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The latest news on romance scams

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If you’ve seen the news, ‘romance scammers’ are among the eighty defendants indicted today by the Department of Justice in a scheme that stole millions from Americans.

Check out this video about how to spot and protect yourself from romance scams. Then share it with your friends.

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People reported losing $143 million in romance schemes last year, more than any other type of fraud reported to the Federal Trade Commission. But there are steps you can take – and then tell someone about. So watch the video, learn more, and pass it on.

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Goes by Davis Thompson, 45 years old from LA, works in oil rig in China. Dad passed away long time ago, mom just passed away from Covid, only an old uncle in Germany. Divorced. No friends because “workalcoholic” and his ex cheated with his best friend. New to instagram, asked to move to Hangout. Instagram profile was deleted right away and professed his love to me after couple days.
2 weeks in, he asked me to “help” him with $15,000. He thought he’s being smart by building story about broken pipe BECAUSE OF HIS OWN FAULT from a week before.
Said why should I bear the cost of his fault? And I’d connect someone to him directly (knowing it’s a scam) and he got agitated very fast when I said I wouldn’t help any other way.
Called him out on his scam MO and blocked me. So busted LOL

Friend of mine met a man on Match who is gorgeous, keeps sending pictures. Originally from Norway, widowed, daughter in boarding school in FL.

Says he lives in NY, only 1 hr away from her, yet for one month he is too busy to meet.

Anyway to exchange pictures?

Currently talking with a man says he’s from Texas .But I couldn’t find anyone in the are with his name and age , widow has teen daughter who also text me , calling me mom which is weird being she is 17, an mother only gone 3 years. He puts a lot of poetry wants to spend his life with me says when this contract is up retiring says I will not be working he will take care of everything says he is deeply in love it’s Ben only6 weeks that we started chatting. Was upset when I told a girlfriend about him said not to tell anyone until he gets here. So I stopped texting received a video call I rejected it. Says he is working on a oil rig in U.K. met playing scrabble then went to Hangouts said it’s what he uses to chat with his daughter when he is working away

Sounds like my guy. Got upset because i told my friend about him. His daughter and mother love me as much as he does
she's 13 and wants me to be her mother. That brought tears to his eyes when she said that to him.

I think im talking to the same guy. Anyone have pictures?

I think I am talking to this guy too. Goes by Frank Alberta - sent pictures of someone who likes like should be in the movies. Thick Accent says from Oslo Germany originally.

How can we send pictures

Can you message me on Messenger? I have a photo.

I have pictures.

How can we see the pictures?

What did he say his Daughters name was please?

I am talking with a man named ERMINE. He says he works on an offshore oil rig as a contractor. He says he wants to retire at the end of his contract which is in a month or so. He asked me if I live alone. He says he wants to come home and meet me. ERMINE also mentioned that he wants to get married by the end of the year. I was not responsive to that at all. Are we talking about the same man? I have a photo but I don’t know how to post it.

Violet...same thing...different name

I’ve been chatting with someone I met on Tinder. I’m positive he’s a scammer. Living in my city for about 6 years. Claims to be a widow. From Italy. Partner died of ovarian cancer and she wanted him to buy a condo in her family’s neighborhood. Enjoys pubs BUT he didn’t know there was a good neighborhood pub walking distance from his “condo.” He also didn’t know there are no condos on the street he lives on. He told me he was on the second floor. And I love Google. The name doesn’t even exist in my city. I gotta give him an “A” lol

Same, the name is david evans aliota. Italian but born and live in new jersey. An offshore oil rig engineer. Told me he finished contract and need to arranged for elicopter but cannot pay because of weak signal in the ocean so he wants me to pay for it and he will pay me back when he reach the land. So that was the red flag, i blocked him immediately

Same with me. He's from the U.S on an oil rig near Ireland. He knows he's ready to retire now that he's "met" me, but it's only been 3 weeks texting and video chat. Gorgeous man, widower with teen daughter attending a boarding school in the UK. Didn't ask for money but asked if I could purchase airline tickets so he could fly to the U.S. to meet me. Said he doesn't have access to his accounts on the rig. It can be so flattering but be cautious. I blocked him.

Sounds like the same guy blue eyes grayish hair beard .says he couldnt shave .50 ish. Great looking foreign accent..hes oil contractor has his own bussines..right now hes in Alsaka....wanting money. Cause he is on s rig ..says he lives in Dallas Texas..this guy doesn't. Exist. Goes by the name Walter Craige

Can you please share his pics. I'm thinking I'm taking to the same guy. Wants to open family business soon retired. And be retiring in two months

Hi I think I'm talking to the same guy as you. Says he's leaving the rig next week but been paid in gold and needs to ship it to my address as he won't be back in time. He's German accent, gorgeous to look at. Grey hair, blue eyes, beard. Tattoo on his left arm half way up. Sent me photos of him in the gym, in his bed, on a bike back home in London. Do you think it's the same guy?

Same scenario happening to me. Good-looking gray hair bearded guy sending handsome photos of himself. After three weeks he is in love and ready to get married. I was a little suspicious of him after the first week. Said he was finishing up a job in North Carolina and suddenly had to leave before we could meet. Said he landed a contract with oil company in Alaska. He said he would be working 4 week on and 2weeks off. He want to meet me when he goes on break. I would love to compare photos if you can share them.

Can you please describe the tattoo?

i also met a guy from Dallas Texas who said he is now on an oil pipeline cleaning up and maintainance service in Norway.

This sounds like the same guy I am talking to. In gulf of Mexico. Very attentarinative to me. Granddaughter 12 with nanny at boarding school. Wife died from cancer. Showed picture of outside of house with pool. Wants to start business in Canada near me when he retires in a few weeks. Our borders are closed. If he is from California he should know that. I tried to find him listed in his town. No luck. He was apparently living across the border when he responded. But that changed. He said his wife used to actually live there. Gets a bit upset when I don't respond on what's app for a day or say I have gone out with friends. Especially guy friends. Would love to see a picture that you all have.

There’s a man working on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico that I’ve been talking to for almost 2 months now. The oil rig was damaged in the recent storms. Today he asked me for $1250 to help him w transfer fees to get a new machine flown in to him at the rig & he’ll pay be right back as soon as his contract is completed. His name is Mathew Anderson. He calls me his beloved wife Does this sound familiar??

I may have the same person, any way to exchange photos?

I too have similar experience. Do you happen to have pictures pls.

Had a guy approach me on Scrabble. Story sounds familiar. Says name is Derrick, 6 yr old son being taken care of by nanny, on oil rig in Gulf of Mexico out of Gulf Coast Alabama. Wife passed 3 yrs ago from cancer, both parents deceased. Just got back from Dubai. received pics of a good looking guy in 50s greyish short hair, beard greying, blue eyes. Hasn't ask for $ yet, but wants to meet me and come see me when his shift is over in 3 weeks, can not call from rig.

Can we compare pics. I think may be same person

i think im being scamed by same person now

Hi this is so familiar with the same story events , only his on oil rig in San Francisco & living in Water town New York.
Can we exchange photo

Can we exchange photos also? The gentleman I am talking to his name is Jonathan Wells from Texas.

I would love to compare photos of this gentleman with you. I don't think I will ever trust a man unless I know him personally.

How can we share photos

I have a feeling I met the same guy... so weird. How do we send pics on here?

I’ve been talking to a guy that fits the same description.

My mother I believe is in conversation with a man fitting very similar circumstances please share a photo with me. Very alarmed that she’s emotionally attached and no longer communicating because we’ve asked too many questions

Oil rig scammer Christopher George Hernandez widowed daughter living with nanny. Thankful I read these pages after only talking a few days. Hit me up for steam card. Sent the worst looking fake passport. It was a good laugh at least. Anyway to compare photos??

I think I’m talking to the same guy. You described home to a tee. I have pictures

Sounds like same guy I talked too, George Woodman says he’s from Atlanta, GA. Has 2 girls in boarding school and a nanny. Wife died in car accident 3 yrs. ago. He’s good looking in his 50s short grey hair, beard same color eyes. He works on a oil rig in the Atlantic. Wants me to send 3,500 so he can get off there on a vacation leave. In love after 2 weeks. Way to good to b true

Sounds like guy I’m talking to have pics calls himself Benjamin Charles

The man my mother is talking to is named “Frank Benjamin”
Oil Rig Engineer
Wants to marry my mom
Same exact descriptions(50’s, “Hollywood Appearances” wants to send money in her bank acct, (I have photos)
Doesn’t have access to Bank in Mississippi and can’t video chat or call
…. My Mother sent him 900 in Apple, Microsoft etc cards

Do you have a picture of him.

I think I've been talking to the same guy. Wife died 3 years ago. He has no family except for his 2 daughters. Do you have pics to share please.

I think am talking to the same man. Goes by Christopher Ryan.

Your story sounds a lot like what is going on with my aunt. We are trying to convince her its a scam. They have only been talking for a week and I am trying to prove to her before she loses any money. How can we exchange pictures?

Met him on word feud. He approached me....wooed me for months and months. Was to come home for Christmas, of course something went wrong on the rig and he could not get to his monies in the bank onshore. Very handsome, I have photos. Have now seen under the names of Robert Nowak, Scott Smith, and now again under Eng. Steve Bryan Ford. BEWARE! Luckily, I was smarter than he was. I have photos if you might like to compare

My mother is in the same scam. She is acting so unreasonable even that there were many signs. Please, how can I get a picture so I can compare?

Please send pictures and this guy. My mom is talking to a Jay Jay Salee from Atlanta Georgia says he has no family on a daughter in boarding school and is wife died of cancer 6 years ago

for all you ladies that are requesting pictures , its useless . these scammers use different pictures taken from different profiles . The guy is not going to use the same picture or the same name . That would be to easy to track him . Delete him and move on , if it doesn't feel right it usually isn't . Good luck , talking from experience .

Just hoping he sent same photos to someone here perhaps it can help search them.


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