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Getting calls from the SSA?

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Probably not. At least, not from the real SSA. But how many of you have gotten calls from someone who said they were the Social Security Administration? And maybe showed the real SSA phone number (1-800-772-1213) or a number close to it on your caller ID? Lots, right?

We’ve seen a spike in the number of people reporting those fake SSA calls to us. Since January 2018, we’ve gotten more than 63,000 reports of this scam. Three percent of those people reported a loss – and they lost $16.6 million (with a median loss of $1,484).

You can hear what the scam sounds like here. The caller usually says your Social Security number (SSN) has been suspended because of suspicious activity, or because it’s been involved in a crime. Sometimes, the scammer wants you to confirm your SSN to reactivate it. Sometimes, he says your bank account is about to be seized – but if you go put your money on gift cards and then give him the codes, SSA can help keep it safe. (Of course, you never want to do that, because then your money is just gone.)

To report this scam, go to But if you already gave one of these callers your SSN and you're worried about identity theft, visit And if you get one of these calls, remember:

  • Your Social Security number is not about to be suspended. Your bank account is not about to be seized.
  • The real SSA will never call to threaten your benefits or tell you to wire money, send cash, or put money on gift cards.
  • You can’t believe the numbers on your caller ID. Scammers can easily fake those. But if you’re worried, call the real SSA at 1-800-772-1213. You can trust that number if you dial it yourself – just not on your caller ID.
  • Never give your SSN, credit card or bank account number to anyone who contacts you. Ever.

To hear more from the honest-to-goodness SSA and the FTC about these scams, follow the Facebook Live at noon tomorrow on the SSA’s Facebook page.

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I also got a call twice with a robo voicemail saying to call the federal agent back or legal action to be taken. So I called and they said that they were the AS A and that someone rented a car with my name and as number and the car was found abandoned in Texas with blood and drugs in vehicle. I live in Pgh Pa ..Also I have many accounts and money laundering meanwhile I can't even get a credit card cause my credit is scrap so They won't get too far with my info even if they had it. For a minute I was shocked and than looked online and so many other people with same situations.

Got 3 calls from 469-277-2047 this morning with Robo messages from "SSA agent Gavin" that my SS# will be suspended due to fraudulent activity. Reported the number to FTC as possible fraud.

3/19/2019 - 12:33 PST - Just received a robotic call claiming my SS# will be suspended due to fraudulent activity. The Caller ID was 240-523-3101 this was also the number given by the robot to call back.

I received 4 calls from 866-404-6394 yesterday March 18th

Received a call from 877-822-7434, said Soc Sec had been compromised. When I returned call and ask where they were, he cussed me out and hung up. SCAM, SCAM.

Got a scam call saying it was from the SSA saying they where going to arrest me for faundent charges on my SSA number call came from Pinetop AZ 928-358-4337 lazy people should get jobs and work instead of being theirs.

I got a call from (800)568-1213, a number very similar to that of SSA, with a message that my SSN has been suspended. I was then connected to a representative. He actually was bold enough to say that this was a scam but was not going to scam me!

I got a call on my voicemail. Sounded robotic to me. However they left a callback number 562-320-8042. It showed the number was from California.

I got what I believe was a scam call stating they were for SS name and a badge #? Definitely heavily accented voice. Said my SSN had been used in numerous money and drug trafficking actions, that there are multiple accounts and businesses under my number. They said they needed to verify what accounts and activities of mine were genuine, and which not, asking me about which banks I have accounts with. I regret, until that point I was initially fooled by their scare tactics. I wish I had seen this fraud info beforehand. Maybe someone else can learn form my experience. The phone # calling was 855-726-3239.

I have Gotten 7 calls since tuesday from this phone number 1- 866- 613 -3861 telling that my Social Security number has been Suspended because someone has used illegally .dont give them any info it is a scam .if you do ans we r or not they leave a message make you write down the pphone number because they call from different numbers

I got my first call today.i thought it was real,but something told me to Google it.. I'm so glad I did..I hope I don't get slot if calls like everyone there a number I can call to report it.


I got the call yesterday and reported it immediately to the proper authorities. And yes, it did catch me off guard. And yes, I wanted to call back and tell them I turned them in but figured they would hang up on me so I decided I'd follow their script. Call them and say "Hey, it's your supervisor...where's that paperwork I told you to have on my desk an hour ago...if it's not back here in 15, you're fired." Not as intimidating, but I'm sure they'd think twice.

These scammers have indeed called me many times today claiming to be associated with the SSA. Once i called them out they were very angry and quick to inform me that the might have not scammed me but they have scammed others! be very aware of these foreigners which are out to get us hard working Americans
the number is 631 6358188

i just got one number 6822247352 said the same thing this is getting old tried calling it back it just beeps

I've received what I think is a fraud call from SSA, supposedly, from: 332-871-3661. The voice speaking sounded like it was computer-generated, not someone actually speaking. Crazy!

Received several robocalls claiming to be from someone at the SSA from two numbers: 800-795-4271 and 800-420-6721

They are now sending me text messages! Now, what do you do? I stopped taking the calls, I have robokiller, now they know they can't get to me thru my phone, so now it's text messaging. What next? I'm at such a loss, I'm no match for these crooks!

Got a robo call today from # (210)880-2755 claiming they were from "SSA"

I waited for a live person and heard him a little and I said “get a life and don’t ever call me again.” And hanged up on him.

I received a voice message regards to an warrant put under my name: 972-528-4903. They called again from Plano, Tx, from469 277-2391. They said an warrant for arrest on SS fraud and drug charges under my name and social. They asked me to confirm my number and state where I live. It was too late when I realized it was a scam. I had already given my info. I called the police immediately after and they told me to file a report and call the TransUnion to put a fraud alert. Then Social Security voice mail tells us to report it here.

Another number making the calls is 866-994-2518. Claiming that the SS # has been suspended due to suspicious activity.

I have received a couple of calls from 855-257-0983. I do not see the call coming in and get the voicemails. Currently, I have blocked them.

Calls from 888-810-0225 & 888-810-0228 are both scams saying they are from the Social Security Administration. Block these numbers and hang up immediately!

Sure, their Caller ID is spoofed, but they *TELL YOU* the number to call back. I understand that there's no way to keep them from placing calls, but at least we should be able to report the number they're using to get their return calls. As I'm typing this, I'm wondering how many people will eventually call them back at the number they gave me: 830-483-4240

SSA 4 calls away, 15 calls a day from Microsoft and Apple recently advising I am due a refund the company is closing or with Apple Icloud etc, etc. And my favorite is the vehicle protection plan service renew and Carpet cleaning robot calls. SSA social security and a warrant for my arrest calls I waited
for that (India call connection delay) and tha politely said "Thank you for your call, but before I answer any of your questions I want you to be advised that our phone conversation and the time and date I gave iis being recorded for information, quality and services . They hang up so fast and they stopped calling.

I received a call from someone claiming to be Social Security Office. I am worried because I did give them some info. Called the real SSA they said they were scammers. The number is 716-249-4096. SSA never calls they always mail info to you.

We got two of these calls today on different phone numbers. One number showed on my caller ID as (469) 844-3305 from Grapevine, TX. The other from (888) 810-0039. The clue was "... from the department of Social Security Administration ..." (huh?). Also, most obvious, although our calls weren't overtly threatening, the SSA won't call you this way. Written notice...

These scams originate from lawless nations via internet. It’s silly to blame the SSA.

Just got a call that my SS was going to be suspended for 800-772-1212 it is a scam do not panic!!!!!

I just received a call from 800-112-1213 stating that my SS number was suspended due to suspicious activity. The call asked me to press 1 to speak to an agent but the call was dropped.

FOLKS - The scams continues so please be cautious .

I have been getting calls where a recorded message plays and says your SS# is involved in fraudulent activity and there's a warrant for your arrest to speak with a police officer press 1. Then the so called officer answers. I asked for name and badge #. Gave name just fine but started to give letters for badge #, was not understandable, and hung up immediately when I said I was writing all this down because SS doesn't call people like this and it's a scam i'm going to report. This was just yesterday April 10th 2019.

I received a call today 4/11/209. Said they were from the SSA and that my social security number was suspended due to suspicious activity. The number was 231-244-0047. Not the first time. remember the SSA does not call neither does the IRS.

I received 4 phone call today from 1 888 810 0786, 0653, 0652 and 0670. Two left a computerized voice mail message:
This call is from the department of Social Security Administration. The reason you have received this phone call from our department is to inform you that we just suspend your social security number because we found some suspicious activity. So if you want to know about this case , just press one. Thank you.
Funny, another call is coming in now as I type this. 1-888-810-0653.
Don't fall for it!!!!

What happens if you pressed one to speak to officer and it just hung up

Two numbers to be vary of today. I received a cal from so a Dallas Texas 917-504-8653. Ssa which then connected me to a DEA agent telling me I would be raided tomorrow by the FBI and all my accounts would be seized. To help me I should withdraw money from my bank and send it to the NJ Atty to hold it for me. It wasn’t
Simple, it was traumatic, because ID theft does occur.
Other phone # of DEA agent was 469-378-8033. Beware, not scared as I was.

After receiving such a call, I investigated immediately, found this site, and went to complain on *" as instructed above. However, their complaint form DOES NOT make any sense! The FIRST thing it asked me was how much money was asked for, then how did I pay it, THEN how did I respond. But I did NONE of those things. But saying so was not among the choices--"Yes" answers were assumed. This is not good. I'll try to phone a real person later, but this form is quite worrying. A more logical sequence of questions would be: *1ST*, "How you were contacted?" and ask for the details like date, time, what phone number was used, what did caller ID say, etc. *THEN* the next question should be "Did you respond (yes or no)"; then, if yes, how. *THEN* would come any questions about any any interaction with the caller, and lastly questions about any payment made, i.e., "Did you pay anything (yes or no)", then, if yes, how much and how did you pay, etc. All questions should have a "n/a"-type answer choice. Thanks for reading.

received 4 phone call today from 1 888 810 0653 and 0652 Multiple computerized voice mail message were left:
This call is from the department of Social Security Administration. The reason you have received this phone call from our department is to inform you that we just suspend your social security number because we found some suspicious activity. So if you want to know about this case , just press one.

Reporting a phone number from the "Social Security Administration":
443 478-3919

I have been receiving scam calls from 646-052-3500 all day claiming to be social security office

I received a call from 18007721071 as Social Security Admin and they suspended my number! Can the FCC not put these people in jail for very long times? We are fed up with calls that waist our time and money. FCC what are you doing to help the public?

Got a call today from +1 210 272 9350 (San Antonio) saying they are suspending my Social security number. It is scary.

My scammer number was 888-810-0906, complete fraud dont answer this number.

These scammers have been calling me everyday for the last week. The voicemail shows they are calling from Social Secruity and they are suspending my SS number, for suspicious activity! They call at least 5 times a day. I never answer any number I don’t know, anyways...BUT it’s just SO annoying!!!!!
Here are the numbers, they all start with

Here is another scammer alert for Soc.Sec. Do not answer this No. 979-803-1986

Got four calls today, and I reported here. The msg is shorter than the one provided, but the same. No callback number provided, just says to "Press one to be transferred." They do not remove from call list when requested politely. Appears to be an Indian call center as heard from background accents, and my scammers accent.

Stay safe ; )

Received call saying they are from social security and are going to take legal actions if I don’t call back. Phone number 800-625-8015

In the last three days I have received 4 calls from someone telling me that my social security number has been suspended, or there is a legal case against me, etc. numbers were: 1 773 279 5953 516 871 8131. 800 959 0719. 800 875 0170

Just got a robo-call from 1-888-810-0369. I don’t answer calls from numbers not in my contacts. This is the word for word transcript from my AT&T voicemail text: This call is from the Department of Social Security Administration. The reason you have received this phone call is to inform you that we just suspend your Social Security because we found some suspicious activity so if you want to know about this case just press one.

I hope no one falls for this con! Needless to say I have blocked this number.

How to stop these calls? They are irritating specially when you are driving or working. Thanks in advance for the guidance.


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