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Who’s pretending to be the government now?

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You’ve gotten the calls: from Social Security. Or the IRS. Or Medicare. Or any number of other agencies. Except: as soon as the caller threatens you or demands that you pay them with a gift card or by wiring money, you know. It’s a scam. Even if caller ID tells you otherwise – that’s not the government calling.

The FTC’s latest Data Spotlight shows the surge in reports about government imposters. You know about the Social Security Administration (SSA) imposters who claim that your Social Security number has been linked to “criminal activity” and ask you to provide some information or money. (That’s a lie. The real SSA doesn’t work that way.) But those scammers are not alone: people are still telling the FTC that they’re getting calls from – and losing money to – scammers pretending to be the IRS, Medicare, a government grants group, or cops and the FBI.

Want to know more? Now there’s – dare we say – an awesome way for you to find out. And even create your own handout. You see the graphic here, but if you go to the dynamic, interactive version of the graphic, you can create a version that focuses on the time period or scam you’re most interested in.

Exploring the data can tell you, for example, that this year’s median losses to law enforcement imposters are the highest of all imposter scams (a whopping $3,000), and that 20% of the people who reported those scams told us they lost money. Those calls work because they’re scary. But now you can stay on top of the latest as data is updated every quarter. Or go back 5 years and see how things have changed.

And, of course, there are tips on how to spot government imposters scams. So if you want to share the handout you created with a few clicks, you’ll be able to tell people about not just the scope of the problem, but help them know what to do when they get the next call from the – ahem – government.


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I received a call from Officer Jennifer Walker on July 9, regarding fraudulent charges, or something like that. I am suppose to call them back before they proceed with action. 314-446-1614.

Every day for the last week on my cell I get a call from Amanda Barnes of SSA stating my SS number has been compromised in South Texas, it's a different number every time

Within the past 6 days, I've received two phone calls on my cell with the same recorded message but from different numbers so blocking is not going to work, I suppose. Both left the same recorded voicemail saying that they were going to start legal proceedings against me because I was supposedly suspected of using my social security number for "fraudulent purposes". They don't say who they are or where they're from but just tell me I have to call them. They don't provide a phone number so I assume they want me to call the 800-925-7308 or the 866-535-0051 numbers on caller I.D. on my cellphone. Any suggestions on how to stop someone like this who is using different numbers?

At 11:05 am to day 7/22/2019 I received a call from a woman who told me to call 301-682-2833 because my social security is being attached in a very serious matter and that I should contact a lawyer immediately. She didn't say why there is an attachment. Sshe called from # 833-822-2872. She didn't say who she was from.

I received phone call from 3212268840 call from ISS social security dept. criminal activity on my ss#’ call everyday now

I got a call today from this number
(1-864-285-7100)claiming to be criminal justice. Soon as I said "I don't know what this is about"they hung up.

I keep receiving phone calls that there is suspicious activity with my SS#. They have said they are blocking the use of my SS#. The latest call came from 800-305-3518. I have received calls from 800-488-4250 & 800-082-4975 & 253-299-9287 the last 4 days. I am just hanging up when they start to talk. Should I be doing anything else to make sure they are not hacking my phone?

Cell phone call accusing me of Fraudulent Activities in a voice message with a c/b # 310-861-1692
called at 10:44 am and 14:45 pm. never answered either time.

Received a call from 830-108-0414 showing from United States.
It said that my Social Security had been compromised and to call back.

Aug 06, 2019. I wish to report I received 3 phone calls today from numbers 1 833-32-1498, 1 830 549 7228 and 1 830 339 5566 all telling me my SS number has been suspended because of some suspicious activity and if I wish to know about this case just press one.
I have not answered any of these calls.
I am just informing you.
Thank you

A Friend of mine called me all excited because she got a call from a company wanting to refund her for a PC plan that she had purchased some time ago. long story short, the refund was 299.99 and they erroneously put 2999.99 in her account. ( she gave acct #). The person was so upset & was going to lose their job. so she got gift cards to reimburse, plus she gave them control of her computer. I immediately told her it was a scam, but she still insisted on explaining to me. so, i said to her "if you happy with it i am too.

I just received a SS fraud robocall. I attempted to report it via the SS Admin Fraud Hotline. Unfortunately the hotline (800-269-0271) just puts you in an endless loop with no option to report SS fraud phishing calls. Perhaps this is a new issue (?) but the Hotline is now unusable for actually reporting fraud. The FCC site also provides no option to report individual instances of this type of fraud. Really frustrating.

I got a call from "Social Security Administration" stating a car rented in my name was found in TX , blood was found in the car, several bank accounts and 2 pounds of coke. They said they were freezing my SS # and bank accounts, that I could go get the money I don't want them to get and they would give me a "security locker" to deposit the money into until I got my new SS#. I gave them a last name similar to mine and fake last 4 digits of my social. They wanted me to drive to the bank while they stayed on the phone. REALLY? I told them while they had me on hold I reported their info to the FTC, they hung up. Don't try to B.S a B.S.'er. DEA agent Jason Snyder phone # 915-229-2859.

I just received a robocall, Friday August 9, 2019 about 12:15 pm from someone claiming to be with Social Security. The mechanical voice told me they were alerting me to fraudulent activity with my social security number coming from south of The Texas border. I was instructed to press 1 to speak with a law enforcement officer about this. I did nothing, said nothing and the caller hung up.

Sam call from 844-857-3384 stating they were from Social Security about losing benefits.

I receive a call today 707-257-6120 from this guy with a heavy accent and told me that he works for Social Security Administration and they found a abandoned vehicle near border with full cocaine and the car was under my name and they investigating money Laundry in my account and asking what’s my account number and immediately hang up and dialed 311 and the the answer my call transferred me to a local deputy near me and told them everything what the guy on the phone has mentioned and he said in 15 days he received 50 complaints in exact same thing so be aware with scummers

I got 2 call today from Scammers that we’re posing as SSA,


I got a call from 615-378-0439 saying fraudulent activity related to your social security number, i must call them immediately. It looks like a scam call. Not sure how and where to report.

Received phone call from617-322-0854 claiming to be Social Security that my SSA number has been connected with crime and fraudulent use yesterday afternoon with instructions to call back to this number.


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