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What to do about robocalls

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Not another robocall! We’ve all felt that way. Wondering what to do about robocalls? Check out this new video:

The FTC worked with AARP to create a series of videos about imposter scams – including robocalls, IRS imposters and Medicare scams. While the videos are aimed at older Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, the tips apply to everyone. For three Fridays, we’ve highlighted these videos: first Medicare scams, then IRS imposters, and now robocalls.

In this week’s video, you’ll hear about imposter scams that come by robocall, and some steps you can take. The robovoice may claim to be a utility, a government agency, or even a foreign consulate. Don’t believe them. Instead:

  • Hang up on illegal robocalls. Is the recording trying to sell you something? Did you give your written permission to get calls from that company? No? Then that call is illegal. No need to feel like you’re being rude when you hang up.
  • Consider protecting yourself with technology like a call blocking app or device. You also can ask your phone provider if it has call-blocking tools. To learn more, go to
  • Report the call. Report robocalls at The more we hear from you, the more we can help fight scams.

For more information about stopping imposter scams, visit

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Everyone wondering how to stop getting scam calls or robocalls then I have the perfect answer because it worked for ! I just don't ever answer the phone if I don't know who it is! If it's someone important they will leave a voice message. I used to get at least 15 calls a day now I'm down to two or three, so if it says unknown unavailable or just someone you don't recognize don't bother to answer it. If it's the doctor's office calling you from a cell phone they will leave you a message. They will gradually get tired of calling you and you won't be getting any more calls.

What precautions should be made if YES has been said to a robocall?

I have received multiple calls today and yesterday and the day before from Apple Inc. a recording of someone asking me to push 2. If I leave my line on, will that cause them a problems?

I don't answer the phone any more unless it is someone on my contact list. Sadly, this means I have to call back to a lot of doctors' offices because their appointments schedulers will call from additional lines that I don't recognize, and it wastes their time and mine. I guess patient portals that you can log into from a computer or phone will be the wave of the future. That is if they ever get them working properly.

I had someone call me from my bank, showed on my caller ID that it was my bank, telling me that fraudulent activity had been seen on my account and needed my account pin to get access to my account, block my current card and send me a new one. They sounded very professional and I actually thought it was my bank calling to help with fraudulent activity. The bank called me back again to let me know that the call was not from them, instead it was a fraud call. I had to call my bank back to verify that it was them. #Paranoid, you can't trust anyone anymore.

188-602-3532 is a fraud phoone number. They attempt to collect social security information when I told them they were a scame they hung up in my face.

My mother fell for the fake SSA scam the other day. She gave them info and probably gave them money. What do we do? Why are there no articles about what to do if you fall for these scams? This is important info to convey as well! Please help! Thanks

Look on the website. There's help for people whose information was exposed.

Also, click on the "Privacy, Identity & Online Security" tab at the top of this page. You'll find articles about keeping your information secure.

I receive countless robo calls from 377 numbers. 377 is a cell phone prefix in my area and I am receiving many of them supposedly from my town. I looked up a couple on line and found they were numbers from the SPRINT cell phone company I think maybe they are selling these numbers. Scammers must be getting these robo numbers from phone companies just like we all do when we sign up with a landline or cell phone company. No way to find this out?

My elderly dad gets these calls relentlessly. He is on the Do Not Call list and does not use the internet to Opt In on any services. However, he runs a local business and must answer calls in case they are valid. He uses an old flip phone which cannot download "blocking" software. The phone company says there's nothing they can do.
It's very frustrating! He receives at least 10 robocalls every 30 minutes. There has to be something he can do.

Can't you stop them. I received one this AM November 21,2019 telling me that there is fraudulent activity on my SS card. Saying the matter is going to Court and I am going to be arrested. The number they called from and that I should call back is 309-590-0468 I know enough not to respond but they should be stopped before an unsuspecting person responds to them Please take action and let us know Thank you
PS As I write this they are calling again from the same number

I am really tired of this call regarding Computer Services. Twice in one day the identical call is received. I wish there were more teeth in the federal government to stop the robocallers. We don't have caller ID but do have the calls left on our answering machine.

My husband and I are 76 years old. We get 20 calls or more a day. It hard to take a nap or simply rest. I've written letters to the FTC crying out for help BUT none given. Now we key *62 and let the phone die out. All calls then come to our voice mail. This works for us. I check our voice mail later. This has eliminated the calls that comes in from 8:00 am to 9:00 am.


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