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SSA imposters top IRS in consumer loss reports

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Have you gotten calls about supposed problems with your Social Security number from callers pretending they’re with the Social Security Administration (SSA)? If so, you’re not alone. Our latest Data Spotlight finds that reports about SSA imposters are surging, while reports about IRS imposters have taken a dive.

As the Spotlight puts it, “In the shady world of government imposters, the SSA scam may be the new IRS scam.” While reports of SSA imposters have swelled – nearly half of the reports we’ve gotten in the last year have come in the past two months alone – reports of IRS scammers have plunged. What’s more, people told us they lost $19 million to SSA imposters in the past year. That overtakes the $17 million reported lost to IRS imposters in 2016, the peak year of the IRS scam.

How can you spot SSA imposters? They often use robocalls to reach you, then launch into a story aimed at tricking you into giving them your money, your Social Security number (SSN), or both. They may say your SSN has been suspended and you need to confirm your SSN to reactivate it. Or, they may say your SSN has been involved in a crime and your bank account is about to be seized or frozen, but you can protect your money if you put it on a gift card and give them the code. Never do that – your money will disappear.

If you get one of these calls, remember – the real SSA will never contact you out of the blue or tell you to put money on a gift card or, for that matter, visit a Bitcoin ATM, or wire money. If your caller ID shows a number that looks like it belongs to the SSA, don’t trust the number – scammers fake their caller ID all the time. If you’re worried, hang up and call the SSA yourself at 1-800-772-1213.

Check out the Data Spotlight for more information. If you think a scammer has your Social Security number, visit to learn what you can do.

Hang up on Social Security Scammers


One thing I have done with the robo calls is to set the phone down on a nearby chair with a pillow over it. I get far fewer robo calls now.

When I went on line to the SSA there was a site that looked ligit but it wasn't what I was use to so I tried another search engine and got the one I WAS USE TO. When i went back to IE the same fake site showed up. Clicking anything told me to enter info like my phone No. and somebody called me asking for info I knew not to give. Told em I was gonna report em too, and I did!

I received voicemail on my cellphone, saying "Enforcement action has been filed on your SS# for fraudulent activities. So against you. thank you." when you get this message speak to our office or kindly call us back on our hotline # 805-835-4058. I repeat that is 805-835-4058, disregard this notice and return the call before we begin with the legal proceedings

I received the same voicemail messages last June 24th at 4:47PM over my cellphone. The phone call originated from Friendswood, TX, and the number is: (281) 816-7639.
I immediately reported it to

this is pretty lit because the government says so

I have been getting repeated calls from this SSA scam as well, I have blocked the numbers, but they just come from alternate number.

I would really like some help with this one - I am going to file with the FTC complaint department above. I get calls beginning at 8:30 in the morning and get about 15 -20 calls per day from numbers beginning with a 202 area code. I block one and it shows 10 more similar numbers. If I accidently answer one, they say they are calling from NYC, however the caller id identifies it as a Washington DC #.
IMPORTANT: I got one of these calls the other day and I just got frustrate and confronted the agent and told them I am on the DNC Registry and have told them repeatedly to stop calling me. The agent became very argumentative, and said the only way for the calls to cease was to pay them some money. I asked for a supervisor and the agent refused to transfer me telling me "you can tell me whatever you would say to my supervisor and I will tell him what you said." I repeatedly asked for and denied transfer to a supervisor. The then agent told me that the only way for the calls to stop was to pay them some money. When I questioned this practice and asked what the fee is the agent replied "Uh, maybe $100" You send me $100 and I will stop calling you and if I didn't send him the money that I will get so many calls I won't be able to eat or to sleep unless I pay him the money". Again, I told him that I believed that he was trying to extort money from me illegally and was going to report him to the authorities. He again told that I ever wanted to eat or get any sleep then I will send the money".

Attempts to block the calls are futile, when they have numerous phone calls - I am going to report at least 10 numbers with the same prefix showing Washington DC (but the agents claim they are in NYC). These calls were received within a 30 minute period.
I will say, that since I confronted this agent and told him I thought that he had just committed illegal activity by trying to get money to stop calls, I haven't received anymore in the last day or two. But I was so angry and shocked by this behavior.

So far I got 4 phone calls today by this number 410-965-8882 telling me that in order to find out more details about my criminality and the possibility to be arrested I had to press 1. Really? April 15,2019

Received a robocall from 800-161-1213 stating there was suspicious activity related to my SSN and that they have been forced to suspend my SSN with immediate effect, all my SSN benefits will be canceled until further clearance.To contact Legal South of the Social Security Administration, and if not, my SSN will be blocked permanently.

Just got a call reportedly from the SSA using 1-800-325-0778. It was a robo call with a woman’s voice saying that my SSN was involved in fraudulent activity in Texas and it was being suspended from all benefits associated with it until I spoke to a SSA officer. I was told to press #1 to be connected with an agent. I hung up at that point and researched this scam. Beware!

I also received a call from the SSA using 1-833-676-3637 1-866-994-2587 . Saying my SS# had been suspended for fraudulent activity . I was told to press 1 .I also hung up. they called back with the second # saying charges were being filed and I had less than 24 hours to contact them. So I called back Verizon so it couldn't be reached . That's when I knew it was a scam.

We got a call on our answering machine from "Central" Security Administration saying that we needed to contact them about my husband's on-line application for benefits. He did apply to SSA on-line recently. The call back number was 866-226-2306. We did not call back.

Somehow my husband's SSN was utilized to file applications for Social Security AND disability benefits at the same time! After he applied for Social Security since he was at retirement age, he received a notice from the SSA stating his disability application had been denied for lack of response. Luckily, if he didn't receive that letter, he would have had no idea someone utilized his SSN in an attempt to obtain benefits. After waiting on hold for quite some time, an SSA employee informed him since his SSN had been used fraudulently, he could not file online or over the phone and would have to appear in person at our SSA office along with documents proving his identity. Moral is: It's not only fraudulent phone calls to worry about, it's scammers filing for benefits in your name/number.

Exact same script and callback number left in a voice mail on 18 January 2020 (a Saturday!) and I did also recently apply.
Very convincing - sounded like a legit person.
Reported via SSA fraud link.

I received a message from a different number, but was asked to call 866-226-2306 to respond to questions about my new application for SS Benefits. I called the main 800 number first to see if it was legit. They could see that someone had been looking at my account & had questions for me which they could not address. So I did call 866-226-2306. It was SS & was fine.

I got 2 robo calls same exact message, same voice within 4 hours of each other. One from Texas and one from California. It just said my SS will be locked. Please call the number for info.
Just hung up. This is getting ridiculous!!

I too was scammed but don’t have an email account for this user name, therefore, I didn’t know about a refund. Can I get one

I keep receiving automated calls from (760) 266-4429 asking me to contact them because of suspension of SSI due to a federal crime investigation. I finally figured out how to block the calls on my phone and now they appear in my voice mail. UGH!

just play with them and waste their time, so that you can save someone . but you gotta check whether you have time too, to play with the punks. lol

I am being barraged with these calls almost every day. There must be something that can be done. What these people are doing is pure evil. I don't fall for such scams but I know some unsuspecting folks are being taking advantage of. I cannot believe catching these folks is not a top priority. As I said this is just evil. Something must be done.

Got a scam call from 209-436-9474 claiming to be from the social security bureau and saying my SSN is being "frozen"...

I have received 10 calls from 844-312-0656 today stating that my ssn has been hacked and I should call them back. I did and told them not to call me again as I knew this was a scam. I live in NC.

These scammers looks like they have stepped up their game, my husband got a call from one of those 800 numbers that his social security has been cancelled, then he got a threatening letter that he is being sued by IRS because he didn't file his return and he should pay or face being sent to jail, they hack the IRS website because they have all the details correct except non filing because we did..I also got a mail stating that all my returns has been adjusted to some debt , we don't know about! Watch out people, keep your information private!

I just got hit too! This jerk did sound truthful. Said someone had stolen my SSN and had opened 12 credit cards in Texas. So they were destroying my SS card and were going to be at my house in the AM with a new card. Then things got crazier and crazier. Finally? This jerk said "Well have a nice day" and hung up on me!! I LOVE PJs comments!! Will deffinitely remember this for any other crazy person.

I have been receiving calls from someone say my SS number is no longer able to be used and all benefits are done. I don't feel comfortable filling out a form online where it is asking for the SS number. The numbers that are call are as followed:
(800) 037-1213 Note: they called twice tried to record but they hung up too fast LOL..... The other is (800)017-1213.

April 18, 2019 - 15:25

Just got a call from someone posing as an agent from the Social Security Administration. Identical to the calls above, but from this number: (888) 810-0114. Tried to call back several times (hiding my caller ID), but I've always got the message: "We're sorry... all the circuits are busy now... would you try your call again later? 70730".
I was ready to have some fun with the scammers, but I couldn't reach them... too bad...

Yesterday received 10-12 calls from Shohone, CA re: Soc. Sec. on my cell phone. Today I am receiving numerous calls with same voicemail message from Yucca, CA. Wish they would give up.

Fake Social Security calls coming from 760 266-4631. The call claims the social security number has been suspended and to call the above number.

Message is computer voice says, Legal enforcement actions have been filed against you, your Social Security number is being used for fraudulent activity you should call Social Security Administration @425-658-9507 (Washington Number)
Main office: Social Security Administration/Headquarters, 1500 Woodlawn Dr, Baltimore, MD 21241,
(800) 772-1213
all Social Security offices are area specific i am in Pa. :Address: 807 Crosby St, Chester, PA 19013 ,
(800) 772-1213
if you go to look up local number you get this :
"Generally, we do not publish the phone numbers of our local offices.
You can call us toll-free at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778)."
Be aware this is a scam they block my number after they released they called a business

Caller: Voice recording from caller.
Call type: Scam suspicion

For about 3 wks I have gotten about 4 calls a day from this#757-319-4525. I tried to block it,but they still continue to call. They donot leave a message.

Just got a call from 8662013788 advising me to return a call to that number as my SSA will be frozen permanently if I don't. This is from a caller on a Friday when government offices are closed for the day on Good Friday. What a scam!

The last time they called I asked for his name and employee Id number he gave me that and his address and phone number I said thank you I just need this info to take to the authorities where I’m at. He then asked if I was Jessica I said no he hung up haven’t gotten another call yet

Cell phone, Oakland, CA
Woman claims she is with SSA

I let the message that I received from phone number 281-582-8433 go to voice mail . I never answer calls that I receive from unknown callers. This is a scam! The Department of Social Security Department would never contact you. Don't trust a caller that you don't know.

I just received a call from 281-582-8433 telling me that they are from the SSA and my social security number had been compromised. If I don't recognize the caller's name or phone number I let the call go to voice mail. This is a major scam! Protect yourself by not reacting to it in anyway. We have to protect ourselves.

these SS scammers are really bold, I didn't answer the phone because it only showed the ph# which I didn't know, but they left a voice mail stating it was the SS Admin. ofc. and they were filing criminal charges against me & telling me to return the phone call (936-628-7565) immediately or I would be arrested

I received a call on Friday from 619-762-6904. Just for fun, I answered it. A man with an accent said that the feds need to replace all of our Social Security cards with ones that are more durable and tamper proof. I thought "well this should be fun". He had my address, phone number and age, all of which will pop up in Google. He read those to me and asked if that was correct. I played along. Then he asked me to verify my SS# and what colors were the card. I said "Hang on, let me get it".....then I put my air horn next to the speaker and blasted it in his ears. I hope he had head phones on!!! These losers infuriate me. I hope I left him with a permanent disability....deafness!! :-) :-)

843-464-6102 and 843-286-5263 claim she is from Medicare to talk to me about a back brace I had inquired about. I hung up the phone that is when she called right back on the second number

Call from Texas 903-374-4066 stating to return the call that my ss information may be at stake.

just received a call today, saying they suspended my ss# because of suspicious activities. it is definitely a digital robocall. but even knowing this it was a scary message to get & i can understand why people fall for this scam.

The following phone numbers are from the Social Security scammers saying my SSN is being "suspended" due to "suspicious activity":
I'm sure there are more. I blocked all of them.

The companies selling the gift cards - Walmart, Target, Safeway, Aldi, Publix, etc. - they should be training their clerks to ask questions when someone comes in and asks for four or five or ten $500 gift cards - That's a red flag! They should ask what they are for and refuse to sell if the customer refuses to answer or the customer says it's for taxes or Social Security or FBI, etc. FTC fined Western Union and the scammers just moved to Walmart with gift cards.

Just got another call from SSA scammers for me to return call at 410 862 4417. Looks like they called often.

We received a voicemail message from "SSA Investigation Department" stating for us to call back ASAP. 986-200-0788

Today got back to back scam calls and from the following numbers 1-559-588-4278 (Alpaugh, CA) 9:41 a.m. and 1-888-364-9535 (unknown) 9:21 a.m.

I received a call from 800 232 7080 last Tuesday,April 23 telling me my SSI # had been compromised and I needed to call them ASAP to straighten out the problem. I googled SSI scans and they said they never call on the phone. They will mail you a letter.Be careful of these kind of calls.

203-649-8567 from Cheshire,CT tried to intimidate me to get my social security number

I got a phone call from 866-971-2777 stating that my ssn has been compromised and that they found my ssn on the texas border carrying cocaine but i was like pffftt that isn’t true and i hung up. They tried to get more info out of me

I get calls from a robot claiming to be the SSA. I asked them for their name and or operator number. They hung up. They have been calling every day. I sure hope no one gives them any money.

Just received on of these calls. Asked me if I ever had a wallet stolen in my life. I asked for the ID of the supposed SSA caller. He gave me S52-860. Very broken English. His name was Hector ? Last name could not understand. I asked him what kind of problem would the SSA be calling me about. He said there is illegal activity under my SS# and it indicate I have been a victim of a crime or I committed one. The caller's # is 1-281-404-6700 (Texas).
I hung up on him while he was talking.


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