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Romance scams will cost you

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It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. You may think you spend a lot on flowers or chocolate, but losing money in a romance scam would cost you even more. Last year, people reported losing $143 million to romance scams – a higher total than for any other type of scam reported to the FTC. And, according to a new FTC Data Spotlight, reports of romance scams are on the rise.

What do we mean by romance scams? We’re not talking about the person you thought was “the one” but ended up being a dud. We’re talking about people you meet online, who lavish you with attention … and then ask for money. Usually they want the money by wire transfer or gift card. They might claim they need it for a medical emergency or to come visit you. Then they take your money, but there’s no surgery and no trip.

Romance scammers are hard at work wooing people on dating apps and social media. They may lift photos to create an attractive profile or even steal the identity of a real person. Just like with real romances, it may take them some time to gain your trust, but the scammer’s payoff can be big. Last year, people reported a median loss of $2,600 from romance scams.

How can you avoid romance scams?

  • Never send money or gifts to a sweetheart you haven’t met in person.
  • Take it slowly. Ask questions and look for inconsistent answers. Check the person’s photo using your search engine’s “search by image” feature. If the same picture shows up with a different name, that’s a red flag.
  • Talk to someone about this new love interest. And pay attention if your friends or family are concerned.
  • If you suspect a romance scam, cut off contact right away. Then, report to the scam to the FTC at Notify the dating site where you met the scammer, too.

For more information, read Online Dating Scams or watch this video:


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Mines on an oil rig too. Widowed and daughter in boarding school.

Is his name Chris thomas from
Ohio And has a daughter Melissa? I have pics to compare

Hi I think it might be the same guy I can send ph6if you send me one of him to compare my name is Mary

I have one working on an oil rig. 15 year old daughter in boarding school

Mine was also working on a oil rig named Bradley widowed with son married and living in Texas. He showed pics of him with a dog and a couple other pics. He professed live right away and would love to take care of me. Then came the request for $3,500.00 to fix some equipment on boat. His accountant got in a bad car accident and could I send the money until this Rudy friend of his gets better. I did not send money then he asked for $1,500.00 instead. After I refused he never contacted me. I met him on POF dating website. I went back on POF and now I think I have another scammer. It's always the same....... widows with one child and no siblings or parents. Please ppl don't fall for these men. They are extremely good and attentive. Bradley on the oil rig even sent me a did not cost more than $20.00 and they just want to reel you in. He got mad when I wouldn't send the money. Beware Ladies!!

He sent me a Hello on Instagram. He said his name was Walter Heinz Parker. His daughter is 15 and in boarding School in Italy.
Does anyone know this guy? I have deleted everything from my Instagram messages, as well as WhatsApp

I had a guy named Aaron Parker divorced with a 12 yr old in boarding school he hasn’t said where. On IG he said he was 49

I had him too. I saw through him and played the game. Did you get a live video of the oil rig he was working on?

Is your guy on oil rig in Baltic Sea? Have you seen a pic of him sitting at a table wearing a green t-shirt, drinking glass of red wine?

Have had two men who say they are in the middle East; one Air Force, one Army; contacted me on Facebook, then moved me to Hangouts; quickly professed love then asked for money. One wanted Amazon gift cards, had "phone trouble" needed New one to talk to me. The other needs money to buy his way out of Afghanistan after "losing official pass" he said his birth family died in a fire, and he was adopted by a friend's parents, who were now dead...if he couldn't get $8000 to get papers"sorted" he will be sent to Syria and won't be able to talk to me; says he wants to retire from Army and settle down...the Air Force man is also retiring soon and wants to marry me and settle down...Both men said they closed their Facebook accounts recently...
I'm sure they change names with the wind, so look for any is going by Joe and the other by I get a friend request from an alleged Marine...not going to even acknowledge that one...just sharing these details so other potential victims can observe some of the tall tales these people Are capable of creating. One even asked how much money I made, and wanted to know my credit score to ask if I could open a credit account for him to use...also said he would use that account to pay me back through. Beware. These crooks will tell you ANYTHING they think will prey on your feelings and your wallet! PS: I am in my late 60's, and thank God I didn't send either of them anything.

Be on the lookout for Giovanni Bartolini, says he’s a Geologist with Shell Oil. Widower with 2 adult children (both in college). He speaks with a thick Italian(?) accent, very intelligent sweet talker, very engaging. Also has LinkedIn account includes professional photos with details of his position as a Geologist and education in Milan and London. Says he’s currently in Kansas City but home base is in Huntington Beach, California. We spoke via video-chat but I was unable to see him clearly. Mostly communicated on Hangouts or he sent very long, detailed letters via gmail. I decided to end the contact as he was moving very quickly toward telling me he loved me and wanted to visit me in NJ with the potential for relocating!! Glad I read another woman’s complaint on this site about him as he asked her for money. The online dating site is POF. He took down his profile which was BlessGio.

I also communicated with Giovanni Bartolini for 2 months through words with friends and later. Hangouts Same story as previous reporting. Very romantic: believes you are his soul mate. Asked me for money for his son and later for money for fees for new contract. Sent me a copy of his new contact and I noticed misspelling and name on contract as CEO is Shell UK
has been retired ten years! Has three different profiles on words with friends ; Blessed Gio
And Favored Gio as well
As George

I met this man named Fredrick who states his name is Avery Fredrick and he is a plastic surgeon in Yemen. States he is there in a contract under the government. I met him on a dating site called Coffee meets bagels. He asked me to get him a Steam Card and now recently asked me to facetime him through Hanger. When I supposedly spoke to him, it looked like a pre-recorded video. Now he is in love with me and wants to marry me. All his text's through What'sApp sound too good to be true. Has anyone else come across this person?

I hate that I became a victim of a romance scam. I thought this man was an answer to my prayer, wanting to meet someone and get married. I searched this person so many times, and as often as I searched him I didn't find out that he was a scammer. I had friends that had warned me not to give money to him, I thought for sure he was real. I wouldn't even listen to my own gut, everytime I sent him money. I would send money that was supposed to be going towards charitable organizations and a could time for his daughter. He was supposed to be an investor, I thought if he could be so successful, heck he could manage my money! Our conversations would be on investing together, and about marriage. I look back at our messages and ask myself how could I have been so stupid. I can not tell you how hurt and devastated I was. If only I could have ended my life. The embarrassment as well, that someone could scam me. I recently had someone friend request me, he sounded really nice, but day 3 came and you guessed he want money. Of course had learned my lesson. He called me evey name. Better to lose love than money.

To compound the problem, now I have to pay taxes on that money, because I moved it out of my annuity. I could be looking at somewhere between $18k to $20k. I don't think I will ever get over this or be able to trust anyone.

I feel bad for u same exactly happens to me but my with bar gold that he found when he went a mission but i been scamming the hold times I been fighting with him every day finally he gave up and move on to next victim but he is a real soldier though small percentage of a real soldier will do that but i turn him in to FBI

Similar situation happened to me as well. I lost more than 30 000. He sent me friend request on FB, very good looking guy, from Las Vegas on Supervision mission in Syria. Works as head of orthopedics in Syria for UN. And I trusted him, and i didn'r believe my gut what he asked for money for vacation certificate. I paid a lot for him bacause he said it is dangerous to have money in Syria and he will return every cent to me once he is out of Syria. Then he started feeling bad and was unconcious for a few times and during that times his colleagues texted me on his WhatsApp about him. And in mid April he fell in coma and his colleagues called UN upper management and I started believing UN will help. Oh God, how can I be so fool???? So, now he is awake, but aksed for money to get out of Syria. And UN write me from private email platform that they will release all his money to me as I mentioned as his next-of-kin in his UN contract. I already replied I will not pay anything, so, he just reply that he cant continue this way. Sometimes all his words sound true but in the other hand I do understand now that even he has a contract with UN, it is UN that should cover all the expenses if all of this is real.

What was the name of the guy or what name did he use? I am wondering if we have talked to the same person. His name is Tommy Wellem.

I’m pretty sure I’m being scammed by a guy who calls himself Jason Edwads. Started talking to him on Instagram, then asked me move to Google Hangouts. Been chatting with him for awhile now. He was so romantic and of course I fell for it. He is in love with me and wants to marry me and promised to take care of me. He said he is a business contract as a civil marine independent engineer on an oil rig in Africa sea. His daughter boarding school in UK. Even asked me my credit cards account, password, ID or drive license. Last asked me to send him $1,000.00 via Money Gram to the real name as Caleb Evidence Onyedika. Has anyone else come across this person?

Steve Kapper
Andy Jones military stoked identity chrstian

I was messaged on Facebook last October by this fella he is an engineer, His name is Brian Smith Travels a lot , He romanced me fell in love with me this Feb 2019, He has asked me for steam cards for his internet & is from Houston Texas, he is a widow 1 son they don't talk. He has sent me 3 gifts, & promises me that when he is done work in Turkey where he is now will come to me. And we will be married, Is he a scammer ?

@Fergie & Heidi. I met someone also on Chritian Mingle this April 2019. He says his name is Brandon Alex Smith from Houston, Texas. He says he is working in Nairobi, Kenya and wanted me to purchase Steam gift cards and send him the codes so that he could finish his paper work. He has a Spanish accent and poor grammar. Said he was born February 1961.

Easy Tip: Look people. If you want to verify the person in the picture is the one you’re talking to, There are several simple things you can do: 1) request a live video conversation and if for whatever reason they don’t do it then it’s pretty safe to assume they’re fake , 2) if for whatever reason live video chat is not an option then just make a simple request for them to grab a piece of paper and tell them to write down a simple, unique symbol, drawing or set of letters and numbers + your name ( that you have Chosen for them ), then tell them to hold it up next to their head for a selfie and have them send you that picture of them with your unique code/picture with them… And if they can’t provide that within a few minutes ... they are fake. Anyone really would understand and have no problem doing this for you. Their turnaround time should be a matter of minutes so as not to give them time to Photoshop or whatever… It’s a relatively simple thing to do and if they can’t they are fake

The man from the dating site was sending super eloquent romantic letters, claiming his eternal love with me. He went abroad to
Manage construction project. Everything was alright. He sent sweat emails and spoke to me with a very heavy accent claiming being irish german. After many years of living in germany was not able to recall any german. First he established a date for coming to
My state after his progect abroad, then he changed the date. Asked me to reserve a hotel for him, refused to do it himself online. I asked him to take some pictures but he said that he has a very old phone. On the secon week of his stay he said that concrete constraction fell on three workers and one is killed, he cryed and asked me to pray for them. He said that he is going to US to arrange money issues and woud come back. All that seemed strange, dramatic, surrealistik. This wealthy man (as he claimed), called to me later and asked to pay for his hote (5stars) because his credit card was opted out. I was extremely disappointed and upset, understanding with who i led all these romantic talks. Thanks to online education, i stopped talking to him, did not ask any questions and blocked him. He called that night on different phone and was tough on me. I feel awful because of such misery. From the other heand i have a drop of doubt.

I'm talking to this man now.. his name is Victor.. Similar situation construction fell in and there were 40 casualties and 21 casualties... Irish German very tough to understand.. I can never call him to rectly when I call him Google answers the phone.. Red flags were going up from the beginning I was just waiting this was the confirmation I need it thank you for sharing

Anyone knows this white French woman named Marie Duval from Mericgnac, Bordeaux. She is hunting old men on SKYPE for Romance Scam ,she falls for you instantly,promise to come to your place to love and care for you and ask for contribution to air ticket and then ask for the full air ticket plus travel expenses. she is patient and very convincing . I fell for it and she scammed me for A$2000 , because I am old,live alone and am vulnerable . Never believe scammers like her .

So there is a guy thru Words with Friends. Claims he has funds in Syrian security company which is going out of business. He needs beneficiary to receive funds. He says he has no one. I have refused as I’m assuming this is a scam and I have refused. He supposedly has 2 kids 14&16 and mother killed in car accident.

Ive been scammed two times: one was a surgeon in Afghanistan working for the UN. He asked for $10,000 for medical supplies Never gave it to him Thank God. His name he went by was Alex Williams. Had a daughter called Sharon who 16. Lived in Manhattan but also lived in Colorado Springs . Had a wife that was killed in an auto accident. But I found out it was a young man from Nigeria he ended up confessing to me.
#2 Alessandro Marco works on a oil drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Has a 21 year old daughter Jennifer who goes to college in Canada lives with Alessandro's sister. He says he's from St Petersburg area he gave me his address but didnt fine his name on the ownership of the house. Hes 51 years old and a real sweet talker. He's looking to get $20,000 to get off this rig. He says he has an agent he wont help and the loader people wont help. Supposedly these are people he suppose to do business with. He says he's an independent contractor with a contract from the Conoco Phillips Company. When I called them they never heard of him. So I was wondering if anyone else has been contacted. Also he is a widower .And was born in Rome Italy but came to America when he was 9 and lived with an Uncle. Parents are dead.

Definitely something in the waters with these scammers!! Contacted on POF by a “Joshua Prescott”, then asked to chat on hangouts. Chatted a couple of days. Very inconsistent and evasive answers to my questions. Claimed he had a 6 yr and mother/ex killed in a car accident. Claimed he was a Marine. The beautiful guys pics he stole has the actual persons name listed on the photos. YouTube video popped up as I was dots search on him. It said he’s a scammer. Wanted marry me and be a mother to his child, lol! He contacted me again after I told him not to contact me after about a week. So I played his game. Forgot to mention, he’s in West Africa undercover, and needs money for data so he can talk to me. Long story short he asked me to call him and I said no, but called unexpectedly and someone with an African accent answers and after he realized who I was, he quickly claimed he had to call me back. BLOCKED!! Smh...

I had this guy named Martin D Camden ask to follow me on instagram. I'm not sure why I allowed him to follow me, but I did. He send me messages, told me his wife passed in a car accident she was the love of his life they have a daughter named Emily. Then he started asking all kinds question's as in my name, if I had kids, if I was married, what I liked, what I dislike, so on. He told me that he working on a proposal for a contract ( oil rig) it would be his last one before he retired. Said it was 4.5 million. I ask him why he would tell me that not knowing me said he wanted me to know everything about him. then ask me how much I made. of course I never would tell him. We talk for a little over a week then he won the contact had to leave that Saturday. He told me he couldn't use his phone there cause it was to damager's, but he could text me on Hangouts. He would be gone for a month,everything's was fine till the last week before he was to return, his machine caught fire and he needed me to send him money that I was the only one to help him. And he tried I will give him credit for that. But I told him to start out that I didn't have a lot of money. he would send me pictures of him before he left. the first time I knew he lied was he took a picture of him at breakfast I ask him were he was, he told me the name of the restaurant it seemed off cause of the background, it looked more like a McDonald's so I searched the restaurant and they opened for lunch and it was a nice restaurant. I never said anything about that. But I did ask if he was a scammer and he said he wasn't. I told my friend about all of this and she ask to follow him and he took the bait. Even told me that I was the only one he was talking to. He replied to her that she has a pretty smile I must say. Which made me sick cause at this point I knew what he was. I told him that I could see were he wrote on a post. Said it wasn't him that he has got hacked it's not the first time and he has people emailing him all the time. I did a google search for all the pictures I had, nothing would show up then it hit me he has a picture on hangout so I search it, it came up as David Mcbean they was pictures on his page that Martin had sent me. So I ask him about it all he could say he has been hack and they got the pictures off of him and changed the date. Which doesn't make since cause some I ask him to send me a picture of him at that time. So please be careful I do have picture of him and I'm glad to show them.

This really sounds a lot like this guy calling himself Allen Braisted. I ran his photo on Google but it hit on nothing. He’s an investor so he said. He won a contract from Shell for 13 million dollars. Told me to find us a nice house because he was going to take care of me. I ran his phone number from cell and it was issued in Utah. Has daughter st boarding school and needs 3500 for books. He can’t leave the rig to send it. No I can’t send money. Tried to get me to give him my bank account so he could deposit money in my account. I wouldn’t do that so he got really mad and started cussing me. I ended it right then.

Can anyone else tell me if they have had approaches from a Tammy Morris or Jaleena Gaskin. Both of these ladies have tried to befriend me, told me how they can see a long term future with, posted supposed photos of themselves etc. Then they ask for Amazon Gift Cards for various reasons including: I have no money to feed my son, my son has dropped my phone down the toilet and I need to get it fixed or I need money to upgrade my phone to run the latest apps. One claims to be a doctor working in Yemen for Doctors Without Borders and they need a break and want to come and meet me. I have to pay an agent in Bitcoin nearly £6300 to allow this to happen. Please can anyone contacted by these two ladies let me know. Thank you

I actually have 2 photos of Jaleena in her scrubs. One was with a group of doctors and they were all in their scrubs. She is very attractive. She did the phone card bit. We had interesting conversations....talking romance. I would love to meet her in person.

They are scammers, enough said.

I actually approached J Gaskins b/c a different woman (Sandi Leon) that was scamming me was using at least one of the same photos as Gaskins has on her instagram page. I wanted to ensure whether Gaskins was a real person. Appears, both are fakes.

My father has been in contact with Jaleena. A supposed doctor working in Yemen. She asks for google play and phone cards through google hangouts. She also states having 1.6mil that will be shared and is trying to set him up with a fake lawyer Martin Foss and fake bank in the UK. He will not give in to the fact that he is being scammed and won't believe anyone. She tells him she loves him and wants to move back to the States with him

Beware of a guy who calls himself GAVIN BIERMANN, or GREISY LOPEZ, claims to be a mechanical engineer on a cargo ship in norwegian sea bound for china. Has been separated for 5 years, with a 13 year old daughter. Claims he can only use hangouts for communicating. Because of pirates in the north sea. Never gave any specifics or details. Wanted his " daughter" to speak to me, who is in a non existent boarding school in norway. She took a trip to london for a non existent trivia competition. She forgot her credit card, he has no way of accessing his accounts, and asked me to send her 25000 euros. Unbelievable. I told her to send me all her contact info, an i would send the money right along! I got no answer yet. In the meantime i exposed him on hangouts, with every lie he ever told me, and he STILL INSISTED i was wrong. I am still letting him have it. It was kind of fun seeing how far he would go. Unbelievable. Gavin biermann. Greisy lopez. Beware.

Sarah Bell is a scammer on Google Hangouts. I have tried everything to stop this Nigerian scammers. This is a serious crime, they are abusing my disabled son emotionally and financially. This needs to stop.

My scammer goes by the name of Jackson Alexander Civil Engineer from Vancouver Canada, currently staying in Indonesia waiting for a multi-million contract. His wife passed away 2 years leaving him alone to raise two young kids. First he asked for $1980 as a birthday gift, follow by another request of $2200 to pay an old debt he had with the hotel, followed by $50K to buy a CAT for the company in order to get the contract of which he is going to to make millions of dollars. I did send him some money and because I couldn't send the rest he wanted to refund my money and was repeatedly asking for my bank account details. I did n't send it, I told him he can keep the money as a love present, delete my WASAPP. He started calling me, texting and leaving voice messages. I should just text him and let him that I know that he is a scammer.

Met 'Karl Bachmann' on a dating site 13 months ago. He has a German accent , but his English is more British than American . His voice is a 'tonic' in and of itself. I knew he was a scammer 11 days after we met online and confronted him about it. He denied it and was quite defensive.Over the 13 months I gave him about $7,000.00. We broke up a couple of times, but he begged me to accept him again and promised NEVER to ask for money again because he wanted to marry me. Well, he did ask for money again and I said NO. I have not heard from him since. He would never give me his actual photo ( he knew that I knew his pictures on line were not him), nor would he ever give me his address. He always claimed to be 'poor' due to a divorce costing him everything. He is a obsessed with his health and seems to have a lot of upper respiratory illnesses. He also suffers with depression...or so he claims. I have a tendency to believe that he does have some mental issues. He is the most sincere liar I have ever heard!! He charmed me to the point that I truly did fall for someone I had never met! He sent me a picture of his flight itinerary when he was to come visit me the first time. I checked on it and was told there was no confirmation # because he had never paid for the ticket ( money I had sent). The second time he was to come see me , I did not hear from him for one month because he said he had been arrested at TSA for tax evasion! Ladies, if you run across this guy, he is VERY smooth and convincing!!

Beware of Robert Petruzzi,total charmer,he says hes a widow,no parents,coming into loads of money,due to inheritance,he says hes in Malaysia,but needs £100,as he needs original death certificate,asked me to buy an Amazon gift card today,what an absolute creep,he was on pof

I'm sure i've been scammed by this guy named Gary Raymon. Claims to be a single father with a son in a boarding school in England. Found me on facebook and wanted to be my friend. chatted on messenger then demanded to write on hangout to talk. He told me he was from Maryland and also lived in England. He said he is a american military doctor in afghanistan. He confesses his love to so deeply and wanted to spent the rest of our lives together. He knew how and what to get out of the country. I had to claim i was is wife and needed him to come home. I wrote a letter to the marriage lawyer to get certificates stamped of approval then sent it to the UN Retirement Department for his release and documents. They ask for me to pay for that. Ouch! Next he asked me to send money over because his son was very ill and needed treatment fast. The UN transportation department was asking for money to move him out. Big mistake! Then the UN asked for money for landing certificates of the helicopter and doctors jet. The worst part of all getting a message from the UN saying this guy was arrested after landing in Canada for a horrible crime, claims over and over Im innocent. He told me he will pay me back for helping him. Not going to happen. The lawyer and the court are asking me to pay his fine of $96,000 dollars for bail. I repeated tolled them i have no money. I feel cheated and at a huge loss. Worst mistake ever!

Met Derrick_jakub on IG 17.2.2019 quickly moved to Whatsapp. Impersonating a weaponry Engineer from Turkey stationed in China. Due to "protocol" he can't voice note/call or video call. Proclaimed love within a week Exchanged hundreds of messages. Now he has said his supplier has increased prices & the FED's are blocking his funds. He has asked me to allow Brinks to transfer his money to me & that I send it to him bit by bit. It is clearly a scam & attempted money laundering. If anyone is chatting to this 'thing' block & report I wouldn't like to think of his next mark actually falling for his deception.

Has changed his account name to d_amazing_j along with his profile picture & bio. Same number of followers & following. It's unfair that these deceptive 'things' are able to make a few changes to their account & carry on :-(

Does anyone out there know of Steve Vega Green, US Army stationed in Syria??

Maybe not the same name but did he say he is a widow, son name Robert who is 12 living with his mom in Halifax VA

Hi does anyone one a marine soldier called James Tyler? He just started chatting to me on instagram.

I met a woman on a website who said she got an inheritance and had to go to Nigeria to collect it. Once she said she got there she said there were legal fees. She sent me documentation that looked really, so like a dummy i sent her over 14K. Later to find out she was fake. I have all the information on her. Just don't know where to send it to. Unfortunately I saw the red flags and ignored them. She said she was from Texas, but I found that her driver's license is fake also. Keep your eye out for a woman who goes by Ann Hank from El Paso Texas.

I have been talking to a man who supposedly is an engineer and had a contract in Peurto Rico. he was coming to meet me and got in a car accident on the way to the airport. the Dr. texted me and said he was in a coma but would be alright. \he had a broken leg. he said he loves me and needed to pay the taxes on the contract before he could come home. the authorities wouldn't let him leave. like an idiot I believed him and sent him money through a third party as he said he couldn't access his account My kids were concerned and called the police. It is definitely a scam even though the man promises to pay me back. I am in serious financial trouble as I maxed my cards to help him. Why do we let people scam us. I had a feeling but did not listen to my gut. I wish I were dead.

Anyone have this..he finds me on pof, says he is deployed to Bagram base in parents, girlfriend was a chronic cheater who he was going to marry after his tour in Iraq...he has not asked for a thing yet...he says he is a seargent major in the US Army...cant call me yet but will find the time to call and Skype when he is not too is Ryan Luke Quinn...age 40...says he is from Wisconsin and stationed from Fort Devens Mass...seems to know a lot about the military...we talk on kik..says he is not active on social media...but I did a Google image reverse and find an IG acct with 3 pics and that's all...I confront him..he is upset and says that someone stole his pics...
So I'm lost as some seems legit and some does not...

does any one know a John Bogdan
(sebastian) says he works off shore Qatar , has a son away in football academy in Spain or Cyprus . he says hes a widow , from dating sites , he falls in love very quickly then asks for money .


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