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SSA imposters top IRS in consumer loss reports

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Have you gotten calls about supposed problems with your Social Security number from callers pretending they’re with the Social Security Administration (SSA)? If so, you’re not alone. Our latest Data Spotlight finds that reports about SSA imposters are surging, while reports about IRS imposters have taken a dive.

As the Spotlight puts it, “In the shady world of government imposters, the SSA scam may be the new IRS scam.” While reports of SSA imposters have swelled – nearly half of the reports we’ve gotten in the last year have come in the past two months alone – reports of IRS scammers have plunged. What’s more, people told us they lost $19 million to SSA imposters in the past year. That overtakes the $17 million reported lost to IRS imposters in 2016, the peak year of the IRS scam.

How can you spot SSA imposters? They often use robocalls to reach you, then launch into a story aimed at tricking you into giving them your money, your Social Security number (SSN), or both. They may say your SSN has been suspended and you need to confirm your SSN to reactivate it. Or, they may say your SSN has been involved in a crime and your bank account is about to be seized or frozen, but you can protect your money if you put it on a gift card and give them the code. Never do that – your money will disappear.

If you get one of these calls, remember – the real SSA will never contact you out of the blue or tell you to put money on a gift card or, for that matter, visit a Bitcoin ATM, or wire money. If your caller ID shows a number that looks like it belongs to the SSA, don’t trust the number – scammers fake their caller ID all the time. If you’re worried, hang up and call the SSA yourself at 1-800-772-1213.

Check out the Data Spotlight for more information. If you think a scammer has your Social Security number, visit to learn what you can do.

Hang up on Social Security Scammers


5 scam calls in 2 days, claiming to be SSA from TX; phone #ś used: 1-510-112--7336, 1-410-112-7335, and 1-804-934-2001 all about a car found in TX with papers with my name and SSN, bank accounts showinG large amount OF MONEY PD TO DRUG DEALERS. wHEN i QUESTIONS IF THIS WAS FRAUD, THEY HUNG UP.

Social Security scammer phone #s DO NOT ANSWER/DO NOT CALL
202-739-5528, 855-412-3848, 202-735-1432

The Scammer says they are with the Social Security Administration and that your social security number has been suspended for some reason. They tell you to call 214-238-4457 to resolve the matter.

Here's a good one-left a msg with same bs msg with a press 3 to speak to agent 830-253-3026. Thirty minutes later another call with id of "ILLEGAL SCAM",ph# 469-210=7176. No msg left:(

I received 60 robo calls from 407 605 3659. This number called me on May 13, 14 and 15th for a total of 60 back to back calls. They message was the same scary, "watery" message each time. This message filled up my voice mail and I missed urgent messages because so. Grrrrr Block this number!

"Maria Gomez" with Social Security Administration claiming my SSN has been suspended due to "reasons" - absolutely a scam asking me to call back on 860-323-3763, repeated, followed by "thank you and have a nice day" ... Called 3 times in one afternoon.

Phone call from some lady, left a message stating the reason you are receiving this call is because that there are legal enforcement actions filed against your SS# for fraudulent charges and to call them asap before they start legal proceedings. She didn't give her name, what office she represents nor who's SS# she was referring to. Amazing what these scammers will do to get your info and your money. I never answer calls from any number I do not recognize. I block them all. Caller ID read Philadelphia, PA . 215-701-6305 was the caller's #. Beware of this scam. I wish the Government could put a stop to these scams.

800-205-6756 called to inform me that my Social Security # has been compromised and I needed to stay on the line and speak to someone concerning this matter. Before I could be transferred, I hung up.

Receiving calls from234.759.8248 N. Lima, Ohio saying my social security number has been suspended and to call back. I did not call back

scam phone call about soc sec fraud from (615)657-9059

May 7th, 2019 received a strange call regarding SSA.
(1-800-791-5636) It sounds like robot . said criminal fraudulent action been made. and I need to call. wouldn't they write a letter right? Just like the IRS. If they have any questions. One year I got a scam call from IRS too. I was wounding why would they call me. My taxes were done correctly. I didn't receive a letter.
So, I called their number. but, I did not give them any information. but the guy said I need to pay them some money. or a cop would be coming to my house to arrest me. I thought what? well. I told the guy, ill have to check my account and call my bank. and I asked if there is a number to call them back. well, this freaked me out and I was in tears. I have never been in trouble. so I called my boss and my bank. and they told me that was a scam. This scared me. Oh and watch out. I got a call last summer. strange thing. they are using someone else's line phone number? How I found out. I called the number. and a person said that was their landline. In the town where I was at. The lady called me back after she found out from her phone company. So I block all numbers. regarding this,
It's only happened 3 times. but these people need to be caught and go to jail. for fraud and praying on innocent people. God Bless.

I have received four calls in the last three hours about my SS #.I blocked the # after two calls but they called again on a different #.I let all calls go to voicemail as I do this for all 800 calls.

I received a robocall today saying my SS was compromised and needed to call back. The number the call came from is 1-800-448-9390. I knew it was a scam because the phone in which the call was received is government issued.

+1 (347) 349-5362 “Hi this is Kevin Jones and I'm calling you from criminal justice _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ _ lost service six _⁠_⁠_ my message is strictly at _⁠_⁠_ _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ for you every second you receive this message I need you to _⁠_⁠_⁠_ _⁠_⁠_⁠_ _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ _⁠_ _⁠_⁠_⁠_ _⁠_⁠_ _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ records to return the call at hand is extremely time sensitive my heart my number is 347-349-5362 _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ _⁠_ this message _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ _⁠_⁠_ call if you don't return the call but I do _⁠_⁠_⁠_ _⁠_⁠_ _⁠_⁠_ from your attorney either the arrest warrant will be issued at _⁠_⁠_ _⁠_⁠_ _⁠_⁠_⁠_ to the legal officer and he _⁠_ Social Security number will be blocked thank you and have a blessed day…” a NY number calling Indiana threatening dropping my ssn and filing a warrant. How about I block the number

Received a call stating my Ss # involved in fraudulent activity and if I do not return the call a sheriff will be at my home to arrest me. This is not the first time I have received these types of calls. Been on hold for an eternity to report this to SS, with NO success. When is something going to be done to stop this????

Another fake call ... this time saying that they were from SSA and a warrant was out for my arrest and to contact them immediately. 972-742-3456 I'm so tired of this garbage!!!

I received another one of these SSA imposter calls identical in subject and delivery to one a few months ago where the same female-voiced robo announcer alerted by voicemail to the compromise of my SS#. (D**m, twice in one year!) I jumped five feet in the air when my phone rang as I was stalking a scorpion in my I itkiych trywhen the call came in, so realizing who it was after answering the call today from much more legitimate-looking 800# vs. the oddly numbered and 9 digit number last time, I pressed one to try and mess with them. A live unquestionably East Indian / Pakistani / Sri Lankan, etc. woman answred. I politely asked for a supervisor assuring her she did no wrong but that I just wished to speak with the floor manager, and Ii was less than politely hung up on. ( 02_JUL_2019 13:37 800-755-5639)

Yep, got some of these "SSA" calls about my SSN. Number was: (510) 112-7272. What I don't understand is that someone is paying for this phone number. Why can't they be prosecuted for these scams?

I have had two calls today from SS scammers.

I just got a robo call claiming to be SSA. I pressed 1 to get more info. A woman answered and I said “Where are you located?” She said “whatever” and hung up really quick.

I recieved a phone call July 1st at 4:15 in the afternoon. They wanted me to get Apple Cards the equivalent of my credit cards and said they would put a free,e on my credit cards and bank accounts. Also that they would help me get my money. This took place in front on Daniels Sentry, Terrance Daniels prop. Kenosha Street, Walworth, Wisc..

How can I sue them? I want to get back at them good! I received at least 10 calls a day.

I received a call from Michael ?, saying he was the head of S.S. , and that my S.S. # has by involved in some fraud and my S.S. #, will be subspended, unless I talked to them and settle this.
the phone # was: 800-619-5208

I got this call today from a Los Angeles number and I talked to 2 "cops". I didn't give them any info. I was worried it was real for a minute because my wallet was recently stolen. They were pretty elaborate, they had a warranty number and badge numbers, and had a story about my SSN being associated with drug trafficking or something. They had thick accents indian accents and I could barely understand, and that why I stayed on the phone for so long.

Here's the number saying my SSA has been suspended. 1-646-583-1934... Hang up, don't do anything except block the call.

I just received a call from " georgetown, GA, 229-231-0658 telling me there's an issue with my SS#.. I listened to him try and tell me his pitch, although I couldn't understand what he was saying, and then I told him that I don't have a SS#.. He continued to speak ( his English got a little clearer at this point) and told me it's the number you have when you are born, and you use it throughout your entire life.. I told him I don't have one of those. That's why I was homeschooled and can't get a job... He said " You do not have one for really?" and I answered " nope.. Do you think I need one?" and he said " Oh Yes ! That's not good ! Mr. Trump will come takes you and send you away!" .. He no longer seemed interested in my digits, and sounded legitimately concerned for me . I hope he doesn't call back though

817-402-1660 Receiving scam SSA calls from this # all day today listed as Alvarado, TX. “Law suit against me, going to be arrested..blah blah”

Just got a phone call from 248 962 3971 stating that I was under investigation and will be in a law suit unless I clear up my suspicious activity from my SSN. It was a robot call and I hung up on them. I have been getting many calls from 1800 numbers but this is the first from a number via michigan

I just got a call from "SSA" that I had one final chance to clear up a matter or I will be going to court and/or jail. I said a lot of inappropriate stuff to them. Here is the number if you happen to get the call too - 678-662-8441

Received a call from 202 854 0399 to call back immediately regarding social security benefits.

Just got 4 phone calls in a row from phone number 1-315-284-3404. It was a scam! He said he was pretending to be someone from the social security office. He said his name is Peter green and his number is 37141dc7010. Said that I am being indicted for drug charges and embezelment. I've never been to New York.

My wife just received one of those fake social security calls claiming they found her number in a car that had blood in it and drugs. I have received (as well as my wife) multiple robocalls. We are sick and tired of it. I do not understand since they cannot do anything about the ones that are coming from overseas using a local number. Why don't they go after the phone companies that assigned them the numbers? Apparently, the phone companies arelocal in the US.

1-866-376-5669 scam suspended social security number for fraudulent activity

Received 6 calls today all from 844 area code. Tried to block that area code, T-mobil said they can't do that.

I have received SSI calls for the last Seven months. I will list them they are on my cell phone:

1-626-813-1749 C/V 1-866-231-2509 C/V 1-800-737-7551 C
1-800-240-7551 C/V 1-657-813-1986 C 1-844-574-7149C/V
1-530-823-0455 C/V 1-334-575-3748 C 1-888-150-9122 C
1-855-257-3005 C 1-518-638-4200 C 1-518-638-4200 C
1-442-241-0452 B 1-334-575-3758 D 1-800-737-7551 D
1-888-150-9120 D 1-855-257-3005 D 1-518-638-4200 D
1-330-258-0291 D 1-530-887-0217 D 1-530-613-1478 D
1-530-887-9796 D 1-530-613-7609 D 1-650-729-1329 D
1-732-753-0094 D 1-530-317-5870 D 1-530-317-5026 D
1-530-613-1127 D

C is for Cell phone Call: V is for Cell phone Voice Mail:
B is for Cell phone Blocked: D is for Cell phone Delete:

These number are from 1/4/2019 - 7/27/2019. I have even more dated 2018.
I hope these numbers will help. I will pass this on to others I know who have been receiving the same thing.

I received about 15 of these robocalls over the past 36 hours and have proceeded to block 9 or 10 different numbers. Very annoying and frustrating.

This phone 281-265-2440 called me and asking for SSA information and soliciting money from SSA. I declined to pay, then the caller got irritated and started to swear. It sounds like a middle eastern or Indian accent. Avoid this phone number or never give them any of your information or money.

Received a call from, 1-800-020-4205. Recorded message indicating the call is from the Social Security Administration reporting that my SSN number has been compromised and that I need to speak with one of their investigators before action is taken against, presumably, me since my SSN has allegedly been used for fraudulent purposes. Knew right away it was a scam but glad to know the SSA is onto it.

SSA scam in the Dayton Ohio Area. Investigator Daniel Wiseman stating suspect using SSN for identify theft and steps need to be taken to safeguard number. Number used is (336) 442-6079 ext 105.

970-233-9359 from Colorado just called saying to call their number quick because my SS was suspended. Hope there is a way to trace that call.

I just got a robo call from 409-519-3636 from SSA. Total scam

Received a call from 1 822 554-8328, claiming to be from the SS Security office, and stating I owe them money, and I need to clear this up immediately or I ll be arrested. I hang aware

I didn't answer call because I didn't recognize the number. The voicemail said they were from SSA and that legal enforcement actions filed on my name/SS# and been involved in the crime this is in reference to suspend your existing SS#, call us back ASAP so we can be with legal action.

I have been getting calls for months from a 254 area code. I block one phone number and then I get a call from same area code but a digit or two different than the first call. This has been going on for months. Plus I get calls from other area codes too, but no message. So I block those numbers. Then I got a call from 414 area code and this time they left a message, saying that it was the SSA and I needed to call them back. When I called back, they said they were the SSA and he gave me his name, which didn't match his nationality at all, then gave me his badge number and my case# and sd that due to the criminal activities associated with my SS# my disability checks would be suspended unless I cooperated with them and verified some information to see if it is a case of mistaken identity. First, he asked me to verify the spelling of my full name, wanted my date of birth. He said I was charged with money laundering and had several bank accounts at different banks and a large number of credit cards. Then, asked me where I bank and what the approximent balance was. He said it was probably a case of mistaken identity and because I cooperated, my checks won't be suspended. Then, I told 2 separate friends about the call and each of them had received similar calls and it was a scam. So, I sent a report to the FTC and am in the process of putting security questions in place on my banking account.

I have received a call that pretended to be from the social security department and told me my account was suspended.
Fortunately, I know my state social security division and speak to them periodically. The number was 956-334-4973 and it stated it was from Laredo, TX.

I have been harassed by the SCAMMER SOCIAL SECURITY OVER THEY leave messages on my phone two numbers are: Officer Marie Gomez wants me to call 903-251-3526 and another is: 415-813-3524 Your Social Security ck has been stopped. You must call me right away. I have been very ill they called me while under medication they had me doing unethical funds. I reported it to Mobile Police Department, they have a record .

if you get a call from a 888-512-8301, it is a scam. it plays a recording that says your SSN has been suspended due to certain fraud activity.

Got a call from Los Angeles CA #1-213-444-2430 saying SS# had been deactivated and they were pursuing fraudulent activity against me in a robocall. I hung up.

This # has been calling every hour that my S.S. has been suspended for suspicious activity. #,s 936-376-4307
As you see they don,t give up.

I received a call from this number (336)331-5256. They claimed to be from SSA and that an arrest warrant would be sent out in my name if I don’t call back ASAP. ROBO call.


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