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Romance scams will cost you

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It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. You may think you spend a lot on flowers or chocolate, but losing money in a romance scam would cost you even more. Last year, people reported losing $143 million to romance scams – a higher total than for any other type of scam reported to the FTC. And, according to a new FTC Data Spotlight, reports of romance scams are on the rise.

What do we mean by romance scams? We’re not talking about the person you thought was “the one” but ended up being a dud. We’re talking about people you meet online, who lavish you with attention … and then ask for money. Usually they want the money by wire transfer or gift card. They might claim they need it for a medical emergency or to come visit you. Then they take your money, but there’s no surgery and no trip.

Romance scammers are hard at work wooing people on dating apps and social media. They may lift photos to create an attractive profile or even steal the identity of a real person. Just like with real romances, it may take them some time to gain your trust, but the scammer’s payoff can be big. Last year, people reported a median loss of $2,600 from romance scams.

How can you avoid romance scams?

  • Never send money or gifts to a sweetheart you haven’t met in person.
  • Take it slowly. Ask questions and look for inconsistent answers. Check the person’s photo using your search engine’s “search by image” feature. If the same picture shows up with a different name, that’s a red flag.
  • Talk to someone about this new love interest. And pay attention if your friends or family are concerned.
  • If you suspect a romance scam, cut off contact right away. Then, report to the scam to the FTC at Notify the dating site where you met the scammer, too.

For more information, read Online Dating Scams or watch this video:


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I was wondering if anyone has been contacted by scammers on Adult Friend Finder? My soon to be ex thinks a 34 year beautiful woman is interested in him, he is 59. She could be real but I since he has sent her money I don't think she is. She said she lived in GA but has gone to Ghana for her business. She has her own business in Import and Export of pineapples. He is going to be my ex but I don't want to see him get taken.

Up until a few days ago, I was talking to someone that I suspected as a scammer I met on AFF. We traded e-mails for a few weeks and it almost seemed convincing. Red flags were she wanted to hurry and get off the site and to e-mailing through our personal e-mails after one message on AFF. She confessed her love for me after three days of e-mailing. Another bad sign. She wanted me to send her money through Moneygram, Western Union, or Coinbase so she could fly here to spend her vacation with me. (she claims to live in the Philippines) She sent me a lot of pictures of her, her family, and a photo of her passport. The passport appeared legit. (I compared it with mine and it looked similar) However, she refused to video chat or text saying she lost her iPhone. I'm sure it happens but it was odd she would have a $1,000 iPhone considering how poor she claimed to be. I said she's been e-mailing me on a laptop or desktop so she could access Facebook video chat there. She ignored that request multiple times. She wouldn't even call. Whenever I expressed how I didn't trust her, she got really frustrated and angry. Speaking of Facebook, she put her profile up back in Oct. 2018 but she has zero friends. I quit talking to her or whoever it was. Seemed very shady to me. It's possible the person stole someone's identity and was portraying him/herself as that person.

My husband just got scammed by a woman in Ghana. Said she worked for UNICEF as a nurse. He fell for it all. They are good with getting to you emotionally. He has finally realized it's a scam after I left him. We are trying marriage counseling

A guy calls himself Chris Rome. I firefighter from Kansas. Windowed with 17 yo daughter in college in Fl that also takes care of a disabled aunt. This guy says his dad had investments in Dubai and he was trying to get the money, 27 million. Says he has to have a wife to get the money. That he loves me alone. Tripped and fell and broke his phone, can't take pics but can text. Wanted me to send him gift cards because he is bored, oh and his credit cards don't work outside the US! Then tells me he needs money to pay an attorney to get the paperwork done. Wants my banking info to wire me money! Yea right. His grammar isn't very good. I let him call me and he talks with a heavy accent. Been chatting with him for awhile now to see how far he will go. Time to cut him loose and turn him in!

I have been dealing with a guy name Chris Corcino who said he lives in Wichita Kansas, but he is in Yemen right now because he’s in the Marine Corps. He’s also a widow with seven-year-old son Alex ,our stories sound similar just a little different he has been asking for me to buy him a gift card from Google play and gift card from Walmart for food and send it to his friend who lives in North Carolina who is about to leave for his mission in Yemen. That sounds crazy to me so I didn’t send you shit. But he has been talking with me for a while now texting me through what’s app and since me pictures of him and his son together pictures of him at the military and the pictures look very legit. I hope he didn’t steal the pictures of guy. But he did sound like a fraud I tell him every time he asks money I’m broke as heck.

Has anyone been scammed by Richard Jones, supposedly a Sgt. in the army stationed in Afghanistan?

Do you have a pic? Sounds like mine a bit...he is using the name Ryan quinn... sergeant major in Bagram Afghanistan...

Is your guy an orphan?

Could you tell me more about this Richard that you spoke to?

Hi , I am very concerned for my ex . This young girl from Cameroon has him hook line and sinker. After communicating for only 2 weeks she is asking for money. She is 24 and he is 68 and he believes that she really loves him. She says she won't to marry him and have a baby to him him here in Australia. She is screaming poverty and saying that all her family lives are at risk due to the military in Cameroon. He is stupid enough to believe her and has sent her money. Has anyone had any dealings with her . The name she is using is Zerrine Mbah.

Started talking to Jason Blizson on words with friends. Immediately went from just chat to the love of his life. Next started calling to talk on phone.. strong accent. Then asked for $300 Amazon gift cards because his network was going down and he needed it to continue talking to me. I didn't have that amount to got him a $100 card. He immediately started belittling me about my "little money" and saying he was soon to get 25 Million from his contract as he was in the gulf of mexico on an oil rig and his contract was up the first of March. He convinced me to give him my Verizon acct log in as he was going to put my account in his company raffle draw for free gifts... what a mistake that was ! He immediately ordered 5 I-phones on my account! Fortunately Verizon caught it and sent an email to contact their fraud department. The order was cancelled.. but he accused me of actually receiving the phones and not sending them to him as his "workers" needed them!! Since that scheme did not work, he then asked me to "receive" the money from his contract on a domicilary account and actually had an email sent to me from the United Bank for Africa (based in Nigeria) with the form to be filled out and returned to A GMAIL account. I refused to send it. I have blocked his number and he continues to call from new phone numbers. He continues to text me and ask for more Amazon cards! This guy is so pushy and mean spirited. Doesn't even sound like the same guy I first talked to from words with friends. Obviously a big time SCAMMER !! Stay clear of this one !!!

I have a friend who recently got scammed by a man claiming to be "John" who had a son named "Dan". They met through the Bagel Meets Coffee website. "John" very quickly said many nice things to my friend and regretted that he wasn't able to meet her before he went to San Francisco for a big bid for a job. Surprise! They got the job and he had to fly to Italy. He would make $50M off of this job, but it wasn't the largest job he had. He wooed her by sharing about his "wife" (who he says died in a car accident) and how he was looking for a life parter. She did ask him to Skype, which he did once, but he couldn't Facetime because he had a Samsung phone. At one point he happened to claim that his bank account was having issues that could disrupt the entire job. (I shared with my friend that the only reason bank accounts are frozen is usually due to fraud). There were gaps in communication and things that didn't add up (like poetry being sent that she googled and realized it was copied). "John" strung her along for several weeks saying he was coming home this past week. He sent some flight information (not an itinerary with his name on it). She went last Friday to meet him at the airport - and he never showed. "Dan", the "son", claims he hasn't heard from his father either. My friend was devastated. She confessed to me that she had sent him money (which she was embarassed to share with me). He asked her to send him $3,000 for some machinery which he would pay back to her double when he returned. He first asked her to purchase it with Bitcoin and then, when she couldn't figure that out, he asked for it in cash. I know, I know, this should have been a warning to anyone, but when someone is telling you they want to marry you and has even put you in touch with their "son", it creates false trust and hope. He also said he needed an "app" to open the machinery and needed some itunes cards with the codes scratched off (I know, I know, it seems impossible that this wouldn't set off alarm bells but if you have not been a victim of fraud or understand the "industry" of this person, it seemed plausible I suppose. Of course my friend has heard nothing from this human being since the funds were sent. It is horrifying. I feel terrible as a friend saying anything supportive about him. It is a reminder how much we project onto situations. Online dating sites are dangerous places. Everyone should post widely about these scams so that any of their friends can be more aware.

I've tried to tell my story on this comments three times and it never gets published

Me too. Tried twice when it came to the person scamming my wife. Followed the required policies and nothing. Only thing posted was when I remembered to add this scammers phone number and to how it was registered.

Maxwell Graves of San Francisco is a scrammer on Facebook and Instagram preying on females

Mine too, I have a nice experienced I would like to share on how I dealt with my scammers and received a letter of apology .

Thanks ,

My husband and I got scammed out of $40,000 for someone on skout and she told us told she was a famous model for England and she was being prisoner by her boss and after we sent her the money she told us she had a 7 million dollar inheritance from her dad and we need to help her get back to the USA from Nigeria. And she still has my husband convinced and he is still talking to her. Her name she gave us is Demi Rose and she even showed us pics from this the real person saying its her and she won't give us a phone number or video chat with us and she said her boss keeps posting pic on her Instagram page. I help turn this in they are hangout to talk to us.

Instagram seems to be the new online romance dating scam.
I am not against online dating, but when scammers, liars start becoming predators it is down right frightening. Recently I was messaged by 6 different men on Instagram. All seemed legitimately normal at first. But then came the claiming to love, and shortly after the request for something.
1)Marcus Ferguson first started chatting on Instagram and then his profile disappeared because he asked to start chatting on Hangouts. We did, and we video chatted as well he looked like his picture. He was a divorced dad of two kids living in Alabama, with two houses. He wanted to get serious, have a relationship. And then came the I home sick from work, and I need your help with an Itunes gift card so I can purchase my papers and work. When I said no, that this is a scam, he got defiant. He sent me a picture of him going to Sunday Church. The following day I was requested to follow someone with a total different name on instagram but it was the same picture. Craig Ferguson when I put it in google images it came back with multiple reports it was a scammer. When confronted with this information he repeatedly said he was hacked, and how could I think that of him. I blocked him everywhere because he was becoming angry that I did not want to talk to him.
2) Benton Hansler messaged me on instagram gave me his phone number started texting me and calling me. Told me he had a son Trevor lived in Texas. He said he had to go to Brazil for work. He asked me to give him my sprint account information so he could start a phone selling business as a side job. I told him that I would not, he was upset but let it go. He started talking to me on Hangouts, and also his son supposedly sent me videos of his son. I told him I wanted to send his son a valentine and asked for his address, he gave me his Uncles in New York and said I could mail it there because he was going down to see his son. He said to send his son an XBOX gift card , I told him I don't send that high end gift only a book and candy he is only 10. He said ok. I blocked him after he asked for more financial help.
3) Jason from Norway a Doctor started friendly chatting and on Instagram then he said he was in desperate need to find an Itunes card and if I could purchase it for him, because there were none in Norway. OMG (BLOCK)
4)Zach Cronk from Maryland. Military going to retire and open a car business up in California, was going to Germany to purchase cars for his business. Then all of a sudden his cousin had an issue in some country where he had to go help him cause he was jailed. He then messaged me that his credit cards and passport were frozen and he needed me to moneygram or western union him $600 dollars for hotel expenses, or send him 900.00 to help transport his dog to me so I could watch her. (BLOCK)
5) Isaac Butler - Instagram messaging/Airforce then went to Hangouts from Ohio, son named Bryson Widowed said his wife and daughter died in a car accident. He had a house in Texas a farm. He said he had a job assignment in Tripoli, but as soon as he was home he was coming to see me. He was the longest hold out from December to February without asking me for anything. But he kept asking for my home address, asked where I banked. I would not give it to him, then he kept saying I need your help badly with something. I have a sale on some horses from my farm and I have no way to get the money deposited into my account. So can you open a bank account up? I said yes if you give me your drivers license and social security card I will open it up in your name, he said in my name cause he did not have that info cause he was secret ops. When I said no, give me your address and I will run a back ground check on him, he said no give me yours. then he got mad, started telling me I was insecure and no guy would want me because I don't trust them.
6) Robert Stefan Antoni from Miami FL He said he was an widowed engineer with 21 year old daughter in college, and a coworker friend named Phil. He said that he was trying to start his own business. We talked and he professed he could not wait to meet me. Then all of a sudden he said that he was in a bind because his accounts at work were froze and his credit cards as well, and he had a job offer for his contract to be in San Jose and asked if I could help him with a 1000 loan so he could have hotel expenses and that his friend Phil and daughter would come up with the rest. I said no, thats the biggest scam ever when someone you never met asks for money. I said would you give me 1000 no questions asked if I said I needed help he said yes. I said that there is no way I have that kind of money. He got mad and sent me rotten text saying that he knows when the going gets tough who really cares about him. (BLOCK) He did however say that if you don't believe who I am I will send you a picture of my passport.

I have reported many of these on Instagram and Hangouts I have screen shots and all the pictures they sent. I really want to nail all of the these losers post their sorry pictures all over social media and put them in a book of ONLINE SCAMMING PREDATORS so that naive and woman that would believe them would beware. I am still searching for Love but obviously in all the wrong places.
I told a Romance coach about this and sent him some screen shots and he was appalled at the audacity. What is this world coming to? Who are these snakes????????

I have chat with enrbravo. He introduced himself like 46 years man from Tennessee. Engineer work in a big company waiting to get a contract for 6.4million dollars. He got 4 years old daughter. And he is a widower. He has started to me in Instagram. After we have moved the chat on Hangout (I didn't even know what is that app). During 1 week conversations he stopped for 2 days after he connected again and said he's father passed away and etc.
After he won this contract (again he said for how much money) and he need to travel to China to buy installation. He asked me to buy for his daughter Google gift card coz he is running busy before his flight. He asked for 200$ and u said no. He started being rude and was saying how "the mom" of "our" daughter is so selfish?!
I'm not her mum. Why I need to buy her gift cards? Anyway that passed.
He went to China and then all the strange things started happening...
Anyway niw he said is in China, with stolen wallet, crashed phone cam and he only can txt. But the reception there is bad...
Anyway now he asked me to pay for him the annual taxes coz this stopped his last payment. He also gave me his account name and pass because he needs help to transfer the mo ey to buy installation.
I've started reading this forum and now I know for sure all that is scam coz I found similar stories with different names. One of those is yours!

Id like to know if anyoneout there knows a jerry pollastro

I wonder if anyone has come across this before. Contacted via Instagram by 51 year old Italian from Milan Gorge Mancinni. ( I'm not looking for any romance etc) Says he works in construction and interior design . Works for architectural agency and has private clients aswell. Says his wife , who was American,died and has a daughter studying in America.
Chatting for 2 months. Soon after started went on hangouts- he's still got his Instagram account. He has sent me messages in Italian, pictures of his dog, his mother, his daughter, inside his house , his book collection , his meals!!! He has now gone to Madrid to work on a project- hotel renovation? Says company takes care of everything financial whilst he's away. Wanted me to access his account and transfer some money from his account to another's as he is buying art as setting up an art gallery in Milan. Trusts me to do this etc etc as I'm a lawyer etc.
Never any direct request for cash from me. Says he's wealthy. Told him this sounded like money laundering!! Really angry with him as he knows my background- From the outset I told him I was a lawyer and knew all about scams, fraud etc . I think if he is a scammer, strange that he would continue with me knowing this?
Won't tell me about his wife- too upsetting, won't speak on phone as too embarrassed about his English, won't tell me how long he's going to be in Madrid. Used term 'ex wife' instead of 'late wife' yesterday- said he made a mistake ? Very loving etc but I've been very sceptical from the outset and blocked him a few times. But if he is a scammer I have not been able find this scenario online. Desperate to know if this is an elaborate scam. I know all about the other type of scams- I block everybody who contacts me. But he seemed different. Any help out there please?!

Two Names: Chris Wetzel and Cory Micheal The past two years have been completely draining financially and emotional. Chris an "engineer" and Cory in the military. Neither are real and have caused me to have to file bankruptcy. I have reported both. I really think that Chris had me involved in money laundering. I was so lonely and naive. Ladies please don't try to find love on line!

i suspect i have interacted w one of these people, can you tell me how long it took for money request? bc i haven't had that yet.

It can take up to 2 months. Just say no. I have no money. You will get angry nasty comments and try to make you feel guilty. I have had contact with a guy from Instagram claiming to be a site manager from KCA Dutag out of Newfound. Bid on a contract estimated low on the materials using the Tariff as an excuse to need money. Yea from Turkey. All red flags loves me on the what’s app. Just say no. Now I am reduced to a few messages here and there. No more chats lol don’t care I played him as much as he tried to scam me.

There are numerous sights on line that show the most common pictures used by SCAMMERS. They always pick the good looking ones. Please use common sense. The people in these pictures don't NEED to meet women on line, and certainly don't need money!
I saw a special on TV the other night. An EX scammer took the cameras into a common room in Nigeria used by SCAMMERS. There were at least 50 computers set up around the room.
I've had my share. I enjoy the chats until the subjects of going off the site to talk (I still don't understand that) and when money comes up. ( I hate to admit it but I actually enjoy making them THINK I am sending some.) Proof! They're instantly blocked.
I wish someone would explain this thing about going to Hangouts or whatever? They can just as easily ask for money on Instagram?? Does someone know the answer?

I got scammed by a guy on Instagram by the name of Turner Andrews said he fell for me right away and then wanted to marry me, then asked for $100 iTunes cards then Amazon card, then needed $300 for drugs for an injury in the army. Was so romantic and of course I fell for it, now that I broke it off with him he won't talk to me.

I have been scammed by three guys, Michael Bolgar, Willarad Kawamato and Scott Regnald. I fell for each one. Each one has a child, either their wife's have passed away or cheated on them. I was scammed out of my life savings. Two of them are engineers on rigs, the other is an engineer for construction. All out of the country working. Each have promised to take care of me and marry me. They really come up with some good lines to make you believe them. I have even been threaten by one of these guys if I didn't send money.

I’m pretty sure I’m being scammed by a guy who calls himself Patrick Sebastian. Started talking to him on instagram. He was very good said he was a widower that had a 5 year old boy showed pictures of a good looking guy with a boy. He said he was a mechanical engineer on an oil rig. Out 3 month off 1 month but wanted to get another contract that he could spend time with his son who lives with his mother in law, in Texas. He need these apple I tunes card to talk to me through a sight hangouts. After the second card he asked me for I gave him, I started checking out the internet for any image matches all his pictures were kind of fuzzy but one came up as a guy on a dating sight in London. I feel really stupid for giving him anything but he was very good at pulling me in. Told him in a text if he was who he said was he could send me more pics of his son. Oh ya his accent was Swedish because he was from Sweden and he’d been here working and living the states for 10 years. Please, people take note I only lost 200 dollars and my dignity. He is still calling and texting me after a day of not responding to him. Trying to draw me back in. He was a really good at it. Don’t want to delete everything in case officials want to use it to shit him down. I’m checking on that next.

I think I may be talking to the same guy, I wish we could share pics on him. He's going by Gideon Brooke, lives in Canada, native of Cyprus, marine biologist, lost his wife, & has 5 year old son named Henry. His mother taking care of his son while he's on rig. The only pics I got were of him & son on vacation in white robes, a pic of son in a suit, & a few dating site pics. Been talking to him thru Viber since Jan 30, met him on Match. This week he said he is out on rig for 3 weeks, then all of a sudden I got an email saying to keep communicating with him I need to buy 8 $100 Google gift cards, take pic of them & send to them. I ask tons of questions like "what company u with? Customer service number?" I told them I reported them to scam & fraudulent dept w/US. They said they didn't care. The dialogue started back w/him & he sent me message why I wouldn't pay to talk while hes gone. I told him it's against law to pay for things using Google gift cards then he told me other girls were interested in him & he was going to give them the chance. Pretty much belittling me. Then my messages on Viber stopping going thru. These men suck how they miss w/ur emotions. He was telling me he would come see me after he got back off rig

I think I've been talking to the same guy that Viking is. I met him on Match on Jan 30th. He says name is Gideon Brooke, 50 (looks younger in pics), widower, 5 year old son named Henry, only family is his mother, native of Cyprus, lives in Canada, & a marine biologist. Immediately he wanted to talk on Viber, messages were long & quickly was telling me he loved me, sent me a couple pics of him & son on vacation in bathrobes, called me only once because he was always out on a rig for work. Said he was going to finish up this job & then come see me that was Friday, Mar 22nd. Then on Sat he sent be a text that said I needed to pay $800 in Google gift cards to be able to keep in contact w/him the next 3 weeks & the satellite company sent me email on how to register. I had a feeling it was a scam when I kept asking questions to the company sending me the emails, just general questions like, "what the name of ur company? Do u have a customer service line that I can actually talk to someone? Cant I pay a different way?" They didnt answer my questions & told me to stop asking questions because they had to tend to people who actually registered & said that I was going to lose contact w/Gideon. All of a sudden my messages thru Viber to Gideon quit going thru. Then I got an email from satellite company saying that Gideon wanted to talk to me real quickly so they were going to allow 30 mins then all of a sudden I got message from him thru Viber mad that I wouldn't pay & that I must not love him. He started belittling me & then said since i wouldn't do this he was moving on to another girl who wants him & would be willing to pay $800 to talk to him for the next 3 weeks & dumping me to pursue her. After that my messages stopped again thru Viber. These people make me so mad messing w/our emotions. I wish someone would stop them--ugh!!

What’s up with them all working on oil rigs?

Mines on an oil rig too. Widowed and daughter in boarding school.

Is his name Chris thomas from
Ohio And has a daughter Melissa? I have pics to compare

Hi I think it might be the same guy I can send ph6if you send me one of him to compare my name is Mary

I have one working on an oil rig. 15 year old daughter in boarding school

Mine was also working on a oil rig named Bradley widowed with son married and living in Texas. He showed pics of him with a dog and a couple other pics. He professed live right away and would love to take care of me. Then came the request for $3,500.00 to fix some equipment on boat. His accountant got in a bad car accident and could I send the money until this Rudy friend of his gets better. I did not send money then he asked for $1,500.00 instead. After I refused he never contacted me. I met him on POF dating website. I went back on POF and now I think I have another scammer. It's always the same....... widows with one child and no siblings or parents. Please ppl don't fall for these men. They are extremely good and attentive. Bradley on the oil rig even sent me a did not cost more than $20.00 and they just want to reel you in. He got mad when I wouldn't send the money. Beware Ladies!!

He sent me a Hello on Instagram. He said his name was Walter Heinz Parker. His daughter is 15 and in boarding School in Italy.
Does anyone know this guy? I have deleted everything from my Instagram messages, as well as WhatsApp

I had a guy named Aaron Parker divorced with a 12 yr old in boarding school he hasn’t said where. On IG he said he was 49

Have had two men who say they are in the middle East; one Air Force, one Army; contacted me on Facebook, then moved me to Hangouts; quickly professed love then asked for money. One wanted Amazon gift cards, had "phone trouble" needed New one to talk to me. The other needs money to buy his way out of Afghanistan after "losing official pass" he said his birth family died in a fire, and he was adopted by a friend's parents, who were now dead...if he couldn't get $8000 to get papers"sorted" he will be sent to Syria and won't be able to talk to me; says he wants to retire from Army and settle down...the Air Force man is also retiring soon and wants to marry me and settle down...Both men said they closed their Facebook accounts recently...
I'm sure they change names with the wind, so look for any is going by Joe and the other by I get a friend request from an alleged Marine...not going to even acknowledge that one...just sharing these details so other potential victims can observe some of the tall tales these people Are capable of creating. One even asked how much money I made, and wanted to know my credit score to ask if I could open a credit account for him to use...also said he would use that account to pay me back through. Beware. These crooks will tell you ANYTHING they think will prey on your feelings and your wallet! PS: I am in my late 60's, and thank God I didn't send either of them anything.

Be on the lookout for Giovanni Bartolini, says he’s a Geologist with Shell Oil. Widower with 2 adult children (both in college). He speaks with a thick Italian(?) accent, very intelligent sweet talker, very engaging. Also has LinkedIn account includes professional photos with details of his position as a Geologist and education in Milan and London. Says he’s currently in Kansas City but home base is in Huntington Beach, California. We spoke via video-chat but I was unable to see him clearly. Mostly communicated on Hangouts or he sent very long, detailed letters via gmail. I decided to end the contact as he was moving very quickly toward telling me he loved me and wanted to visit me in NJ with the potential for relocating!! Glad I read another woman’s complaint on this site about him as he asked her for money. The online dating site is POF. He took down his profile which was BlessGio.

I also communicated with Giovanni Bartolini for 2 months through words with friends and later. Hangouts Same story as previous reporting. Very romantic: believes you are his soul mate. Asked me for money for his son and later for money for fees for new contract. Sent me a copy of his new contact and I noticed misspelling and name on contract as CEO is Shell UK
has been retired ten years! Has three different profiles on words with friends ; Blessed Gio
And Favored Gio as well
As George

I met this man named Fredrick who states his name is Avery Fredrick and he is a plastic surgeon in Yemen. States he is there in a contract under the government. I met him on a dating site called Coffee meets bagels. He asked me to get him a Steam Card and now recently asked me to facetime him through Hanger. When I supposedly spoke to him, it looked like a pre-recorded video. Now he is in love with me and wants to marry me. All his text's through What'sApp sound too good to be true. Has anyone else come across this person?

I hate that I became a victim of a romance scam. I thought this man was an answer to my prayer, wanting to meet someone and get married. I searched this person so many times, and as often as I searched him I didn't find out that he was a scammer. I had friends that had warned me not to give money to him, I thought for sure he was real. I wouldn't even listen to my own gut, everytime I sent him money. I would send money that was supposed to be going towards charitable organizations and a could time for his daughter. He was supposed to be an investor, I thought if he could be so successful, heck he could manage my money! Our conversations would be on investing together, and about marriage. I look back at our messages and ask myself how could I have been so stupid. I can not tell you how hurt and devastated I was. If only I could have ended my life. The embarrassment as well, that someone could scam me. I recently had someone friend request me, he sounded really nice, but day 3 came and you guessed he want money. Of course had learned my lesson. He called me evey name. Better to lose love than money.

To compound the problem, now I have to pay taxes on that money, because I moved it out of my annuity. I could be looking at somewhere between $18k to $20k. I don't think I will ever get over this or be able to trust anyone.

I feel bad for u same exactly happens to me but my with bar gold that he found when he went a mission but i been scamming the hold times I been fighting with him every day finally he gave up and move on to next victim but he is a real soldier though small percentage of a real soldier will do that but i turn him in to FBI

Similar situation happened to me as well. I lost more than 30 000. He sent me friend request on FB, very good looking guy, from Las Vegas on Supervision mission in Syria. Works as head of orthopedics in Syria for UN. And I trusted him, and i didn'r believe my gut what he asked for money for vacation certificate. I paid a lot for him bacause he said it is dangerous to have money in Syria and he will return every cent to me once he is out of Syria. Then he started feeling bad and was unconcious for a few times and during that times his colleagues texted me on his WhatsApp about him. And in mid April he fell in coma and his colleagues called UN upper management and I started believing UN will help. Oh God, how can I be so fool???? So, now he is awake, but aksed for money to get out of Syria. And UN write me from private email platform that they will release all his money to me as I mentioned as his next-of-kin in his UN contract. I already replied I will not pay anything, so, he just reply that he cant continue this way. Sometimes all his words sound true but in the other hand I do understand now that even he has a contract with UN, it is UN that should cover all the expenses if all of this is real.

What was the name of the guy or what name did he use? I am wondering if we have talked to the same person. His name is Tommy Wellem.

I’m pretty sure I’m being scammed by a guy who calls himself Jason Edwads. Started talking to him on Instagram, then asked me move to Google Hangouts. Been chatting with him for awhile now. He was so romantic and of course I fell for it. He is in love with me and wants to marry me and promised to take care of me. He said he is a business contract as a civil marine independent engineer on an oil rig in Africa sea. His daughter boarding school in UK. Even asked me my credit cards account, password, ID or drive license. Last asked me to send him $1,000.00 via Money Gram to the real name as Caleb Evidence Onyedika. Has anyone else come across this person?

Steve Kapper
Andy Jones military stoked identity chrstian

I was messaged on Facebook last October by this fella he is an engineer, His name is Brian Smith Travels a lot , He romanced me fell in love with me this Feb 2019, He has asked me for steam cards for his internet & is from Houston Texas, he is a widow 1 son they don't talk. He has sent me 3 gifts, & promises me that when he is done work in Turkey where he is now will come to me. And we will be married, Is he a scammer ?

@Fergie & Heidi. I met someone also on Chritian Mingle this April 2019. He says his name is Brandon Alex Smith from Houston, Texas. He says he is working in Nairobi, Kenya and wanted me to purchase Steam gift cards and send him the codes so that he could finish his paper work. He has a Spanish accent and poor grammar. Said he was born February 1961.


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