a call from a recording about my SS# getting suspended due to fraud. I've known about this scam for a long time and had some time on my hands to waste this guys time. The first guy said he was calling from Social Security office and a warrant was issued for my arrest, at this point I had already given him a fake name and fake last 4 of SS#. He said either I can go to Tx (where warrant was issued) or I can get a ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) that the US Marshall's will have to issue. Told him I would like to ADR. He then told me that a US Marshall will be calling me to answer is phone call. The call came in from (703) 740 -8222 and caller caller identified himself as J. Tyler the Assistant Director of Investigations at the US Marshall's Office. The 2nd caller from the US. Marshall's office now told me the ADR was approved and I need to go to the bank and withdraw all of the money in my checking account except for $150 then withdraw 25% of my savings. He said that they will issue me a new Social Security number with a SS Digital Wallet ID to my cellphone and I needed to go to a BIT ATM Machine and scan the bar code from my phone and my ID, then convert all of my cash into digital currency through this machine.
At that point I was done talking at bought it to his attention I knew from the get go it was a scan and I waste over an hour of his time. Here are notes the info he gave me:
Case dmc701089
First Caller: Robert jones from SSI
Batch ss802840195
Arrest warrant #02954698
1245 E 16th Ave El paso Tx
7609 Ocean Ave El Paso Tx

ADR - alt dispute resolution
Adr # 322ght7741
Second Caller: J Tyler from US Marshall's
Step 1. Chase - withdraw from checking - $150 leave
& Withdraw 25% from savings $33,750

Cash - link with new ss,
Step 2. Us treasury - SS digital wallet ID to cell phone
Bar code
Step 3. BIT ATM Machine - scan bar code - id verification - one time password - scan id -
Insert cash and convert to digital currency

‭+1 (800) 502-1296‬ That number just called me saying there was suspicious activity using my social security number.

Another phone number scammer used:

I just got a call from this number 1800-708-8135 saying that my benefits will be suspended for a crime activity and he was trying to get more information about my bank accounts and then I hanged out the phone after so many suspicious questions about my personal information.

I received call from this number: 516-530-7211 telling me that my social security numbers are suspended because of illegal activities and i will be arrested. Also saying this is the second and last time they have tried to contact me. Push 1 or call back at the number that I listed if you would like to talk to an agent.

I am receiving these phone calls from a 1-705-782-5293

I just got a call from (800) 662-6755. Threatening that a crime is associated with my social. When connected I asked where he was calling from? he said “technically, Maryland. How may I help you?”
I proceeded to stay “but you called me, what do you want?” And he hung up. Scary to think they could have gotten my info that quickly.

I just received a similar call from this number. It even is identified as Social Security when it shows up on the phone, yet that is simply what they have managed to get a number in the name of, I suppose. In any event, they wanted my social security number to verify that I am the person whose number is being used in a fraudulent manner. Then she started asking questions about my's name, my balances amounts, etc. At that point, I told her I was going to hang up and verify with law enforcement that my SS# was being used for criminal activity before I proceeded further with her. When I researched the number showing on my phone (866-602-8776) it was associated with scams. Ugh. I hope I did not say too much before I hung up and researched it. They sound so convincing.

They just keep calling i got a call from them. A guy ask asked for my full name.i told him. your the one that called me you should know.then he hang up.

Got a call just now from 631-301-2236 NY. I answered because I have relatives in NY. It was a recording saying: This is the Social Security Office and there has been suspicious activity with my SS#.
I should cal them back immediately I didn't get the number, I hung up.

saying your Social Security number (SSN) has been suspended because of suspicious activity, or because it’s been involved in a crime

These numbers called me saying something like that ‭+1 (800) 650-4480‬
And ‭+1 (800) 652-3369‬

Just spent a wasted hour and half with a few scammers with the sun suspension story and government issued safeguard assets will be valued onto a 7-11, Rite-Aid, Dollar General, CVS card. I replied, are you joking?!!! Then the 4th person, a female who told me this, said ok, then the U.S. Marshall will come and arrest you, I replied, let them come. She said what. I said bring them on. She hung up on me. 1st # 1866-366-2135, 2nd #202--307-9100, all of the people I spoke with had accents like those in India. I mentioned that to the first male, the 2nd male, but not the female. I was also told not to tell anyone...I told them I worked for a company with background search prior to hiring and that freezing/closing my SSN would affect my employment and I would have to inform my employer and I would not be able to work. I was given case ID and arrest warrant #s, names of Officer Scott Williams Badge#MC7219, Officer U.S.Marshall. Steven Meyer. I'm overheated with my blood pressure right now from all this wasted time and wonder how much actual info I gave them that could be used to affect my financial accounts. I called my banks to alert them.

Received call under 1-800-876-9775
October 02/2019

They called 4xs from 1 (512) 468-7880 playing that same game.. I had fun till they hung up on me...

I work for a medical answering service and get these calls at least 10 times a day. If you notice a 206-697-2233 number on your caller id, don't answer! It's honestly so sad to see how many ways people are getting scammed.

I got the same call and the guy was telling me he was a police officer. He was not simply claiming to work for the SSA, but he also was impersonating a cop in my call.

I got a call this morning from 509-408-2712 with this same message. I blocked this number so they won't be able to call again. If I don't recognize the caller ID, I don't answer.

I just recieved a spam call from someone with bad english claiming to be the social security administration employee. He said his name was robert smith jr.
He gave a case # Dc897444
And a warrant id
He first said a vehicle was in an accident and there were drugs in a car and someone fled the scene and my social security number wad given.
Next a whole bunch of luxury apartments were opened under my social security number.
He told me he wanted to put me in touch with a d.e.a. agent.
When i told him he was wasiting my time he got upset and started to argue.
The phone number he called from
I hope this helps others.

On Oct 3 2019 got a call from 430-569-9034 claiming to suspend SS# and there was a warrant for arrest. Just hung up after heard that.

‭do not answer this number they are fake. Block this number
+1 (251) 316-7344‬

I received a Social Security scam from 1-814-422-3629 on 10/02/2019.


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