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SSA imposters top IRS in consumer loss reports

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Have you gotten calls about supposed problems with your Social Security number from callers pretending they’re with the Social Security Administration (SSA)? If so, you’re not alone. Our latest Data Spotlight finds that reports about SSA imposters are surging, while reports about IRS imposters have taken a dive.

As the Spotlight puts it, “In the shady world of government imposters, the SSA scam may be the new IRS scam.” While reports of SSA imposters have swelled – nearly half of the reports we’ve gotten in the last year have come in the past two months alone – reports of IRS scammers have plunged. What’s more, people told us they lost $19 million to SSA imposters in the past year. That overtakes the $17 million reported lost to IRS imposters in 2016, the peak year of the IRS scam.

How can you spot SSA imposters? They often use robocalls to reach you, then launch into a story aimed at tricking you into giving them your money, your Social Security number (SSN), or both. They may say your SSN has been suspended and you need to confirm your SSN to reactivate it. Or, they may say your SSN has been involved in a crime and your bank account is about to be seized or frozen, but you can protect your money if you put it on a gift card and give them the code. Never do that – your money will disappear.

If you get one of these calls, remember – the real SSA will never contact you out of the blue or tell you to put money on a gift card or, for that matter, visit a Bitcoin ATM, or wire money. If your caller ID shows a number that looks like it belongs to the SSA, don’t trust the number – scammers fake their caller ID all the time. If you’re worried, hang up and call the SSA yourself at 1-800-772-1213.

Check out the Data Spotlight for more information. If you think a scammer has your Social Security number, visit to learn what you can do.

Hang up on Social Security Scammers


Rec'd scam call from 470-766-0400 claiming to be Social Security Administration and for us to return the call 08-13-2019

Someone called our place of business to tell us someone is using our legitimate 800 number for a Social Security scam. I cannot find how to report this unless the scam is being done to you. How can you stop them from using your 800 number?

Got a call today regarding this issue. It went to voicemail so I didn't get an opportunity to respond. The telephone number is 708-557-0464 which is shown in Illinois.

Just got a robo call from 512-243-2211-claiming SS# was used in fraudulent way- hung up- scam!

512-714-4512 is one of these scam numbers

Well, I feel completely a fool. It must have caught me so off guard . I almost got scammed today, almost! Thanks to the wonderful young man working at Target who saw the worried look on my face as I was looking at Target gift cards. I asked him how much can go on a card. He instinctively knew I was in the process of being scammed. He asked some questions and confirmed I was getting scammed. I was shaking and perspiring and didn't know what to think, I am so grateful for that young man. He was kind enough to speak with some other men who also confirmed what he said. He said his grandmother works for Social Security and has always taught him about how SS or any government organization will contact someone with a
question or concern. NO PHONE CALLS-ever. Always by letter. After looking up this information and seeing exactly what happened to me today I feel duped. I have always been super cautious and aware of these things but today the scammers said the right things and got me believing them. I have filed a report so hopefully that will add to the investigation.
Oh my goodness how horrible this must be for someone who gets caught hook, line and sinker. I am really grateful.
Please spread the word to any seniors you know.
No Phone calls from government agencies, ever. Hand up!
Thank you,

Have had three of these robocalls today. so I blocked each one I never answer the phone I just listened to the voice message and each time it's the scammer robo call saying my social security number has been suspended because of suspicious activity with my number and if I want to know more about my situation I have to push one on the phone to get to whoever it is that's calling. But like I said I never answer the phone I let the voice mail take it and then I listened to see who it was and if I don't recognize it or if it's a scammer I block the number. These people are so shady why do they think that we are so stupid that we're going to call them and give them our social security numbers? I can't believe how many criminals there are in our world today! I long for simpler times when these things didn't happen! Don't fall for these scammers. If you don't recognize the number when your phone rings don't answer it. If it's important they'll leave a voice message and if it's a scammer you can block them. Okay iRobot

got a call from a 313-364-9331
they had my last 4 of my ss# and told me what state i had just been in?????

My mom is 79 years old and she received a call this morning from someone saying that they were the SSA and someone has her SSN and she will be blocked from getting money out the back and getting credit cards if they don't take care of this for her TODAY. They recited her SSN to her and then asked her for her address so she hung up. She tried to report this however every number leads her to have to do something online. Does anyone have a number that she can call and talk to someone for help on this matter? The number that the person called from is 1-915-239-8419 I called from my phone and the person answered the phone as if it was a personal phone number and not a business and yelled at me.

SSA Impersonators caller ID numbers 628 214 1801, 707 583 7851 and 707 583 7852 have called today. FTC needs to help us NOW!!!

I received 2 Phone calls with the same number 330-400-3604. Both calls were on 8-22-2019 one at 1; 28 pm saying my ssa is in danger. Right away I knew it was a scam as the ssa sends letters not calls.
The second call came in at 1;59 pm I did not answer the call.

Keep an eye out for 1 (866) 267-7888. This is another number I've received the robot-call SSN scan attempt from. Why I receive so many of these type of calls is beyond me, but since I always screen calls, I spend a lot of time dumping my voicemail of these recording. I do my best to report the numbers when I can. I'm perfectly capable of loosing my own money. I don't need any help from outsiders. ;) As a side note. If you are having issues and are unclear, call the SS office directly or visit their site for instructions.

I received call from 800-916-3155 . I blocked it then hey called me from 800-197-3189 I blocked it now they are calling me from 800-882-8139 and 320-2203

received 2 calls from 986-854-5943 telling me ssn was suspended and warrant was out for my arrest. I hung up

I let all unknown numbers go to voicemail. From 1:30 pm until 12:38 am, on 08/21/19, I received 6 calls saying it was the social security dept. saying they suspended my SS number due to possible fraud and that I should press 1 now. Then there is a wait of about 15 seconds and then the robotic calls all then said to call them at these numbers. 844-814-7851 844-417-7677 844-951-2526 844-845-6791 844-488-8850 844-736-1689 Put these numbers into your phones and then block them.

Getting multiple robocalls calls from various numbers indicating
"... your Social Security Number is being frozen due to pending legal action. Touch 9 to speak with an agent".
The latest number is: (941) 954-2022

At 6:32 pm today 8/28/2019 I received a call from 844-262-0678 saying I needed to return the call ASAP due to reports of fraudulent activity with my social security number.
These people need to be SHUT down!

I received two phone call from 800-511-4537. Google shows this number on a Russian dating web site. It's a machine generated voice stating there the "Federal Crime & Investigation Department of Social Security Administration", call us back.

SSA fraud is investigated by U S Office of Inspector General of SSA. Please don't fall for this. And will not be using a Russian dating web site number.

is 551-277-2994 from N.J a scam number? Thanks

(877)266-7640 just called saying my SSN has been suspended

This seems to have uncreased again. I have had 3 in the past 24 hours saying the same thing, my SSN will be permenently blocked if I do not respond. Red flag it is a scam. If you listen to the message, their English is incorrect. Second red flag it is a scam. Please share with your family and friends. Stay safe!

Just got two robocalls back to back stating I had recent fraudulent activity associated with my social security #. From #813-492-2565 (Florida area-code)
Is there an official place to report this call and phone number?

I have dealt with these idiots before but here is another to note as a scammer. Said as they all do "my SS# was under investigation" blah blah. 1-800-845-2850 fake SS scam.

I got a phone call from a woman who did not speak English correctly and she told me they were looking into some suspicious activity with my "social" and to please wait for the next person. I then called my neighbor and told her about my phone call and she had already had one. So don't answer and hand up on them and if you have a cell phone block that caller.

I get several scam callers a day. This one seems to use an over seas number. They say they have noticed suspicious activity with my SSN. I have lifelock and would have been notified. The number they are using is 80980888102.

I just received a robocall stating that my SS # was going to be suspended. Hahaha. The SSAs doesn't do that out of the blue without the user's knowledge.

Getting continual social security card suspension calls. With all these complaints we want to know and see YOU the FTC POST on this website the action you are taking. We rely on client calls for our business so this is affecting our life in an extremely negative way. Sure we can block the numbers but this needs to STOP NOW! Can you trace these numbers and arrest these criminals? 800-990-0441, and 512- 967-6283 Kempner, TX

Just got the SS scam call saying my number was suspended. They left a message, how thoughtful! In the message, I was to press "1" for more info. Sorry I missed their call, ha ha!!!

got the call my ss # an name is being used in money an drug activity. that there is an arrest warrant for me an my accounts will be frozen. I asked for a number to check there id. gave me his name alex brown, an gave me a number to the ss office he worked at 202-795-5873. called this number, got someone saying it was a ss office. but said his name was richared brown. can not link this number to ant ss office. an all are closed on Saturday's . don't think I will be seeing any feds at my door to arrest me.

Just received a call from area code 855 about my SS# being deactivated. Reported the scam to the Federal Trade Commission who sent me to this site. Not a lot they can do except to warn us not to be victims.

I received on this week from a scammer pretending to be a Social Security agent. I let him know right off that I knew he was a scammer and he became very abusive verbally. The number he used was 1-866-234-1216 I called the number back and was going to give them what-for and I got a recorded message that the number was no longer in service or a disconnected number. Can they insert a recording like that without it being an actual error message from the phone service?

I received a call via voicemail that my SS number had been suspended due to fraud. This was last week (September 2019). I attempted to trace call and it came up fraudulent. The number is 980 605 8932. They claimed to be from SS office.

Received call woman IDed herself as agent from SSA my number has been suspended did not give it up transferred me to another lady FBI agent Elisa Jackson and was threatened with a visit from the feds # 833-366-0341 big scam

Received four calls claiming my SSAN is involved in criminal activity and they are going to cancel my number - Wow. After all these years, I have never known the SSA office to call anyone out of the blue and when you call the SSA office if you happen to get disconnected I have never heard of the office returning a dropped call. I have programmed my local SSA office number in my phone and when I get a call - it should match, otherwise it's a scam. Be careful.

I received a text from 347-714-5877 that said:

This is Special agent Nico Your Social Security number has been compromised and linked to money laundering. Your Social Security number has been used to open bank accounts and that the government would seize those accounts. To protect your money, funds should be transferred to accounts specifically set up by the government, which would be protected until the situation is resolved, at which point the money would then be returned. ?Failure to transfer money could lead to loss of funds and possible arrest for conspiracy? Failure to write back will attract FBI arrest
*needless to say I’m not worried or bothered, I just wanted to share my experience*

415-323-6735 Robo caller is leaving messages on my phone saying that my SS number has been frozen.

415-323-6735 Robo caller is leaving messages on my phone saying that my SS number has been frozen and used for illegal activity...

Was just left a message from the SSA with a thretening note --- if you ignore....
phone number 415-324-8729

I got a threatening robocall saying that started off with a scary message that I or my criminal attorney should return the call. that my social security number has been linked with fraudulent activity and that I should call them before an order for arrest is issued against me. this is the number they called from: 1-254-693-2685 I tried to call back just to get the company name so I could report their stupid no good selves for taking advantage of people. Hope this helps someone.

We are seniors and are so sick of robo calls. I have received two calls which left a message saying they were from the social security admin. that there were charges associated with my ss number and I should call them back at 410-927-3508 and the call back name was under anonymous and none.

I just got a call from 18003738622. Same robo call social security scam trying to say my social is disabled, and for more info press 1 etc...

I had a call from an automated machine stating that my SS # had been used in criminal activity in the state of Texas. When connected to a person, the man (who sounded very foreign) said he was with the SSA. The background noise made it sound like he was in a call center. He asked why I was calling? He asked me the reason for the call. I told him I had an automated call stating my SS # was being used in criminal activity in the state of Texas, as well as to open bank accounts under my SS #. He then listed the 4 largest banks and asked if I had accounts with any of them. When I replied "no" he asked where I banked. After that he asked how much money I had in my banking account. He further claimed that the SSA was going to suspend my SS # and that agents from the SSA would be out to my residence to provide me with a new card. The number that he called from is 1-717-221-2270. When trying to call this number back it says that the number is not in service. On my caller I.D. it says the call originated in Harrisburg, PA. That is all I have. Please be careful and watch out!!!

new phone scam # 8007994685

(641) 226-5208
Computer voice claiming my SSA is involved in an abuse case.

I received a call today from the SAMHSA number, but it was actually SSA leaving a phone prompt due to "not receiving my SSA benefits. " He got defensive when I asked to speak to a supervisor, then i said, "what are you going to do, withhold my benefits?!" He said yes and i said "i don't receive benefits!!" he hung up lol. DONT GIVE PERSONAL INFO!!

I have gotten several calls in last 3 days threatening that my SS number will be shut down. What a joke. This time the number was 800-759-5199

Robo SS Fraud call from 713 258-7154.

Claimed others using my SS number. Told me to call back.

Hung up.

ummm... who is 1 (236) 093-3326? does anyone know? please let me know if you do T^T

Just received a call 1-800-217-2438... Telling me suspicious activity on my social security number and my benefits will be suspended... I asked them how do I know if they are social security administration, then I hung up

1800-009-0887 called me twice saying that my SS number has inappropriate activity and is going to be suspended, but If I press "1" an agent will be right with me to handle the problem.


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