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This is what a Social Security scam sounds like

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Earlier this month, we told you about a growing scam: people pretend to be from the Social Security Administration (SSA) and try to get your Social Security number or your money. That scam is now growing exponentially. To compare: in 2017, we heard from 3,200 people about SSA imposter scams, and those people reported losing nearly $210,000. So far THIS year: more than 35,000 people have reported the scam, and they tell us they’ve lost $10 million.

Here’s what one of those scam calls sound like:

Scammers are saying your Social Security number (SSN) has been suspended because of suspicious activity, or because it’s been involved in a crime. Sometimes, the scammer wants you to confirm your SSN to reactivate it. Sometimes, he’ll say your bank account is about to be seized – but he’ll tell you what to do to keep it safe. (Often, that involves putting your money on gift cards and giving him the codes – which, of course, means that your money is gone.)

Oh, and your caller ID often shows the real SSA phone number (1-800-772-1213) when these scammers call – but they’re faking that number. It’s not the real SSA calling.

Here's what to know:

  • Your Social Security number is not about to be suspended. You don’t have to verify your number to anyone who calls out of the blue. And your bank accounts are not about to be seized.
  • SSA will never call to threaten your benefits or tell you to wire money, send cash, or put money on gift cards. Anyone who tells you to do those things is a scammer. Every time.
  • The real SSA number is 1-800-772-1213, but scammers are putting that number in the caller ID. If you’re worried about what the caller says, hang up and call 1-800-772-1213 to speak to the real SSA. Even if the wait time is long, confirm with the real SSA before responding to one of these calls.
  • Never give any part of your Social Security number to anyone who contacts you. Or your bank account or credit card number.

If you get one of these calls, tell the FTC at

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I am getting calls multiple times a day saying my Social Security number has been frozen: 800.538.3411, 800.540.2607,800.902.8783,800.444.3383 are the numbers they have called from so far. I keep blocking them but they just call from another number. What should I do?

‭+1 (805) 623-0586‬
They called me 2x saying they have noticed suspicious activity on my social security number and before they take it to the courts they wanted me to call them back at the above number. Yeah, I’m not going to call back. This is getting out of hand.

The same caller called my home and tried to scam me. It was the same machine voice. It was the same scam and when I pressed one a guy with an Indian accent got on the line and asked me for my name. I got quiet first, then I said my first name and he said my last name. He then asked me for the last four digits of my social security number. I told him he should know it he called me. I told him I would not give it to him and then I hung up. The number that was used was 866-602-8776.
Beware!!! these people are really good and the scam. The call comes over us "US GOVERNMENT".

Thank you for having this website.

Got calls from the following today. All regarding the same thing. That my SS card is suspended and that I needed to call them or face a warrant and arrest:

I blocked the 800 # and then got another call from 888-874-4981. Relentless.

I just got a call and I am a Canadian living in Canada! Go figure! It is a New York State number. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has been doing an investigation of these sorts of calls since they target seniors in Canada. They tend to come out of India. They have actually seen local police fraternizing with these call centres. Federal police claim they are trying to set them down but there are so many, they start up again quickly. So even if they are telling you they are calling from a specific state and it shows a number, they can still fake that and be calling from overseas. Ignore them, report it. Block the number.

8004870054 called me .
said ss# has been suspended, like that's a thing...

Add this number to the list of numbers to be blocked on your phone 1 (972) 737-5556.

Just received one of those phone calls stating my SSN has been suspended, trying to report the incoming number, which matches the number given to call back.
This was a recorded message using a computer to talk, very robotic sounding voice...

yet another scam #:
(313) 748-9632
My friend got this same type of call from this 'scam line' on 10.4.19.

Received a call on October 4, 2019 from phone number 1-800-947-1655. Definitely a scam call. A recording claims that your Social Security account has been frozen, and you will lose all current or future benefits if you do not "press 1" to be connected to the "authorized agent" in order to clear your account. I did not answer this call and only heard the message on voicemail. After several prompts to connect with the so the so called agent, the recording ended without leaving any further contact information. I reported the call, and as stated above, was told that the Social Security Administration is aware of this and a number of other scams. According to the SSA representative that I spoke with, most of the recent fake calls seem to be the type that attempt to acquire personal information by asking you to "verify" your SS number, birth date, address, etc. I was also assured, as previously mentioned, that the SSA never CALLS YOU to collect private information over the phone, and any legitimate contact will leave information such as a name, the listed government phone number or other identification that CAN AND SHOULD BE CHECKED before returning the call. I would like to add, however, the additional information that I was warned about: Be aware that many of these types of scams relating to government agencies (SSA, IRS, Medicare, etc.) are illegally obtaining phone records, and will often target phone numbers that have recently been in legitimate contact with a government office. They then impersonate or refer to that agency, in order to increase the likelihood that you will respond to the scam.

Just received 3 -4 messages on my answering machine 10-4-19 with this scam!

In the last two weeks been getting at least 2-4 calls from 866-602-8776, which appears to be a legit number for SS office in a different state, but nothing to do with me and obviously fake.

I've been called several time from this number 813-643-0610, each time asking me to call them back. this is the last message they left on my phone:
Forcement action, which has been executed by the Department of Homeland Security against your name ignoring. This would be an intentional attempt to avoid initial appearances before the Magistrate Judge or exempt jury for a federal offense. So before this matter goes to Federal claims court house, or you get arrested kindly call us back on our number 813-343-0610. I repeat 813-643-0610 as soon as possible.

Received call/message from a Maryland number 410-376-5719 that was a Social Security scam - criminal complaint against my SS number by a Federal Bureau, etcetera. My mom has gotten these before too and almost fell for it. Please do something to stop this!

I got a call from 315-203-2393 claiming the same thing and the had a foreign accent. It seems like he basically repeated the same thing on this post with a little twist. I save his recording.

I keep getting calls from 201-208-3744 saying the same thing. I am going to call Social security to let them know too

Add this number as a scammer
‭+1 (707) 605-0580‬

Hi, Thanks for this useful info. I am getting continuous spam calls every day from the number +1 800 778 8431

I just got a call from 800 579 2637

I have received two calls from, with a caller ID of Jay Florida, with the phone number 850-359-5062, both stating the same exact message.

Received a phone call from 781-350-3241 (Medford, MA). The recorded voice informed me that my SSN was going to be suspended due to fradualent activity. To speak to a SSA representative I should call the number above.

I just received that exact message from this number:
936-303-1490 from Hardin, TX

Received two calls today from 718-247-9846: "There is legal enforcement action filed on your Social Security Number for fraudulent activity so when you get this message kindly call me back as soon as possible before we begin with legal proceedings. You can reach us on our direct number which is 718 247 9846. Thank you and have a nice day." Will be blocking this number now!

this is coming thru on our corporate phone lines now.

Got a call today 315 938 6893 saying my SS benefits are suspended and need to call ASAP my bank account is going to be seize but I don't claim any benefits yet. What should I do?

At this time I have received 6 calls this morning from the below phone #. And it keeps calling me form 410-618-0434 claiming to be from the SSA and request for me to call back . It's frustrating as it is a scam!!!

I got called with Phone Number 1-800-437-3041, comment “18004373041 Depositing new message To suspend your social security number with immediate effect. Due to this all your social benefits will be canceled until further clearance in case you feel this is due to an error. You may connect with legal sellers(?) social security administration in order to connect with a social security administration officer press one now in case we did not hear from you your social will be blocked permanently to connect with the office or now press one and your will be automatically be connected with a concern departments. We did not receive any input or citizen in order to speak with social security personnel regarding your social security. Press one and this automated system will connect you with the officials. Press one now to connect.. Click here: 13608424002 to listen to full voice message.” Do not call it’s a scam

I have been receiving calls with a very similar message regarding my ssn. Hang up immediately! The number that most recently called me was (201) 266-0248. I was informed that at no time will the SSA contact you by phone. If this is incorrect please chime in. Thanks!

I just got a call from 844-490-0127 about Social security number suspended and to press 1 to resolve.

I hung up and found this site. Ha!

Had similar call but fr a different number 800-313-4367

I received two calls robotic they were from Ohio the names were Adam and Ben the second call they said this is the final reminder.
I never called back because I saw to many red flags they said there was fraudulent activity on my ss card and to call back this was at7:20 am the second call was this is your final call the phone number is 1-614-344-8947

My mom, who is a senior, received a suspicious call from 510-322-5242. The person said my mom was being sued over her Medicare. Isn't there anything that can be done about these scams? Sure, most of us know they're scams, but some of them are frightening.

I have received three calls today!

My husband and I both have received numerous calls with the caller claiming to be from the SS office. Why can't this be stopped????!!!

I got the call for the extract same records

Received a call today saying my SS was going to be blocked and was told to speak to a representative, I immediately hung up the phone.
the number is (800)958-6680

Received one on 9/30/19 and kinda freaked out.
1625-748-9632 left a beta message in transcription.

Just received a phone call from 1-800-911-9640 saying that my social security number has been tracked for fraudulent behavior and if I did not connect to their phone number or their office at the exchange committee, I would be permanently blocked from my benefits and would not be able to recover my SSN. Beware!!

for about a week now me and my husband have been getting random calls saying I owe money to a phone company one was Rogers and the other one was Fido witch I have never had contact or even have a phone with any of these at all im worryed that someone out thier is taking my Identity what freaks me out is I get strange voicemails from different numbers.. #12260938373 the voicemail said hello*** this is a call from the jury you have a court date please call us back or you will be Arrested to speak with a Officer please hit #1 then hangs up... and when i look the number up it dose not Exist. im freaking out and scared

I just received an automated call from 1-844-792-3081 with this same message.

I received a call from someone claiming to be with Medicare. I did not even give them the time of day.... They could barely speak English and you can hear a lot of phone noise..... I don't have time or energy for that, so I hung up.

Received my first scam call from 844-592-3400. Ha, SS# has been suspended... Yah right... I hung up...

New Spam call 10/08/19 1-315-504-0251

i received multiple calls today from 4 different texas phone numbers. should i report this to someone as harassment?

Got a call from 201-295-1638 with the same story of Social Security number (SSN) has been suspended because of suspicious activity, or because it’s been involved in a crime. Just ended the call.

Received a call from a 1-866-943-9963 number. A male voice left a message "...inform you that we just suspended your Social Security number because we found some suspicious activity so if you want to know about this just press one, Thank you".

These scammers are trying all ways to get you to numbers that they tried to call from are 1-385-290-4175 from Salt Lake City, Utah, 1-872-219-3051 from Chicago, IL and 1-813-285-7137 from Tampa FL. Just don't answer and let it go to voice mail because they will leave a message. Then just block their numbers. Just remember the SSA won't call you for info that there scammers are trying to pull off.

Got a call from 1-224-877-8091. Go to nomorobo to hear the message. Claims social security. Bla, bla, bla..

‭+1 (252) 375-6899‬
This number called and said that my ss# was used at the border. Press 1. So play along. The guy said he was with ssadminstration and I replied, how come I don’t believe you. He said go ahead get arrested see if I care and hung up! Lol. I’m thinking... roof over head, three squares, health dental vision cable.... I’m in!


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