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The latest news on romance scams

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If you’ve seen the news, ‘romance scammers’ are among the eighty defendants indicted today by the Department of Justice in a scheme that stole millions from Americans.

Check out this video about how to spot and protect yourself from romance scams. Then share it with your friends.

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People reported losing $143 million in romance schemes last year, more than any other type of fraud reported to the Federal Trade Commission. But there are steps you can take – and then tell someone about. So watch the video, learn more, and pass it on.

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Thinking I’m talking to the same guy. David Jung? Oil rig engineer. Wife died at childbirth. Sent his severence pay but asking for 10k to clear customs in Venezuela. Delivery company is not legit and emails are a fake.

Hi can you share his picture with me.because I think I have been scammed with same people

Hi, can I see his photo please? Same as you I'm chatting with him? His name is Miller Godwin. He asks me a $10k. He said he would buy a new machine coz the machine is broken.

Don't send him a dime. That's obviously a scam!

same excuse, broken water tank, broken machine filters and money for them. dont ever give money please

I'm talking to a guy on a rig in Ecuador who also has a machine that broke down! What is yours name?

I have been talking to a Jack Miller, 63, who has a 14 year old son in boarding school. He says he is from Los Angeles and is working on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. He asks for money for steam cards to get software so he can keep talking to me via Facebook.

Mine was Antonio Bruno born in Italy, Divorced, son 12years old. Mom just resently died.

Hi I had Rodriguez Bentley Rogers U.S Army currently deployed in kabul Afghanistan peace keeping diesel mech Has a daughter 16yrs old lives with manny in the states. .Wife died 3yrs ago in car accident. .Met on Hi5 dating site then onto hangouts cple day's later madly in love with me..Dropped his ph needs a new one ..thinking i would fall for it ..i pretend to help him in the end with $500 to western union lol sent him receipt no it backfired on me he checked it and said it already been collected. .i called him out told him to prove me wrong. .lol still waiting

Anyone else chatting with someone who goes by the name Mike Jonathan Jordan ...from St
Paul, Minnesota but currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin with 14 year old son Jerry. Says he is an Army Commander (Special Forces) currently deployed in Kabul, Afghanistan due to come home in July. Wife died of cancer 7 years ago.... says last relationship was 4 years ago, this girlfriend supposedly lied, cheated on him with best friend AND stole his money!! Lots of tragedy!! Said he loved me after only chatting 12 days!! ( I just laughed...never said it back)...most chats seemed harmless because I told him from the start I wasn't looking for a husband or a BF or even a hookup... wasn't interested, but just chatting was fine. All was well (except for his poor grammar!)... but then in less than 3 weeks in, he asked for $4500...said he would pay me back ...he promised. Said needed money for his son's school excursion in Colorado. I told him sorry, I couldn't help. Next day he said he was able to gather 3k, but wanted to know if I could help with the last $1500...this time I actually did think about it, but my gut said "Dont do it!".... I didn't lose any money, but I want to know if he stole someone's profile and is using their photos because he sent me several pictures and they looked legit. Added note, he reached out on Instagram, but quickly asked me to download WhatsApp because he says that's how he communicates with his son everyday.

Hi I've been talking to the same person but he's been using a different name, you're the 4th persin I've come accoss who've got the same story about him, but he uses different names, jobs & locations, can we chat please Thank you

I think I am being scammed from a guy on a rig in the North Sea ... Scotland . We have been talking for months falling madly in love .. he asked me for money today ... his bank is frozen . He has a 15 year old daughter ... with nanny in Wisconsin .. he lost his wife 6 years ago to cancer and had a gf that cheated and was an alcoholic 3 years ago...

He’s very professional , soft spoken , romantic , poetic .. has asked me to be his wife ... Richard Anderson is the name he’s going by ... I have pics

Can you send me pics? I think I am talking to the same guy, however, his name is Henry Watson.

Same here..but the name is Jason Donald....anybody else hearing from this one?

Don't fall for it , there's a guy who told me he's in the north sea of Scotland ,wife died ,10 year old daughter ,fell in love ate 2 days!!

I think my friend is being scammed by this same guy. can you send me a pic? Same story ish. working on an oil rig living in Northern Scotland. can't come home cuz #covid and needs 4k to fix his oil rig. Or 20k to get himself smuggled out of Scotland to Australia so he can fly home from there. Whichever is easier...

Anderson, can we please speak privately? I’m speaking to someone that sounds familiar. I would really like to speak with you more in depth to help me sort things out. Thank You.

I am in Australia..nearly got caught by the oil rig scammer etc so grateful I read all of this...and lucky I had the intelligence to have bells going off in my head when I read his second email...all to good to be true however he slipped up and changed his location in the second email..goes by the name of James Snowden in Australia and claims to be from the Snowden group of mining companies....have also reported him to the company etc and also our telecommunications provider ..where his number allegedly comes from..first and last time I use internet dating..

Hi just wondering if there is anyway that I can get in contact with you. I’m worried that I’m in the same position with the exact same person.

I think I am being scammed by an oil rig contractor.. his name is Eric Stephen... he has a daughter in the uk going to school and his wife died 10 yrs ago... I’m in Australia .... he’s apparently working in the Gulf of Mexico

I've made contact with an oil rig contractor working in an il rig in northern Europe. He's a widower and has got a daughter at boarding school in Germany. After a week he said a machine had broken and he needed money to ship a new one.
His name is Pablo (54 years old) and he is supposed to be from Germany.

OMG l think l have been chatting with the same guy Robert Pablo

Do you have the picture of this guy? I can send the picture of this guy who is an oil rig business owner.

Do you have a picture of this guy please? Think it could be the same as one that has contacted me

OMG do you have a photo... same here needs 250,000 for new machine...hell no! If you have a picture would appreciate it

I have one from Germany too, says he is 56. I have pictures but has a different name.

Can we exchange photos? I've got a guy on an oil rig that I think may be a scammer. Different name but sure sounds like him.

I was friended on FB by a very attractive man with a beard who says he is 50 and widowed with a 14 year old son. He is German and lives in LA and says he is in the Gulf of Mexico on an oil rig. I’ve only been talking to him via google hangouts for a couple days. He asks a lot of questions even about what my favorite color is, do I do drugs, etc. just have a weird feeling. What do you think?

I think I am being scammed with a Chris Garrison, apparently a German guy, 60 yrs old, wife was a nurse in Washington, she died and he has a 14 yr old son. An engineer on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Not a bad looking man, but I smelled a rat from the word get go. Small things but insisted that I trust him, professes love after few days, and wants to marry me. I am married, I have two teenage sons. Suddenly his drilling machine malfunctioned causing a fire, with injuries to 12 workers. He needs money to fix it, otherwise he looses everything and goes to jail. He became really demanding for the money, I kept refusing. Long story short, I am super annoyed, I've realized it was a scam very early on. My question is though, who is the poor man who's images are being abused for the purpose of the scam... How do I find this poor man and tell him. Can I? Will it help?

Chris from Meetmindful also tells me he moved from Seattle to Denver & works in petroleum & oil.
I asked to meet for coffee. He asked my fav dry: I replied Chai & then he replied Alaye which maybe his language.

I wish you and I could exchange photos

Had the same experience. Very attractive, with two young daughters

Omg I was just contacted on wwf by a Ben load, asked 25 or more questions I thought I was being interviewed, first said he was dvorced then changed it up to widow has 2 daughters lives in Ohio originally from Denmark, just left this morning to work in Scotland on a oil rig,send poetry and music, only need 3 days hasn't asked for money yet,

I got contacted by Scott Henry.
49, widowed 2 years ago. From NJ. On an oil rig in Canada. Daughter of 14

I’m just playing the game ……

Omg I was just contacted on wwf by a Ben load, asked 25 or more questions I thought I was being interviewed, first said he was dvorced then changed it up to widow has 2 daughters lives in Ohio originally from Denmark, just left this morning to work in Scotland on a oil rig,send poetry and music, only need 3 days hasn't asked for money yet,

That’s funny do you have a picture yet? I’m doing some research on a guy in the Gulf

I think we may be talking to the same guy! Goes by James Kane Peters. On an oil rig and needs new equipment so he can come back home! Had a package set to be delivered to me, needed paperwork for the package ($4500) and once that went through via Bitcoin...there was “money” found in the package and we owed 10% tax (should have been $40,000 but the “lawyer” got it down to $10,000). He’s still begging for money for the broken equipment on the rig... anyone else as stupid as me??

Tcat me too. 56 from Germany. Now in Cyprus. States he live in long beach.

Mine is from
Germany as well. Exchange pics??

Do you have a photo?

Me too, his name Michael Pathim, wife and sin killed in auto accident years ago, raising his only grandson. Out on oil rig right now, needs 35000. Lol

Am also talking to someone on a oil rig in the gulf of Mexico. Goes by Antonio. He he tell you what company he works for.

Mine is William Antonio Linwood. He’s from Cuba but has duel citizenship. On oil rig in Gulf and needs 6500 to fix drill so he can fly here to treat me like a queen and pamper me like a baby. Knows all the romantic phrases. Handsome photos that I now hope are not this guy. Has started calling me

Is it Antonio Bruno? Works for IMF? Italian?

I think I was chatting with the same Eric. Oil rig engineer supposedly working for Diamond Drilling. Ship broke down at an island in Malaysia. Pirates hit ship. Wants to send me his money to hold till he gets back. What a scam.

Can you send a pic. I have Eric Grayson who says his daughters are in SF and canada. He is without money in Cyprus. His driver texted to say he collapsed in hospital.

What’s the deal with this oil rig scammers and why do they always have daughters? Have you seen them through FaceTime? My friend is talking to a guy and they FaceTime and he claims he works on an oil rig. They have been talking for 3 months or more and he hasn’t asked for money but now he’s having money troubles so I feel like it’s about to happen.

He will asked money, first in small account and then his stories continue with problems never stop, i lost $170,000 with “petroleum contractor “, never believed, one story and never end till you are broke and he will asked you to loan everywhere

Hi my friend is experiencing something very similar, they facetime, he's working on an oil rig in Alaska. She also facetimes his daughter.

How can I report a Romance Scam to the proper authority that can investigate & try ti get my money back?


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